While discussing comments made by Redskins tight end Chris Cooley about how he has taken joy in watching Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo choke (keep in mind Romo took the field while being far from 100 percent), Boomer Esiason sounded off.

As for the story about Steelers linebacker James Harrison returning to Sunday’s game against the Texans after breaking his orbital bone? Boomer was miffed about that, too.

Boomer, of course, played in the NFL for 13 years, so he is certainly privy to what goes on behind the scenes. He called what happened this weekend in Houston just another example of negligence by an NFL team, and went on to emphatically state that something needs to be done to protect the players.

It’s clear this is a problem that is not going anywhere and one can only hope Roger Goodell and the NFL hear what Boomer is preaching…

LISTEN: Boomer Esiason Sounds Off On NFL Teams Neglecting Players’ Well-Being (10/05)

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