Police Identify 3 Suspects In Atlantic City Murder Investigation; Manhunt Continues

OLD BRIDGE, N.J. (CBS 2) — Surveillance video is revealing new insights and frightening details in the Atlantic City carjacking-turned-murder investigation.

Prosecutors said the three suspects in Sunday’s attack stalked people at two other Atlantic City casinos before committing the crime.

There are now names to go with the faces of the men seen in the casino surveillance video. Police said the three gunned down an innocent man and wounded his girlfriend after robbing them in an Atlantic City parking lot.

“We have been able to ascertain with great confidence who these three individuals are,” Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel said.

Police said Phillip Byrd and Eric Darden, both 20, and Raheem Simmons, 18 — all of Camden, N.J., stalked several potential victims before zeroing in on 28-year-old Sunil Rattu, of Old Bridge, and his 24-year-old friend, Radha Ghetia, CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez reports. Ghetia was released from the hospital.

“The individuals who perpetrated this offense we know to have essentially stalked two other areas, parking areas, in Atlantic City,” Housel said.

Police said it was an intuitive casino dealer from Bally’s that spotted the suspects acting suspiciously hours before the shooting. He jotted down the license plate number of the group’s stolen getaway car.

“He confronted them, they physically attempted to confront him. Intelligently, he got into his car and was able to get the tag number,” Housel said.

Police continue to hunt for the three suspects, who have now been charged with murder, robbery and carjacking.


One Comment

  1. bullett says:

    Yes, it is a shame that the security guard did not contact the police sooner. Could have avoided the death of and innocent person. Now that the police know who they’re looking for, let’s hope for a quick apprehension and remove theses three off the streets before they rob or kill again!

  2. Whizkid says:

    “He confronted them, they physically attempted to confront him. Intelligently, he got into his car and was able to get the tag number,” Housel said.

    “Intelligently”, why did he confront them?
    Why not call the Pros? Oh I know, I’m Superboy. I’ll show them…

    To all of us…intelligently call security or the police.
    Good job on the plate number, though.

  3. AS USUAL says:

    M O N K E Y S

    1. Gil says:

      Thugs as bad as those LI drugstore murderers in NY.

  4. YouKnowWhatImSaying? says:

    Human Garbage. Nucky Thompson would make them disappear, and these 3 leaches on society would soon be forgotten.

  5. Jack Stamos says:

    Sure hope these bums get everythin they have coming to them!


  6. Surfin Bird says:

    Why didn’t this casino guy call the police right away?
    If he did a murder would have been prevented.

    Atlantic City needs to better its security

    1. Merv Griffen says:

      Security is afraid of these goons. One of the only options honestly is to have more police officers there. But at the end of the day it’s so easy to commit crime in Atlantic City. There’s nothing anyone can really do; these dudes are probably/definitely gang affiliated trying to get their name known and for a quick dollar.It’s an epidemic honestly, so sad.

  7. Wolf says:

    this is why people stopped going to atlantic city. too many thugs and homeless people

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