Father Charged With Attempted Murder Of 2-Year-Old Daughter In Nassau County

LAWRENCE, NY (CBSNewYork) — A man Nassau County police say poisoned his 2-year-old daughter as part of a murder-suicide plot has now been charged with attempted murder.

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The father, 45-year-old Khemchan Sulaiman, faces attempted second degree murder charges.

Police said he put the chemical ammonium chloride, normally found in a fire extinguisher, into his 2-year-old daughter’s baby bottle. He also drank the poison.

Detectives said Sulaiman wanted to kill himself and his little girl because he was upset over the recent separation with the child’s mother.

But witnesses said Sulaiman may have suddenly changed his mind and cried out for help as he and his daughter were slipping into unconsciousness inside their Toyota, which was parked behind a group of Central Avenue shops in Lawrence.

Sulaiman will be arraigned at St. John’s Hospital in Far Rockaway.

Both father and daughter are in stable condition.

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  1. Jose says:

    Im sorry to say but nobody knows a persons anguish or depression until they have walked in that persons shoes. Albeit it may not be right what he did however, there is nothing to rejoice about this tragedy. Especially all who judge the situation without knowing anyone directly involved.

    1. warrior-woman says:

      Oh for God’s sake, Jose, it does not matter how anguished you are, it does not matter what the situation was, anyone with half a brain can judge the situation as WRONG. For an adult man to try to poison his helpless two year old child because he was mad at his ex-wife is SICK. Plenty of people suffer from depression and don’t try to kill their kids, so stop making excuses for this POS. He deserves no sympathy, just the needles in his arm.

      1. Jose says:

        You’re right to an extent , however it may have been premeditated but think about the fact that a grown would poison himself orally how bad were things for him to take such drastic actions? Im just stating facts he was not in his right mind when he did this…

  2. VY says:

    The real blessing here besides the 2 year old living, is that the father will be barred from any contact with his daughter for at least her next 16 years, and hopefully forever.

  3. diver says:

    What a jerk. You want to kill yourself do it. Why involve others in your insanity?

    1. nrichard says:


    2. Scott says:

      Agreed. But, and though not fair or right, hurt people……. they always HURT PEOPLE. It;s a sad part of living and you never know who or how it may effect the innocent. But it just does. The young girl lived, that is a blessing.

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