800 Nassau County Workers Could Lose Their Jobs In January

MINEOLA, NY (WCBS 880) — Another 800 county employees could be laid off in Nassau County at the beginning of 2012 if spending cuts are not made in every department and unions do not make concessions.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall On The Story

“It’s important that everyone understands the severity of the problem and the need to fix it,” said county executive Ed Mangano on Wednesday. “I have faith that they will come together and we can move our county forward without the severity of a layoff of that magnitude.”

Earlier this year, about 130 county workers were laid off.

Mangano said he is trying to close a $310 million budget gap.

“Each dept is asked to deliver their budget for their department within the guidelines of what the people here in Nassau County can afford. There’s also a tax cap in place. So, there’s a limit on the amount of money you could even raise. We’re not going to raise taxes. The people can’t afford it,” said Mangano.

WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall asked Mangano if the county could even function without those 800 employees.

“That’s why we’re working through the plan right now,” he answered.

How do you think Nassau County should close its budget gap? Sound off in the comments section.

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One Comment

  1. Richard says:

    I think nassau/ suffolf should lay off 50% of its police force. Every damn time I pass a firehouse or a park there sleeping in there patrol cars. What a total waste of tax payers money. They make $125,000 yr to do nothing but bulls*it. The county exectives should give the men and women in blue uniform the pink slip immediately period.

    1. Richard says:

      Everybody go on too nassau pba.com or suffolk pba.com and see what the pensions of the cops on long island are making average “beat cop” are walking away with over $200,000 yr with overtime with a $55,000 pension annually. These cops remind me of the cops in ” Bell police dept in california” they were giving themselves raises annually with unemployment rates of 11% or higher. 60 minutes should do an investigation on long island police department because every where u look houses are “for sale” or illegel rentals. tell u something else most of the cops are lily white males no damn minorities. Al sharpton should do a huge investigation. Its very difficult too afford anything because of the PBA and there bulls*it. County exectives mangano and levy are laying off 800 too 900 county workers why dony they lay off 800 too 900 ******* cops we flat out dont need them. NYPD cops make s*it compared too the prima donnas on long Island we should all protest the PBA immediately because we need taz relief immediately. peace

      1. Chris says:

        Al Sharpton? Really? I wonder how many times you got locked up in your life. Only criminals say things like this.

  2. Sydelle Houston says:

    I believe he laid off 130 in July and now he wants to clip 800 more. That’s ridiculous! Paying the highest property taxes in the state and Mangano couldn’t fathom paying the MTA the amount they required to keep LI Bus running properly. Now you have some private company coming in here to mess up the system even more. How long is that County Executive term? Perhaps you could lay yourself off….

  3. Jimmy says:

    What’s the difference between a Nassau County Cop and a livery-type taxi driver? The taxi drives makes about $10/hour while the Nassau County Cop makes $130,000 a year with a guaranteed $100,000 a year pension after only 20 short years. Nassu County is a low-crime county, we can’t afford this type of protection and it isn’t needed.

    1. Jimmy says:

      I left out, “They both do pretty much the same thing. They drive around for hours at a time looking for something to do”

      1. amazing says:

        so jimmy in your valued opinion without the cops nassau would still remain a low crime county which makes you a potenial republican candidate for any office in the 50 states

      2. Jimmy says:

        And what is the #1 Reason Nassau County is a low-crime county?

        It is 98% White. White people don’t blow away other White people for absolutely no reason, Medford Pharmacy massacre not-wthstanding. Look at what’s going on Brooklyn/Bronx right now, I don’t think that type of gun violence will ever go on in Nassau County. White folks don’t do that.

      3. Jimmy says:

        And sadly, once you start mixing color in the melting pot, that’s when you start to have social problems and gun violence. Keep it pure and there are no problems.

      4. Jerry says:

        Its economics my friend, too many people inhabiting small areas getting under each others skin is human nature.
        Unless population limits, as well proper zoning and common sense birth control is initiated these actions will take place in any area so people saturated.
        Add guns and drugs into the mix and you got a war zone.

  4. ed says:

    The reason nassau is in trouble is because nassau hasn’t raised taxes in a decade. Mangano eliminated the enery tax as well costing the county millions.

    1. Jerry says:

      That is the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard.
      The shop was given away with unconscionable muni contracts salaries and perks PERIOD!
      Education and police particularly.
      Salaries of school superintendents, 400k ,gimme a break, police pensions equal to better than their annual pay giimme a break.Overtime pay more than doubling their pay gimme a break
      All muni workers should be paid from whats in the kitty not what increased taxes can be sucked out of property owners as been the case.
      It’s a common sense no brainer.
      Mangano and company will be to blame in the near future when the same rioting occurs here guaranteed!

      1. Ted says:

        Right on the money!

  5. cicci1165 says:

    maybe the cops should take a pay cut. last I check they make double what the city cops make and half the work. But i’m sure some jerk will say the deserve it…..LOL
    the top 2000 county workers in salary are all cops what a joke…..

  6. Tony says:

    The state should fork over money how is n y has a budget of 135 billion and n j which isnt that mug smaller then n y have a budget of 30 billion helloooooo would it have anything to do do with the defuntional idiots in Albany that Ron the taxpayer blind remember in November voters

    1. JOSH SUCKS says:

      You have a good point. But I’m struggling to figure out what it is. Do you speak as well as you type?

  7. bday55 says:

    Nassau has no money but property taxes are thru the roof…who can afford to live there?

  8. June says:

    The state and/or county should offer another early retirement before laying off workers.

    1. Nich says:

      Ah, how the parasites struggles to continue to suck on the taxpayers’ tits.

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