Missing Autistic Boy Found In Orange County

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – A missing 7-year-old autistic boy was found on Sunday morning after being reported missing in Orange County on Saturday night.

Police said Logan Mason was found in a neighbor’s house about a mile away from his home.

EMS spent time evaluating the boy, but he appeared to be okay, sources said.

Officials began their search around 6 p.m. on Saturday evening after the boy was seen walking into a wooded area. Dozens of first responders and community members contributed in the search on food, by car and helicopter.

  • Nita

    Thank God he’s OK but where was he supposed to be?

  • Kathy Vicchiullo

    I shed tears of joy this morning after reading the news that little Logan was found safe and sound Logan was my last thought last night before I fell asleep. I prayed that God would quickly place Logan in his mommy and daddys arms. I fell asleep visulizing that blessed reunion. Thanks be to God!

  • doubledip

    In Orange County, the guy 1 mile away from you is called your neighbor. In nyc that called a total stranger.

  • Ed Caracappa

    We provide products and services that can help quickly find autistic children that wander.
    Ed Caracappa CEO AtGuardianAngel

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