L.I. Mom Charged After ‘Out-Of-Control’ Party Sends Teen To Hospital

RONKONKOMA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island mother who was arrested after a wild, drunken party that sent a 14-year-old girl to the hospital is facing criminal charges for the out-of-control event that prompted calls to 911.

Suffolk County Police
came to the home of Michele McKinney Monday night after she complained a reporter was knocking on her door. And they were there on Saturday night as well — answering the complaints of neighbors.

Rich Griffin was one of several neighbors who called 911 because the party next door was too noisy.

“There had to be 150 kids here. Unbelievable, yeah,” Griffin told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey. “All teenagers.”

Police said one of those teens was a 14-year-old girl, who was taken to the hospital for drinking too much, all of which earned the 44-year-old mother of three an arrest on Monday.

Michael and Mary Connolly said McKinney keeps to herself and were somewhat surprised to hear she had been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

“I noticed the kids wandering around. The police were called here,” Michael Connolly said. “I think it’s a little bit irresponsible on her part.”

“Especially since she’s an adult and should know better. I mean, you should never have a party with drinks with minors to begin with,” Mary Connolly said.

McKinney was released on bail and is scheduled to be arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip on Nov. 16.

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One Comment

  1. kim says:

    its really sick how this happend im mean they are 14 and i feel even more sick because i know that that girl who got drunk….

  2. THE truth says:

    I am a 15 year old student who goes to the school with michele’s daughters. the invite was to 9th and 10th graders because it was an OPEN HOUSE PARTY. everyone was aloud to be there. michele and her other friend who was “supervising” never checked any bags because they encouraged the drinking. we were drinking in her backyard next to her and the supervisor, as well as in the feild behind her house. there is a gate leading from her backyard to the feild with a towel on the ground as a path leading to the feild with the gate propped open for us to get through. michele told the kids to drink back there but when anyone was in the yard she didnt really mind. she told my frined to CHUG her beer. she clearly knew there was drinking going on and im sure she knew that there would be drinking before she had the party. when the cops came she told all the kids to hide or finish their drinks. i do not know ANYONE who got their bags checked because when thee kids were arriving her and the other woman weere both sitting on the porch just saying hi as we walking through the sidee gate into the yard. OH and btw there were drugs.

  3. Theresa says:

    The mother looks like a crack addict. If she was a responsible parent she would have called the police herself when all the uninvited teens showed up. She let things get out of hand.

    1. kim says:

      i know i feel the same way but the mother is not a crack addict i know her she was a nice mother but this was way out of contral

  4. The Truth, i was their says:

    all of u are wrong im 14 i go to the school, the people were alowed to go into the home, they were checked if they had drugs or alchol on them and NONE of them did!
    they either showed up that way or went off the property like in the street witch is the case and smoke and drank then went back in.
    the 14 yr old that got drunk and went to the hospital is a LIER! her mother let her show up really drunk to get michele in trouble…………witch is wut happend,and it work………..u ask y? because none of them like eachother!

    1. Kitty Felber says:

      Funny, some of the teens at the party told Police there was drinking at the party which was not only allowed, but encouraged.. Beer Pong anybody???

    2. You are an Idiot says:

      Do you really expect anyone to believe what you say? Somehow, I don’t think a mother of a 14 year old would let her get drunk to the point where she needs to go to the hospital to get another person in trouble. It does not make sense. Also, stay in school.

    3. You are sick says:

      You are a sick sick person to write this….you need help

  5. Amphion 13 says:

    Was channel 7 or any other media there? They’re just playing off themselves. Don’t believe everything you hear on television or read in the papers. They thrive on sensationalism. Just listen to the song by Joe Jackson, Sunday Papers. Also, when the accused is found to be innocent, there is never any air time or retractions telling you about it, right?
    Like I stated before, Don’t leap to justice.

    1. Nafstejyn says:

      Were you there? You seem to be so vigorous in your defense of these people and condemnation of the media. Funny thing is, I grew up in that very house on 6 Duane Drive. I have no idea if they did or did not allow kids to drink at the place. What I do know is that if 100-150 kids were partying right behind that house in the LIPA fields, it would be unmistakable. If nothing else, maybe the homeowner should have called the cops on the 100 or so unwanted guests partying right behind her house. Just sayin.

  6. Michael says:

    Oh, if you check out channel 7 news, Police said, kids were drinking in the house, not in the Lico lot, the house

  7. amphion 13 says:

    Michael get you facts straight. This kids were NOT invited. They just showed up and were turned away. So they went and had their own party. with their own booze in the LILCo lots. The 14 years old girl was part of the party in the LILCo lots.
    I don’t know how old you are, but teens have been procuring liquor for generations.
    This type of situation could happen to anyone that is giving a private party for their teens. The teens’ parents should be more accountable for their behavior, they don’t have clue on what their innocent little children are doing when their not home. Out of sight, out of mind.

    1. Sam says:

      I guess Michael is reading the same article as I did. I don’t see anything about kids in a LILCo lot in the article above.

      1. lies says:

        Of course the real story would not get as much attention. Go to news 12. Her neighbor said they were not on her property they were in the lipa/lico field and he feels she did not even know about it.

        1. michael says:

          Why would the police say that. They might not hold her responsible for the girl who went to the hospital, but if she was serving to kids in the house, that’s more than likely there charging her, and I’m sure the police have statements, and more than one

  8. Barney rubble says:

    Where’s Ronkonkomo??? wasn’t that a song by the Beach Boys???

  9. DanTe says:

    Drunken Mc’s in Long Island is news???

    1. kitty Mcfelber says:

      Hysterical….I am a MC from long island…..very funny lol lol

  10. Cookie says:

    Unfortunately there are alot of parents out there that allow their child and friend to drink in the home and provide the booze. The parents foolish logic is that they are taking all of the childrens keys to their cars so they can’t drive and they have to sleep over the house. That is a very big risk. Sometimes I think the parents are just trying to be the cool parent or they are trying to make their kids popular. Not realizing that if one of the kids gets hurt or sick because of what the parents allowed can result in one big legal problem. They can get arrested, their kids can be taken away and the injured can file a law suit

  11. LG says:

    Again in LI???

  12. Surfin Bird says:

    The lady’s photo is already being shown in public and she has not even been convicted of a crime yet. Why is the privacy act continuing to be violated.

    Ms. McKinney is the actual victim here. The news reporter had no right ringing her door bell and the reporter needs to be arrested.

    1. Mcnot says:

      lemme see if I’ve got your argument:
      “Waa waa waa, waa waa waa.”
      Was that basically it?

  13. K says:

    She looks like she’s been drinking a little too much for years!

    1. Dag...Nasty says:

      Agreed. 44?! That’s 44 ‘drunk’ years fo sho.

  14. Amphion13 says:

    First of all, the Channel 2 news guy called this location “Ronkonkomo” So he could not get the name of our town right. And then he didn’t investigate the facts, just went along with the rest of the media hype. The way I get the story, the kids that were drinking, were in the LILCo lots. The lots butted up against the property of the house in question. There was no one in the newscast interviewed that saw any drinking going on in the house. They just assumed that the alcohol came from there. We’re there any witnesses that saw the teen that was hospitalized get her drinks from the house? The neighbor that was interviewed did not mention it. Now suppose these kids that were drink had their own little party in the lots and they got booze from another source,how does that make the the mother in the house responsible? She can’t be the policeman of the neighborhood. Since they were drinking on the property that belongs to the electric company, might they be responsible? And how about the parents, are they not responsible for their dear children’s behavior?
    Before you leap to judgement, get all the fact first.

    1. Michael says:

      Good points, BUT, they were invited to the party, which means she was going to look after them, all of them (over a 100 kids). She is responsible for them, but I wouldn’t put the blame on her, or her kids for not telling the mother there was drinking going on. I would be more likely to blame the school system, why, look at the real victim the 14 year old child who went on a wonderful ride to the hospital, wasn’t this kid educated in alcohol awareness, the different stages of being drunk, don’t they teach that any more.

      1. NYSmike says:

        Good points, BUT, the school system can teach alcohol awareness every day of the year, but what each student does with that education is different.

        1. lies says:

          The media is saying that adults were serving alcohol to minors which is Not true.
          The kids at the house party did not have alcohol. It was the kids who showed up
          uninvited that were drinking in the back Lipa lot. The news really knows how to spin a story for ratings.

          1. Nafstejyn says:

            Hmmm, did the kids show up uninvited and get turned away, or did the lady that was arrested have no clue at all that 100-150 kids were partying right behind her house in the LIPA lot? Either she didn’t know they were there, or she did know because she turned them away. Seems the media aren’t the only ones that needs to get their facts and story straight. Either way, the justice system can and should sort this all out.

            1. lies says:

              She turned away kids with alcohol she did not let them into the party.
              How is she to know what those kids were going to do. Like her neighbor on the new said she did not know the kids went to the back fields.

              1. Sounds like you are the lier says:

                How does a parent not know there are over 100 kids in her backyard…if she didn’t invite them why didn’t she call the police. There was no call from her to 911… of course she knew and was tellin kids to CHUG their drinks….and beer pong really what kind of example is she showing to her kids…what a loser

            2. concerned parent says:

              I know Michele very well and She is but a 14-16 year old in a 44 year olds body. She is unstable and needs to be on medication. How could you not know there are drunk teenagers in and around your house. A Police Spokesman (Cahill) from Suffolk reported that they have witnesses who were at the party that said ” she not ony knew the kids were drinking, but encouraged it” This is directly from the Police who investigated. Now I don’t think Michele encouraged 14 year olds to drink, but I can see her not stopping the older kids from drinking. She has to get help for herself and for her children. She needs to Grow up also.

      2. parent says:

        Not true…It is the parents responsibilty to not only educate their children about drinking but to also watch out for children who are in their home. YES they are responsible for children in their home. Stop blaming the media, the school or anyone else. When did it become ok to let parents stop parenting??????

    2. concerned parent says:

      Get your facts straight, Amphion13… Did you not read the quote from the suffolk Police spokeperson (Cahill) who said and I quote ” we have witnesses at the party that said not only did Michele allow drinking at the party, but encouraged it” I am more likely to believe witnesses who were at the party and the Suffolk Police than some channel 2 news guy or you. Try reading all the articles before you comment. by the way the “field” in question is visible from the house with an access gate that opens between the yard and the field. I know this because I have been in the yard and the field…have you????

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