Police Scuffle With Protesters As Thousands March To City Hall As Part Of ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Nationwide College Student Walkout Planned; 'Anonymous' Goes After NYSE

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The “Occupy Wall Street” rally gained thousands of new supporters as New York City became protest city on Wednesday when the group marched to City Hall.  The protests, however, were not without incident.

The NYPD said that there were about a dozen arrests Wednesday night.  Most of those were for disorderly conduct, but at least one arrest was for assaulting a police officer.  Police said a protester knocked an officer off his scooter.

Photo Gallery: Wall Street Protests

It was night of fury, and physicality by protestors and police, CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey reported. Chopper 2 captured an image of an officer with a baton hitting a protestor as other police surrounded him and tossed the protester to the ground.

“I saw night sticks fly. I saw cops on the floor. I saw them charging groups of people,” Jack DePalmer said.

“There’s been a few agitators here, people real angry — which is understandable. But at the same time, we have to be peaceful about it. Cops are going to be cops — they have to make a living. They’re not the real enemy here,” Ty Davis said.

Meanwhile, there is a sense that the vaguely focused frustration of the demonstration, which was in its 19th day Wednesday, is beginning to resonate more widely. Al Jones of 1010 WINS reported that protestors had marched from Zuccotti Park to Foley Square.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Reports From The Protest

Jones also reported that Foley Square was filled with people, including union members, college students, some clergy members and regular New Yorkers, listening to speakers argue against what they call corporate greed.

The hundreds of protestors who have taken over Zuccotti Park for more than two weeks got reinforcements Wednesday when they were joined by MoveOn.org and other community groups.

CBS 2’s Lou Young described the crowd gathered at Foley Square as “immense” and pointed out that there was even an overflow of people who did not fit in the area.

“We are the 99 percent, you know, and it’s not fair that people don’t have to pay taxes, that corporations don’t have to pay taxes and like we do.  It’s like my mom pays more taxes than like Walmart does,” Helen Curran, a student at Pace University, told Young.

"The Occupied Wall Street Journal" is seen in Zuccotti Park - New York, NY - Oct 5, 2011 (credit: Peter Haskell / WCBS 880)

"The Occupied Wall Street Journal" is seen in Zuccotti Park - New York, NY - Oct 5, 2011 (credit: Peter Haskell / WCBS 880)

The rage against the machinery of Wall Street is loud and getting louder. So much so that deep inside the financial center, regular workers are feeling maligned and misunderstood.

“Those of us who are still here had to take pay cuts just to keep our jobs. So, they clearly don’t know who they’re going after. They’re going after the guy down the block, not some guy in a castle,” Stephen Guilfoyle, an economist at Meridian Equity Partners, said.

manhattan 20111005 00099 Police Scuffle With Protesters As Thousands March To City Hall As Part Of Occupy Wall Street

Protestors in Zuccotti Park on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 (credit: Al Jones/1010 WINS)

The group also called for a student walkout at college campuses across the country to protest “against unforgivable student debt and soaring tuition rates.”

“Professors are asking their classes to take the day to actually go to this rally,” said Camille Rivera, a spokesperson for “United NY.”

Some students at Brooklyn College heeded the call and joined the protest early Wednesday afternoon.  About 150 students walked out of class at Brooklyn College to join the Wall Street protesters.

brooklyn college protest Police Scuffle With Protesters As Thousands March To City Hall As Part Of Occupy Wall Street

Students at Brooklyn College participate in the Occupy Wall Street Protest on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 (credit: Marla Diamond/WCBS 880)

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond With Students

Arud Sheikh said the struggle is the same.

“We are the 99 percent. We’re the 99 percent that don’t own the majority of wealth where we’re disgusted… There are clear policy changes that could be made,” she told WCBS 880 reporter Marla Diamond.

Protests took place Wednesday at several other CUNY schools over tuition hikes and cuts in tuition assistance.

“We’re feeling like we’re under attack,” said Brooklyn College senior Daryl Barney. “Tuition is going up and then we’ll be graduating. We have no hopes. We have no real future.”

Walkouts were also scheduled at State University of New York campuses, including Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, New Paltz and Purchase.

Meanwhile, a video claiming to be by the group “Anonymous” has surfaced on YouTube. “Anonymous” said it will shut down the New York Stock Exchange website Monday.

The video is addressed to the media and says that Anonymous has been witnessing the events of the weeks-long Wall Street protests and has had enough.

Watch the video below:

“We will not stand by and watch the system take over our way of life. We the people shall against the government’s inaction. We the people will not be witnesses to your corruption and ill-gotten profits. We will not labor for your leisure. We will not assist you in any way,” the video says.

It goes on to say that it will attack the New York Stock Exchange‘s site.

“This is why we chose to declare our war against the New York Stock Exchange. We can  no longer stay silent as the population is being taken advantage of for the sake of profit. We will show the world that we are true to our word. On Oct. 10, NYSE will be erased from the internet. On Oct. 10, expect a day that will never, ever be forgot.”

In September, Anonymous released the name of a New York City police officer who was seen pepper spraying protestors in a video that was also posted to YouTube.

On Thursday, demonstrators are planning to rally in front of the Goldman Sachs offices in Jersey City at 2 p.m. In addition, protesters plan to gather at the same time in front of the Statehouse in Trenton.

A spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs declined to comment on the planned protest.

For more information about Occupy Wall Street, click here.

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One Comment

  1. Buttbisquit says:

    Buttbisquit supports the cause. Buttbisquit is anti BS.

  2. Jarrod says:

    I bet that place smells just wonderful.

  3. hoyt williams says:

    Dont you guys remember Clinton make that speach where he was tring to promote NAFTA?? I remember he said “we are going to get rid of those hamburger flipping jobs and get some high tech, high paying jobs….well he did and so many of our “Jobs” and now gone. Those other countrys were not good good to accept a “hamburger flipping job”. How to get them back? I wish I knew.

  4. Ed Adams says:

    Just a bunch of useful idiots. They will be back in their parents basement on their PlayStations as soon as it gets cold…..

  5. JustAGuy says:

    I hope the ranks of the protesters swell and cause havoc. I predict American voters will register their displeasure at all this chaos at the ballot box next year, and it won’t be helpful to Obama.

  6. malcom says:

    how sad, so many Whites have embraced socialism and communism and are now traitors to America. They are suicidal culturally and racially speaking

  7. malcom says:

    obama and his socialists are behind all this mess. He is doing his part to create civil unrest and have a ‘reichstag fire’ so he can blame Whites, Conservatives, Patriots, the Rich,( except rich black athletes) therfore he can susepend the constitution and the elections.

  8. Rolco says:

    When people didn’t have jobs in the past and couldn’t find one, they joined the military for a meal. Well, show your a patriot and join up. They didn’t get the pay that one gets today and they joined anyhow.

  9. Kevin Pearson says:

    “it’s not fair that people don’t have to pay taxes,” She said…. Well she’s right., We need to raise taxes on the poor so that those 47% percent on the bottom start paying their fair share.

    And she’s complaining about tuition going up? Well that’s to support the perfessers that are all obama’s buddies to train idiots like her to vote blindly Democrat.

  10. Maui Delancey says:

    Learn Chinese people because if these idiots are the future you will all be bowing to your Chinese master sooner than later. Lets see them protest then

  11. Nonabsolute says:

    Best recruting tool for The Tea Party – Just one look and maybe a little listen and you will know why the Tea Party is around.

    Its called totalitarian like government. When the goverment regulates industry to the point that only a few large companies are in each business. That is how the government controles the means of productions.

    The large companies like this because they have few competitors and if one should fail (like GM) Uncle Sam is here to bail them out (so they can excert more control over the owners (screw the bondholders and give the company to the Unions).

    We don’t want small companies around because it is harder to control 30 or 40 auto companies than 3 or 4.

    These children (some are very old) are very much like the Brown shirts of the 30’s. When the violence starts the rest of you will know.

    We were supposed to have a group of them here Est 500+. Only 15 showed up (there were more reporters.

  12. Edgar Sousa says:

    Do you think these students will connect the fact that their college tuition is so high because of worthless professors who are tenured and make tons, but don’t have to produce. Students think it through. Who is really gouging you? It is the professors.

  13. Maui Delancey says:

    These are a bunch of moocher supported by other moochers or people like Soros . They are useful idiots that use left wing propaganda and lies to support their non points. Use tear gas, use billy clubs, rubber bullets etc if they start crossing the line.


    NYPD, do not hold back, use the batons.

  15. zgibb says:

    These are tough times for everyone but instead of crying foul and looking to have your problems solved by others, try doing it yourself. This country was founded upon the belief that anyone can make something of themselves. The idea is not that you place blame for your faults on another but instead that you pull yourself up when you fall and keep on trying.

    Don’t get me wrong in part I agree with some of that which is being protested. Tuition is extremely high, I know because I am currently paying it, but like anything in this world you have to weight the risk of taking on debt with the rewards of investing in your future. One thing I am not about to do though is walk down to my lending company and complain about the fact that they are providing me with the ability to further my education in hopes of advancing in the world.

    And I am sorry but does no one see the hypocrisy in complaining about tuition yet being more than willing to walk out of the classes essentially forgoing that money? In the future perhaps you should try to do something productive with that time. These may be novel concepts but you could try attending your courses, studying so that you pass them, or perhaps even get a part time job, like I have, to help lessen the loans you have to take.

    Yes the ability to protest and speak your mind is a fundamental right in the United States but I will give much more credence to one when it is done by those who are actively trying to better themselves, not those just looking for someone else to point the finger at.

  16. lakia says:

    This is what happens when half of the country is on government assistance. I want the old US back.

  17. Rolco says:

    Liberals have cost this country 15 trillion debt ! With their anti war cr-ap since the 60’s. they’re responsible for our ailing economy. They’re not anti war they’re anti America !

  18. Rolco says:

    My Parents were poor and I quit college in 1976 after 15 credits, 6 months only, to get a JOB ! It was a low paying JOB ! I new I had to work at the age of 12 already. I had part time jobs ! Contribute to America first before making claims. Go to work ! or go to a commie country of your liking. I’m sure they’ll let you PROTEST and spray you with bullets instead of mace. Oh yes I had to register for the draft too !

  19. Terry Knows Moore says:

    This is what happens when mental hospitals are closed down, and fools elect a president who encourages this disgusting behavior…….and colleges like Columbia who produce idiots that no parent in their right mind should pay money to have their child turn out like this.


    What a bunch of LOSERS. They should be busy looking for work. I guess they’re giving Obama a pass for quadrupling the deficit. LOL

    1. INJUN says:

      smuck. looking for work ? there is no work out there !

      1. Rolco says:

        Finding work has mostly always been a full time job. Who looks, finds.

  21. Tulip says:

    The world financial collapse is banking debt, caused be 1980s deregulation, big business corruption greed and criminality. We the public around the world have bailed these crooks out because unfortunately we need banks. We need honest banks not these current bunch of Republican backers. If we have to bail crooks out there should be conditions attached. This is our money not theirs, they have blown their own along with ours. No bonuses for fraudsters and some should be in jail until they have paid their debt to us. The GOP is in with these crooks so while they are in office there is little chance of any recompense from the financial fraudsters. Wall Street blockage is necessary because the politicians and media are all in it together.
    The Republican backers all have health care insurance. Why should they care who lives or dies in America. They blew up the economy, ship jobs overseas and bought themselves beach homes. The GOP – stands for the Grand Obstructionist Party! Now – GOPers are sprinkling open bottles of champagne over the Wall St protesters! It’s a shame….I am glad to be Liberal!!! I like to sleep at night!

    1. nickinva says:

      Tulip, Obama got more money from investment banks than from any other single donor group, you are clueless if you think the democrats’ hands are any cleaner, and that they really care about you. Do you really think some bureaucrat in DC is going to make your life better than if you were to keep the money yourself and decide how to spend it? The reason healthcare and education are so expensive is because they are government subsidized. If they were not and priced according to market demands, they would have to be affordable and people would behave more responsibly if they knew that only they were paying for these things.

    2. Maui Delancey says:

      Yes tulip Ingnorance is bliss. First idiot, the banking collapse in the US was cause by liberal social engineering and the Community Reinvestment Act which forced banks to make loans to people that could not afford the loan. This was a racist policy. Barney Frank and company looted the system and obstructed any attempt to stop it. Get you facts straight but like most libitard you never let the facts get in the way of a good whine.
      I am sure when the Dims obstuct you cheer it like all hypocrit libitards. Greed LOL a suckers word for give me something for nothing. Liberals do nothing for the country but whine and mooch.
      Make a lib angry. Tell them the truth

      1. horseshrink says:

        NINJA loans

        No sane business would touch them without a mandate to do so.

        Politicians suck at business. That’s why they’re politicians.

    3. Kevin Pearson says:

      The crooks are the unions and the freaking environmentalist wackos that put regulations in place that nothing can be built and the Dumbocrats that are so anti-business that it makes it impossible to function in this country anymore.. Get rid of all corporate taxes, and you would see an entirely different place and there would be more jobs there wouldn’t be people to fill them.

  22. Brassia says:

    Are you aware WHO is behind your organized riots? Or you are too happy to be a clueless meat chunk?

  23. mel says:

    Please help us stop corporate greed!!Petition to Oppose the Spectra Pipeline!

    Sign the petition online! Get your neighbors to sign the petition!

    Spectra Energy wants to build a major natural gas pipeline expansion to New York City that will run through the heart of Jersey City. Jersey City & NYC will bear tremendous risks with no reward, all for the benefit of Spectra Energy shareholders!

    Natural gas pipelines are prone to high risk of leaks that are released as either fine mists of toxic spray or result in fires and explosions that may do significant damage to property and life. We cannot let this happen in our own backyard! If you have seen the documentary GASLAND then you know the environmental and health risks in drilling for natural gas.

    We don’t have much time to fight this. There is GAS PIPELINE: PUBLIC MEETING OCTOBER 19TH @ 7PM at Ferris High School in Jersey City. This will be the last time for us to voice our opposition regarding the proposed gas pipeline headed our way.

    For more information please go to nogaspipeline.org

    Please help us stop corporate greed!!! We need people to come out in numbers to beat this thing! We need to people to pitch in and help us get the message out.

    Thank You!

  24. Todd P. says:

    These Marxist LOSERS deserve to be BEATEN SENSELESS!! What a bunch of lazy malcontents these people are. It’s quite obvious that these people have a DELUSIONALLY entitled mentality and don’t seem to be living in the real world. If this “protest” movement doesn’t wake up voters to end the welfare-state rule of Democrats, nothing will………

    1. Public Servant says:

      Todd P: you really just said that I and the other protestors deserve to “be beaten senseless.” What kind of citizen of this country are you? Do you really believe that we should be violently attacked for engaging in our constitutionally protected right to peaceably assemble? What have I done to you, and who do you think i and other protestors are? I am a highly educated federal employee who works a full time job -and took a 50% pay cut to be a public servant–and goes to graduate school at night where I earn honors.

      Most of the other protestors were like me. Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Civil Servants, Nurses, Home Health aides; we are people like you who are tired of the wealthy not sharing the pain that the rest of our country are feeling in this economic depression

      1. Maui Delancey says:

        You are a useless government moocher. Way overpaid for the service you provide with salary and pensions that exceed what people get who produce something. You produce nothing and mooch off the taxpayers you parasite. If you really took a 50% pay cut you are an idiot or wanted power. I think that is a lie. You are already senseless so a beating would do no good.

      2. Steve Roberts says:

        Public Servant? Is that supposed to impress us with your dedicated selflessness? BS. You are being paid to do a job and most of the “public servants” I know are very well paid with excellent benefits. If you don’t lik the pay, get a job in the private sector were you think you can make twice as much money. You aren’t doing the world any favors as much as you may like to think so.

    2. Tulip says:

      Pay your taxes…or don’t pollute our Federal Highways with your bloody Porsche! Pay up NOW Freeloader!

      1. Rolco says:

        You have to pay tax when you buy a car and tax on the fuel and registration and license etc. No? I would think that Porsche dealers pay property tax too 🙂 The only sure thing in life is death and taxes.

  25. Jack Hammer says:

    Communist swine.

  26. Rolco says:

    This is a generation that takes freedom and their country for granted ! The draft or at the least boot camp [2years] service should be reinstated. Most of this protesters haven’t contributed to America 5 mins. time. Ask Not What Your Country can Do For You But, What You Can Do For Your Country ! What has ever happened to the Democrats? America is Red, White and Blue ! Not just RED !

  27. JWnTX says:

    Isn’t it incredible how moronic these so-called “college students” are? Most probably major in “Women’s Studies” or “Black Studies” or some other absurd major dreamed up in order to take a far left nutjob off the street. Most of these people should be culled from the gene pool in order to try to save the human race. IF they procreate, we’re all in trouble.

  28. Kent says:

    How is it going to help you liberal parasites if the rich are taxed more? Do you think the money will go to you? Boing – Wrong! The government you trust so much will squander the money just like everything else they get their hands on. Why don’t you protest your corrupt, out of control government instead – losers.

  29. Jimbo Billy says:

    Will Obama give back all of his campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs?

  30. RC says:

    If you are not a radical when you are 20 you have no heart. If you are still a radical at 40 you have no brains.

  31. BeanerECMO says:

    It’s all being orchestrated by the White house. All the usual suspects are present; i.e., regressives (aka liberal progressives; e.g., ACORN, dems, unions (SEIU, UAW, AFL-CIO, AFGE, AFSCME), weak-kneed RINOs (redundant)); do as I say, not as I do limousine liberal; minds of mush college and high school students being taught by those that can’t find a job in the private sector not including private schools. There is nothing at all progressive about their agenda; it is all regressive; i.e., tearing down that which has made America great and successful as a country and as individuals (except for those who believe they are entitled).

  32. Rick says:

    These protesters can go to Cuba or Greece and have everything they want. I’d donate more in taxes so we can fund their one way trips.

    1. Maui Delancey says:

      If they protested like this in Cuba they would disappear

  33. Dennis says:

    Those professors who are encouraging students to demonstrate against high tuition costs should take a cut in their pay and benefits in order to reduce the burden on their students.

  34. Blackman38435c says:

    So now the unions, professors, college youth bring Greece and Great Britain to our country? This is what you get when you elect a community organizer. This is what he did in Chicago and now he brings it nationwide. He thinks this will get him reelected?

    Obama/unions/George Soros organized this to take the focus off of Obama’s failed presidency.
    The unions and college professors, and the heads full of mush think this will bring about revolution and communism.

    It makes you wonder who is really running this country.
    Obama/Soros/Unions/ college professors that’s who.

    When are we as Americans going to kick the unions to the sewer and Soros out of this country?

    What a shame. The American citizens continue to allow Soros to stay in the US knowing he is the enemy and is intent on destroying their country.

    Are we that cowardly??

    The protestors in NY and other parts of this country are Obama/union/public school led and universities are providing the protesters.

    They are being supported by Van Jones and the Tides foundation (George Soros funded).

    Today many universities announced they will send more students to the protests. What happened to the education of these students?? What are they being taught? They are taught how to overthrow our government.

    This is the education you parents pay for. Liberal/communist professors brainwash your kids and you can see them on the streets protesting.

    They have been interviewed by reporters and they come across as the most ignorant bunch of young people with no intelligence or common sense. They hate capitalism and want communism.

    Is this what you parents are paying for? Colleges/Universities are turning your children into socialists/communists WHILE YOU PARENTS FOOT THE BILL?? They are turning your own children against you.

    Wake up MOM & DAD!! Wake up fellow Americans. You are watching the next generation being brainwashed by leftist colleges and used by communist Unions.

    The protesters need to be ignored but the news media, which is in the bag for Obama will keep this to the forefront as long as possible.

    BTW: This is only going to get worse. Obama the wanna be dictator will see to it.

    The protestor/students need sleeping bags but don ‘t want to buy them because it means using the capitalist system they hate so much.

    How will they get those sleeping bags? They want folks to donate the sleeping bags to them. They want freebies.

    Parents if your kids are involved in this protest grab your heads full of mush and put your foot down and drag them out of this. You have the right. You are paying for their education and best of all YOU ARE THEIR PARENTS………..NOT THE PROFESSORS……..YOU ARE THE PARENTS.

  35. Mike Gamerl says:

    Smells like a communist plot. They use to do these portest in Russia and Cuba. These people don’t get it who are manipulating them. If that is the mentality and that is how they want to live then please let them go to live in those countries and leave our sweet land of liberty alone!

  36. everyone was listening ya know says:

    I wonder how many people are going to put on their resume ? october 2011 – november 2011 – protested on wall street – volunteer position, got coffee, comforted other protesters, shared stories and a sandwich, oh ya I also lost 20lbs.

    NEXT !

  37. Hadenufalredy says:

    I think the college kids that are going to walk out ought to start protesting the cost of a college education…then let’s see the reaction of all the liberal professors getting rich off of filling these mush brains with there liberal agenda. Will they realize they are just capitalists while spewing their hatred for the rest of the folks out there trying to make a living? These folks are proof that liberalism is a mental disorder!

  38. JohnFLob says:

    If this anarchy is successful in its goal of shutting down wall street and corporate America just where will its participants find the jobs?

    When you kill the goose it can not lay any more golden eggs.

  39. Sammy says:

    Hope these young thugs know that 0bama and Chuck Schumer are bought and paid for with Wall Street money… lets hope they occupy their offices, too.

    1. nickinva says:

      Yep, and they are calling for Obama’s re-election. Go figure, tells you how easily manipulated the millenial generation is. For the first time in my life, I fear what the future will bring.

  40. get a job already says:

    please type quieter…

  41. James Woods says:

    They might not have the right goal in mind but I support these movements.

    Wall st needs to realize we are the people and they are the scum.

    I support free markets and capitalism. Wall St supports corporate welfare, bailouts, and golden parachutes.

    1. Eric says:

      The Wall Street Banksters bankrolled 0bama’s 2008 campaign, and they got more than their money’s worth.

  42. James Burkes says:

    I don’t understand this “student walkout” crap. It reminds me of the ’60s and the so-called “student strikes”. Strike against what? You’re paying for those classes, you’re the only ones who lose if you don’t go. When I taught at a university and the students would go on “strike”, I told them, fine, I’m still getting paid to teach and we’re having class whether you are here or not, and you are still responsible for the material. Sometimes I would spring a pop quiz on a “strike day”. Anyone who didn’t show got a zero, and tough luck on them. Word got around fast, don’t “strike” that guy’s class.

    1. nickinva says:

      No, their parents are paying for the classes, at least for the wannabe Mercedes Marxists from Columbia and NYU. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of their profs are taking their students to these protests and giving them extra credit.

  43. isnrblog says:

    Obama’s civil unrest so he can suspend elections and thrust a socialist govet on the US. Cloward and Piven/Saul Alynsky.

    1. cleatus says:

      Obama knows he is losing the people and he’s like a cornered Rat and in order for him to complete the destruction of America he’ll do anything! George Soros should be tried for Treason and hung in that Park while the protesting Nut Jobs watch!

  44. Dirty protester says:

    Rip Steve Jobs. We don’t like big corporations but we loved you

    1. Maui Delancey says:

      You are an idiot

  45. Corrupt fdny says:

    Come on peeps let’s also protest against the druggie,drunk,corrupt,arrogant, white fdny!!!!!

    1. Pole sitter says:

      You losers should kiss my and my brothers Fdny a s s. Without us the city would burn. We are the BEST

      1. John says:

        The whole country would be better off if NYC burned…

  46. Sanity says:

    These kids are Obama supporters and don’t even seem to realize that Goldman Sachs and Obama are in cahoots. They were his largest donor and he has paid many of them back.

    Another observation is that many are upset about school tuition. They should be protesting their college about that – not Wall Street who has nothing to do with tuition costs. Useful idiots.

  47. Josh says:

    Pathetic losers.

  48. Alina says:

    The federal Reserve has It’s own police force, why? Why were people given money for McMansions who had no jobs? Why is NY backed up in processing foreclosed homes for 10+ years which has stalled new home sales?

  49. 1Salto1 says:

    Goatee…check, bad tats…check, tribal nose and ear piercings…check, worn out drum from Phish concert… check, no job…check, goatee… check. Hey dude let protest! Those of us who have jobs and have paid our dues are just serving the beast, right?

    1. John Galt says:


  50. jay Pee says:

    The more attention these jerks get the more they will carry one.

    They will get tired out. ignore them.

    I heard a few of them over the weekend got a room at the Millenium for $138.00.
    Oh what a little rain and a cool breeze can do.

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