Boomer & Craig were delighted to welcome Joe Montana into the Allstate Studio this morning…

Well, at least Craig was delighted. And I’ll say the Booms sure acted as if he was.

As you know, Boomer and the Bengals (Who Dey!!!) lost to Montana and the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIII, a game Eddie Scozzare brings up to Boomer any chance he gets.

Kidding aside, despite losing to him, Boomer does not allow that to cloud his vision as far as Montana’s place in NFL history, calling the 4-time Super Bowl winner (Boomer wasn’t the only guy he beat) the best quarterback ever to play the game.  Boomer even credited Montana for strengthening his core.

With a resume like his, it comes as no surprise that Montana enjoys talking about his playing days. The guys asked him about his success and cool demeanor on the gridiron, before discussing today’s signal callers.

Montana described what it was like winning each of his 4 Super Bowls and then he went on to sing the praises of Tom Brady, saying the Patriots should be feared.  He also commented on his alma mater, Notre Dame, which has fallen off dramatically since he attended the University in the late 70’s.

Boomer was thrilled when Montana gave the thumbs up to the new Maryland Terps helmet and then Craig made things uncomfortable by telling him a story about how his wife Kim wore a Boomer jersey during a lovemaking session a few years back.

When Craig asked him if he had any regrets as far as his playing career is concerned, Montana revealed that he always wanted to complete a drop-kick in an NFL game, a feat the diminutive Doug Flutie accomplished back in 2006.  Not a bad regret to have when one owns 4 Super Bowl rings.

Afterward, Joe stuck around to take some photos with Dominique, who was coincidentally sporting her Boomer jersey today (pictured below)…

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joemontanaw dominique B&C Morning Show: Super Bowl XXIII Winner Joe Montana Visits Boomer & Carton

(Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes Photography)

joemontanw bc dom B&C Morning Show: Super Bowl XXIII Winner Joe Montana Visits Boomer & Carton

(Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes Photography)

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