East Village IHOP Employs Bouncer To Control The Rowdy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Here’s a sign of the times.

The new International House of Pancakes in the East Village has hired a bouncer.

He stands guard at the “24 hour” spot on East 14th Street from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. He’s reportedly an off-duty police officer hired to keep intoxicated patrons under control.

The IHOP opened Tuesday.

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  1. Michele Lloyd says:

    Evidently vomit flavored syrup hasn’t been a big mover in iHOP.

  2. Gary Falls says:

    Mom was right, nothing good ever happens after midnight.

  3. dano says:

    I never eat anywhere there is a black population.

    1. Michele Lloyd says:

      Good for all of us that you mostly eat TV dinners at home.

  4. gary-bg says:

    No big deal the local taco bell looks like a police precinct at night here lol has been for years

  5. Bklyn says:

    NO, Psyco was a Mexican

  6. Michael Becker says:

    He’s fat and no doubt useless.

    1. will says:

      Have you seen a lightweight bouncer? Ever?

    2. Ted says:

      Maybe you aren’t fat…

      1. Jeff says:

        Mike…that dude would stomp you flat.

    3. BIG ROB! says:

      Its guys like you who hide in these blogs and talk trash that get their faces stomped in and then sue because”he roughed me up” Let me get you a Whambulance you malnourished little geek from the suburbs! Let go of your mom’s apron a stop sucking her teet and hang out with the big boys! You french cigarette!

  7. David says:

    The short solution to lots of problems would be for EVERY BUSINESS to have Normal Daytime hours…24/7 you are asking for trouble. Making more money isn’t worth the trouble that is caused…as far as dealing with rich drunks, let the police pick them up on the streets and treat them like any other drunk…

  8. ddd says:

    God who cares, I remember during my younger years we had the same problem. They should let the people fight, take it outside

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