Cops: Queens Bodybuilder Throws Dog ‘Brooklyn’ Out Of Apartment Window

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police say a bodybuilder from Queens killed his dog after throwing it out of a third story window, according to published reports.

Milan Rysa, 30, allegedly picked up his Shar-Pei named Brooklyn and hurled him out of his Astoria apartment window around 8:30 p.m. Monday.

The dog died instantly. Witnesses said they heard a loud thump and saw the dog’s body on the sidewalk.

When police arrived at Rysa’s door, he claimed he had been sleeping, witnesses said.

Police charged him with aggravated animal cruelty and reckless endangerment. He was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center for a psychiatric evaluation.

Among the countless bodybuilding and shirtless photos of Rysa on his Facebook page, there are dozens of pictures of Brooklyn as a puppy in an album titled “My Little Bad Boy.”

According to reports, several neighbors said they had seen Rysa abuse the dog in the past.

If convicted of the crime, what do you think the appropriate punishment should be?

  • Nita

    A damn shame.

  • Gary Canada

    I looked at his facebook page, and is this guy from Serbia or something ? I have seen other stories in the news about severe animal abuse and killings that occur in the Serbian region and by Serbians. Considering how Serbia was such a bully in the Balkans wars in the 1990s (ethnic cleansing, etc), it seems like a disfunctional and violent society. He should be punished.

  • Belle1231

    Deport his sorry excuse of a human back to wherever he came from and put him on a no fly list. Disgusting wannabe man. Whatever happens to him, get him out of our country!

  • sharon

    Please-no friggin excuses about roid rage etc etc!he made a conscious decision to take steroids!i would like to see him neutered ! preferably with adirty scalpel and no anesthesia! if he is not punished to the max-then shame on nyc!

  • KL

    You should be given a medal of stupidity, hkdppl! The idiotic steroid using moron was the only vicious one! There is nothing to indicate that Brooklyn was a violent or aggressive dog. Quite the contrary…all the neighbors said he was a sweet dog who loved to play. So please, go take your stupidity elsewhere and stop defending an animal killer!

  • John Lenkel




  • pikachu

    he should go to jail for max sentence, after that put him in a animal shelter, put him up for adpotion to see if anyone want to adpot him, if not……..

  • CN

    It’s disgusting, but not as disgusting as the unpublicized fact that thousands and thousands of dogs are killed by animal shelters because no one wants to adopt them.

  • BSL News

    Vigil for Brooklyn the dog who died at the hands of this monster on September 20th. Please see below link for additional info. Thank you

  • TC

    Karma happens___ good or bad will come to you three fold!!
    Rest In Peace____little precious doggy. :(
    Wait till judgement day comes____ God sees everything you do. You think you wont have to answer to anybody in this life?
    Wait till the after life.

  • CT Native

    Roid Rage! He needs a molten lead enema!!!!

  • Noodles Rydell


    • Rob

      EXCELLENT comment Noodles. I totally agree!

    • Lol

      Situation wanna be ! Lol ….that’s great.

  • tina feliciano

    I left this loser a message on his Facebook, what a POS!

    • lets call his mommy

      Wow that will teach him.

  • JB

    put him in a cage with Michael Vic and let them fight to the death

  • Eve

    Roid rage! SMH

  • Sydelle Houston

    Too bad the neighbors who witnessed him abusing the dog before didn’t say anything, perhaps the dog would be alive today. I think anyone who beats ups or tosses a defenseless puppy or kitten should be treated like any abuser, to the fullest extent of the law.

    • juice

      Neighbors never witnessed it is only because reporters are there that they make up there stories

      • vince mcvince

        Dirty Greeks

  • Jeff Benson

    Most appropriate remedy for this is to allow him to choose between an experience with a Type-1 Diabetic experiencing Hypoglycemia ( I am one, and I fear noone else) -OR- let’s each put on the Bite Suits used to train patrol dogs that bite. I support him to experience “roid rage” against a well rested handler aggressive dog I will choose for him. He need’s all the drugs (PEDs) he can have to block-out the pain of repeatedly being bitten. Yes, I agree we will wear the protective helmet, crotch protection, hand protection.

    I made this sound fun? No it’s not, attend a SchH event. I’m willing to put on the suit again for the choices this guy has made, that I think only he made for himself.

    For anyone who remembers the tv show FEAR FACTOR and the Malinois being on-leash, that was half-true .. our dogs will have no leash, that’s interesting !

  • thor's hammer

    wait till a lawyer claims that he used steroids or other performance enhancing drug and that it was “‘roid rage.” he did this to an animal, most likely he’s slapped a girlfriend or 2 around and threatened her/them. how about we have him serve as a quality control “volunteer” for recalled bungee cords? find the highest point on the verrazano narrows bridge and see if recall is indeed warranted. if that day job goes well for him, let’s put him neck deep at low tide and let nature take its course. worked for the vikings. what a lowlife. may misery haunt you all the days of your miserable life. justice!!!!

  • Elvis Ghaw

    I’ll suggest to nail him on a cross and bring him out to the street like what Jesus experienced; everyone should know this guy as a dog killer.

  • Real Man

    Big man!!! Throwing a dog out of a window….we really should start making the punishment fit the crime and throw him out a window…MORON!!!

  • Robert Richardson

    He should be a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles!

  • Jason

    he is a dog killer, if you look at his facebook page he has had several dogs ‘die’

    • what can u do craziy is everywhere

      Ok the first dog that was killed by the barbells was a accident .The 2nd one in the microwave was just a fluke.Why do they not make pet ownership more strict we need pet social workers and pet foster care .

  • O

    Honestly, its a dog get over it….

    • snowdog

      Yes, it may only be a dog now but what will it be next? A crying baby!? This needs to be stop now and addressed quickly before it become even more serious for him. Something is definitely wrong if he has no feelings for a living creature and can easily throw it away and cause it’s death so easily. If he doesn’t value the life of a dog which he bought and is taking care of will he know the difference when its a 1 or 2 year old toddler?

    • NYC

      You are a moron

    • KL

      Seriously? I am not sure who is more of an absolute moron, you or the juice head. Have you ever experienced the love and companionship of a dog? Have you ever read any of the stories about dogs who have rescued people, like Daisy the golden retriever did on 9/11? Or what about the dog that prevented a soldier who had been to Iraq three times from committing suicide because of the unconditional love the dog had for the soldier. Clearly, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about when you say “its a dog get over it”.

    • Al Coley

      I know who O is, message me if you want his address.

      • KL

        He should be the one standing on the sidewalk when the roid rager is tossed out the window! Two birds with one stone…..

  • Cesar Fabiani


  • kathy




  • dp

    A true coward…jailhouse justice will be severe

  • p8nt

    Someone should throw him out the window from the top of the empire state building.

    • Elvis Ghaw

      No way. Empire State Bldg is not enought; he should be thrown out from the top of Freedom tower (1776 ft) when completed :)

  • S. Cotton

    Definitely should go to jail for a long time– is he safe to be with society at all? He should have “DOG MURDERER” tatooed across his whole face, so there would never be any doubt his nature. Not much of a man that can’t deal with his own testosterone or can’t respect o very giving life. So sad for the dog and totally pathetic– I would be humiliated to be his mother!

  • Chris25


    • edouardo

      definitely steroids alter moods and behavior………..some users have become violent (like here) or phycotic.

  • Eduardo Rey

    send him to jail…FOREVER…but, please toss him out a third floor window first so he can experience the pain and suffering of the poor dog he tossed away…this guy is the real trash that needs to be disposed of

    • DangerWilRobinson


      • JS1015

        Agree 2!

  • LiberalsAreEvil

    Throw Risa in a room and release two mean pitbulls to chew up his miserable ass!

  • joy weber

    He should go to jail for as many years as the dog still had to live.

    • Elvis Ghaw

      It’s no different from murdering; he should go to jail for live.

    • Celena

      Thrown from the roof of the building he lives in!!!!! RIP Brooklyn!!! So sad!!!

    • Susan Vosburgh

      I agree with Joy Weber, however, having said that, that would be the humanistic way to go. Now what I feel deep down in my heart would be this,” Get 2 hulky guys to throw him out of a 6 story window.” Now that would be justice.

    • kuko

      many of you in here suggest same as he did. What different does it make you from him. Don`t judge others before you look at yourself actions.
      This guy may have a brain tumor as he has been hospitalized with cancer not long ago. This I don`t think was rational act and people with such a behavior have usually bigger problems

    • allazay

      I so agree with you! But they should also throw him out his own window before .

  • ed

    to the punk i hope he get what coming to him some day .i can not wait to see it.
    i pray i hope god .please take this junk .

  • Dexter

    Total roid rage, I hope someone throws this sick mf’er off the building. small nether region digit issue from all the juice.

  • ev santiago

    send him upstate for a couple of years and he will be treated like a female dog the idiot

  • Protector/Provider to Fur Babies

    As much as I’d love to see some serious form of physical torture involved, realistically we all know that’s not going to happen. Sooo, instead I think it’s clear that he is in dior need of some intense, ongoing anger management therapy — to be attended while serving jail time, of course. More importantly, this poor excuse of a “man” should be required to stand on a N.Y. street regularly for a year wearing a sign proclaiming, “I”m a convicted animal abuser — I threw my dog out a 3rd floor window.” Also, if there isn’t already one in place, there should be a nationwide roster of known animal abusers (similar to sex offenders) and this man’s name should be on it. They should wear their badge of “spineless abuser” for the rest of their life, as a warning to others about their lack of character and self-control.

    • DangerWilRobinson

      Nicely said.

      • Gigisdiamonds

        I agree! Nicely said! Now why can’t we get something so simple made into laws?

    • Carol

      I think I may have hit the report comment button by mistake… I am sorry….. I just wanted to say your comment was well said… This fool will never be anything but an abuser and it will only continue unless he is stopped NOW… abusers cannot be rehabilitated…. but I do love your idea of standing on a NY street – and of course, that will never happen either…..

    • allazay

      I’m liking your way of thinking!!

  • mj

    roid rage … except in his case hes a hemroid

  • Vik

    Thrown off the same building. RIP Brooklyn.

  • Oey Impellio

    Wow I think this muscle head should be thrown out the same window, multiple times!

  • Even an Indian iphas more balls

    This is why I spit in the face of Greeks and slovakians!!!

  • chi- town

    if found guilty put his nuts in a vise and let him feel some pain.

  • D

    Hope he suffers the most brutal of violations every day for the rest of his pathetic life.

  • rosta

    sick feck… prob a juice head…hope he gets time and they take care of his “manliness” in there

  • Jason

    Even Indians have more class, good one!

  • L. Perez

    He should be chucked out a third story window

    • lizz7465

      He should be chucked off of the Empire State Building.

  • Nasty guy

    Next time, cancer Will get you, filthy cross-eyed fool!!!! If you weren’t watching your back then Milan, you certainly have to NoW

  • LG

    Roid rage?

    • Bailey Kix

      I’m guessing that’s the reason, but that’s no excuse. So if he was exhibitng “roid rage” – I’d like to introduce him to some “2 x 4 rage.”

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