Rep. King To Testify In British Parliament About Muslim Radicalization

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Long Island Representative Peter King will testify before a parliamentary committee in London Tuesday about the roots of radicalization, particularly as it relates to the United Kingdom’s Muslim community.

The British House of Commons Select Committee on Home Affairs, headed by Chairman Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, invited King speak as part of an inquiry titled “Roots of Violent Radicalization.”

Saying the radicalization in Muslim communities has increased in America and Britain, King told 1010 WINS “we can’t afford to be politically correct.”

“The fact is there is increased radicalization in the Muslim-American community and from my understanding, the British are facing the same thing in their communities,” he said.

As the Chairman of the House Homeland Security, King held a series of high-profile and controversial hearings this year on radicalization in the Muslim-American community.

According to Congressional Research Service and House of Commons researchers, King will be the first U.S. Congressman to testify before a Parliamentary hearing in the U.K.

King said he was “honored” to be chosen to speak before Parliament about the growing concern of the Muslim extremists.

“It shows the extent of the alliance and relationship between the United States and Britain. But to be the first member of the American Congress to be able to testify in the British Parliament…it’s a great honor and it shows the depth of relationship between our two countries and also the extent of the threat that we face from Al-Qaeda,” King told 1010 WINS.

The Home Affairs Committee hearing will start at 4:30 a.m., with King’s testimony to begin at 5:00 a.m. EDT.

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One Comment

  1. KPMc says:

    “The muslim and the mexican population have both gotten out of control in America.”

    Can you make your motivations any clearer?

    1. continued thanks to CBS censoring says:

      Talk about connecting two very different issues.

      US and UK= White=Good
      Arab/Muslim and Mexican=Brown=Very bad

      I think you need some more bleach when washing your white sheets. Your hood is looking a little yellow.

      1. KPMc says:

        Trying to find the censored word…

        What does this story have to do with mexican immigration besides the fact both they and arabs are brown?

      2. Pamela Quinn says:

        With respect, your comment is rather ignorant. Muslim radicals can be white as well. Islam is not a specific race. Not all Muslims are radical extremists either so your opinion is precisely what you assume is racism instead of seeing it for what it really is, which is genuine concerns of ordinary people including Muslims as they have also been blown up by these Muslim fanatics.

  2. Linda says:

    I think it’s a good thing, Mr. King has investigated the subject well and knows what he is talking about. The muslim and the mexican population have both gotten out of control in America. Americans are losing jobs and homes while immigrants are waltzing in here getting free housing, medical, jobs, education, etc. and still its not enough for some of them, they have to rob & kill also. Come on Americans, when is enough, enough. We need a new President to help save our Country, overturn the obummer BS and get our Country up & running again.

    1. chris robiins says:

      i total agree with you we are facing the same problem here in the uk which is why the edl have been formed and i would also like to apologise for the disgusting demonstration that david cameron allowed to take place at the 911 ceremony by these radicalislamist

  3. Muslim Boy says:

    This piece of white Irish trash is just a tool. Zionists are paying him to be a troll

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