Parents Accused Of Kidnapping Their 8 Children From Queens Foster Care Waive Extradition

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBSNewYork) — The parents accused of abducting their eight children from foster care in Queens could be back in New York within a week.

The children’s mother, 28-year-old Shanel Nadal, and their father, 34-year-old Nephra Payne, waived extradition in a Pennsylvania courtroom Wednesday asking to be returned to New York City.

“We’re looking forward to getting the Paynes back to New York,” said defense attorney Norman Steiner. “We’re hoping an investigation is going to exonerate them completely.”

Steiner said Payne and Nadal kidnapped their children out of desperation because no one was listening to them.

“Complaints were lodged with the ACS, complaints were lodged with the police,” he said. “There were sexual molestation, there was physical abuse, there was starvation.”

New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services says it has not received any complaints against the children’s foster parents.

Nadal has told us that her children are all she cares about.

“Just keep my babies safe,” she told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan outside the courtroom on Wednesday. “That’s all I ask for.”

Nadal, Payne and their children were found living in a van in Harrisburg.

Their attorney says the kids were taken away from the couple several years ago after two of the boys got into a fight.

“He took the kid for medical attention, took the kids to the doctor, he took the kid later that day or two days later to school and that’s when he was arrested,” said Steiner.

Both Nadal and Payne each face eight counts of kidnapping.

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  1. Latosha Curry says:

    First of all to the welfare comment, don’t assume because someone has multiple children that they’re on Govt. Assistance. These two parents worked hard to support they’re family. Secondly another victim of Big Brother butting in and trying to tell people how to raise they’re children. As a society we’re on such a Witch Hunt that any little thing can be percieved as abuse. When a child is being abused there are signs, but now and days all it takes is a accusation whether its true or false. In the end it is the children that are hurt, who is concerned for them? Who will fight for them? They will have to live with the scars of being ripped from a mother and father, who truly love them with no other motive, but the welfare and safety of their children. Was it the best decision to run with the kids? No, but as a desperate mother who is doing what her natural instincts tell her to do, then it was right. I can honestly say I would’ve done the same, keep your head up Shanel, you can’t keep a good woman down your in my prayers.

  2. Amy Wheeler says:

    Shanel did what was right and the law will be on her side!! eff erbody else! Shanel hold your head up ma!

  3. Sherrilynn Durham says:

    One kid or 8 kids or 20 kids is irrelevant. Those who have been there understand that the system can and does screw up, and hurts kids in the process. I have heard that ACS didn’t know anything about these allegations. Then I’ve heard that they did. Which is it?

    What would YOU DO if your kids were in foster care, for some BS reason, and they told you they were being hurt?? And your cries for help went ignored?

    In my city, a 29 year old mother of a 10 year old girl made the same cries for help when her daughter told her of sexual abuse by her uncle and father. The child was also threatened that if she told, she and her mother would be killed. She reported it to CPS and so did everyone involved with the girl. She reported it to the police. She and her daughter ended up murdered. And of course, NOW the cops are able to ‘find’ all this evidence proving the sex abuse… but where were they a year ago when this was reported?

    My rambling is to make the point that CPS / ACS whatever screws up and hates to admit it. If they ever have something on you, or think that they do, don’t expect due process and rights like you would in a criminal case. Put yourself in the shoes of a parent who lost their child(ren) based on an overzealous and overworked caseworker and now has to live without them and has to “tolerate” knowing they are being abused for REAL by those who are supposed to protect them.

  4. ace11 says:

    8 kids…and only 28…Jesus Christmas

    and yours/my tax dollars pay for that?

    Cut them off

  5. Peter says:

    If I were a kid, I would prefer having Shanel Nadal as my mother instead of Casey Anthony.This woman exhibits maternal instincts and feelings.Best of luck to both parents.

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