Jerry Recco began his first update of the day offering a preview of Thursday night’s Game 5 between the Tigers and the Yankees at the Stadium.  We heard from Joe Girardi, who fully understands what is on the line tonight in the Bronx and is confident his team is all on the same page.

Girardi also is confident in his rookie starter, Ivan Nova, and his team’s chances in the first ever elimination game at the new Yankee Stadium.  Nova himself does not sound as if he is allowing the moment to overcome him, as he sounded just as cool as a cucumber.

Jim Leyland has been managing in the Big Leagues since 1986 when he began with the Pittsburgh Pirates — and he won a World Series in 1997 while skippering the Florida Marlins.  He’s managed in over 3,000 MLB games, so safe to say he has some pretty keen insight about the game.  With that said, we heard Leyland lay out his plan to stretch out the Yankees’ lineup with the hopes it will benefit his Game 5 starter, Doug Fister.

From there we heard about the Cardinals tying their series with the Phillies at 2 games apiece, which brought a smile to Craig’s face – he is not too keen on the ‘City of Brotherly Love.’

Following his team’s 5-3 loss, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel informed the gathered media that he is a pretty good shot and if need be, he probably could have taken out the pesky squirrel in St. Louis that has wreaked havoc the last two games.  Phillies and Cards will play Game 5 tomorrow night in Philadelphia, with a Roy Halladay & Chris Carpenter match-up.

The Diamondbacks also forced a Game 5 with the Brewers after their 10-6 win and rounding out the baseball news, Craig voiced his displeasure after hearing the news that the Mets have fired his all-time favorite player, Mookie Wilson, who served as the teams 1st base coach last season.

From football, Rex is back to being Rex and it looks ‘pretty good’ as far as Nick Mangold playing this Sunday, when the Jets take on the Patriots up in Foxboro…

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