Latest Attack On MTA Bus Driver Runs Total To 59 This Year

Maria Hogan Says She Was Assaulted From Behind, Punched By Angry Rider

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus driver was beaten and bruised on the job and is now terrified to return to work.

The woman was attacked by an irate passenger demanding to get off the bus at an undesignated stop. As CBS 2’s Lou Young reports, it wasn’t the first time a driver has been attacked, and now they’re banding together to say enough is enough.

“I had this guy, just standing behind… quiet… not doing anything, just standing there, quiet, not giving any sign of anger, anything,” bus driver Maria Hogan said.

Hogan broke down Wednesday recounting her first impression of the man who assaulted her over the weekend while she worked, a man who complained when she passed a bus stop closed for construction and then followed-up with a sudden explosion of violence.

“Then I reached for the key for the switch for the … wheelchair. Then I reached for my face. Then I push him, and then he was trying to grab me again and I push him with my leg and I push him with my leg and I was trying to push him with my other leg,” Hogan said.

Keep in mind this incident happened is broad daylight Saturday morning across from Fordham University and Montefiore Hospital on Fordham Road, all of 300 yards from the passed stop. The driver said her assailant waited while she helped a wheelchair passenger off the bus before beginning his assault.

“He was trying to curse at me… I don’t remember the words. Then he punched me… and got off the bus and then I got off the bus and tried to see where he was going,” Hogan said.

Hogan is the third BX-9 bus driver assaulted in the past three months and the 59th driver to be assaulted system-wide this year. He co-workers said they’ve noticed a change.

“It’s not just this line. It’s all around the system,” one driver said.

“It’s getting … getting a lot rough out, very rough,” said driver Rodney Campbell, who added when asked why he thinks this is happening, “the economy, lifestyle.”

Whatever the reason, a spokesman for the MTA told Young on Wednesday it’s unacceptable.

“I need to be safe in my job, and I feel like we’re so exposed to anything,” Hogan said.

The drivers’ union is clamoring for measures like safety partitions and additional security patrols.

The MTA said it has a pilot program underway to install security cameras in 400 buses, but so far only in Manhattan.

Driver partitions are currently being tested on some MTA buses. So far, they’re only in use on some Brooklyn lines.

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One Comment

  1. Bruno says:

    Were there any witnesses? I hear her “crying” but don’t see any tears, and she takes the time to fluff her hair during the “interview”. Something doesn’t ring true here. Let the cops investigate further.

  2. Scott says:

    If she doesn’t win her law suit against the MTA, which is definitly coming down the pike, she will make an excellent actress.

  3. Cab says:

    Don’t matter no one cannot assault any MTA Employees because of this I’m sorry for the Lady bus driver who got suckerpunch by the idiot it’s time to put Uniform and undercover police on buses all the routes in the 5 boroughs that will prevent for any passengers don’t do any stupid and also make sure adults and school kids to pay their fare and hop on the back on the bus to avoid pay the fare that is farebeater.

    1. John says:

      And who is going to pay for your idea? Stop asking for things that don’t make sense when taken as a whole. A partition could make sense. Having lots of undercover cops does not.

  4. J says:

    Well no one should hit a woman bus driver or otherwise!

  5. ThePatriotMuckraker says:

    “Maybe undercover police are needed in the buses.”

    Maybe you need to go live in North Korea. I’m tired of all this fake terror and security industrial complex, meddling with my independence & liberty. Besides, no one wants to talk about the real reason bus drivers are being assaulted: bad attitudes, people paying more and getting less service and cramped cattle box car conditions. The “gummerment’s” solution? Spend more on body scanners and thugs in blue to supplement the ones who are “generating revenue” by writing parking tickets. Oh, and continue taxing you slaves to feed the federal government so they can spend what little money you make bailing out the banks and funding illegal wars.

    you must make do with less so the banks, corporations and their political puppets can have more.

  6. Truth says:

    At least he waited until the handicap person was helped first. Maybe undercover police are needed in the buses. I’m sure they can put them on troubled routes. Undercovers salary could be covered by all the fare skippers.

  7. goblin says:

    I’m sure they’re all devastated considering they’ll be able to retire on disability with full pension and not even complete 20 years. Sound like a sweet deal Ms. Hogan. Better than hitting the Lottery.

  8. Glenn Erdmann says:

    Excellent description of the attacker. Keep up the good work 1010 WINS.

    1. Steve Koh says:

      I second that. The journalism on this site is “top notch”.

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