LEVITTOWN, N.Y. (1010 WINS) — Some of those who escaped from the Twin Towers on September 11 still ask themselves ten years later what they could have done differently — if they could have saved lives.

Sonia Rincon, of 1010 WINS, spoke with a survivor whose family is just grateful every day that he saved his own.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon Reports

Scott Diamond worked on the 50th floor of the South Tower. His window faced the North Tower, but he was looking at his computer when the first plane hit.

“I heard the crash, I look up and I see debris is raining down,” Diamond told Rincon.

When security ordered everybody out, Diamond got out — feeling the impact of the second plane on his way down. He headed straight for the subway to get to the Long Island Rail Road as both towers fell.

“I was back at Wantagh station about 10:30 or so,” Diamond said.

His rational side knows he didn’t have any training, but some doubt still lingers in his mind.

“There’s always that little back of my mind, you know, was I a coward?” he said.

However, Diamond was a hero that day to both his wife and daughter. The first place he stopped was his daughter’s high school.

“She saw me, melted and jumped into my arms,” he said.

As for the way he’d like to see the anniversary observed, Diamond believes “it should be just treated as a somber, moments of silence.” He added that it “shouldn’t be a cause for photo ops and political speeches.”

Diamond said he wouldn’t have attended the 9/11 ceremony, but it would’ve been nice if he and other survivors had been invited.

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