Robert Cartagena,Tyshawn Brockington Wanted In Shooting Of Hoops Star Tayshana Murphy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — While family and friends mourn the tragic death of a high school basketball star gunned down inside her apartment building in Morningside Heights, police released photos of two men wanted in connection with the brutal murder.

Witnesses said 18-year-old Tayshana Murphy was trying to outrun the shooter in a hallway on the fourth floor of the Grant Houses when she was killed. Police said the shooting may have been a case of mistaken identity.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports

Police said they found Murphy with a gunshot wound to the head around 4:14 a.m. Sunday. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Candles and heartfelt messages are now part of a makeshift memorial outside the building.

On Tuesday, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said investigators were looking for Robert Cartagena, 20, and Tyshawn Brockington, 21, in connection with the shooting. Surveillance footage caught the two men with guns in their waistbands, Kelly said.

bball 3 Robert Cartagena,Tyshawn Brockington Wanted In Shooting Of Hoops Star Tayshana Murphy

Tayshana Murphy (credit CBS 2)

On Monday,  Terique Collins, 24, was arrested and is being held on charges of criminal possession of a weapon, according to Police Spokesman Paul J. Browne. Police said they believe Collins gave the gun to one of the two suspects.

On Monday night there was a celebration of life in front of the shrine, featuring words of remembrance and the picture of Murphy just as her friends knew her — smiling and happy.

“Best friend, best friend, my everything, my everything. We was just talking,” friend Sharay Harris told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

“It’s horrible. That was an 18-year-old girl who had a future. It’s horrible, I feel sorry,” added friend Jasmine Fletcher.

Community activists are outraged as another memorial has been set up for a teen taken by gun violence, at the hands of a shooter, who still hasn’t been caught. The NYPD told 1010 WINS they are not questioning anyone in connection with the shooting and are still seeking witnesses.

“I know that they’re cowering right now in some adult’s house, cowering right now in some adult’s house, and that needs to stop. They need to be flushed out,” Harlem activist Rev. Vernon Williams said.

Witnesses said Murphy went outside to check on her brother and that there might have been a fight, but witnesses claim she was not involved. CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano spoke to Murphy’s cousin, who claimed a family member witnessed the shooting.

“He heard her say ‘I don’t have nothing to do with this, I’m not part of that’ and they was like ‘we don’t care.’ They shot her three times,” the cousin said.

“This might be one loss, but I mean, it’s a loss for a whole another generation — it’s affecting a lot of people,” Taylon Murphy, the victim’s father, told Mercogliano. “I mean she was just a beautiful person.”

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan Speaks With Murphy’s Coach

She was a senior at Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers. Murphy, known as “chicken” at home and on the court, was also considered one of the top girls basketball players in the city and was ranked as the 16th best point guard in the nation for her class by ESPN.

“She was very much liked by the other players on the team and the other students in the school and she was very much respected. She was a leader,” said her coach Ed Grezinsky. “Very senseless because she had everything to live for. She was a great kid.”

Grezinsky said she already had offers from colleges around the country that were interested in her. Her dream was to go to college, get into the WNBA and get her mother out of the projects.

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott visited the school on Monday. A spokeswoman for Walcott said grief counselors were also at the school.

“He took something away from us that was so valuable, so precious and she didn’t even have anything to do with anything,” Murphy’s father said. “It was just senseless.”

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  1. Geena Romano,NYC Staten Island says:

    i really feel UNTIL we know WHO did what.who shot who we can’t say send the younginz to DEATH ROW ,but i do agree IF he robert cartegena the latino or blk guy did this then they should be naturally in prison for life.But then again we do not know who did what.I will await for ALL evidence,found to be presented in a court of law,and see what prosecution present,etc. and defense team,
    as MANY killers and or alleged-T P B… (Triggin’Pullin Brothas)have gotten OFF

    so i hope if they are guilty,they will do time,all depending on the evidence at hand,and whose the defense,and prosecutor in a case. RIP to her she was clearly VERY talented,had mad skills,and sad she is gone,she wanted to i hear on the ABC and CBS news tonight,/:was goin to get ALL them out of the skank of the HOOD”but some 1 wit a gun took her life away fore’she can do it,so sad.

    NOTE:sure it can happen in the pink and blue suburbs but not AS much no way.
    and i love my suburban life,thank god i can afford,to leav hood to enjoy it and i always will.


  2. REESEY says:


  3. Activa says:

    True Love and forgiveness, Is good for the soul. I know this will be very hard , but God knows, Mending the Hearts of the Communities, will keep us whole. We must continue to demand that the projects is like gold.

  4. subvet4 says:

    These fools think they can get away with murder the same as they got away with all the petty crimes they have committed before. Unfortunately as they are about to discover it doesn’t work that way. These bums are looking at life in prison and luckily for them they didn’t commit the murder in Texas or Rick Perry
    would take care of them

  5. Stacey says:

    My condolences to the family and community for this horrendous loss. I hope the men who did this are apprehended and pay dearly for this crime.

    Outraged and heartbroken.

  6. ebony says:

    Stupid ass young boys i hope yall burn in hell for what yall did.. i want yall to act big now…… dummies…..

  7. wallstreet guy says:

    I thought that this only happens in MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bullett says:

    Two more products of the no child left behind (social promotion) program. This is what becomes of the youth of inner cities when parenthood and street education overcomes a schooling system that has failed in ever level.

  9. Kevin B says:

    Such a senseless act of violence. But then, some of the comments left here are almost as senseless. You would think we’ve progressed as a nation to where the color of the suspects wouldn’t really matter. Yet, someone has said that these colored slaves need horsewhipped and chained. As if them not being colored would call for a different type of punishment? Also senseless the comment of the story not mentioning whether or not she’d been pregnant or having kids yet at 18 for someone like her. Seems to be suggesting that every girl from a project should have been or is pregnant. It happens to suburban and white girls at 18 also. I though we’d progressed well past racist remarks at this day and age, but I guess not. Very tragic indeed was her death by the means that it happened. Almost as tragic, that the manner of her death reveals some of the deep rooted racist attitudes of some in this country that lie just beneath the service.

    1. bullett says:

      Your use of English grammar and sentence construction is deplorable. I hope you have no plans of attending collage. If you do, please hire a tutor to instruct and assist you, to the above.
      As for your comments, you blundered, and I quote you: “But then, some of the comments left here are almost as senseless.”
      Where do you come off suggesting that Ms. Murphy was pregnant and/or a mother at 18 and attacking other females of the same age group? You have a lot to learn, and in my opinion by the time you do, your life will be ending.

      1. Drea says:

        Who are you to deem who is fit for what?? You write your opinion like you have some insight into the lives of inner city youth. You’re a wanna be elitist that has no clue what to do with you own life sans anyone else. Though you are entitled to you opinion you should think before you type or speak. A young woman has lost her life and you write ignorant comments!? how about condolences to the family. And for the record it’s COLLEGE not Collage. I guess a tutor is in order for you. Practice what you preach.

      2. Funny...... says:

        Collage???? Now that’s what I call deplorable…..inability to spell a word like College.

        P.S your use of sentence construction is just as bad. The comma in your last sentence should be placed after the “and, in my opinion, by the time…..”

  10. shaneqqua pelt says:

    smh what a sad sad situation another bright star gone and the hands of voilence smh crying my eyes out i love uu chicken baby and uu will never ever be forgotten love uu bby girl;(

  11. Nick says:

    Stupid p//ssies needed a gun to take care of a girl?

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