NJ Family Grieving After Deadly Shooting Near Atlantic City Casino

OLD BRIDGE, N.J. (CBS 2) — The hunt for three men continues Monday night after a couple was ambushed, carjacked and shot near the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City.

A grieving family is now left wondering what prompted the senseless act and investigators are hoping new surveillance video will help crack the case.

For the siblings of 28-year-old Sunil Rattu, who was killed Sunday, the grief is almost unbearable. Rattu, of Old Bridge, was just finishing nursing school. He was the sixth of seven children.

“I don’t know why they killed him. They took everything, they could have just left him — at least make him wounded or whatever. Shot him in the arm or leg — don’t kill him,” the victim’s sister, Neelam Chand, tearfully told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

Shot and injured was Rattu’s girlfriend, 24-year-old Radha Ghetia, of Sayreville. She was also a nursing student and currently recovering at the hospital after being shot through the upper part of her body.

“She’s a very kind person. She mixed well with the family and everything,” said Abhi Kumar, Ghetia’s nephew.

The deadly encounter began Sunday morning.  Investigators believe the couple was approached by three men as they were getting into Ghetia’s SUV in the parking garage of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino. Family members said as they were getting into her Ranger Rover, the three men, at first, just robbed them, Slattery reported.

Police said the couple was forced to drive into an alley, where they were shot, CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey reported.

“They said we not going to kill you and they get out and they shoot him in the head?” Chand said.

Rattu’s family says he went to Atlantic City to relax and have a little fun before he would have to start studying for a nursing exam, scheduled at the end of the month.

“He had his future, he had his dreams — how he wanted to get married,” the victim’s brother, Anil Rattu said.

“We identified a vehicle of interest — a 2003, gray Saturn — we believe model Ion,” Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel said.

Surveillance photos of the three possible suspects were taken in a stairway of the casino. Family members are left wondering why Rattu was killed.

casino shooting surveillance NJ Family Grieving After Deadly Shooting Near Atlantic City Casino

Officials say casino surveillance cameras captured images of the suspects. (credit surveillance video)

“They get everything. You know, they demand money…whatever they want, they gave him. So what’s the motive of killing?” the victim’s brother-in-law asked.

“They took their money, they took their cell phones, took the credit cards. Why they have to shoot them?” asked Kumar.

For the family of the man who was killed, there is pure grief and a hope that someone who recognizes the trio on the surveillance video now being sought will come forward.

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One Comment

  1. Fed Up says:

    Disgusting….Inner Harbor Maryland is worse….innocent people are like sitting ducks with big signs on their heads that say “rob me”.

    Locals hate the tourists….but the tourists bring in the money….keep attacking the tourists and see how nice your cities wiill be.

  2. Ron V says:

    Too bad that AC is going down hill. What a waste of a life!

  3. bullett says:

    I don’t know if capitol punishment (if reinstated) would be a serious deterrent to killings, but it would make someone think twice before committing murder. In this case I say “fry all three” to drive home a point.

    1. sitonmeshamrock says:

      Capital punishment is the ultimate deterrent. If they were ever to use it!

  4. TC says:

    Atlantic City is not safe anymore___ too much garbage is there now. So sad for the family___ 😦 Your not safe anywhere these days. Here you are trying to make a life for yourself and then this happens. Rest with the Angels in heaven…

  5. AS USUAL says:

    M O N K E Y S .

    1. Very conservative says:

      Before I saw the pic of suspects, I thought maybe a mob job, but more likely so ^.

  6. Sade says:

    This is so shameful that people have become so cold and heartless…taking a life is so final! This is not fair to good citizens who are trying to do something positive in the world. Having your life taken by these degenerate drop outs who have no future other than creating destruction! When can we rid society of such useless souls.

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