Bloomberg: Country Risks ‘National Suicide’ With Immigration Policy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork / AP) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn’t holding his tongue when it comes to criticism of the U.S. immigration policy.

WCBS 880’s Monica Miller On A Major Roundup Of Illegal Immigrants

In a major speech to the Council on Foreign Relations on Wednesday, the mayor said the country risks “national suicide” if it doesn’t adopt a more welcoming policy.

“This is just craziness but we can stop it by offering a conditional visa to immigrants who have capital to back their business ventures,” Bloomberg said. “If the new company successfully creates jobs for American workers, the entrepreneur would receive a green card to stay and grow the business into the future.”

The mayor said current immigration laws are prohibitive to foreign students to have any incentive of wanting to stay in the United States.

“Turning these students out of the country is, to put it bluntly, about the dumbest thing that we could possibly do,” Bloomberg said. “Other countries are bending over backwards to attract these students and we’re helping them to do it. We become a laughing-stock of the world with this policy.”

Bloomberg suggested foreign students who earn advanced degrees in science, technology engineering or math from universities in the United States be allowed to remain and work indefinitely in the country indefinitely.

“Let’s offer them green cards when they finish their degrees and then we can get down to the real business of convincing them to stay,” he said.

The speech coincides with the release of a report by the Partnership for a New American Economy, of which he is a co-chair.

The study found that 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or first generation Americans.

“People say, ‘Why bring more immigrants into this country when you have unemployed?’ Because that’s the solution to the unemployment problem in this country — more jobs being created by more businesses,” Bloomberg said.

The report found major corporations of the future potentially could be created outside the U.S. unless the country’s immigration laws undergo a major reform.

“We are in competition with the rest of the world for the best and the brightest. We have to make sure that they and their families want to stay here,” Bloomberg said. “The truth of the matter is, there are lots of alternatives for people in this day and age.”

Meanwhile, A month after promising to focus deportations on the most serious criminal immigrants, the Obama administration said Wednesday it has rounded up nearly 3,000 criminals across the country for deportation.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton said agents arrested 2,901 criminal immigrants in the last week alone. Each illegal immigrant arrested, he said, had at least one criminal conviction and more than 1,600 of those people had been convicted of at least one felony, including attempted murder, rape and kidnapping.

The weeklong roundup came just a month after Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that immigration officials would focus enforcement efforts on serious criminals and delay deportation cases for most non-criminal immigrants who don’t pose a threat to public safety or national security.

“This is what we should be doing; this is good law enforcement,” Morton said. “It makes sense to be removing people who are committing crimes who are here illegally first and foremost.”

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  • jane dunn


  • jon

    Google it before you speek:
    The EB-5, Green Card through investment, was created to promote investments in businesses and to create and preserve jobs in the U.S.

    You can become a lawful permanent resident by establishing a new commercial enterprise and provide full-time employment to at least ten U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, or other immigrants with

  • jerseyjoey

    And people think this idiiot has the right answer, I’ll put my trust in the three stooges and Daffy Duck.

  • michaelfury
  • Danny

    That’s a capital idea. Let them come here, give them a green card so they can open up a successful business, then in 3 years they take their business overseas and out source the new jobs that was created, making tons more, and living the high life here with Mr. Mayor. Bring the outsourced jobs back!!

  • Slim Pickens

    Why protect illegals while the police are brutlizing peacefull american citizens on the streets of New York Mr. Bloomberg?

  • steve

    I think the answer is that hood rats aren’t going to be software engineers– that’s why they’re hood rats, right? We need as many ambitious immigrants as possible to keep our economy growing.

  • martin braun

    Blooomberg is an ignoramus when it comes to Law and Policy and not just to the Constitution.
    Such a law could be considered a form of “sale” of citizenship rights depending on a person’s personal wealth. AND their willingness to use it on various expenses which the government or it’s agents, AT THE TIME, consider to be of benefit to the citizen workers of the USA. Adolf Hitler could have bought citizenship under such a law!
    Contrarily, individuals granted citizenship under such a “buy-a-piece of the USA” program, might well be forced out of the country if their efforts were not considered sufficiently effective. Even worse, millionaires, like Bloomberg, might be told they are no longer welcome in the USA or the various states, if they don’t “cough up” ever more money that the government demands, allegedly for business purposes. We could become another banana republic doling out privileges and perks to those willing to pay.
    No doubt the Chinese and Indians will LOVE this and will be dancing in the street! Millions of Chinese, with more money then sense, would love to believe they can become Americans with a simple payment of dollars and the opening of a taco stand on the Tex-Mex border. they can close next year. They’d hire Mexican illegals and one or two US citizens at Min. wage and then, as soon as they got their papers, they’d fire everyone and bring in their relatives, more illegal debtors who owe them money transport to work for them as slave labor.
    Bloomberg may be rich but Andrew Carnegie,(who gave his money away to aid individuals trying to make it a hostile America as well as for libraries and hospitals and helped to pay for the invention of modern medicine), he ain’t.
    IS this the USA Bloomberg wants? For REAL????

  • Danni Lamkin

    Why not educate Americans and help Americans start new businesses instead of inviting foreigners to come get an education? Why don’t we use those college spaces and make sure that Americans are prepared for the future instead of trying to bring more people over here? Isn’t our population high enough already? Do we really need more immigrants?

    • Eric Miller

      Because if we start now, that will take 25 more years. We need to do that yes, but Bloomberg is absolutely right. Economics is not a zero-sum game.

    • Nick

      Well, I’m assuming YOU are an American. How’s your education? Creating any jobs? Or did a smelly illiterate Mexican who can’t even speak English “stole” your job?

      • Danny

        Who has a problem with Mexicans now?

        • Nick

          Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, is it?

          • Danny

            My face is indeed red. I did not notice ‘stole’.

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