Report: Rangers Waive Forward Sean Avery

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Sean Avery’s on-again, off-again career with the Rangers is reportedly off — again.

According to Larry Brooks of the New York Post, the Blueshirts have waived Avery. That would presumably hand the team’s final roster spot to Erik Christensen.

“We’ll have to make a decision,” coach John Tortorella told Monday, without specifying when exactly the call would be made.

Representatives for Avery told Newsday that the agitator would be waived at noon on Tuesday.

“You look at (Christensen) and a big reason why we get in (last season’s Stanley Cup playoffs) is that shootout,” Tortorella said yesterday. “I know what Sean is and the type of player, what he does.”

The Rangers would be looking at a $925,000 cap hit for Christensen compared $1.9 million for Avery.

Good move by the Blueshirts? Be heard in the comments below…


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  1. Todd says:

    I heard that the cast of Glee will be singing the national anthem at the next home game.

  2. BIG BUTCH 6ST says:

    Tortorella must go!!! hes the worst. avery is the rangers best player. all the other teams had to account for him @ all times or they would get burned. torts sucks. hes a bum. dont no how to coach. he cost the rangers so many games @ the wrong times. he bench avery for a penalty he took in a playoff game we won. WE WON WHO CARES. then he gets himself suspended for fighting with the fans. WHAT A JERKOFF!!!!!

  3. Daniel says:

    Avery’s “intangibles” haven’t been seen in a while. He was pretty much invisible on the ice all of last year. He hasn’t been the agitator that he wsa in the past. Christensen is great in shootouts and has an amazing wrist shot, so I think he definitely brings more to the table than Avery. With the signing of Rupp, we should have seen this coming.

    1. big butch 6st says:

      what team were you watching? avery was the heart n soul of the rangers last season. he helped carry the team for 6 weeks when more than half the roster was hurt. then when those guys came back Tortorella rewards Avery by putting him on the back of the bus. Tortorella always had it in for avery and now he gets his way. Tortorella must go!!!

  4. joee says:

    Avery sucks, it’s about time, he’s an embarrasment to hockey

  5. boro oos says:

    Good move
    He was causing problems in showers

  6. Cookie says:

    Won’t matter how many times Tortorella SAYS its just business. Everyone knows its personal. Still don’t understand what he has against Avery but this move certainly explains what I have against Tortorella.

    1. Frank says:

      Tortorella is the raeson that Avery held back last season. Who is going to back up all the players when someone takes a cheap shot at anyone on the Rangers. I will become a fan of the Rangers when they let Tortorella go. He doesn’t care about winning just getting his way. Avery bled blue. He had the other taems watching over their shoulders. He stood up to everyone.. What a shame.

  7. James Terry says:

    His stats may have droped over the past two seasons but Avery always had the intangibles. Other teams feared Avery, who was an enforcer who could also slip a goal into the net every now and again. I was very sad to read this story. Still a big fan, GO RANGERS!!!!!

  8. Master Shake says:

    I don’t think Christensen is that bad of a player. He’ 6’1 200lbs, which is pretty close to average for Ranger forwards so he’s not that scrawny. However, I can understand why Avery shouldn’t go. The guy is a little punk, but he brings a lot to the table. He can score (when he chooses to be a hockey play and a moron), and he’s great at drawing penalties. I he goes, I can just see the Flyers picking him up.

  9. Willy says:

    torts never wanted him in the first place
    and with sleepy head Sather at the helm , seems torts finally gets his wish.
    avery could bring a lot to the team but not if the coach plays him only 10 minutes on the 4th line

  10. ramwmkg says:

    Islander should pick him up!

    1. Joe Jackson says:

      wouldn’t help them LOL

  11. Ricky Otazu says:

    Stupid move. Rangers are losing grit and a guy the fans love for a shoot out guy? come Torts yet another move which is personal you hate Avery and always have. E.C. is a waste of a jock. The reason the Rangers are bottom 2 in seedings or miss is lack of grit that is productive. NJ/NYI Flyers Pitt all are bigger and have more grit EC and his 4 shoot out goals will don’t make up for Averys intangibles.

    1. Pat says:

      completely agree with you. Avery brings something to the team that no other blueshirt does. There is no other player that can play like he does. He can enforce, but also can put a few points on the board. E.C. is a scrawny little player that does not fit in to what the rangers are trying to do.

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