Ed Koch Now Backs President Barack Obama For Re-Election

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch said he’s proud of what he did in the 9th Congressional District — helping Republican Bob Turner get elected. But now, he’s backing a Democrat.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks Hears From Koch

Koch made the election for the seat vacated by scandal-scarred Rep. Anthony Weiner a referendum on President Barack Obama.

“Look, I criticized the President because I thought that he showed hostility to the state of Israel,” Koch said.

But Koch now says he has been persuaded otherwise.  He told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks that he was “not going to make this linger” and have people “wonder what I’m going to do.”

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

“I’m going to say it immediately and that’s what I did.  I am on the Obama express bus for re-election,” Koch told Brooks.

“He has subsequently convinced me by not only his comments to me directly, but also by his statement to the United Nations,” Koch told WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb.

Koch said he’s ready to hit the campaign trail for the President and he expects Obama to serve a second term.

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  1. Obama who says:

    Wow so Obama will get 1 vote .NOBAMA is 1 term and out USA needs business man in charge .Economy first too bad bloomberg is not running .Most people hate him but he is ONE person who can get economy going.

  2. JGNY says:

    What about all of the voters who elected a republican in the NY 9 because of Koch? . Yes, there are dumb people but some of the older jewish people are lead around by these politicans in this way. I am sure they feel betrayed. In addition, Koch is showing to us all how he values the American Electorate. Just a group of people to be used and tossed aside as he feels fit. Supporting Obama, the worst president in our history is crazy. If Koch could be swayed by one speech, it shows us all the weight of a true democratic politician.

  3. V.C says:

    I guess Koch was only looking out for the Jews. Screw the rest of the

  4. KY Belly says:

    That iz Koch’s grave ,,who actually had a tour of it on TV
    His giant ego will not rest .

  5. KY Belly says:

    I can’t wait to P on his grave if he will ever expire.

  6. martinm says:

    gays always vote for blacks

  7. Dennis says:

    Koch helped get a Republican elected over a Democrat because of Obama’s continued hostility toward Israel

    Koch then says he is also going to Florida to convenience the Jews not to vote for Obama.

    The next day Obama does a complete 180 on Israel.

    Coincidence. I don’t think so.

    That speech by Obama at the UN was self serving. It’s so transparent But not to Ed Koch.

    Mayor Koch you’re a brillant man but on this you’ve had the wool pull over your eyes.

    1. gglenie says:

      Oh Yes He Did Dennis. But Good For President Obama!!!!

      1. Dennis says:

        It was good that Koch had the wool pulled over his eyes? Why?

  8. Paige Cohen says:


  9. IgnoranteElephante says:

    This old Jewish codger is out of his mind. These politicians are elected to serve the United States. That he showed hostility to Israel is the least of Obama’s many, many problems. Would there be this much outrage from the Polish or anyone else if Obama criticized Poland? Our elected officials, both present and former, unwaveringly pledge allegiance to Israel over the United States, and it is disgusting.

  10. rose ellen says:

    No, never, God help us all if he wins a second term – we will be finished

    1. gglenie says:

      No Dear, You Will be Finished If He Doesn’t get Re-Elected. You mean To tell me you want one of those clowns with the big red nose to be President…..Let’s Get Real.

      1. Jack Kennedy says:

        no dear, America has suffered enough from the obama depression……….America is not going to vote for another term from the der fuhrer – the WH clown with the big red nose

        1. gglenieIsaDope says:

          Bumbles is the worst president ever!!!!!!!

  11. ernie says:

    HA HA Koch already did the damage. Brooklyn is now republican! Wall Street has put their money on Romney. Barry is toast!

    1. gglenie says:

      Yea Ernie, We WIll See. So you Think Pres Obama Don’t have Any wall street cronies Left…..now you Need Get Real!!!

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