Cops Hunt Brazen East Side Home Invasion Suspects

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Detectives on the East Side of Manhattan are looking for two push-in robbers who tied up three men, one of whom is a millionaire businessman. His security system, however, captured images of the suspects.

CBS 2’s John Slattery spoke with the victim.

George Bardwil, the CEO of a family-owned table linen company, and two male friends were victims while cameras were rolling.

Bardwil said one of the robbers was armed.

“They just, fortunately, weren’t here to do anything more than rob us,” Bardwil said.

It happened 315 East 51st St., on Monday afternoon. Two robbers rang Bardwil’s buzzer. He got up to answer the door and, without checking the peephole, opened the door and immediately was attacked.

“I open the door and, holy smokes, fast, see how fast I go down?” Bardwil said while viewing the recording.

The three men were tied up. One robber then went to the master bedroom. The duo’s target was jewelry, acquired only in the last month or so, Bardwil said.

“They emptied out a small safe I had that they knew was there. By looking at the recording, they went right to it,” Bardwil said.

Both suspects are 25 to 30. One is around 6-foot, 180 pounds. The other is 6-2, 250 pounds-plus with a beard and mustache. Police are hoping that Bardwil’s security system, with extremely clear pictures of the suspects, will very soon pay off with two arrests.

If you have any information about the case, you’re asked to contact Crime Stoppers. You can:

* Call 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). All calls are confidential.

* Log on to the Crime Stoppers website

* Text your time to CRIMES (274637) and then entering TIP577.

If caught and convicted, what do you think is the appropriate punishment in this case? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. The Truth says:

    Too bad George Bardwil didn’t get beat up like when George Bardwil beat up his maid. Karma’s a bitch.

  2. Jon Anthony says:

    if they revise the reward so its payable in Colt 45, I’m suggesting they will get a ton of leads pronto. Yo.

  3. dooinok says:

    First….a decent reward should be offered…..then all tv stations should participate in broadcasting their pictures as “public service messages” if they truly want these people caught and removed from the streets.

  4. Glenn Erdmann says:

    If they knew there was a safe in the bedroom they had to have had intimate knowledge of the household. Their next stop is Rikers Island. Plus I might add those are nice pictures.

    1. wayne says:

      as far as the home envasion is concerned check his friends out

      1. wayne says:

        and as far as knox is cocerned she is guilty as sin she was high on crack, cocaine.and who knows what else people like her have been getting away from the law for years

  5. JACK_SS says:

    You can find these men easy by going to KFC.

    1. wayne says:

      give people work in in there country

  6. Joe Schmo says:

    Forgot my personal favorite:

  7. Ditte says:

    regardless of skin color – these men are stupid! They’ll get caught in no time!

  8. Old Man Meeks says:

    Hey WORD…there are plenty of positive black men making news…Herman Cain, Jay Z, CC Sabbathia, President Obama.. a few off the top of my head. More than enough though for any fair minded person to see that like everyone else blacks are capable of good and bad. Why would you be judged by the deeds of these thugs any more than you would be by the career of Colin Powell?

    1. Michael says:

      Really? Jay Z as a positive black male? Do you know just what kinds of dirty stuff he was involved in back in the day (besides his drug dealing)?

  9. bullett says:

    It shouldn’t be too hard finding these two porkers. Stake out the fast food restaurants and they’re bound to surface, sooner, rather then later.

  10. Old Man Meeks says:

    How can you suss out racist comments? They are usually preceded by “I don’t want to sound racist.”

  11. Old Man Meeks says:

    A home invasion, especially when a gun is drawn, is obviously a violent crime. Latching on to the racial component of this is obviously small minded. Stressing about blacks committing violent crimes as soon as you wake up is obviously a sour way to start the day. Who does that other than a racist?

    1. Realist says:

      A realist

  12. Chrisie says:

    The Yankee organization must be so proud to know that most of the thugs that are always pictured are wearing their logo. Here’s another devoted, loyal fan just going about his business of being a skank. Lovely.

    1. Mike D. says:

      The fat ased one looks like the “HAMBURGULAR” from Mc Donalds! Their must have been a setup because they went right for the safe in the Bed room! BTW, Who has SURVAILANCE camera’s focused on their BED? Perhaps it was inadvertant, He, He!

  13. Word says:

    Hey, I have to agree with santa claus – I’m black and I do the same thing – log on and walla. It’s not racist at all, it’s simply a fact. These idiots are fantastically dumb enough to get caught. It’s black youth (aka n*gg*z) that continuously give positive black men a bad name. Take your black *ss back to school, get a damn job and make something of yourself – it’s f’in pathetic. And Michael, violence does not necessarily mean doing something physical, the “terrorizing” effect of being home invaded is violent in its own right.

    1. Leon says:

      Hope those a$$es get eliminated in Detroit tonight. I know it’s off-topic, but can’t stand them.

  14. Leon says:

    Suspect could have at least wore a Detroit Tiger hat.

  15. Michael says:

    SantaCluless – where was made mention of the violence? Did someone get pistol whipped or shot? ..and you dont want to sound racist smh. What if I woke up and said I bet some racist white person is going to make a racist statement today – log on to here and walla- here you are.
    **you know its still rush hour – you have time left to go play in traffic

    1. S a n t aC l a u s says:

      Wouldn’t using a firearm be considered at least passively violent.? Gonna put coal in your stocking for being so naughty. HO HO HO.

  16. InsideJob says:

    Walked directly to safe?
    Talk with the maid and the house keepers first.

  17. patrick says:

    and this morning no crimes have been committed by a white person here in NYC, I guess the world is on order.

  18. harlemcritic says:

    And SantaClaus, you’re not a racist.

    1. Glenn Erdmann says:

      No he is not, he is a realist. Why do blacks commit so many crimes?

      1. Smith says:

        …learned from you?

  19. S a n t aC l a u s says:

    Don’t want to sound racist, but when I woke up 30 or so minutes ago, I said to myself I bet there will be a violent crime committed by a black person. Log on to here, and walla. Wish the stock market was this easy to predict.

    1. Jim says:

      I can post the “white” crimes, if you like.
      Your limited education leads you to believe that the newspaper posts all crimes committed, does it?

      Pity, but predictable.

    2. Jack 'O Lantern says:

      Inside Look of Deadly Connecticut Home Invasion

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