Shirley Mom Daphne Melin Talks About Brawl Between Daughter, Girl, 12

SHIRLEY, NY (CBSNewYork) —One Long Island town is still buzzing over a mother accused of driving her 12-year-old daughter to an elementary school to allegedly fight another 12-year-old girl.

Suffolk County police say Daphne Melin of Shirley drove her daughter Jade to the William Floyd Elementary School on Sunday afternoon and egged her on to brawl with another girl she had been fighting with on Facebook.

Melin Talks to 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera:

“It progressed to a point where they agreed to meet at a local elementary school for a fight,” said Lt. Timothy Dillon, commander officer of the 7 precinct crime section who would not confirm that Melin is in fact the mother of one of the 12 year olds.

When the scuffle ended, police say the 32-year-old spit and cursed at another 12-year-old girl, who was watching the fight with a group of kids, after she criticized Melin for not breaking it up.

Video Warning: Profane Language

“The 12-year-old girl was stating that it was not right that this adult would be standing there watching this fight going on and not attempting to break up the fight,” Dillon said.

According to Dillon, Melin then grabbed the girl by the hair and tried to knee her in the head several times.

Someone recorded it all on a cell phone and posted the video on YouTube and Facebook, but police say the video has since been taken down and seized as evidence.

Melin, a mother of three, said it didn’t happen that way and that her daughter is the victim of a cyber bully. “They threatened to jump her in school, oh don’t worry we’ll take care of her tomorrow at school,” she first told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera. “It’s just a horrible nightmare.”

“It’s not true. I’m not the monster they make me out to be,” Melin told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan. “I went to the principal last and week they didn’t do anything, said it was an online issue and they couldn’t do anything about it.”

Video Warning: Profane Language

Melin’s next door neighbor Gina Parrinello said she found the whole incident hard to believe.

“She seemed like a normal stay-at-home mom,” said Parrinello.

On Tuesday, the William Floyd School District issued a statement:

“We were alerted this morning by the Suffolk County Police that a Shirley woman was arrested in connection with a fight that occurred over the weekend on our school property.

We were informed that the fight may have resulted from postings on Facebook among a group of teenage girls who are also students in our district.

We have no further comment as it is now a police matter.  We will continue to work cooperatively with the SCPD in their investigation.”

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall: Authorities Are Calling This Crime Outrageous

Melin turned herself in. She’s charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of attempted assault.

She was released on bail and will be back in court on December 1.

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One Comment

  1. Moe says:

    “One charge of attempted assault”?? It was an actual assault! There’s no way to deny it…it’s right there on video! She deserves jail time!

    1. What is up with the makeup says:

      She should be arrested for that eyemakeup.WOWmakeup like that she is trying to act way too young. Grow up mom if you think you should be called mom.

  2. Tracey says:

    disgusting .. an adult beating a child like that for telling her to do the right thing and STOP the violence, not encourage it? This woman is a disgraceful monster! I’m the mother of a bullied child, know all about it, and would NEVER find myself or put my kid in a situation like this to ‘resolve’ the matter! I cant say what I’d do if that were my daughter Daphne Melin put her hands on, other than huge legal ramifications, and I would own her ass for life!!! I hope Ms. Melin goes to prison for A&B and child abuse. I also pray her children be placed in the care of loving people who can protect them right and teach them well in the ways of non-violent conflict resolution.

    1. Surfin Bird says:

      the police and school did not want to help Daphne after she complained her daughter was bullied. She did the right thing and the kid that got kicked if she bullied her daughter she deserved the kick.

      1. Amanda says:

        That was the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Maybe you 2 should get together and beat up all the 12 year old kids that bully people and then you 2 can room together in jail, because you know thats being mature. If she wasn’t getting anywhere with the principle she could have went to the superintendent or the child’s parents. If that didn’t get her anywhere should could have contacted the authorities and press harassment charges. These are the appropriate steps you take as an adult. You sound like your just as trashy as this woman.

    2. fatfree says:

      My problem with children with who allow other children to dictate how there going to live is a family issue. If a child has self worth, confidence in themselves, and strength in knowing that the only person/people that can hurt them is themselves. Then the bullies wouldn’t have a chance… Most of the things that happen to children in school is because they allow it to happen. I know some are not as strong as others mentally, but that is where parenting comes in. A structured home front, communitcation with their parents, and having self worth. You only get bullied if you allow yourself to be bullied, once a bullie knows you are not paying them any attention they will more then likly leave you alone. Because the whole point in bullying someone is power!!!

  3. pat says:


    1. Pat needs spellcheck says:

      You are a product of public school right Pat?

      1. Lr says:

        I agree to both of those comments. Regardless an adult does NOT have the right to hit a child. You want to “TAKE CAR OF YOUR KID” (nice typo), just pull her out of that school, or teach her how violence does NOT solve the problem!

  4. Beem There Mom says:

    The mother should be charged with her crimes appropriately including an investigation into her own child rearing: what is a twelve year old doing having a Facebook account to begin with. If her daughter couldn’t handle the problem herself, then the mom should have called the police and charged the other girl with harassment and canceled her daughter’s Facebook account as a lesson as to why children should only have access to age appropriate activities and should be monitored at all times when on a computer. But she didn’t because she clearly doesn’t have proper adult knowledge, skills and behavior.

    1. Surfin Bird says:

      the mother did call the police and the school to complain and they didnt help her at all.

      The mother had no choice but to take the law into her own hands and the bullies got what they desserved

      1. Amanda says:

        She did not contact the police! She spoke with the principle, didn’t get anywhere, so she had he daughter fight the girl. And regardless, you as a 32 year old woman do not put your hands on a child. My child was a victim of bullying and i would never ever behave like this animal did. And I took appropriate steps and it stopped.

    2. Anthony Torres says:

      I agree. There is no excuse to put your own child in a situation like that, much less take the situation into her own hands and kick and spit at another 12 year old. The police will take a report – so to say the police would do nothing is a blatant lie. She could have gone directly to the 7th precinct, and filed a report. Or contact an attorney, to find what her legal recourse could be.

      1. NYC 2011 says:

        Anthony Torres…You’re absolutely correct, the thing is that many parents do not know the steps to take, and sometimes find themselves overwhelmed with situations like this one. There are too many bully stories and its clear that some schools rather not deal with them (for this reason I feel that they should also be held accountable for this incident). Parents need to know that their not alone when dealing with these situations. I’m sure many parents appreciate your comment. Thanks

  5. Monster Mom says:

    This mom is a MONSTER. Her kid should be expeled from the school. This is NOT HOW YOU DEAL with bullying. The mom should be banned from attending any school events. This whole incident is going to make it WORSE for the daughter she is “protecting”. DUMB and DUMBER at work here. If the mom have any sense left in her, she should pull the kid out of the school and “start” over because this will remain with them forever thru high school.

    1. Surfin Bird says:

      You cant expel her kid you expel the students that bullied her.

      I applaud this mother for taking on the bullies since the police would not

      1. Bridget says:

        Surfinbird, you are one can short of a six pack. Only a complete idiot would thin that its okay for a 29 year old WOMAN to beat up a 12 year old CHILD, which is what the problem is for her. School and the police usually don’t get involved in 12 years olds calling each other names on facebook. It was the parent who excalated it to a physical fight. Ever hear of sticks and stone blah blah names will never harm.. If the child was being beat up every day than in school or after school then the police should get involved. But this was a case of a 12 year being called names on facebook. The mother should have her child taken away. She obviously can’t parent.

      2. Surfin Bullied says:

        Surfin Bird can’t read. I feel sorry for him. Just ignore him. I think he was bullied when he was young and never dealt with it the right way. Poor guy.

    2. NYC 2011 says:

      Monster Mom…If you make any sense it’s only when you basically state that this parent dealt with the situation poorly. Adults who have done something wrong don’t just walk away from their wrong doings (it that what you do?), they realize them and hopefully make things better. The parent should be held responsible for her actions, and so should the school for not paying attention. If this situation is handled properly the effects of how these young girls presently feel about each other will eventually go away, but its up to the adults to now set the right example.

    3. biggunz 64 says:

      sorry…i would have done the same thing….kids today have no respect for anyone and someone messes with my family will be dealt with by me! police and or school officials do nothing….sorry 12 year old kids today are like 16 or 17 year olds 20 years ago! good for her!

  6. Surfin Bird says:

    Ms. Melin needs to sue the school district and the police for not following up on her bulllying complaints.

    She here did the right thing and let her daughter fight one of the bullies who definitely derserved it.

    1. Bridget says:

      @Surfin Bird, Why should she sue the school and the police? The bullying happend on facebook. Maybe stupid parents should not have their 12 year olds on facebook and should pay more attention to what their kids on doing on the internet. All she need to do was delete her profile off of facebook and maybe file a complaint about the bully to facebook. This woman is being charged with beating up another 12 year for making a comment for not breaking up the fight. The mother is stupid trash.

      1. Surfin Bird says:

        Bridget the mother complained to the school and to the policey and they absolutely did not do a dan thing for her. The mother had every right to attack the other 12 year old for bullying her daughter.

        Disgusting Crazy Mom the mother had every right to attack her kid since her daughter was bullied by her and that the police and school didnt do a thing to stop her. You cant expel the mom she was defending her daughter. hopefully Ms. Melin sues

    2. Disgusting Crazy Mom says:

      @Surfin Bird – Did you fail to understand that it was not just the fight between the 2 teenage girls but the MOM BEAT UP A LITTLE KID afterward and that’s the BIGGER problem. This lady is a MONSTER. Nobody is painting a bad picture of her. The video is clear cut of what happenned. Mom is white trash. She should not be allowed on school premise after this period. The school better take actions and suspend the kids of maybe even expel this crazy mom and her daughter.

      1. Surfin Bird says:

        Disgusting Crazy Mom the video cant be used in court. The person did not have the right to film it as it violates the privacy act.

      2. NYC 2011 says:

        Disgusting Crazy Mom…The fact that the mother did terribly wrong by hurting another child is crystal clear, the part that you failed to understand is that there are many others that should be held responsible for what actually happened. As far as the school taking action, yes they should before it has a law suit in their hands. I can just imagine what the community and the parents are thinking about the school.

  7. Joey Tomm says:

    lol, kids will be kids.

  8. Don Ric says:

    what most of the geniuses on this page forgot to mention is, if it we’re a man who instigated this confrontation , he would be cuffed, locked up, charged and maybe let out on bail. since it is some non functioning female parent ? she’s out giving interviews to the blow hard press, probably hoping for some kind of lowlife career or at the very least her 15 minutes of shame / fame.

  9. Bridget says:

    All the mother had to do was take her daughter off facebook. She should have brought copies of the inappropriate bullying to the school and demanded that the girls parent show up for a meeting with the principal to discuss the issue and recommend that her facebook profile be deleted. If the parent refused to show up, her daughter should be suspended until she did. It seems to that this is more than a school issue, parents that have their 12 year olds on facebook should be monitoring it every day

  10. Ginny says:

    The school administration has to be trained on this issue. They have to respond and take action. The parents also must educate themselves on how to HANDLE.Bullying is ugly. BUT we should not handle it by getting ugly. The Mom was being irresponsible and she was lucky this did not escalate to a stabbing or shooting. These girls could end up best friends after all. Too young to experience these incidents. At the end of the day, It is so sad and you feel worse about yourself. SO nothing accomplished. Waist of energy.

    1. Ban this Moronic Mom says:

      How do you want the school to take action? Please think it through real careful. The school is there to provide an education and guidance. They are not a one stop shop to help you raise your kid and deal with things. The one thing the school SHOULD DO NOW is ban this mom from ever attending school functions for the safety of other students and the safety of the mom.

  11. bullett says:

    Ms. Melin brings a new low to motherhood. I take it she’s not an upstanding “socker” mom!

  12. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Where is the father in this story?Sometimes a hole needs to be reeled in before she gets in more trouble

  13. doc in NJ says:

    there is a great deal of rage in that mother, so much so that it has boiled over into her children’s psyche. From a clinical standpoint, the family needs professional guidance.

    1. NYC 2011 says:

      doc in NJ…From a normal standpoint, keep your two cents of advise.
      You suggest that the family needs “professional guidance” aside from this nothing else has surfaced about this family, yet you target them? what about ALL the other people who should be held responsible as well, do they not need any “professional guidance” or did your degree limit you to what you can say about them. Your comment is nonprofessional, please keep your degree in your pocket.

  14. This is what happens when people do not mature past a teenager mentality. Or maybe this woman is auditioning for Real Housewives of Lawng Eyelind

  15. Momma says:

    “Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you.”
    – H. Jackson Brown

    Chew on that you white trash loser.

    1. NYC 2011 says:

      Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. ~Marion C. Garretty

  16. Richard Murphy says:

    another reason why facebook should be 18 and older. Kids should’t be on Facebook. and what happened to that no bullying campaign. what did it skip this school lol

    1. NYC 2011 says:

      I agree, there are way too many children on Facebook. Social sites should not be for children, they clearly do not understand the purpose of the site.

      1. KPMc says:

        I’m 43 and I don’t understand the purpose of the site except for people to waste their time and be full of themselves.

        As I understand it social networking sites were created with young people in mind. It should have stayed that way while adults acted like adults. That ship has sailed long ago.

      2. Molly says:

        @KPmc – facebook was created for college students, not children.

      3. NYC 2011 says:

        For KPMc…I’m sure everyone has their own interpretation of what the purpose of Facebook is, I doubt it was created to have children be on it to bully each other or cause parents to act the way this mother choose to. As far as trying to understanding the behaviors of certain adults and Facebook, there are still a lot of people who are not overtaken by this kind of “social networking” who still believe its better to call or meet up instead of communicating through a screen.

    2. Cab says:

      Agree Richard I do had a grilfriend has a child is underage of 10 and don’t matter where they came from and all across the global should block all the kids underage of 18 or 21 I am complaining about her and her child being on Facebook should be the law!!!!

  17. Christopher Dixon says:


    1. John L says:

      Question: Why the need for CAPS?????

  18. kathy says:

    Although bullying has been around since the dark ages; it was absolutely intensified and become more the ‘norm’ than in previous years… While all the electronics and media outlets have helped us in life; this is one very dramatic way it has hurt our youth… We can thank the social media (facebook, twitter, cell phones,etcd) as well as reality t.v…. housewives, bad girls clubs, etc… NOT SUCH POSITIVE ROLE MODELS FOR OUR YOUTH, or in this case the parents either! How embarrassing! Signed a worried mental health worker and mother

  19. Expert says:

    Blame on George W. bush!!!

  20. Bernie Sanders says:

    she tried to go to rehab but she said no no no ~ ha

  21. Mr. T says:

    Another dumb blonde – what do you expect?

  22. lg says:

    Tattoo mascara…hurts like hell is my understanding.

  23. Donna says:

    The mother is 100% wrong. If the school won’t handle the problem there’s always the superintendant’s office. She did not help her daughter. She simply created another problem.

    1. NYC 2011 says:

      The school should of helped this parent, its obvious that they didn’t care, Facebook is a well known site and I have often heard students say that most of the school is aware of what students are doing and saying because of Facebook. I guess it was easier for the school to turn away, rather than to show these children how to solve their problems. The parent made a bad choice that’s for sure, but I believe everyone should be held responsible for what these two young girls were basically allowed to do by both school and parents.

  24. edy says:


  25. GEneral says:

    No wonder society is falling to hell. If any of you want a peaceful society then fighting is not the answer. I think they should enact the draft and have every high school student (or drop out) enlist for a minimum of 2 years. Today’s youth is wanting to fight, then fight for America’s freedoms.

  26. Nec says:

    Who really cares? Kids fight all the time, big deal…

    1. sowhat123 says:

      exactly. the only reason this is news is because its CYBER-BULLYING!!!! the worst thing to happen to our society since the wedgie!

  27. Lindsay Ward says:

    The problem is that a 32 yr old Mother fought a 12 who was trying to help the other girl!!!!!!!!! Are You a MOTHER????

    1. Samantha says:

      The mother of the 12 year was righfully arrested for fighting the other 12 year old you criticized her for not breakiing up the fight no for trying to help the other girl.

  28. LiberalsAreEvil says:

    Nothing good comes out of Long Island!!!

    1. AF says:

      Joey Buttafuoco was good!!

  29. Hampton Harry says:

    Shirley?………You can’t be serious!

    1. Hampton Sally says:

      I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley!

  30. D. Tracie says:

    “She seemed like a normal stay-at-home mom,” said Parrinello.
    …i.e., “unemployed”.

  31. Dan Te says:

    Why can’t we all get along and be friends?

    1. NYC 2011 says:

      I love that idea. Lets make T-shirts !
      On a serious note, before we can do that, first we need to show our children how.

  32. Brian Teague (aka Flesh Monster) says:

    It’s Shirley. Hello!

  33. Reality Check says:

    hey chang…umm…oyster bay has it’s s#!+ and so does huntington station. yeah north shore has some shanty neighborhoods too. maybe you want to take your head out of your you know what,

  34. pugphan says:

    I would love to hear her side of the tale…smokersodysseycom

  35. Surfin Bird says:

    The video has no right to be used in court. This violates the privacy act

    1. Anthony Flynn says:

      and what Law School did u graduate from?
      of course it can (and will) be used in court.

      1. Surfin Bird says:

        Ms. Melin’s photo is being plastered all over the media and she has not even been convicted of a crime.

        She should sue.

    2. Frank D says:

      What’s a Privacy Act?

    3. MikeD says:

      Please change your name to “Surfin Bird-Brain”

      1. nrichard says:

        i agree – Surfin is stupid! I love people who sound off but have absolutely no idea what they are talking about – Hey SurfinStupid – once you go out in public you are fair game!

  36. bday55 says:

    Route 110 is the dividing line between civilization and our prehistoric ancestors. Some would argue the Cross Island Expressway but I say no. Things don’t get back to normal till after Riverhead. Kinda like the Dark Ages out there in Suffolk.

    1. Idratherbegolfing says:

      Yeah you’re right. Valley Stream and Roosevelt; those places are beautiful this time of year.

  37. joesmith says:

    Figures trash like you would say that AND you don’t know how to read either. The 12 year old that this “adult” beat wasn’t in the fight, she was watching and criticized the adult for not breaking it up.
    Do us all a favor and tie your tubes.

    1. joesmith says:

      That was intended for “lovejean”

  38. Michelle says:

    Aaahhh the smell of garbage from Long Island!

    1. BJB says:

      I think you mean Staten island! Jeez!

  39. Frank D says:

    Street justice is not always a bad thing. I guess the kid is supposed to wait to be sufficiently beaten before “officials” send her a letter to stop.

    Pathetic what we’ve become.

  40. ken says:

    Unfortunately, Shirley is not what it used to be. My uncle had property there and i remeber going to his house 45 years ago. Today the YOUTH (what a good boy) has trashed the house and left nothing. It was the next door kids that were arrested along with outhers from the SHIRLEE gang. The court let them go. Burn the entire town and start from scratch. I would say SHIRLEY is worse than Levittown.

  41. DanTe says:

    Which town has more trash: Shirley or Levittown?

  42. Kaz says:

    Damn, wish I could see the rest of this hot mom!

  43. KPMc says:

    With mascara and earrings like that how can she be anything but classy?

    1. ken says:

      Probably hangs out at the White Castles on William Flloyd and Montauk Highway.

      1. Angry Bird says:

        Hey I hang out there…you take that back!

      2. Christopher Dixon says:

        what white castles ?…..drrrr

      3. LT says:

        White Castle is the only fast food chain NOT in that town.

      4. IM Right UR WRONG says:

        Seriously?? Is that all you can say? Wake the hell up and look at the real issue. Instead you are going to judge people by teh way they look. Some people have kids and really should not be raising them… …maybe thats you because you really have nothing legitimate to say. A parent will go out of their way to protect their child and if some dirtball cant raise their kid right and that kid takes it out on her child, then there is nothing wrong with stepping in. I dont care what she does, where she hangs out… …she is a parent that cares. Bullying is a problem. Maybe you ought to take you and your kids to a class on humanity.

  44. kyoko says:

    Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls Fighting time is here! Welcome to Thunderdome! Two bimbos enter one bimbo leaves! Spin the wheel!

  45. lovejean says:

    I don’t see a problem. This child is a bully and she took care of her. I am a supporter. If every bully gets a mom like her on his/her back, the bullying will stop. Hurray!

    1. harold says:

      did you stop to think that the next time the child could get killed

    2. Sam says:

      @lovejean, you are an idiot. There are better ways of dealing with bullying. File a police report and make sure the school gets a copy if assault and battery are involved. Usually a nice little arrest and being taken to the police station will hopefully cure this bully

    3. Lindsay Ward says:

      Lovejean~ Are you a mother?

    4. danny says:

      As someone who was bullied as a kid, if I told my mom, and she went to do something about it, my next beat down would be worse. Time to clean the windows of your ivory tower.

      1. Molly says:

        word. I feel so sorry for this kid – now she’ll always be known as the kid whose MOM BEAT UP A KID. seriously, this is not going to make her situation better.

    5. belladonna says:

      I agree with you %100. The childs mother reported the bullying to the principle without results. All too often these incidents fall thru the cracks so I believe the mother acted on behalf of her child. If she hadn’t acted, what would’ve been in store for her daughter? Continued bullying leading to a fear of going to school or not wanting to go to school. or getting invlolved with the wrong crowd and becoming a bully herself to avoid being treated badly. The girl got exactly what she deserved, now it’s up to the bullies parents to teach her to cut it out or there will be consequences.

    6. Ebby03 says:

      I am a mother of three young girls and am not an advocate of fighting. However, about two years ago, I too was in this mother’s position. Seven teens made my 13yr old daughter their target. I went and spoke to the parents no resolution. I went to building management, no resolution. I went to the police and was told that because they were tweens no action could be taken against them unless my daughter was actually harmed. Finally, one night they all followed her out of our complex and into the street. Two of them began pushing her and she fell into the street where a car missed her by inches. The driver got out of her car and admonished the instigators and helped my daughter up. When I realized what took place I went outside with the intention of seriously injuring several of those girls. I also instructed my daughter to grab the main trouble maker if she ever was jumped and try to pound her head into the ground. I share my story because I want you to uderstand how a usually peaceful parent can be pushed to perhaps not great choices. To the parents of bullies, you never take it serious until a victim goes on a shooting rampage or kills him/herself, or your child is arrested. STEP IN, make your children accountable for what they say and do to others in school, online and in texts.
      Thank you.

      1. NYC 2011 says:

        Your case is heartbreaking, no parent should ever have to go through what you did. I feel that parents of bullies should be held responsible for their children’s actions, and your right parents as well as schools need to STEP IN and discipline these children, before other parents are forced to take desperate measures.

    7. lenjo says:

      Amen!!!! Maybe now the schools will do something about it. I am tired of the victim being the loser.

    8. amy says:

      I agree that bulllying should be a zero tolerance but I can’t beliieve that 1010 wins would put up the video to further humiliate these little girls. Take it off!

    9. LisaWeb says:

      I don’t understand why this moron “lovejean” is featured.. pay attention!!!!! The “Mother” is being charged with beating up a girl who wasn’t even IN the fight!! You can hear it on the video, the girl keeps saying “..You’re a mom..” indicating the mother should act like one. The bully is this “lovejean” and people like her b/c the violence comes from illiterate people who have no clue how to understand facts, They just go commit violence. You’re pathetic.

    10. fatfree45 says:

      I’m going to have to agree with you!!! Everytime you hear about other kids bullying other kids. All you hear from the schools are ” we can’t do anything about it” or the parents of the child that is bullying the other kid, is just as bad as there child. So you see where the child get’s it from. The one problem with our society is (and this includes the police) the favorite saying is ” we can’t do anything until they do something”.. That saying right there has gotten people killed, beaten up, or put in jail because the person kept getting bullied and picked on so they took matters into their own hands. Or, worse they commited suicide.

  46. Gymbomom says:

    Take care of the bully once and for all.

  47. linking90 says:

    She got caught up in the moment thinking she too was 12. Reality bites !

  48. Alan says:

    Shirley. ’nuff said.

    1. pb63 says:

      My thoughts exactly, Alan.

    2. BJB says:

      I don’t care if this happened in candy land! Adults don’t fight children! P.S. There is no White Castle in Shirley. It must be nice thinking that you are better than other people. I guess that takes away from your intellect. It shows!

  49. Surfin Bird says:

    The mother is innocent. daughter was bullied.

  50. battle says:

    yeah, long island is new york’s local supply of white trash.

    1. Henry Asu says:

      That’s not a helpful comment, I mean really

    2. Reality Check says:

      i thought that was upstate

      1. NYU1232 says:

        No RC, it’s Long Island.

    3. Lindsay Ward says:

      Hey Battle…Are You Serious???? Dont be mad bc u cant afford to live here!!!

      1. Mindy says:

        No one wants to live there…sorry…

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