New York State Thruway Cops Cracking Down On Drivers Using Cell Phones

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – New York State Thruway drivers are being warned.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell On The Story

“If you use a hand-held cell phone or you’re texting while driving, you should fully expect to receive a ticket,” said Thruway Authority spokeswoman Betsy Feldstein.

Operation Hang Up, which resulted in a thousand tickets during last year’s blitz, is back.

Of course, the problem isn’t just on the Thruway. Capt. Bill Barbera of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office says motorists don’t understand the risks.

“People are driving with their cell phones in their hands on the steering wheel and they’re taking their eyes off the road. That’s almost the same as driving while intoxicated,” he told WCBS 880 reporter Peter Haskell.

Barbera says texting while driving can be deadly.

Have you seen people doing things behind the wheel that they really shouldn’t be doing? Share your story below in the comments section!

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One Comment

  1. Joe says:

    Ken speaks the truth. He even provided a link for all of you nanny-state loving dimwits. The idiot in this story compares driving and talking on the phone with driving while intoxicated. Have you ever heard the phrase “cop math”?

    With the economy in the toilet and taxes through the roof, this is what you want our police doing? With all of the real crime taking place in the country, we really need an overtime-generating law enforcement operation to stop cell phone talking drivers? When data show that bans on driving and talking on the phone do not reduce car accidents?

    Thanks Ken, for pointing out the unpopular truth.

    1. DanTe says:

      You mean the NPR link? The same NPR where it’s all the news fit to lie about?

  2. AAA says:

    Cops should practice what they preach. You always see cops driving while talking on their cell phones.

  3. Rudy says:

    I have been hit by a car while walking, so I am biased.
    I have seen the following:
    1. A woman driving, talking on her cell phone with a toy poodle on her lap.
    2. A man doing crosswords on the LIE and driving.
    3. A woman applying mascara while driving on the LIE.
    4. Doing a Right on Red while texting.

    Bottom line:
    There are many stupid drivers out there. Take the cell phones away from them while driving.
    If you disagree with me, ride the LIRR and hear what people are saying on cell phones. Some of the conversations I hear would make anyone drive off the road!

  4. Leesh says:

    “It was proven that cell phones do not cause any accidents whatsoever.” Is that so? and who proved it? Reveal your source(s) please.

    1. Ken Wenzel says:

      Check the statistics – amount of accidents before and after cell phone use was banned in the Tri-State area. There was no correlation whatsoever between the two. But it is a good source of income for the corrupt state of NY to tax random people.

  5. Ken Wenzel says:

    Cops have nothing better to do obviously. There are bunch of shootings in NYC every day, however all police does is hassle the protesters on Wall Street and abuse people on cell phones. Of course it is safe and easy, much better than dealing with crime.
    It was proven that cell phones do not cause any accidents whatsoever.
    I hate police to say the least. They are just another gang with a badge.

    1. Michael H. says:

      These are NY State Troopers, not NYPD.

      “It was proven that cell phones do not cause any accidents whatsoever”

      Please cite your source on this. Let’s see a link to the study.

      1. Ken says:

        These are NY State Troopers, not NYPD. – LOL, being redneck makes them less crooked, I guess…

        1. Michael H. says:

          The article you posted states clearly that this one study is the outlier among many studies that have shown that driving while on the phone is dangerous. It also states that studies have shown that driving while using a handsfree device is just as dangerous. Did you even read the article?

          I pointed out that they are NY State Troopers because you said that the police should be concentrating on things specific to NYC, which falls under the jurisdiction of the NYPD, not the officers patrolling the Thruway.

    2. Nick says:

      Thanks Wenzel, for providing proof positive that drivers with diarrhea of the mouth are born stupid. You can’t possibly be working that hard at being that stupid. Just too much work.

      1. Ken Wenzel says:

        There is not correlation between stupid people and cell phone use. The number of accidents didn’t go do down since the cell phone was outlawed in the Tri-State area. People were horrible drivers before and after, and it really doesn’t make any difference if you get hit by a moron on the phone or without one.

  6. Nick says:

    How about a $5,000 fine plus 6 months community service? Make it tough and these idiots will stop doing the stupid thing. On the second offense, make it 3 years jail. On the logical deduction that they’re trying to commit murder.

    1. JAMES says:

      I agree with Nick, there are a lot of stupid drivers who do not pay attention. To busy talking on the phone while changing lanes without their turn signal, you have to swerve out of the way.

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