After doing yesterday’s show from the BGC Charity Day, Boomer & Craig were back in the Allstate Studio this morning for a wild Tuesday edition of the Morning Extravaganza.

Tom Brady and the Patriots opened their season in Miami last night and came away with a 38-24 win.  Brady threw 4 TD’s and accumulated 517 yards, 5 yards short of Boomer’s career high of 522 yards – which occurred in a 37-34 overtime victory over the Redskins on November 10th, 1996.

Craig asked the Booms if he was worried about Brady eclipsing his total and although he wouldn’t admit it, I suspect he was happy he did not – I know I was!!!

Boomer was indeed flying high this morning though, that much was certain.  He challenged Craig, as his ‘best friend,’ to try and figure out why.  It took Craig very little time to put the pieces together and realize Boomer’s joy stemmed from the news that his Rangers named Ryan Callahan as their captain.

For those of you unaware, the Rangers are a professional hockey team (yes there is such thing as professional hockey) and they play right here in New York – in some circles they are referred to as the Blueshirts, but I digress.

From there the guys talked about the Giants, now two days removed from their 28-14 loss to the Redskins and Craig is starting to wonder if  they might be jinxed.  This on the heels of the news that Hakeem Nicks has a banged up knee. He underwent an MRI yesterday and Justin Tuck is calling himself 50/50 with the stinger in his neck.

Then it was on to day three of Hatgate, the controversy between Major League Baseball and the New York Mets regarding their desire to wear FDNY hats Sunday night.  Now word is that MLB actually confiscated the hats from the Mets’ dugout during the game.  Boomer & Craig talked about how the powers that be in MLB dropped the ball and then we were reminded that everyone still likes Inge…

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