Little Falls Secures Some Buyout Money From FEMA

LITTLE FALLS, NJ (WCBS 880) – Flood waters are long gone but residents are still struggling in Little Falls.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams On The Story

Part of the town still looks like a war zone.

“I lost everything,” said one woman.

Tattered remnants of homes can be seen discarded on front lawns and destined for a dumpster.

“Once everybody leaves, everybody’s lives goes on, but we’re still in the mess,” said Rishi Mahadiho.

He has black mold in his home and will have to rip out much of the first floor.

Mahadiho says he’d gladly accept a buyout.

FEMA has come up with close to $6 million to purchase four homes and elevate 29 others.

“It’s a step in the right direction for those people that are severely impacted, but no, it doesn’t solve the problem and that’s why we need to keep beating the drums, as you say, to get the attention of the federal government to come in here and, once and for all, solve this problem,” Mayor Mike DeFrancisci told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams.

DeFrancisci suggests building flood walls or levees and dredging.

“If the Netherlands can hold back the North Sea, then why can’t we fix the Passaic River?” he said.

He’s organizing a flood summit in the next few weeks.

If the flooding weren’t bad enough, a scam letter about “Financial Recovery Awards” was sent to residents.

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One Comment

  1. Nel says:

    If you learn the tune for that drum you are beating. please share it with us here in North Dakota. We flooded 4100 homes and 12,000 people in June. We have yet to hear FEMA tell us they can buyout any of the homes that were 10 feet under water for a month, and now they are telling us they cannot even get enough trailers to house our homeless, which is especially scary since it will be below the freezing mark here within a month. Be glad they are at least doing something for you!

  2. Morris Bergen says:

    It’s not enough for New Jersey towns to get disaster aid. That aid MUST be paid by New York City from its own reserves. We’re the REAL Americans. We’re better than New York, and the best way to prove it is with their money.

  3. Steve says:

    For billions and billions the flooding can be fixed– there’s no question about it. The issue is that in the Netherlands, they have no other land, whereas in the US, there is all the land anyone could possibly want– you just have to move there. So multi-billions for Little Falls, or move to higher ground, where you should have been to begin with?

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