Report: Group Of Columbia University Students To Dine With Iranian President

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A group of Columbia University students are expected to have dinner with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad next week in Midtown.

According to the Columbia Spectator, the school’s newspaper, as many as 15 members of the Columbia International Relations Council and Association were invited.

CIRCA vice president of academics, Tim Chan, told the paper the Sept. 21 meeting is still tentative and none of the members expressed any reservations about breaking bread with the controversial Iranian leader.

Meanwhile, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, two American hikers jailed for over two years in Iran on espionage charges, could be freed “in a couple of days.”

An Iranian court has set bail at $500,000 for each of the men — the same arrangement that allowed fellow hiker Sara Shourd to go free a year ago.

The hikers all deny the charges and say they may have mistakenly crossed into Iran while hiking in Iraq’s Kurdish region.

On NBC’s ‘Today’ Show, Ahmadinejad said Tuesday that he hopes the release will improve relations with the U.S.

There’s speculation that Iran may have timed the potential release to coincide with Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York later this month for the United Nations General Assembly. Shourd was released last year just as Ahmadinejad made his way over for the annual gathering.

Ahmadinejad’s previous visits for the UN General Assembly have been the source of much controversy and sparked a number of protests.

During last year’s visit, he claimed that the United States was behind the 9/11 attacks.

“Some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attacks to reverse the declining economy and its grips on the Middle East in order to save the Zionist regime,” Ahmadinejad said.

President Barack Obama responded by saying, “It was offensive. It was hateful and particularly for him to make the statement here in Manhattan, just a little north of ground zero, where families lost their loved, ones was inexcusable.”

In trying to explain his 9/11 theories, Ahmadinejad said his real concern is for the poor American taxpayer, who after the terror attacks has been shelling out billions for the war on terror.

“We are trying to defend the rights of the American people here so their money is not used to kill people in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Ahmadinejad said.

Would you invite him over for dinner? What do you make of their invitation? Let Us know know below…

  • Red

    I wonder if any of the students will bring up the issue of the little dictator saying they will parton the two US hikers, for $1m.

  • TechDel

    Answer for who taught me to hate the USSR – Stalin for killing 30 million of his own people and keeping millions more in virtual chains. Answer for Iran – Ahmadinejad and his puppet masters, the ayatollahs, for threatening to do the same thing to Israel that Hitler did to millions in Europe. History shows that when someone publically threatens genocide, they usually attempt to follow through. If you knew anything about history, you would know this is true, but liberals don’t study history. It is just too difficult to face how many times they have been wrong.

  • Kelvin

    Clearly an Ivy League education is overrated.
    Want proof? Just look at what all the allegedly intelligent Ivy Leaguers in DC have done to destroy this nations economy.

    • mirted


  • abbey

    Columbia ia mainly Jewish, isn’t it? Odd.

  • brian

    For dessert, hit this guy with a pie.

  • alien5

    Personnaly, i believe someone should cap this prick

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Are there any good goat restaurants left in New York ?

  • stonehillady

    Who taught you all to Hate Iran ? The same people who taught you to Hate USSR & that the USSR was going to Nuke You ??? The same people that taught you to Hate Vietnamese & North Korea ???
    The same people who told 15 minutes after the WTC came crashing down that they Suspect Osama Bin-Laden with NO forensic Proof ????? Would you believed your government if they told you the Canadians did it ???
    Well, then if you believe them, then you must also believe in the toothfairy, Santa Claus & the Easter bunny because your parents told they were real too…!
    You trusted your Parents right ? Until oneday you found out they fooling you, so did you get upset ? Or do you still believe in fairytales….Your government plays these same tricks on too, how else can they get your money & support to fight their version of the Bogeyman unless they tell they are Bad Bad Bogeymen…

    • Matt Sullivan

      Here is a sick person who has no ability to discern right from wrong. Really she needs spiritual therapy.

  • Marty

    Why is he allowed to go to Morningside Heights? Restrict him to JFK, UN and closest hotel. If he ventures beyond, arrest his ass.

  • LUPO

    …and YOU, monsieurunhappy, cheer him because of the way he wants to deal with JEWS!! The reality is that YOU support him because in your simple mind: The enemy of your enemy (America, Freedom, Free Trade, Property Rights, The Constitution) is YOUR FRIEND!!!! We see through your BS!

  • mamawati

    If it was my son dining with him, I would sut off all support for my son and tell him he is on his own. Might as well dine with Stalin, or Hitler or Mao. Total disgrace.

  • Misbegotten Angel

    The Conversio Viruim students/members at Columbia should take Ahmadinejad to one of their famous SPAM/SUBMIT BDSM parties in Brooklyn. Strip him naked. Tie him up. And do unmentionable things to him.

  • Mike from PORT JEFF Station

    Keep your friends close, but keep your enimies closer………..Keep the doors of communication open with this arse…..the lunch can not hurt anybody but we can gain insight and maybe he will reveal something we didn’t know before.

  • Jeff

    I wouldn’t allow him outside the UN building. Chopper in, chopper out. White Castle burgers for all meals.

  • John Sheridan

    This is King Barry’s Alma Mater, why should it surprise you they invited him? And how big a donation is Columbia getting?

  • John Sheridan

    Happy, you’re a sick puppy.

  • Alex Winter NYC

    Hooray for liberals hosting terrorists!

  • Lupo

    “To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.”: – — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: (1929-1968), US civil rights leader

  • Danny

    I’m totally offended Abudinnerjacket would come to the U.S. under the protection of being a speaker at the UN. It’s time to level the UN building and force them to move elsewhere. Liberalism and anti-Semitism has underwritten the decline of this organization.

  • Rick O'Shea

    So who wouldn’t want to dine with a mass murdering Jew hater who believes it is his duty to bring forth the 12th Mahdi, who kills the country’s people in the street, funds terrorists and supplies arms to rebels in Iraq? Aha, ignorant college students who wear Che t-shirts, complain about the country they live in, live off their parents money, who deny any responsibility of citizenship and contribute nothing to society.

  • jnsesq

    College professors — most of whom couldn’t do real work — certainly can create a generation of miseducated traitors though.

  • bily

    i am a graduate of this pathetic institution, and it never fails to be a source of embarrassment, and a supreme example of what NOT to do

  • Terika

    Yeah, let’s all pay to send our kids to University.

    I hear they can now get credits in USEFUL IDIOTS 101 ~

    Heck – at Columbia, I think you can even MAJOR in it!

  • john

    yeah it would be his last supper

  • broccoliobama

    Dinner wiith this smelly old goat is probably a camel-turd sandwich.

    These college idiot kids will love that.

  • John Politano

    How dare you! Can you point to any instance in U.S. history where a conservative person who believes in liberty has ever done what you accuse us of. I would point out to you that it is your side, the Socialist liberal left, that is more in line with tin horn dictators and as an example I would point to Sean Penn. It is not his religious views and how they compare to the Conservative right that are the focus here,that is just a tool he is using to control the Iranian people. He and all liberals believe in more government, top down control, less liberty and more dependence. You libs are always on the wrong side of History and you always blame everyone else for your ignorance.

    • Marion Iori


    • Danny

      Spot on John

  • Chippy55

    What would you expect from Obama’s Alma Mater, and he still hasn’t explained where he was for the ENTIRE YEAR of school he missed while attending that school, and Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran so it will be like one big party, bring some cheeseburgers, hold the bacon.

  • seenbetterdaze

    Why isn’t Pres. Obama going to his alma mater to dine with the Jihadi Terrorist?
    Oh…I forgot, NOBODY from Columbia REMEMBERS HIM! NONE his fellow students in the poli-sci dept. of his graduating class remember anyone named Barry Obama! Guess he doesn’t want to embarass Columbia. He’ll just have to ask Mahmoud to a state dinner at the WH.

    • Matt Sullivan

      He probably will not be exiting out the the rear door by the garbage either.

      But think about it, this is one forgettable guy. I would not have remembered him if he was in my class even 20 years ago. He was a loser than and he is a loser now. WHen he worked for a newsletter, his only real job, he said he felt he was behind enemy lines. LOSER!

  • T-man

    For once I agree with Ahmadinejad, let’s not use our money to kill people in Afganistan and Iraq. Let’s use it to kill the government of Iran.

  • Columbia Student's Marching Order

    “The assassination must be attempted, at any cost.”
    – Count Claus von Stauffenberg
    – The July Bomb Plot of 1944

  • Speaknup

    Why are we letting this lunatic into the country?!

  • Liz Rocha

    As a large employer I’m done with the self-professed but obvious inept higher education institutions. Now we get to trim our payroll by dispatching those under our employ that graduated Columbia as one of many. No problem, makes room for better team oriented educated folks. Another thing here, once a self-professed higher educated 30 year old has been let go for non-performance we actually get calls from their Mothers. Sick? You tell me……

  • steve

    Every leader of a country has a right to address the general assembly of the UN, with or without the approval of armchair pundits leaning right or left. We may not agree with Iran’s dictatorial government, I should hope not, but he has a right to come to North America and address the UN.
    Most people are generally intelligent enough to know who speaks with a forked tongue, I would be happy to have dinner with him and the group from Columbia just for my curiosity into human nature. I don’t agree with his rhetoric, I don’t agree with his decision to lead the student rebellion in Iran that took American hostages, I don’t agree with his government’s stand that forces a dress code and behavior onto it’s people, and I would stand up for my views at dinner, politely, leaving war for another time.

    • Matt Sullivan

      It sounds like you would not agree with his crimes against humanity, his war on America and Israel and his stupid little appearance either. This guy is a low life like no other on the international scene. I am not interested in dinner with the devil! I want to see him vanquished from this earth so he cannot have any more Americans killed. Wake up!

    • Lupo

      Would you be just as curious and passive If you could go back in time and have dinner with Adolf Hitler before he enacted the Final Solution?

      “To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.”: – — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: (1929-1968), US civil rights leader

    • zrodfx

      Oh, just shut the hell up….

    • DAM

      Well said sir. But it is a tough pill to swallow after having raised my right hand to support and defend the Constition of the United States against enemies, Foreign and Domestic.

      • steve

        I salute and thank you you for your work.

        I can’t say that anyone will learn from a good example, but if we don’t provide one, nobody will.

  • DAM

    Why is he allowed a Visa to enter our Great Nation?

    • Matt Sullivan


  • Besalel

    History will judge Columbia University.

    It will be a permanent bloodstain on the record of an otherwise fine university – equivalent to Haj Amin Husseini’s famous dinners with Hitler. History will not forget and it will not forgive.

  • Mikey89

    In this thread: people who drank the kool-aid and believe everything that they are told by the media.

    • Matt Sullivan

      Yeah, right! The media told us to try and get along with this minor devil.

  • David

    Except that Michelle Bachmann supports the states’ decision to making gay marriage legal. Oops! You’d think that with the way the Left panders to every whiny, childish whim of the gay community, they’d attempt to utterly destroy Mahmoud’s life by spreading patently untrue gossip about him. You know, like they do with all people they don’t like, such as Michelle Bachmann. Fortunately the Right isn’t as prone to groupthink and recognizes the distinction between gay “marriage” and cold-blooded murder.

  • Benjamin Halfon

    It is really ashame, Ahmedinejad who says all gays and lesbians should be eliminated, 9/11 is caused by U.S. Holocaust never existed, Israel should be wiped out from the map, women should not be equal to men. Yet the Colombian students will have lunch with Ahmedinejad. Some Colombian students needs help .

  • Truth hurts

    “President Barack Obama responded by saying, “It was offensive. It was hateful and particularly for him to make the statement here in Manhattan, just a little north of ground zero, where families lost their loved, ones was inexcusable.”

    1.. Many of those who support the 9/11 conspiracy theory also support B.O. and are solid Democrats. Hmmm…
    2.. If it’s really that bad that the comments were made in Manhattan is it possible that we should rethink the whole premis of the UN being here in the first place, and our involvement in the increasingly useless organization? I say, indeed so.

    • czervik

      It was also Barack Obama, Columbia alum (or so we’re told, there is no evidence of it), that said it would be great to put a mosque at Ground Zero. Regardless of the truly raw feelings toward a religion that preaches hate and violence around the world.

      Now I’m sure we’ll have all the liberal, PC bunch telling us how you can’t group all muslims together — “they’re not all bad, right.” If muslims we’re concerned about changing perceptions they would never have chosen the site and defended it so vociferously. This was obviously done as a finger in the eye of America and the victims of 9/11.

  • MaxPayne

    Having dinner with Mr. Alphabet? Ok but only if he promises to take a bath before he arrives.

  • Darrel

    I would dine with him. It would give me the chance to spit in his face.

  • Alan Hardesty

    monsieurhappy; you are without a doubt clueless. So everyone who reads Drudge is a gay hater? Well it is just as easy to say anyone who dislikes Drudge is an uneducated idiot, but both statements are utterly ridiculous. Lumping groups of people together and assuming they all have the same beliefs…. hmm that is how racists and bigots think. Sounds like you are a very narrow minded individual and a hypocrite.

  • malachicrunch

    Who doesnt wanna rip this guy to shreds?

  • publicoi

    sick comment … truly sick! monsieurhappy needs help!!!

    • jmartinpro11

      there is no help for monieurhappy liberalism is a mental disorder

  • DP

    There’s no cure for STUPID!!!!!!!!

  • buccakenji

    Do I sense anotheer Jane Fonda moment ? ? ?

  • TechDel

    So what you are saying is that it is all right to fire rockets into civilian areas, suicide bomb women and babies, and consistently negotiate in bad faith because you don’t like what somone said to you. You are not only a moron, you are a racsist.

  • scottpeterson

    How is this SOB getting in the country?

  • Midwest Jim

    Anyone remember when the Prime Minister of Israel wasn’t able to speak at an Ivy League school because of muslim terrorist students’ protests?

    • Lupo

      Those were home grown, left wing, silver spooned children of hippies; useful idiots of the progessive war against America, its freedom and constitution.

    • buccakenji

      yes, I do……….

  • whatever

    Fail….libs are always first to defend the freedom of Muslims (notice I didn’t say radicals) to enforce Sharia which is engrained into their CULTURE and LAW (notice I didn’t say religion).

    • whatever was inentional.

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