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Sudden Closure Of Farmingdale’s Crazy Donkey Concert Venue Shocks Fans

FARMINGDALE, NY (WCBS 880) – Music lovers and promoters are shocked at the sudden closing of the Crazy Donkey Bar and Grill, a popular concert venue on Long Island.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs On The Story

“It’s music. Music is, you know, it’s an art. We don’t want to lose any arts,” said Crazy Monkey fan Joe Ventrillo.

The Farmingdale hot spot –which was home to hundreds of shows including local bands Taking Back Sunday and Brand New — has fallen victim to a struggling economy and low attendance.

“It’s one place where we all connect. No matter what color, what creed. It doesn’t matter. We all get together, and we all like the music,” Ventrillotold WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs.

The abrupt closure has promoters scrambling to reschedule their acts that had been on the bill for this fall. The shows may be moved over to other Long Island venues including the Patchogue Theater, Ollie’s Point in Amittyville or Vibe Lounge in Rockville Centre.

Newsday reports the owners of the Crazy Donkey are in negotiation to reopen as a sports themed restaurant, whose waitresses dress in skimpy, skin-tight outfits.

Have you ever been to the Crazy Donkey? Share your memories in the comments section below!


One Comment

  1. sherry says:

    i loved the crazy donkey, actually planned on going to a concert there mid october and was shocked to see that it shut down. yes true it was a bit sketchy but it was a very close place that had local yet some main stream bands and it had a very intimate atmosphere. sports bar? really? hooters is down the street, we dont need anymore waitresses in skimpy outfits. OPEN THE CRAZY DONKEY BACK UP!

  2. Long Island Clubber says:

    The Crazy Donkey was good a few years back, but sketchy bait and switch promoting tactics by some of the promoters (not Hardy though) made me lose interest in this place

  3. Kristen Maslow says:

    Honestly, I won’t miss the Crazy Donkey. I went there one night and the music sucked. (They only played one genre of music, which wasn’t even good.) and there was a long line for drinks. Yeah. I’ll totally miss this place. -___-“

  4. Josh says:

    so we’re closing down and reopening as a sports bar….? do we really need any more sports bars on long island? the donkey was one of the few places left on the island where you could not only see a band perform, but actually be close to them and meet them after they perform. its a sad day in music and venue history when the donkey closes. RIP Crazy Donkey.

  5. Desi Comito says:

    My cousins punk rock band Patent Pending played here so many times. It was like our second home. We will miss this place so much. So many memories and video shoots were taken here. We will never forget this place. R.I.P CRAZY DONKEY….. The best place since we lost the downtown.

  6. anon says:

    I loved the crazy donkey so much. i used to go there for so many concerts and i loved the place and the people..this is so sad

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