Teenage Girl Stabbed Fatally In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A teenage girl died early Sunday morning of stabbing wounds after an incident in Brooklyn.

At 3:12 a.m., police responded to a 911 call about a stabbing at the corner of MacDougal Street and Saratoga Avenue near the Brownsville section.

EMS responded and transported the victim, later identified as 16-year-old Kyanna Thomas, of Rosedale, to Interfaith Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

There are no arrests at this time and the investigation is ongoing.


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  1. What a shame says:

    This young girl’s death was a real tragedy. Should she have been out so late?? No. But she was and some ANIMAL took her life and that is tragic. You negative people should stop judging her and start looking at your own lives. Stuff like that can happens in every neighborhood and to every race once teenagers are involved. May God have Mercy on you all.

  2. karen nunez says:

    My heart goes out to the family of this young girl. I hope they catch the person who commited this ungodly act. Young girls take heed to the warning you are gods property no one owns you. Be safe n listen to your parents they know best. God Bless

  3. My heart goes out to the family!! Reading what these so called parents are writing brings tears to my eyes.this is sad when someone lose there life its there fault!!my god have mercy on your soul who r u to judge anyone !!!!!

  4. Lorraine says:

    This is a classic case of young girls running wild. I’m a mother of 4 adult children,the streets and friends that these kids befriend are deadly. It is the parent/S position to nurture, teach, EDUCATE, hug, love and become their disciplinarian. It is a tremendously difficult task when you have children that do well as they are growing up and the moment they start school…JHS and on they seem to sway the other way. It’s the peer pressure, its the boyfriend/girlfriend bit and then the negative elements that come along with it.
    This young girl LIVED in Rosedale QUEENS….WHAT IN HEAVENS NAME WAS SHE DOING IN BEDFORD STUYVESANT BROOKLYN AT THIS TIME OF MORNING ?? Her parents were under the naive impression that she was in bed.
    Children are terrible today, they allow the grasp of their friends to introduce them to sex, drugs and fights by way of FACEBOOK. It’s ridiculous, they need to focus more on completing their education, obtaining GOOD employment and looking on to higher pastures like their own place, bank account, and a stable relationship.

    1. children should come first says:

      Yes BRAVO YOU hit the nail on the head. People watch your children

    2. Dee says:

      maybe you should gotten all the facts first, she was visting with her Aunt as reported….granted she should not have been out, but she in NO way deserved to die. From other repoerts you see she was a VERY smart and quite educated young girl well beyond her years, and BOTh parents are in law enforcement, She may have been out related to peer pressure very true, but again…she did NOT deserve to be murdered

  5. Guy who once saw Lyle A l z a d o at Newark Airport says:

    In the mood for a late night snack. Put 2 Tyson frozen chicken strips in toaster oven a few mins ago and subsequently ate 2 Quaker granola bars. Now on the computer (obviously) and smoking a Marlboro ‘red’ cigarette.

    Have to decide if I want a bottle of water or a can of Coca-Cola with the chicken strips. Let you know my decision afterwards.

    1. He's just born that way says:

      @ GUY….WOW THAT MUST HAVE BEEN “SOME PARTY” It’s good, maintain your sense of humor and your thirst for humor.
      Sadly, when you awake from your drunken stupor you will realize that this was not the forum for your regurgitation of stupidity.

      1. coca cola is good says:

        I like coca -Cola with chicken strips did you get fries or mozz sticks cause then maybe a sprite .

  6. Jeri says:

    I beg your pardon “the truth” her being out at 3am is not a result of bad parenting. Her mom is a captain in a correction facility, she sneaked out the house at night to attend a party…..typical teenage things. This tragedy is not “ghetto” a factor to blame her parents, the person who decided to stab her should be blamed!!! Why look into her life and point the finger? Point the finger at the MONSTER who murdered her!!! Blame that loser for being such a heinous human being to take her life.

    1. Parents control your children says:

      Lol wake UP Jeri It is bad parenting and not a bright child.The mother being a correction officer means nothing .Only people out at 3am are hookers and junkies which one was she.

      1. Dee says:

        SMH at the above…really? hookers or junkies? did you seriously never sneak out just to party and go dance? I know I did… teenagers do that. I was a good kid, from a very good family…but I also know I snuck out to go party as a teen. And regardless of being out does that mean she deserved to be brutally murdered??

  7. The Truth says:

    a 16 yr old out in the streets at 3am. bad parenting

    1. JUSTICEJOKER says:


      1. Not everyone sneaks out says:

        Lots of people never snuck out maybe it was the way you and your friends were raised to do the wrong thing.I and many other people were raised right.I respect my parents enough not to cause them heartache.

        1. Dee says:

          I was raised ‘right’ …. but I know I snuck out as a teen too…but that was the early 80s and Brooklyn streest while not great were MUCH better than today. Several times I spent all night out dancing at a club (yes underage)…all the time my parents thought I was sleeping at a friends house, while the frineds mother thought we were at my house…please almost everyone snuck out during their teen years and I say you are full of sugar, honey, iced tea if you say you never did anything against your parents rules.

  8. hotpink says:

    girl these horrible things that are happening to not only our youths but to our adults this is maddness does anyone have any type of feelings for life come on we are killing our future as a mom myself with 2 daughters 26 an 19 would never think of blaming anyone but the senseless fool that did this lets pray for the family hoping time will heal them but how do u get over loosing a child

  9. Nita says:

    A damn shame

  10. Donnatella Soleil says:

    RIP Kyanna Thomas may God ease your family and friends grief and keep your soul at peace ♥

  11. karen says:

    this is a tragic story repeated too often. not wishing to appear insensitive, though, the burning question is what was a 16 yr old doing out at 3 am? no curfew? what is it with the bad choices made lately. young people, you are not invincible, immortal or intelligent beyond belief. stop the mistaken belief that tweeting/texting, cellphones and all the other techno-wonders are “all that.” 3 am, on the street is no place for you to be unless you’re escaping a burning building with your family. wake up and smell the coffee so more families don’t have to repeat this madness.

  12. lakeisha myers says:

    Kyanna was one of my best friends. No matter what we went through or anything that happened she was always there for me . If I ever needed help or a favor she was there. I am truely going to miss kyanna with all my heart and it is very unfortunate this had to happen to such a innocent person. My condolences goes out to the pressly family

  13. ssw says:

    to those making negative comments who know nothing about Kyanna need to shut the HELL UP !!! she was yourtypicall teenage girl wanting to party with her friends !!! she did not come from a broken home she had bothe mother and father in her life who bothe work in Law enforcement she actually comes from a law enforcement family so NO she may not have wanted to a lawyer but because of some IGNORANT CHILD WHO HAS NO VALUE FOR LIFE WE WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT KYANNA wOULD HAVE CHOSEN TO BE!!!

    1. what is bothe lol says:

      Wow you need spell check it is both not bothe lol. I see you fell off the stupid wagon so I can bet you sneak out too.So enjoy your life while you can because being out that late bad things happen.

  14. Jeri says:

    Kyanna and my niece Kelly were very close. She was a nice, cute, charismatic, always smiling teenager. Her death wasn’t “ghetto classic” nor was she an honor student with aspirations of being a lawyer…she was your average everyday teen who went to a party to enjoy a night out with friends, ending in horrific tragedy. I’m so hurt by this, RIP young lady. Note to the ignorant: just because a situation happens in Brooklyn, does not have to be labeled as being “ghetto” or “statistics” smh

  15. TailzFrommDeHood says:

    “getto classic”

  16. kdh says:

    Wow!! Why are you judging her if you dont know her!!! your sadder than this whole situation!! My 8 yr old daughter is tore up over this incident!! She was a nice young girl!! Why dont you say a prayer for her mom and dad!

  17. jys says:

    let me guess she was a honor student and wanted to be a laywer

    1. not that innocent says:

      lol and she always did what she was supposed too and she helped needy kids lol DRUGS AND SEX that is only thing out there at 3am

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