Heavy Smoke From NYC High-Rise Roof Causes Brief Scare On Eve Of 9/11 Anniversary

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A possible transformer fire on the roof of a Manhattan high-rise caused a brief scare in a city already unnerved by an unconfirmed terror threat.

Fire officials say the blaze at 11 Madison Ave., near Madison Square Park Saturday afternoon caused heavy smoke, but was quickly doused. No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

A 23-year-old teacher who was in the park waiting in line with friends at the burger restaurant Shake Shack said people at first started getting nervous but then everyone quickly calmed down once they realized there was no reason to panic.

Since late Wednesday, counterterrorism officials have been chasing a tip of a plot possibly timed to disrupt 9/11 events in New York and Washington.

CBS New York reader “Mike” posted this video of the fire:

Did you see the smoke? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  • infowars.com

    9/11 was an inside job! Wake thehell up people. Do your research you sheeple!

    • Rolco

      Ding Dong take a hike.

      • Justin

        Amazing how the building didn’t collapse into its own footprint from the fire hey?!!

        Whew, chalk one up to physics I suppose. Something that obviously didn’t exist on 9/11.

        Take a hike sheep, and have fun living in a soon-to-be totalitarian nightmare that the once free America once was. Ignorance breeds this type of nightmare society, and you are public enemy number 1.

  • Flatiron Jack

    The building had been doing “energy testing” for a month, with big machine blower motors loudly running in to the night on 25th Street in their shipping docks, disturbing the neighborhood. They obviously knew they had some kind of problem.

  • AndyB

    It’s over. The terrorists have won. We’re scared of smoke for crying out loud.

  • Jane Louise Smith

    Transformers….more than meets the eye.

  • chigger

    the fire was caused by a 747 which hit the building and slipped completely inside a bedroom window folding its wings & tail

  • Jim Vincent

    ITT: Conspiracy nutjobs.

    • factstrangerthanfiction

      Jim: conspiracy paranoid? Conspiracy facts that people ignore makes them “nutjobs!”

  • cuhyona

    Bush and Cheny were spotted exiting the building minutes before the fire.

  • Mike Alright

    Kewl, more women and feminized men will become new customers for the anti-depressant drug industry. The service economy-US has to make something.

  • chigger

    if the building was steel i guess within the hour it would shatter like glass

  • walter12

    Yes, if you don’t mind the street crime, the bums, and the impossible traffic, NY is a great city. But what will happen to the all those New Yorkers if, God forbide, something major does happen in the near future? If there is a dirty bomb or something of that nature, how in the name of our dear God, will you guys get out?

    • formerleewarmer

      you wont get out.if something really really bad happens. they will bomb the bridges with bombers and also the tunnels. you wont leave.manhatten is a death trap.

  • Stripes

    Thousands of gallons of jet fuel brought down three large buildings within a few hours of each other? Keep the illusion as long as you can so you do not bust your paradigm.

    • Arlington

      I love nothing more than a little arm chair engineering. You base your assertion that thousands of gallons of jet fuel and massive structural damage did not bring down the buildings on what, your gut instinct, opinion?

      • Hermann Balck

        Aren’t they just glittering jewels of colossal ignorance? What’s best, they think they are so clever and ahead of the curve! Little do they know, how foolish they really are.

    • John

      Hey Professor what time is your class tomorrow? LOL What a Maroon!!!!

  • Witty Moniker

    So that’s why I heard more sirens than is normal for the Flatiron District yesterday.

  • jukin

    I would not have put it past the inept 0bama regime to have made a low altitude pass over for some AF1 publicity pictures today.

  • Really

    How come the building did NOT collapse

    • Witty Moniker

      Because it wasn’t doused in thousands of gallons of jet fuel.

      • Alfred

        There must not have been any furniture either, cause that’s what officially took down building 7.

      • Witty Moniker

        @ Alfred,

        Shine on, you crazy diamond.

    • August

      Because Bush’s brother was not in charge of the building’s security & did not plant bombs throughout it…..

  • M.M. Jr.

    I have great photos of that fire today but happily it really was uneventful except
    for the fact that I photographed from that spot on 9-11-01 the collapse
    of the WTC tower # 2, that was de ja vu,alright.
    That was chilling. Happy Full Moon everyone.

  • JFK

    Read som emore never told stories:

    “Destruction of the Twin Peaks: 9/11 Stories”

  • omg omg

    If people react all nervous New york is not the place for them.

    • formerleewarmer

      yes it is. keep them out of my town

  • Shawn

    I bet the 911 first responders had plenty of time to get there since they were banned from the ceremonies. Support a 911 investigation since the first one was a cover up and not an investigation.

    • Paul

      As if there was something to cover up, birdbrain.

  • TC

    Saw the smoke. . . Building fires happen all the time. . . The funny side of me thought it was Credit Suisse burning their records to avoid getting subpoenaed by the Feds for their client data and tax dodges in Switzerland (ha ha). . .

  • Neil

    FYI, it’s Madison Square Park.

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