Sen. Schumer Calls For Flag Tribute Ahead Of 9/11 Anniversary

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Ahead of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer is urging the nation to channel the same patriotism felt in September 2001 and display the American flag prominently.

LINK: Remembering 9/11/01 Ten Years Later

Schumer says that displaying and wearing the flag on clothing will send a clear message that Americans will never forget those who were lost on that fateful day.

“To display the flag at your home, at your office, wearing it on your clothing is a way to commemorate those who were lost and to show that America will not rest until the War on Terror is finally won,” Schumer said.

The senator said that Americans responded to a similar call he made ten years ago and thinks that doing it again would be a great tribute to people killed in the tragedy.

“A good way to remember those who were lost and to symbolize that we will prevail in the war on terrorism is to display the flag,” Schumer said.

How do you plan to remember the victims of 9/11 during the 10th anniversary.  Share your thoughts in the comments section…


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  1. Rodin says:


    Mayor Bloomberg IS in his rightful place, as are the families of the victims who have precedence, as they should. Arte you cueless as to how many first responders would need be included between FDNY, NYPD, PA, EMS, K-9, thousands of volunteers, just for starters?

    The others, STARTING WITH THE CLERGY, WHO DEMAND A FINGER IN EVERY PIE (without lifting one to contribute their fair share in taxes towards easing the country’s fiscal burden), are nothing but obnoxious wannabes and intruders, adolescents throwing tantrums.

  2. Babette says:

    Blue Sunday… please wear a dark blue shirt on Sunday 9/11/2011 to show your respect and support of the Worlds First Responders to commemorate the sacrifices and dedication of these honored heroes. The flag on it is a good idea too. Thanks for thinking of this in addition to ‘Blue Sunday’… at least I know you’re seeing the people’s comments.

    Schumer could have been the pillar of support by putting the Mayor in his place regarding: First responders and Clergy are locked out of the memorial service on 9/11 – AND not all of the family members have received invitations to participate. But… monkey see monkey do.

    I’ve read that family members with invitations will not be going JUST to allow room for the First Responders. Who put Bloomberg in charge of the memorial? WHAT A MISTAKE !

  3. 2gruesome2b says:

    could someone enlighten my blighted intellect, but i cannot seem to recall the honorable up-chuck schumer ever introducing a meaningful piece of legislation in the u.s congress, either the house, as a congressman, or in the senate, as the junior and then senior senator from new york? he is good at making fatuous pronouncements every weekend, just in time to make the expanded sunday edition of that paragon of newsprint, the new york times.

  4. Rodin says:

    I read yesterday that he was out on a date with Peter King. Can anything beat the two most repugnant NY politicians together, a double dose of garbage?

  5. michaelfury says:

    A better tribute would be to conduct a real investigation of the crime, Senator.

  6. SCHUMER IS A JOKE says:


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