Police: Suspect On The Loose in Bergen County After Cutting Off Monitoring Bracelet

MAHWAH, NJ (CBSNewYork) — Police in Bergen County are warning residents to be on the lookout for a man they say escaped from custody on Thursday.

It was 33-year-old Paul Kramer who, police say, decided possibly 15 years behind bars was too much.  He allegedly jumped bail, doing so by cutting off an electronic monitoring bracelet from his ankle.

“The bracelets are not that hard to cut off and are monitored, but usually the people given these bracelets are considered low risk,”  Chief James Batelli told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

In this case, the risk was apparently greater than a judge had thought. Kramer, who was staying at his parents’ home in Mahwah, had pleaded guilty to stabbing an acquaintance several times in the neck in May 2009.  He pleaded guilty last month, and was to be sentenced next month.

A condition of his bail was to wear a monitoring bracelet on his ankle.

Thursday morning, police say, he took off in his mother’s Chrysler, tossing the bracelet out the window. Severing the bracelet sent a signal to the Bergen County Sheriff’s office.

“About 10 or 15 minutes after he cut it off, they notified us and we responded.  The mother said he’d just left in his pajamas,” Batelli said.

Police located the mother’s car about a mile away in Suffern, N.Y., near a quarry. This discovery prompted a search of the water, with the concern being that Kramer might have harmed himself.

The car was left not far from a bus stop and a rail station.

Kramer is 6-foot, with brown hair and green eyes. If caught, he will face additional charges of tampering with a bracelet, escape, and interstate flight to avoid apprehention.

Police say if you see Kramer, do not approach him as he’s considered to be dangerous.

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  • concerned

    he’s not innocent he comitted a very violent act….i do believ his parents helped him escape and may have misdirected mahwah police as to his whereabouts so he could flee

  • Peter

    This was an isolated incident that he harmed someone. It wasnt a random person who he stabbed. He was pushed further than he could handle.

  • Jeminem

    I knew him personally as well and he always seemed like a nice, quiet, shy-type of person. I couldn’t believe when I heard he tried to murder someone by breaking into his home, waiting for him to come home and stabbed him repeatedly. That is a very very sick and disturbed individual. So while we both thought he was a nice guy, keep in mind that nice guys don’t try to kill people and aren’t supposed to do things like that!! It just goes to show you that you can NEVER judge a book by it’s cover!

    He lived right next door to me and his house has been vacant ever since his arrest in 2009. I am now a nervous wreck thinking he is possibly hiding out there and every noise I hear makes me jump. I am scared to even go outside my house thinking I am going to see him sneaking around somewhere, so I really am hoping they catch him soon!!

  • anonymous

    i know this guy personally. I can’t believe he did this, but he doesn’t deserve to be shot on sight like you said. He’s a nice guy, i guess he couldn’t take the pressure of knowing that he might spend 15 years in jail. i hope he ends up alright.

    • np

      since when do nice guys go around stabbing people?

  • danny

    I always thought the bracelets were for non violent offenders. It is time to review the process that allows felons to be freed with this system. It should go to non violent offenders and those who are not considered a flight risk.

  • mj

    i’m sure the cops will shoot him on site whether he is armed or not

    • ProFromDover

      They’ll shoot him on sight, even if he’s offsite.

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