Rockville Centre Girl Socked With Foul Ball During Red Sox, Yankees Game

Morgan Kelly Says She'll Bring Glove Next Time

NEW YORK (CBS New York) – What was supposed to be a fun game for a young baseball fan, ended with a trip to the hospital.

Kelly Talks to Mona Rivera

Morgan Kelly, 11, of Rockville Centre, was readying to catch a foul ball heading toward her during Saturday’s Yankees vs. Red Sox game.

“I was like Oh my God it is coming right towards me … and then the next thing I know I see colored dots,” Kelly told 1010 WINS’ reporter Mona Rivera.

Her father Matthew told Rivera that he heard a pop and saw Kelly on the ground. “It hit right into her eye socket, Matthew said. “It could have hit her shoulder or her arm, even the floor — but it had to hit right into her eye socket.”

Her father said she suffered multiple facial fractures around her eye and her face was all bruised and puffy. She was treated at the hospital Saturday and returned for consultations Monday.

As well as being a trouper, Kelly is a huge baseball fan and said this isn’t going to keep her from heading back to The Bronx. “The next time that happens, I am going to bring my glove every time,” she said.

The Yankees have invited Morgan and her family back to the stadium for a game next season.

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  1. pugphan says:

    When my son was about 14, a lil leaguer, he caught a high foul ball with his left eye. By the time I got him to the hospital, the thing was about the size of a softball.
    The thing I remember is that the quacks in the emergency room believed I hit him, and they tried like hell to coerce him to say I did it. “My dad loves me, he’d never do
    that!” I still remember him saying. The mofoes never apologized. smokersodysseycom

    1. Smoker did it!! says:

      By reading your post and your word choices, I would be suspicious of you also. Child Abuse victims will almost always say what your kid said, It’s the most prudent thing for them to do. A 14 year old lil leaguer? He had to be playing Big League Ball, Connie Mack or Babe Ruth. A parent involved with their child would know the difference.Lets re-open the investigation. Don’t really think you hit your kid but I can see the ER Staff asking if it happened or not.

  2. jrzgrl206 says:

    First of all, any time you go to any sporting event, you go at your own risk. My son always brings a mitt, and I duck!! The Yankees owe her nothing, personally I think the offer for a next season game is enough. People get hit by foul balls every day, if teams start giving things away every time it happens, people would start jumping in front of them instead of trying to catch them!

    1. Wig Wam Willie says:

      If she were a City resident, I’d agree that she deserves absolutely nothing.

      However, it’s a City-owned stadium AND she lives in the suburbs, so the CITY should be fully liable for her medical expenses plus her lost future earnings.

  3. Teresa Barnett says:!!!! Support breast cancer – hope for a cure in every bag of Pink Potato Chips – check it out!!!!

  4. Lenny says:

    Next time you folks buy a ticket to any public event read the back of it. There not libel for any physical damages you may accrue at the event.

  5. mad dog says:

    Sue the F*%K out of’em!!

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    Poor kid, Feel Better Morgan!!!

  7. Edward Anthony says:

    Nice way to fuel bad Karma you slimy morons. Bud, you’ve got to get off your dead ass & not sweep a fiasco under the rug.

  8. Bob Henke says:

    The Yankees should give her and her family season tickets, and foot all medical expenses.
    Any reps from the Yankees visit her at the hospital ???????

    Two days pay for some of these players should pay for her college education.

    1. screw them says:

      What a stupid comment they owe her nothing.Read the back of a ticket or dont go.

  9. Raziel says:

    I see what you did there. Kudos.

  10. musical mom says:

    The Yankees ought to pay her medical bills that aren’t covered by insurance (even though they are not liable for the injury) and offer her family season tix.

    1. sit behind homeplate says:

      People get hit pretty much every game If they had to pay ticket prices will rise more.Bottom line is if you cant protect yourself dont sit close to the field problem solved.She should of kept her eye on the ball oh wait she did

    2. Bradley Moskowitz says:

      they can’t it woud set a precendent

  11. SP says:

    I was also a “victim” of being hit in the eye with a foul ball this past season at the Somerset Patriots. At least she was “invited back” by the Yankees…. I didn’t receive anything….not even a phone call to find out how I was doing. The EMT’s at the stadium have all of my information… the management could have asked for a number to “follow up”…. poor management…

    1. HIPAA Laws... says:

      The management cannot get any of your information from the EMTs due to the NJ HIPAA laws.

  12. Coleen Phoenixx says:


  13. jimmy says:

    How about letting her come back for a playoff game! Come on Yanks! Do the right thing.

  14. Daily Mirror RIP says:

    She is a true purr!
    Walter Winchell

  15. carolyn renyak says:

    A METS fan would have thown the ball back and tell Jeter he’s gay.

    1. WAMO says:

      A Mets fan would be at home crying

  16. PL says:

    T v T

    I’m not so sure. Too bad William Safire isn’t here to referee.

  17. yankees win da yankees win says:

    Thats keeping your eye on the ball.

  18. ABR says:

    a mets fan would’ve curled up in a fetal position and called a lawyer

    1. musical mom says:


  19. PL says:

    It’s trouper, not trooper.

    1. Trooper v Trouper says:

      Both are acceptable.
      like a trooper, with great energy, enthusiasm, or display.
      If the context has to do with courage, trooper is appropriate. If the context has to do with cooperation, dependability, and the show business attitude of “the show must go on,” then trouper is the word to use.

      1. RLK says:

        You sir are ze idiom!

        1. musical mom says:

          Chill RLK!

  20. Chris McDonough says:

    I hope they gave her the ball.

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