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Police Scuffle With Protesters As Thousands March To City Hall As Part Of ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Nationwide College Student Walkout Planned; 'Anonymous' Goes After NYSE

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The “Occupy Wall Street” rally gained thousands of new supporters as New York City became protest city on Wednesday when the group marched to City Hall.  The protests, however, were not without incident.

The NYPD said that there were about a dozen arrests Wednesday night.  Most of those were for disorderly conduct, but at least one arrest was for assaulting a police officer.  Police said a protester knocked an officer off his scooter.

Photo Gallery: Wall Street Protests

It was night of fury, and physicality by protestors and police, CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey reported. Chopper 2 captured an image of an officer with a baton hitting a protestor as other police surrounded him and tossed the protester to the ground.

“I saw night sticks fly. I saw cops on the floor. I saw them charging groups of people,” Jack DePalmer said.

“There’s been a few agitators here, people real angry — which is understandable. But at the same time, we have to be peaceful about it. Cops are going to be cops — they have to make a living. They’re not the real enemy here,” Ty Davis said.

Meanwhile, there is a sense that the vaguely focused frustration of the demonstration, which was in its 19th day Wednesday, is beginning to resonate more widely. Al Jones of 1010 WINS reported that protestors had marched from Zuccotti Park to Foley Square.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Reports From The Protest

Jones also reported that Foley Square was filled with people, including union members, college students, some clergy members and regular New Yorkers, listening to speakers argue against what they call corporate greed.

The hundreds of protestors who have taken over Zuccotti Park for more than two weeks got reinforcements Wednesday when they were joined by MoveOn.org and other community groups.

CBS 2’s Lou Young described the crowd gathered at Foley Square as “immense” and pointed out that there was even an overflow of people who did not fit in the area.

“We are the 99 percent, you know, and it’s not fair that people don’t have to pay taxes, that corporations don’t have to pay taxes and like we do.  It’s like my mom pays more taxes than like Walmart does,” Helen Curran, a student at Pace University, told Young.

"The Occupied Wall Street Journal" is seen in Zuccotti Park - New York, NY - Oct 5, 2011 (credit: Peter Haskell / WCBS 880)

"The Occupied Wall Street Journal" is seen in Zuccotti Park - New York, NY - Oct 5, 2011 (credit: Peter Haskell / WCBS 880)

The rage against the machinery of Wall Street is loud and getting louder. So much so that deep inside the financial center, regular workers are feeling maligned and misunderstood.

“Those of us who are still here had to take pay cuts just to keep our jobs. So, they clearly don’t know who they’re going after. They’re going after the guy down the block, not some guy in a castle,” Stephen Guilfoyle, an economist at Meridian Equity Partners, said.

manhattan 20111005 00099 Police Scuffle With Protesters As Thousands March To City Hall As Part Of Occupy Wall Street

Protestors in Zuccotti Park on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 (credit: Al Jones/1010 WINS)

The group also called for a student walkout at college campuses across the country to protest “against unforgivable student debt and soaring tuition rates.”

“Professors are asking their classes to take the day to actually go to this rally,” said Camille Rivera, a spokesperson for “United NY.”

Some students at Brooklyn College heeded the call and joined the protest early Wednesday afternoon.  About 150 students walked out of class at Brooklyn College to join the Wall Street protesters.

brooklyn college protest Police Scuffle With Protesters As Thousands March To City Hall As Part Of Occupy Wall Street

Students at Brooklyn College participate in the Occupy Wall Street Protest on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 (credit: Marla Diamond/WCBS 880)

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond With Students

Arud Sheikh said the struggle is the same.

“We are the 99 percent. We’re the 99 percent that don’t own the majority of wealth where we’re disgusted… There are clear policy changes that could be made,” she told WCBS 880 reporter Marla Diamond.

Protests took place Wednesday at several other CUNY schools over tuition hikes and cuts in tuition assistance.

“We’re feeling like we’re under attack,” said Brooklyn College senior Daryl Barney. “Tuition is going up and then we’ll be graduating. We have no hopes. We have no real future.”

Walkouts were also scheduled at State University of New York campuses, including Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, New Paltz and Purchase.

Meanwhile, a video claiming to be by the group “Anonymous” has surfaced on YouTube. “Anonymous” said it will shut down the New York Stock Exchange website Monday.

The video is addressed to the media and says that Anonymous has been witnessing the events of the weeks-long Wall Street protests and has had enough.

Watch the video below:

“We will not stand by and watch the system take over our way of life. We the people shall against the government’s inaction. We the people will not be witnesses to your corruption and ill-gotten profits. We will not labor for your leisure. We will not assist you in any way,” the video says.

It goes on to say that it will attack the New York Stock Exchange‘s site.

“This is why we chose to declare our war against the New York Stock Exchange. We can  no longer stay silent as the population is being taken advantage of for the sake of profit. We will show the world that we are true to our word. On Oct. 10, NYSE will be erased from the internet. On Oct. 10, expect a day that will never, ever be forgot.”

In September, Anonymous released the name of a New York City police officer who was seen pepper spraying protestors in a video that was also posted to YouTube.

On Thursday, demonstrators are planning to rally in front of the Goldman Sachs offices in Jersey City at 2 p.m. In addition, protesters plan to gather at the same time in front of the Statehouse in Trenton.

A spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs declined to comment on the planned protest.

For more information about Occupy Wall Street, click here.

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One Comment

  1. West Geo says:

    I seem to have graduated from the University of Texas without a debt to my name. I was from a lower middle class family and I got no scholarships. How is it that these people are so debt ridden where I was not?
    Oh, yeah! I worked my butt off – 68 hours a week – in summer construction jobs, elbow -to -elbow with illegal aliens and current and former felons. I delivered goods and tended bar and welded steel part time during the school year until I finally got a degree. Got a job in a totally different field, worked hard for 33 years and now I make a quite comfortable salary, have an adequate savings for retirement and children in other top-notch schools.
    Don’t try to tell me you can’t get a job. Go out and compete, like I did. Employers will immediately recognize intelligence and work ethic and you will be promoted over the illegals quickly, especially if you studied Spanish in high school.
    Don’t tell me your problems – I got my own. (see “Who is Harry Kellerman”, circa 1970)

    1. John Galt says:

      started as poor white trash and nit ashamed of it. 1st in my family to graduate from high school, Nam, college, 38 years engineer, 22 years overseas. No one ever gave me a thing I didn’t pay or work for. Words of advise: grow up! .

    2. horseshrink says:

      What’s wrong with you? How un-American! You were resourceful, worked hard and took responsibility for your own actions.

      Get with the program, dude! The government is where it’s at! People like you are just greedy, evil people!

      Yo, pass me some more ‘shroom tea over there …

  2. Christopher Winkler says:

    These spoiled smelly hippies can’t live without organizing on Twitter and Facebook from their iPhones and iPads, while they sip a latte from Starbucks in Abercrombie & Fitch clothes, Nike shoes, driving their Toyota Prius, with Rayban sunglasses. Corporations are not greedy, these punks are, and now the Socialist union thugs are joining them. Hmmm, all those Socialists in one place, maybe a wayward cruise missile might get directed there? Nah, can’t happen except in my dreams.

  3. Peteo says:

    Wher is Pinochet when you need him?

  4. Frank Johnson says:

    He doesn’t understand that human needs are not an I-phone, flat screen tv, BMW, free housing, free money, and an I-pad.

  5. ClearyJ says:

    Inside Wall Street we have people who make this country work every day. They are far from perfect, but they are infinitely smarter than The Messiah and his evil minions who are flooding this country with socialism, communism and extreme stupidism. The only way that The Messiah wins in November 2012 is if the stupid people get out the vote. The obvious way to handle that would be a “smart test,” where you ask a would be voter to answer a few questions:
    * A cow makes what sound? (Hint – the answer is “moooo” as in “mooooove out of the way Messiah.”
    * 2 + 2 = what? (Hint – there really is a right answer – and if you want to vote, you should know what that answer is.)
    * George Washington’s last name was what?

    If you can’t answer these questions, your vote should not count.

  6. pennpa says:

    When it comes to greed and control, nothing competes with the politicians and powerbiokers who will benefit the most from the chaos these numbskulls create.

  7. BeenThere says:

    Change doesn’t come from laws. If you want there to be jobs, get off your rear end and create a business that provides jobs. Be a producer, not a parasite. You will never, and I mean never, get personal satisfaction from anything given to you. Only from what you earn.

  8. alces says:

    The violent Tea Party.The Tea Party has had over 301 rallies with one arrest.This group of left wing loons have over 700 arrested in one rally.I wonder why the liberal media isn’t reporting the arrests and condemning the behavior of the left wing loons.

  9. Karen Gee says:

    Its over. YThe Occupy Wall Street movement has been co-opted by moveon.org and the democratic party, just like the tea party was by the republican party. Until you realize BOTH parties are the problem, you’ll just be seen as another wacko fringe group.

  10. horseshrink says:

    Move to Cuba. Please.

  11. Debby Thompson Smith says:

    Hey, since these “college students” were skipping classes to attend the protests, my daughter needed a Trig class, maybe one will open up. Oh, wait, there are probably no MATH / SCIENCE majors here. Probably mostly general studies students. Nevermind

  12. IVillageIdiot says:

    That will teach you “Wall Street”…

    You gave the Dems some of the biggest contributions in American History thinking you could game yourselves out of the troubles you allowed to form backing guys like Durbin and Frank, you thought all that campaign cash would SURELY resultant in easy bailouts and “stimulus funds” (what a hoot that is). NOW… you find yourselves the target of PROTECTED mob of radical collectivist and a President that fancies himself a class warrior.

    Too smart by half Wall Street… You better wake up fast, shed the hubris, discard the notion that the suit and the money will keep the stupid ones at bay, and re-think the premises you accepted in the last cycle…. before it’s too late for all of us….

    These chuckle-heads see this as “the moment”…. you had better do the right things and fast….

  13. END THE FED says:

    END THE FED. End the wars. End the corporate money in politics. Slash the federal government by 90%

    Yes to strong states rights. Yes to sound money. Yes to politicians and judges following the Constitution or face death row.

    1. Fred Johnson says:

      End the 19th Amendment to take corporate money out of politics. It is the only way.

  14. Real Alley Tea says:

    Just move Wall Street to a business friendly location like Dallas, TX. Then watch the New York economy sink and all those New York liberals will be begging for their precious Wall Street to come back.

  15. Trent says:

    The easiest thing about being a millionaire is that when ordinary people stand-up and try to fight the global banking system, a bunch of conservatives who are being exploited by the same system are disgusted and angry at the demonstrators.


  16. Not My Government says:

    10 million can stand in the cold and yell and wave cardboard, but we all know nothing will change until cities burn and criminals are swinging from lamp posts.

    1. horseshrink says:

      Cuba is nice this time of year. Move there.

  17. MrLogical says:

    These red-diaper snots need to ask and answer one simple question: if all 13 of their demands were met, do they have ANY idea what would happen to the US economy, and theworkd economy?

    1. Blood Runs Irish 1916 says:

      With a staggering national debt to foreigners and the 60 TRILLION+ in unfunded mandates and 3.000 jobs a day moving to China the economy is already done. It’s over.

  18. NOYB says:

    Time to roll out the CS gas, rubber bullets and serious street clearing stuff. Get these Marxists and Socialists off the streets.

  19. Mike says:

    I have been reading a lot about this. I checked out their website and it has a list of demands that were interesting. I posted on this topic this morning. Check it out http://wp.me/p1Ihsg-3p

  20. MarkJ says:

    Wall Street switching all its campaign contributions to Romney, Perry, and Cain in 3…2…1….

    Ten bucks say that in January 2013 Obama will be packing his trash for the long move back to Hyde Park.

  21. John says:

    “It’s like my mom pays more taxes than like Walmart does,” Helen Curran, a student at Pace University, told Young.” Unless your mom pays more than 6.7 billion dollars in taxes, then you are dead wrong.

  22. Adam says:

    These poor, misguided, kids are swayed by the romantic view of “standing up to the man” or the age old “civil disobedience”. They don’t know what they are protesting against. How can you stand up to Wall Street and use your iPhone/Android at the same time? You don’t see a hunger strike inside a McDonald’s.

    The fact the Teamsters/AFL-CIO have to bus in hired hands to attend this pathetic gathering of kids shows you it has no umph on it’s own merit. How did bussing in hands for the Wisconsin thing go for ’em? Nice try, cute, but a 1/20th of the actual grass roots action of the Tea Party, which has lasted a couple years now.

  23. The Solution says:

    Best solution?? Offer them all a job where they can be paid well but must break a sweat and work outside year round. That will send these lazy bums running!

  24. watermelongreenoutsideredinside says:

    See what peace and social justice gets you? Domestic terrorist threats from the communists of Amercia.

  25. Ramon Leigh says:

    The one thing all these low-IQ goofballs truly believe is that their problems aren’t
    the result of anything they’ve done. In some cases, perhaps not, but if they think “corporate greed” had anything to do with their plight, then one can say that they
    haven’t the vaguest conception of how an economy functions. Sort of like Obama.

  26. desertmick says:

    Perhaps we can make chicken soup out of this chicken S#%t.
    The irrational escalation in College tuition is a manifestation of the Gov’t-Academic Complex, a combine far more insidious than the much touted Military-Industrial Complex.
    Wake up kids! Those effete, hugely over-paid professors that send in teaching assistants to mouth leftist platitudes while they back-scratch their hommies in gov’t has resulted in student loans being non-dischargeable in Bankruptcy.
    Wake up and smell the coffee, you useful idiots.

  27. They take up space says:

    The “movement” will loose its steam once the temps drop and the snow starts. Just a bunch of lazy commies. They offer vague complaints but offer no solutions nor do they want to contribute sweat equity to resolve this poor economy. Kumbyya fools

  28. GLL says:

    The irony is delicious, Wall St. privatizes their profits and socializes their losses as their political sock puppets in both parties make sure they are never held accountable for crashing the economy as they get upset that they cannot reward themselves with billions of dollars in X-MAS bonuses this year and they wonder why people are out to “get” them. Yes, the leftist mob is somewhat confused on logical reasoning, but they are definitely tapping into the populist desire of the average American to clean out the stables of corruption on Wall St. and DC. Wake up boys, it is only going to get worse if you continue to practice business as usual.

  29. leslie says:

    Just curious, when they are all done being stupid, who is going to clean up the trash they will leave behind?

    1. Adam says:

      My point exactly. Remember after the Prophet Al Gore had his concerts all over the world for Global Warming? Those parasites dumped more trash and used more energy than they could save in 10 lifetimes. Again, they have no clue what they are protesting: as long as it gets them out of class.

      Not a single college kid would give up a $500K/year job over this sad march. Joke.

  30. Jason Kahl says:

    government sanctioned riots…what’s next? Will they turn on D.C? What will be the reaction? This not a Protest of greed this is a leftist rebellion…

  31. Yuppiepunk says:

    The older generation has robbed its youth of their future. The last 20+ years have been huge corporate giveaways (2 wars, cutting taxes for the investment class, giving away billions to financial institutions) and now they wonder why the youth is angry. Kids have to pay 10x what their parents did for a diploma only to find that the jobs have all been shipped overseas so you could buy cheaper product at the discount chain.

  32. jetdriver says:

    Most of those students probably could not pass Econ 101 – it is a shame u have to get older before u get wiser. Wonder how many of these students have parents are on some type of gov. assistance program? There is no work ethic in this country – just look at the waistlines of the people around you. There are millions of jobs available in all 50 states, but there not the plush jobs these crybabies want. Please all u fat lazy ass people who don’t like hearing the truth – save your blah blah blah responses for someone who gives a s###.

    1. horseshrink says:

      We grow old too soon and wise too late.

  33. Denny David says:

    Agitated socialists. The democrats the unions have greased all of the years are beginning to turn their backs on them and they don’t know what to do. Teachers have failed the children putting their own paychecks above math and science. Government paychecks are dwindling, more budget cuts are coming, the gig is up, time to get a real yob man, don’t complain, if you want a government paycheck don’t live in America, maybe France or Greece will take you. Stop whining spoiled brats. If you don’t like capitalism, then move. You don’t have to be rich to understand capitalism is the best system going.

  34. Bobnews says:

    Oh my goodness, can you imagine what the media would have done if the professors sent their students to a tea party? LOL

    1. Bobnews says:

      Isn’t is funny the professors are telling these kids to go protest about their tuition that over pays the Marxists professors. Are these kids dense or stoned?

      1. horseshrink says:


  35. Lou Ann Watson says:

    let them all gather and arrest everyone…then they can be tracked. once this nitwit is out of the white house, they can round them all up and put them to work building roads and bridges for a liveable wage. let’s see how patriotic they are then…

  36. Simon Jester says:

    The term inversion applies here. These college clods have been brain-infected by Communist/Marxists “professors” in their colleges. Tuition has increased at double-digit rates for decades, with leftist administrators and “professors” getting ridiculous salaries and perks, while putting the “Stupids” the teach deeply in debt. Then they tell these babies to go into the street to take down society. The solution is to drag these leftist administrators and “professors” out of their comfortable offices, interrogate them to isolate the true leftists among them, AND SHOOT THEM ON THE SPOT. Society won’t miss them and America will be a better, freer place.

  37. TeaRunner says:

    Your tuition is going up, your professors (who are paid with your tuition) want you to go protest Wall Street. So, you go protest Wall Street.

    Ever stop to wonder maybe you’re wasting your money?

    Or, does this all seem perfectly logical to you?

    It’s ok, we all know your answer to both those questions. Go protest, get arrested, smoke some more dope, and enjoy yourselves. If you’re down there you’re not wasting my time interviewing you.

  38. t daniel says:

    college professors should be teaching their students so they become educated enough to get jobs and not “encouraging them to take the day and join the protest”

  39. Mike says:

    I think it’s pretty cool that they can wipe wall street off the internet and hopefully take the institution out as it will cost trillions if they can succeed with it.
    This is scaring everyone as it is terrorism for all intents and purposes but it sounds like it will happen.
    We are one messed up country as when they do that marshal law will go into effect and everyone will get hurt.

  40. vmabuck says:

    The smell there must be something to be reckoned with…

  41. David Griffin says:

    Liberals control the colleges and tuition rates are skyrocketing, but let’s re-elect obama.
    Liberals control fannie and freddie, and are responsible for millions “owning” homes they can’t afford, but let’s re-elect obama.
    Liberals control the unions, and businesses are moving overseas in droves to escape regulation and ludicrous pensions, but let’s re-elect obama.
    Liberals have controlled the government since 2006 and the debt and deficit have ballooned, but let’s re-elect obama.
    Liberals now own all the foreign military entanglements, which have increased, but let’s re-elect obama.

  42. ursine says:

    This crowd should be demonstrating on the steps of the White House – by far the most corrupted place in this country!

    1. JOE1CR says:

      You got that right !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. gmasquire says:

    The union workers and teachers who are rushing to help these anarchists better stop and think where their retirements are sitting. Do you think that these pigs will stiop at just rich peoples’ money?

    1. patmurphy1965 says:

      “One of the most important lessons Dad taught us was not to feel like victims. He never felt like a victim; he never expressed one ‘victim’ attitude the whole while I knew him. It was his inner self-determination. He just never had that attitude, so we didn’t have that attitude.” — Herman Cain
      Mr Cain has a PhD in common sense.
      “The Time Is Now for Strong Leadership

    2. Tvljay says:

      Your comment is ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON! In fact, that is the first time I have ever seen someone else post this observation that I have been saying for years.

      As a public school teacher it is embarrassing to admit that NONE of my “union brothers and sisters” recognize this truth. They are totally unaware that THEIR pension and retirement is COMPLETELY dependent on the success of the corporations that make up evil Wall Street

      1. horseshrink says:

        Yes. Let’s vest power in government, instead.
        No doubt it is less “evil.”

        There are those who believe profit is evil.

        Such people should not live in a country with a market economy.

      2. Barry Hussein Obama says:

        Tvljay not only that but the Unions that are always saying that they are broke, and cannot find jobs for anyone, yet they always find $100 million to give to the Democrats every 4 years!

        1. Tom says:

          Good point BHO. Unions calling ANYONE corrupt = the kettle calling the teapot black.

        2. Tvljay says:

          The unions obviously DO NOT want their sheople to know that the pension of all members is invested in Wall Street Corporations. Union elites (and the Democratic Party) depend on their members thinking that THEY are the ones who provide them with their benefits when in fact our “evil” system of capitalism is the true engine that creates their wealth.

          1. Truths1981 says:

            Ignorant. The media machine has done a great job of brainwashing you and everyone else here that Capitalism is at fault. It’s not exactly Capitalism when you have corporations in bed with government setting up regulations making it near impossible for competition to give consumers a choice. Ever noticed that there are only 4 or 5 massive investment banks? Only 4 or 5 massive oil companies? etc. Open a book and expand your mind. Free market capitalism is not at fault here but is bearing ALL the blame. Sorry chuck, when you have corporations and government colluding together, that’s called Corporatism: the domination of politics by the interests of business corporations.

            1. nickinva says:

              Very well said, Truths1981. Unfortunately, these kids who are protesting and most liberals in general just don’t get it. They think government=good, corporate=evil, and never could imagine that they are one and the same, suckling at the breasts of the Federal Reserve.

      3. Brassia says:

        And that is a sad part, because not only they are uninformed they are teaching those lies to their students as well!!!

        1. Tvljay says:

          Amen Brother!

    3. Barack says:

      Why do I see “check boxers” holding signs? All they need to do is to go to college and get any low end piece of garbage degree and they get a job….someone will even make them management! THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!

      We have a check boxer in the White House…see how well that worked out? How did the check box man work out for you?

      I’ve had check boxers working next to me that wrote in 100% Ebonics that could not read or write…and polished their nails as I did all the work.

    4. EARL says:


      1. brassia says:

        And paying very well, some are making close to a million plus benefits, fully paid HC, trips all over the world!!!
        And they are encouraging the students to participate in the rally???
        The professors are the same hated rich feeding on hard working parents who have to mortgage thier houses, dipping in 401k to provide education to those ingrads who are clueless meat at thoes rallies!!!

  44. Mr. Bean says:

    These kids may as well leave college for their playtime on Wall St. They obviously aren’t learning anything worthwhile in the classroom. It would be interesting to know the number of “liberal arts” majors vs the number of science and math majors among the demonstrators. I bet the liberal arts kids make up 95 percent of the demonstrators.

    1. Jamie says:

      I’d venture closer to 99%.

      Of course, this kind of behavior is to be expected from kids that have the lack of sense to think that that liberal art major will get them anywhere.

      – Engineering major

    2. rurbanite says:

      Liberal arts kids make up 95 percent. As well they should! It’s about time we let kids with humanitarian values run the country, not the technocrat science and math majors and business majors whose math tells us it’s ok for 1 percent of the people to have 99 percent of the wealth

      1. John Galt says:

        Of course Liberal Arts are complaining. They borrow thousands of dollars to “study” basket weaving and navel contimplation with no idea of finding a job and working. Their only way out is to blame the evil ones who they borrowed the money from. At the end of the day, Micheale will say “let the eat cake” and turn her back on the foolish.

  45. ironage says:

    I don’t understand this. I could have SWORN that Sec. Napalitano said a few months ago….that the TRUE threat of terrorism in America was returning military veterans….particularly white males….who had anti-government views. She didn’t say anything about a bunch of spoiled hippie-wannabe’s who regurgitate what their Marxist professors have been teaching them. What gives?

    1. Brassia says:

      The real threat of terrorism Not only returning veterans but Tea PArty members as well!!! Ironically not one tea party member was ever arrested or accused of disobedience. All rallies were with the permit legally obtained as well as liability insurance that was required was paid with the funds from personal donations!!!

      1. lovell says:

        tea party members were not arrested because they are not a bunch of idiots.
        TEA means Taxed Enough Already , by the government. most of the idiots at the wall st. protest don’t even know why they are protesting.

        1. Don Juan says:

          At least the Wall St protesters have real opponents . . . not fictional characters from an Ayn Rand novel. Who are the id**ts?

          1. Skip says:

            LOL…Don Juan. So, you found a wifi connection for your mac down on the picket line on Wall St. and put down your silly sign to post a comment. Thank you for your liberal dribble. Idiots, huh? Do you wipe your own ass or do you need the government to help you with that too along with free healthcare, free tuition, free mortgage, and free money? Go ahead, you can log off now, pick your silly sign up, and get back in line with the other babies on wall street.

          2. Musicman says:

            Who are the idiots? You are!
            You and your ilk are rightfully called “USEFUL IDIOTS” comrade…

          3. Equality 7-2521 says:

            Yes, be certain, Don Juan, that you indeed have real opponents! Enemies even! We are busy collecting ammo and waiting for you churlish children to get out of hand and start acting the thugs in Great Britain did. Good luck with your revolt. 😉

          4. horseshrink says:

            Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum was better grounded in reality than these protesters.
            She grew up a Russian Jew during the Russian Revolution of 1917. Her father’s pharmacy was confiscated by the Bolsheviks.

        2. jane moore says:

          just as in other parts of the world people with different views are protesting because the system is wrong! dont attack your fellow countyman. America is colapsing and going down. the writing is on the wall

    2. Brassia says:

      Those tiots aren’t accidental…the fact thay are started now as the time nears the next election Obama needs the civil unrest and the fire to be spread thruout the country…Slowly but surely Moveon.org, union thugs and soon black caucus as well as Black panthers will join the fire….Obama already met with the king of riots (Sharpton) few months ago…..the current events were long in the works….Blood shed will be imminenet…And the media that carries Obama’s water will fall victims as well..since they will be present …as reporters always do….
      Obama knows his reelection has Titunic fate , he will try to create the athmosphere similar to Egypt…he need sthe reason to dec;are Marshal Law…
      After all we don’t know who the POTUS is and WHERE he came from…thought many of us have an idea !!!

      1. gid tanner says:

        yes OBAMA came from outerspace !!! wwe know it –look at the ears . he is a vulcan . we must protect the richest one percent who own 90 percent of our nation’s wealth . if that wealth were shared , then we’d have too much middle class and people couldn’t be forced to do whatever we special citizens want . next , these protestors will be demanding health care that doesn’t allow for big profits ! and then they’ll even try to stop these wars that we make so much money from .

        1. Billy says:

          You pathetic “useful idiot”. My God have you been brainwashed. The poorest in America live better than 90% of the world. So to the rest of the world you are the top 10% and a ungrateful spoiled baby. They will come for you if you manage to tear down our sysytem. Envy is a terrible character flaw and the violence will spread in a frenzy that is incomprehensible to you now. There will come a day when you will beg to have back your “quality problems” . Please re-evaluate what you have and be grateful you live here in this country.

        2. VaDAve says:

          He’s not a Vulcan becasue Vulcans are unable to tell a lie!!!

      2. Damon says:

        Ummm..a couple of thoughts when you’re going to rant (and I do love a good rant) you need to be a bit more thoughtful, I’m not quite sure what Titunic means, and it’s “martial” law, which shouldn’t be confused with Marshal.

    3. junkmanfoxx says:

      ironage, here’s some facts that these idiots who are protesting do not seem to get:

      1) Their “student debt” they are complaining about comes from the government, not Wall Street.

      2) The very professors who are sending them to Wall Street to protest are the problem as they are the reason their tuition is so high, hate Wall Street because they cannot earn a living there, and are drawing exhhorbitant pensions and benefits and perkks from the tax rolls.

      3) Obama, who they keep saying they want ot reelect, has given more to these so-called greedy corporations than any leader of any cilivilization since the dawn of time when you take quantitative easing, bailouts and the like into account.

      4) Thye have not worked at all yet, and are protesting the people who went through school like them and actually have worked and succeeded getting the fruits of their labors – which by the way were needed in the early years to pay for that student debt given to them by their instructors!


    4. Marcy Harris says:

      Ironage–sooo true. These poor useful idiots are the product of the American education system –er–“re-education camps” which means they have no sense of what they are demonstrating against of for.

      My son worked on Wallstreet as an attorney and is quite political. He checked to see which zip code had more donations on the national political race and guess what, the Wall Street zip code gave more donations than any other largely–TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Obama got more than any other candidate except Chris Dodd from Goldman Sachs– So these guys are against Wall Street and for re-election of Obama. Totally makes NO sense. Obama and his regime are responsible for the problem and they are demanding he be re-elected.

      As I said, Useful idiots with no knowledge only cabbage heads filled with mantras from “Rules for Radicals!” Read it if you haven’t already and you’ll know how they have zombized our children.

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        Now wait!!!! You expect liberals to make sense????????????!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

    5. p says:

      Iron Im not sure who youre calling a spoiled hippie wanna be. Im a New Yorker in my 40s thats also a vet I(gulf1) and Im not terribly liberal. Innever took a class on Marxism, and think if you wanna make a buck you have to hustle.. to that end, I run a small construction business here in NYC with millionaire clients who are wall street Ceo’s. One client in particular is a vice president of a major credit card company. He ripped up the side walk in front of his house and put in hot water pipes to melt the snow. Now he doesn’t have to pay the kid up the block to shovel it. Its ridiculous. Guess where that money came from to do the work Iron? Corporate tax breaks and borderline usury practices with his company. I dont want to hear about him paying my bills. In fact I fired him as a client and cut up my credit cards. I wanna hear about him giving back and paying his share of taxes

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        So let me set this stratight…. he paid YOU now many thousands of dollars in order to avoid paying some kid what $30? and you are complaining?

        So essentially he paid you, how many snow storms in advance to do this work?
        Sounds to me like a pretty smart cookie. That”s why he runs a bigger company then you.

      2. Kevin Pearson says:

        Did you ever think that he wouldn’t be able to find any kids willing to do the work? Especially if he lives in a neighborhood with other execs, then their kids wouldn’t be doing that.

  46. bitters says:

    If any of my grandchildren were to walk out of college..if their parents didn’t nail them..I would.

    1. John says:

      My son will not be walking out of class today. He is a Cadet at the United States Military Academy and that type of behavior is not tolerated.

      1. Chris says:

        My father was a military instructor at West Point and I was born there. He would not recommend a school walk out as this does not make much sense and this will be played as such. It will not help corporate greed by losing a day of education. But protesting corporate greed and helping us everyday Joe’s in a world that has seen us all become more and more separate from the powers at be. He would love. He saw the real start of the separation of classes during his 2 tours in Vietnam.

        As with any protesters, there are people who use it for their agenda. I think the Tea Party was a great concept when Ron Paul was ACTUALLY fighting for less tax, but has been high jacked by Fox News and the Republican agenda. There are plenty of liberals who agree with the basic concepts of the Tea Party (when it was formed) And now this protest, which is just as important as the initial Tea Party Protests, and will be hi jacked by some Left Wing agenda.

        This is what the powers at be want. Us fighting each other on here, rather then seeing the actual common we have. Can any Tea Party member here say they approve of corporate greed, or that it does not happen? Are you not wanting a fair and equal tax? I think everyone has a hell of a lot more in common then they think, but allow themselves to be properly separated, just as the propaganda minister wants it. (whom ever it may be)

        Remember at the heart of this, you will find people who love America, who dream of a fair and balanced world, to raise a family in the freedoms we hold so dear, but have lost and are willing to lose based on some fear other side is so different and will eat you children. I think this protest shows a good cross group of people and includes military families, Army and Marine soldiers. Are there not truer Americans at this time in our country?

        If anyone wants actual change, then finding our common good is our only hope. Wall Street Protesters, do not turn this into a nonsensical frat party, and do not let others do it for you. Tea Party members, do not let you objectives become clouded be the right wing, as they are just using you as a voter base. They only showed interest when they realized you could give them votes, now they are changing your agenda, right under your feet. People .. come together and stand up for us. The American People these politicians say they love some much. Show them we can work together and we are the true power here.

        Democrat, did not vote for Obama, will most likely vote for Ron Paul. States Rights advocate, Gun Right Advocate, For protests of corporate greed and a fair and equal tax based on the quality of life / How hard they work.

        And for God sakes, when you have 10 Million dollars 20% tax taken, you are still having a great life. When you have 10 Thousand dollars and they take 20% your life is ruined. Lets try and remember to be human beings first and look out for our fellow man. Not our lazy man, but our fellow man.

        Rant over.

        And Good Luck to your son sir, I am sure he will be a great leader in our future. I know the quality of people West Point can produce.


        1. Billy says:

          That was very eloquent Chris. Corporate Greed is not the problem…greed is the problem….Just as these spoiled college kids who complain about student loans spend hundreds a month on beer (greed)… or the 15000 retired state employees in California with pensions over $250,000.00 (greed),
          The number of educators receiving $100,000-plus annual pensions jumped 650 percent (greed), the crack head down the street that gets $25,000 year disability (greed). I grew up a very poor kid from Appalachia. I hated the rich because they kept me down. You were rich if your kids got several pair of shoes, and had a nice car…Then I grew up and worked hard and realized that most people work very hard for their money and made a lot of sacrifices/risk to get to that position.

          The threat here is targeting one sector of “greed”. These people are the “useful idiots” of marxist. If you do not see that then you are as intelligent as you wish to portray.

          1. horseshrink says:

            There seems to be some polarized misconception that corporations are greedy (evil) and government is not (good.)

            Power is power, and governmental people can be just as greedy for it as corporate CEOs.


            A corporation cannot throw me in prison at gunpoint for refusing to give it money – to do with as it pleases. I can refuse to give a corporation money by declining to buy his/her product. I can even overthrow corporations by starting my own and out-competing them.

            Doesn’t work that way with the government.

            So … which form of power causes me less worry?

  47. AnneP says:

    Entitlement greed knows no bounds.

    1. horseshrink says:

      Yes. It subsides after the hosting society collapses.

      1. luxomni says:

        Actually, it won’t. Look at Greece. They still don’t get it. You cannot cut open the goose that lays the Golden Eggs, and still get them.

    2. no longer confused says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong here, but aren’t a lot of these students also protesting the cost of education and their student loans? And they are skipping the very classes they are paying so much for (or should I say their PARENTS are paying for)?

      Do they not realize that the government is now in charge of student loans, that they took them away from the banks? So I guess they are protesting against Obama’s policies.

      if I find out my son is involved in these protests, he will not get another dime of my hard earned money for his education. Money I earned working for an evil corporation.

      1. Jack says:

        Nice assumption that parents are paying. Would these be the same over privileged parents who pushed our national debt to these extreme levels , who have been swearing they will pay it off for decades now?
        Yeah, you all have room to talk..lolol!!

        They are protesting corporate greed , the kind that nearly wiped out our economy. The jobs, credit , people’s homes and everything else went with that greed and you still support it.

        1. Musicman says:

          Ya, those evil corporations and banks, the ones forced to make loans to people who had no business getting them. Advancing socialism, coupled with fiscally choking regulations and mandates have nearly destroyed the “golden Goose”.

          Yet another useful idiot spouting Marxist propaganda…

        2. junkmanfoxx says:

          Jack, what planet are you from? Congress pushed the debt. Voters have tried for decades to get Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment. AND THE PROTESTERS WANT SOMETHING FOR NOTHING – that is greed. They want to protest those who would otherwise give them jobs. They want the biggest Wall Street flunkee in history re-elected, Obama whose administration has given trillions to them in Quantitative Easing and other measures. Corporate greed? They are the greedy ones. They feel entitled to jobs they have not earned, entitled to free education, entitled to evrything. Some corporations may be greedy, but this is a planned, staged, Obama re-election shot with disinformation and lies across the board!

        3. Kevin Pearson says:

          Corporate greed? You mean the desire to not out of business?

          What wiped out our economy is lower class greed that put people into homes they couldn’t afford because the banks were railroaded into making these loans by Andrew Cuomo and Bawney Fwank, with his call for “Affowdable Housing!!!! Affowdable Housing!!!!!” They didn’t want to make these loans but they were forced to by the vote hungry “populist” liberals.

          The nationals debt has been pushed to extreme level by LIBERALISM!!


          Call you say “LIBERALISM?”
          I knew you could.

        4. Billy says:

          So the moron that earned $40,000 a year and bought a $500,000 house through a government agency (Fannie Mae) wasn’t greedy? The government backed the loan. That is what nearly wiped out this country…it is the housing bubble. Everybody lost except the organizations that were bailed out…The governent did not allow for the corporations to fail. They keep spending….spending……spending……spending…… that is next thing that “wipe out America”

      2. An Engineer's Mom says:


  48. Gangrene says:

    There are jobs I see plenty of postings online of companies hiring, but people don’t want to do those jobs because they are too good for them and they don’t make enough money to keep up with the jones’. I am 25 and I am proud to live in this country, and not a fool like so many others my age. I am glad that I have pride and earn what I want and not expect it from someone who sacrificed his blood sweat and tears.

    1. Earl says:

      I have owned a business for 17 years that I run out of a conspicuous large brick building with forklifts and trucks coming in and out all day. During that time NOT ONE PERSON HAS EVER KNOCKED ON MY DOOR AND ASKED IF WE WERE HIRING.

      How do you think the rich got rich? How do you think I got rich? I’m nowhere near Wall Street.

      1. Paul Evans says:

        Well said.

      2. horseshrink says:

        Nah. You’re evil because you earn a profit.

        Only good people live in Venezuela and Cuba.

        Let’s all move there and be happy like them.

        1. John Galt says:

          In Cuba you can buy a “new” 1956 Chevy or Ford but not a newer model. Paradise on earth!

      3. Keith Stafford says:

        Amen brother!

      4. Magic flute says:

        Hang a hiring sign and they will come!

        We get calls from computer guys looking for a job frequently, we aren’t hiring.

        America used to make things, from really exceptional trumpets, to toasters, and clothes. Now we import in junk! Junk that cost much more money than it is worth. Who makes a plastic snow shovel that lasts two snow storms if you are lucky? Junk. And it all goes in to the local dump.

        People, something is seriously wrong with our nation. We use to be great. We use to be strong. We used to produce and make great products.

        Now we are fall about finance. Everything has been reduced to the lowest common denominator for the benefit of the private federal reserve, too big to exist banks, and wall street.

        We need to take back our nation. Make it great again.

        -No more debt based monetary system!

        -No more so called “profits” that are actually LOOTING of our nation’s wealth and strength.


        -quality of life and culture, not a race to the bottom and smut

        1. nagreville says:

          Have you ever heard of a company called APPLE? They manufacture every product overseas. Do you consider their products “junk?”

          1. Azmiike says:

            You have completely missed his point. Why is Apple not prroducing their products in America?

            1. Eric NYU says:

              Because in order to minimize expenses (and maximize the probability of having a net profit, which is necessary to stay in business) many US Fortune 500 companies know that skilled labor and tax costs are less expensive internationally. Corporations get taxed TWICE in the USA. (http://www.investopedia.com/terms/d/double_taxation.asp#axzz1ZyfEjWnp) . You want more jobs and international capital pouring into the USA? Make it more business friendly to the global marketplace

              1. waitforflash says:

                Answer: Raise theminimum wage 🙂

                1. The problem with raising minium wage is it kills small business. Mom and pop shops cant afford to pay part time employees 20 dollars an hour.

                2. Billy says:

                  Take an economics class and learn about equilibrium…please…geez…Is this the education the college kids are paying for?

              2. vejer says:

                good one eric,,,’bout time someone hit it on the head!!right on brother,,make it to where the companies can produce here…a good start would be to drop the corporate tax,,,yes?

            2. Canof Sand says:

              The question asks why companies “ship jobs overseas” so to speak, and someone says the answer is to raise the minimum wage?? I hope you were joking, but I know of you *children* (physically or just mentally in oh too many ways) are not. You people really are hopeless, aren’t you.

              1. Jack says:

                So we should cut wages to 80 cents an hour over here so labor here can compete? LOLOL talk about hopeless!
                try a tariff on business that hires foreign labor. If they can have them Labor should have them.
                cut pay for the top execs most of whom rarely work anyway and are extremely over compensated.

                1. Mack says:

                  no, Jack Leg, we should let the free market determine what the pay should be for that job. Some jobs would be paid less and some would be paid more, instead of the marxist approah to give everyone the same minium pay. Idiot.

                2. Smackdaddy says:

                  Tariffs don’t work comrade. That’s why Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW and others has plants in the U.S. Late in 20th century when the U.S. automakers started to lose ground to foreign automakers union backed politicians pass taxes/tariffs aginst these companies. Resulting these companies opening plants in the U.S. to get arounf the taxes/tariffs. These types of laws do not work. The fix in this case should have been a better product for the U.S. automakers. Instead the tax had to bailout the unions of two of these three failures.

          2. G-rigger says:

            Because the majority of Americans turn up there noses at manufacturing jobs,To many college grads sitting on there hands expecting some one to hand everything to them and refusing to do jobs they see as “below” them.I thought the whole point of this was to get corporations out of government not punish those who do there jobs

            1. Carla says:

              I have never met a college grad waiting for someone to give them a job.

              I have seen many business owners who pay their employees next to nothing and whine while taking most of the money earned through the efforts of others.

              Ive never seen so many lazy people in senior executive positions or wall street “investors” claiming to be productive when really they are only living off of their workers.

              1. Mack says:

                you need to get out more and look sweetie. OR you are to blind to see. OR you are a puppet. YOU HAVE BEEN FOOLED….again. and again…and agian.

                SELF-RELIANCE is the ticket to freedom and wealth!

              2. Smackdaddy says:

                No one forces those employees to work for that employer. If they feel they are underpaid they are more than welcome to leave and find more lucrative employment. Better yet they can invest their lifes worth and risk everything to start their own business.

                Apparently you don’t participate in recruiting on college campuses.

              3. junkmanfoxx says:

                LOL Carla! Name some lazy senior executives? They are the college grads who went through the same thing, except they actually WORKED their way to the top. This is all about greed, sloth and laziness. Look at the complaints about student loans and debt! Blame that on the establishment Carla, because it’s the government running the schools and charging the money, not the so-called “greedy corporations” that these students would love if they hire them.

          3. Britt says:

            YEA.To both.

        2. Patrick McCloskey says:

          People, something is seriously wrong with our nation.

          ….and it’s all on display here.

          1. horseshrink says:

            Res ipsa loquitur

        3. mugsy says:

          could you shut your ignorant pie hole

        4. deinra says:

          And have you ever ASKED yourself why manufacturing has declined? The regulations and EPA impact studies are arduous enough but then if you face lawsuits after lawsuits that exponentially increase the cost of getting up and running it is easier and less risky to just go somewhere else. Union working condition demands and no layoff contracts are icing on the cake.

          Without profits there is no research, no expansion,no innovation, no jobs.

      5. davidhp says:

        Do you pay union wages, provide a defined benefit pension, and full health insurance coverage or do you pay slace wages with no benefits?

        1. horseshrink says:

          I’m guessing you meant “slave” wages?

          Run a business yourself before you run down the road farther with that question.

          Roll your eyes and snort with officious disgust if you like, but you have no job without an employer … do you?

          Try being an employer. Go do it. Try living fully from the wages of your own business while managing a payroll. Really. No joke.

          Succeed or fail, your time is not wasted upon this planet.

          Sit around in entitled complaint … and it is.

          1. John Grossel says:

            I am a business owner. and the idea that regulations and taxes are whats killing business and preventing hiring is pure baloney!
            Tell us all how paying NO taxes creates a huge expense for Exxon or GE or BA?
            EPA regulations allow you to still breathe and clean drink water . among other things. Please point to all the so called business hampering EPA regulations that aren’t necessary. Be specific.

            1. Mack says:

              You are a liar John, you are not a buisness owner of any thing or at best sometype of paper pusher only.

              THe EPA HAS in fact been killing job growth throught onerous regulatiosn that add cost . Bufoon.

        2. Chris Gordon says:

          Yeah unions work out real god. Pensions too……I mean look at the post office. It’s unions that get us into this mess & they are def not our answer out of this mess

        3. englag says:

          we pay “slace” wages, LOL

        4. Margo says:

          You know what slavery is? Its working your as* off and then having to turn around and give over half of it to the government – federal income tax, state income tax, sales tax, property tax, cell phone tax, utility tax, fuel tax…by the time its all said and done, 50% of your labor isn’t even yours. And you’re forced to give it up because if you don’t, you go to prison. This is soft slavery. You want to get rid of slavery? Get rid of the monetary system based on debt that requires the income tax to pay the interest on that debt. Protest the Fed, not Wall Street.

          1. horseshrink says:

            And if you try to escape prison, you’re shot.
            Even “evil” “greedy” corporations don’t take our money in such a manner.

      6. Chad Sampson says:

        I have seen this comment posted a hundred times with the same claims in different Businesses….I think it is a B.S…..What is the name of the company ? I think you are a shill.

        1. jorline says:

          Have you ever owned a company? You don’t have a clue. Your idea that all small business owner a rich is foolish and nieve..

      7. Brian says:

        Whats your starting pay rate?

      8. jayyy says:

        If you’re hiring, post a sign ya big d umm y. Or do you just like seeing people walking in begging for open positions that don’t exist? You’re JUST A PERSON, a spec on the globe, like any other person. Probably inherited the business from a family member. Owning a business doesn’t make you special or unique.

        1. horseshrink says:

          Hmmm. But, it does make a person reasonably useful, in contrast to complaining, entitled people.

          Business owners hire people … and without them the whiners would have no jobs at all.

          1. RM says:

            What makes you think these people are entitled? This protest was made up of nurses, transport workers, teachers, and college students who have taken out loans that will cost them hundreds of thousands.

            You seem very hostile towards these people, why is that? How will bank regulation really hurt a small business owner like yourself? How would forgiving student debt hurt you? Did you receive a bailout? These people are not simply complaining, they are trying to make change. That is useful!

            1. tired says:

              forgive student debt? i believe it is called a contract. what next? forgive car loans, b/c hey dood, it is like i ‘need’ that car to get a job, and like…you know my rent costs too much, like, gov’t can you make that guy quit charging me so much.

              if you can’t afford the bill, don’t sign the contract.

            2. Skip says:

              RM, what happened to responsibility? I am hostile towards people who take no accountability for decisions made, and then, expect someone (the gov’t, the rich, etc.) to make those bad decisions right. What kind of change are these protesters trying to make? I know one thing, promoting dependency on some one other than yourself is not a good change. I hope you understand that RM.

        2. 51 Phantom says:

          I don’t think his point was that he is hiring, more that he might hire someone who had the motivation to come into his place and ask if they had any jobs.

      9. Steve Roberts says:

        What, you think any of these effete, highly educated, special little flowers should work in a place with forklifts and trucks? Why they might dirty their soft, pink hands. You are one of the oppressors and should have your wealth distributed to pay off their student loans and pay for a year of backpacking across Europe..

      10. Zee says:

        Tax breaks, nepotism, insider trading, cheating?

        Can you honestly say that you think it was fair that the big banks received bailouts and then used some of that money for bonuses.

        1. Billy says:

          No Zee I do not think the banks should have received a bail-out nor do I think we should forgive the student loans. If we allowed the “too big to fail” to fail then real Americans would have filled the void with good dependable American Ingenuity.

      11. Jack says:

        Perhaps a “now Hiring” sign would help.

    2. Barnabas Nielsen says:

      I’m with you man. I am 25 as well , and I couldn’t agree more. I have been deployed twice. The first time I was deployed it happened when I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish a semester of college. I dropped my classes, and in addition to my second shift job at a large shipping company, I took up a job with one of the biggest producers of farm equipment third shift. I have also filled my time with jobs that may not have paid terrific but it was work. Since I was 14 I had some kind of job, and felt fantastic about it. Now, returning to college I will be a 25 year old junior, and I don’t know if I can go back there. Those places are so out of touch with reality it is disgusting. I say let these people protest until they die. Don’t give in to terrorism.

      1. GABlueStarMom says:

        Your attitude is what will make you a success! That diploma will help but you seem to be the type that will always make good, it is in your CHARACTER, and you don’t learn that in college!

        1. meadowlands says:

          You are the type of person that made America great. With your attitude you will go far.Our country was built by hard working people like yourself. These protestors are idiots. They complain about no jobs yet waste their time hanging around causing trouble instead of making good use of their time looking for work. I wish you much success. You are a person of integrity and good character

      2. GABlueStarMom says:

        Thank you for your service! And good luck to you! 🙂

        1. Barnabas Nielsen says:

          appreciate it.

          1. Leslie says:

            Mr. Nielsen, I also thank you for your service. Don’t be discouraged by the attitudes you will see in college. Just stick it out and get your degree. You are halfway there. Once you have it, it can never be taken away, and it will open doors for you.

      3. davidhp says:

        Unfortunately you forgot the oath you took to defend the constitution while allows free speech. Protest is not terrorism, crashing the economy for the profits of the few is.

        1. Michael Schuberth says:

          a little help over here….davidhp is in need of more Kool aid….come on help a fella out.

        2. Jim Payne says:

          you have the right to peaceful assembly, disrupting business is not peaceful… another thing, your a few miles from dc, where regulations, laws, and political greed are cashing in on profits of the people, go there and protest, not the working people, your hurting the very middle class that you are suppose to be doing this for…

        3. poorhardworker says:

          davidhp: You are protesting in the wrong place if you are concerned about constitutional rights. Those have been taken away by Congress. They have stepped all over what made this country great. Think of anything the government has run…it didn’t work out well for citizens! Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, The Fed…shall I go on?) The economy will be ever so much better if you get rid of the 160,000 pages of tax regulations and make America a place where people can risk their money to start a business and freely employ people (no unions) that want to work hard for their money. Government got rid of the gold standard making your money worthless but encourage everyone to spend more than they earned. The Fed is continually printing money and has run up a debt that is a huge burden that we are unable to repay. By the way, that increasing burden is your future unless you go after the right people. Smaller government and less micro-managing will make us strong again. And by the way, you should have thanked that man for his service. It does not matter if you agree with the reasons for the wars or not…he risked his life!

        4. Kevin Pearson says:

          What about crashing the economy for the sake of rigging a Presidential election?

          Come on, do you expect anyone to believe that the market just happened to collapse in the middle of September of an election year? The whole thing was orchestrated by Geroge Soros to get Obama elected.

          That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    3. dan says:

      it’s not about making a living, it is about the fact that the WEALTH GAP between the top 1% and the other 99% is as big as it was during the robber baron days, and that leads to an inability for anyone who is not in the top 1% to have any political voice in our democracy. If you want to run for president, you need so much money to compete that you HAVE to be friendly to Wall Street. That is NOT democracy.
      It is about POWER, not just WEALTH.

      1. zmama says:

        that leads to an inability for anyone who is not in the top 1% to have any political voice in our democracy

        Hmmm-so it was the “robber barons” who got Obama elected? Oh yeah-I guess you mean people like Soros.

      2. horseshrink says:

        Which would I prefer?
        1. A nation run by complaining, entitled people who want the government to be powerful enough to fully redistribute wealth so that people’s incomes are equal.
        2. A nation with an economy fueled by energetic, resourceful entrepreneurs who reap the profits of their labors.

        Gosh. Let me think about that awhile.

    4. Mikey says:

      High student debt is not related to Wall Street. It is related to students pursuing degrees in areas such as journalism and English in numbers that are not supported by the job market, rather than in harder ciriculums such as medicine and engineering, where opportunity exists in relative abundance. But that would not suit the agenda of the public school liberal arts community, who have an excess of professors, and who steer too students into their programs to benefit themselves, rather than the students they should support, and the community that supports them.
      As to fiscal problems, they are blaming the wrong street. The fiscal problems are caused by an unholy alliance between L Street and Pennsylvania Avenue (Executive branch of the U.S. and the Federal Reserve). The Federal Government borrows money through Treasury debt, then the Fed creates money out of thin air to buy the debt. Magic! No, they are making our money worth less, which causes these students living costs to go up. It is time that these supposedly well-educated individuals wise up and investigate for themselves the root causes of their problems, rather than simply blaming those who their professors who have already sold them out, and like-minded friends tell them to blame. We must recognize the problem before we can solve the problem.

    5. MC says:

      Although you may see plenty of jobs posted. I know alot of people who have applied and nothing has happen. I even applied for jobs TWO YEARS ago and they are still vacant. Jobs in which I am very qualified in education and experience. I think companies post jobs but they are HIRING. This country has been through alot in the last eleven years. There are alot of issues that need to be resolved and these politicians should not be allowed to keep giving the American citizens the run around. They should have a pay cut so they can feel what their constituents is going through. Its easy for a person to have a opinion on something when they are not and have not walked a mile in someone else’s shoes. Our government spent the last eleven years eight of those drilling this country into debt (we were in surplus when Clinton left the office) on other countries when we need to put America first. They forgot about their own country.

      1. bobbielou says:

        Well. In light of the numerous grammatical errors in your post, I can understand why you were not hired. You may think that you’re educated and “very qualified”, but you’re not.

        1. horseshrink says:


    6. poorhardworker says:

      I really like your comment! However, I fear many others won’t…because you are talking about taking personal responsibility for your life. That is one quality that is lacking in so many. They want some else (government) to make sure they have what everyone else has. This is one factor in the decline of our country. Your posting gives me hope that there may be more like you around.

  49. MADE IN AMERICA says:








    1. Earl says:

      I look terrible in flourescent light and am going to open an incandescent speak-easy for protesters only!

      Down with whitey (the bulb, that is).

      1. Adam says:

        Genius! Funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

      2. Adam says:

        I Salute you, Sir! Great post.

    2. ironage says:

      I know Polish people hate these new bulbs.

    3. Michael Patrick Schmitt says:

      Why should I be forced to pay for more expensive clothes and for rich Union thugs and allow Chinese children to de ? Your knowledge of economics is appalling

      1. davidhp says:

        What do you call yours FOX FINANCIAL NETWORK.

    4. horseshrink says:

      They are smarter than you.
      They work harder than you.
      They are less entitled than you.


      Kinda sucks the Chinese out-compete you.

    5. Brassia says:

      You are CLUELESS!!!!!DOWN with the unions- they are the reason of the destruction of many american industries!!!!
      Rallies is WHAT OBAMA wants!!!!…The civil disovdience- that is waht Obama wants!!Are you being paid by Obama? with our tax money of course!!!

    6. Kevin Pearson says:


      1. jayyy says:

        right along with wall street

    7. JohnFLob says:

      My rally against high cost food is to grow my own. I don’t want to encourage AFL-CIO and Teamster thugs to control our ports, transportation systems, freight terminals, and too many of our remaining manufacturing plants.

      I do look ‘look for the union label’. If I find it I put the item back on the shelf.

      I look forward to the day when our union problems are at least minimized, when they do not control public sector workers.

      You want American jobs for American workers right?. Then why are the unions trying to prevent American jobs for American works at the Boeing plant in South Carolina? Would you prefer that Boeing move their next plant to Mexico? Before you turn on your smoke machine and wiggle your mirrors I am aware that Boeing has added jobs at their Washington plants. So your precious union is not loosing jobs there. How can you lose something you never had in the first place?

    8. LiberalsRDopes says:

      Unions….Where resourcefulness, hard work, ingenuity, and the extra effort all go to die……

  50. Mahakala says:

    I say we tattoo a big ‘L” on the foreheads of these losers.

    1. davidhp says:

      Which loosers the fascists who support the corporate elitists?

      1. NCWill says:

        Nope the stinky lazy hippy types who want it all to be free man

      2. Dr. Scott says:

        Curiously, I see brain-dead yokels use the spelling “loosers,” nearly constantly these days. Hence, I must ask if your knowledge of spelling, grammar, and the English language was taken in at the same school of economics that you attended? Certainly, “people,” like you should go and “stick it to the man.” The same “man,” who has, unfailingly, paid for your food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities and niceties for the entirety of your life. You and your kind are the most despicable of the species: no prospects, no intelligence, and no drive to accomplish anything save for the search for instant gratification at the expense of those far greater and wiser…
        Liberals of all form disgust me, and you will find out, soon enough, that your kind are not in any majority.

        1. horseshrink says:

          Actually, I’m pretty cool with “classical liberals” … the kind that started our country. Funny how the definition of liberal changed from minimal governmental involvement to colossal, controlling teat.

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