Jets’ Sanchez On Holmes: Criticism Needs To Stay In Locker Room

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Mark Sanchez looked into the mirror and carefully thought about his last performance.

It was awful, and he knew it. So, the Jets quarterback scribbled some notes into a pad, and then took out an erasable marker and wrote a few things on the glass in front of him.

“It’s to remind yourself,” Sanchez said Wednesday, “to never let that happen again and move on.”

After the Jets’ 34-17 loss to the Ravens, wide receiver Santonio Holmes was critical of Sanchez and the rest of the team, saying they all need to play better if they are going to succeed. Holmes’ comments got lots of play, and seemed to hint at the possible beginnings of dissension.

“If anybody feels bad about that then I’m sorry, but as a captain, that’s my job to point it out amongst ourselves,” Holmes said. “And if the media took it the wrong way, I apologize for it. But as far as meaning it to dictate anything negative on my team, I would never do that. I didn’t sign back here to be that guy.”

Sanchez said moving forward, comments such as Holmes’ will not go outside the players’ meetings and their own conversations.

“I think our player policy is to just kind of keep things in house,” Sanchez said. “That kind of stuff won’t happen … That kind of stuff doesn’t go past this locker room.”

After all, there are plenty of others offering their own criticisms, including the quickly growing number of fans and media saying Sanchez should be a lot better in his third season.

Hall of Famer Joe Namath didn’t like that Holmes went public with his thoughts on the team’s struggles but has been one of the team’s most vocal critics.

“Joe Namath doesn’t work for the New York Jets,” Holmes said. “He doesn’t coach here. He doesn’t have anything positive to say about us. We can’t feed into what he says.”

Sanchez has six touchdown passes and five interceptions, but his 75.9 quarterback rating is among the league’s worst. His decision-making has also been questioned and his ability to actually be the franchise-type quarterback the Jets still insist he is.

“He’ll be just fine,” wide receiver Plaxico Burress said. “This is a town where you just have to put everything aside and not pay attention to what everybody’s saying outside and just focus on your job and go out and play. He’s coming in and doing everything he needs to do and we’ve got to help him, everybody: the offensive line, myself, the running backs. … It’s not just him out there playing by himself. We all have to look ourselves in the mirror and be accountable also.”

It’s been a rough start to the season for the young quarterback, who has been knocked around by defenses that have left him bruised and battered. Sanchez was 11 for 35 for 119 yards and an interception against Baltimore, and he vows to bounce back. He’ll certainly need to be a lot better Sunday, when the Jets (2-2) play the Patriots (3-1) in New England.

“If it never happens again in my career, I’d be pretty lucky, but there is a chance that could happen again at some point,” Sanchez said. “To come back on Wednesday and work through it and show these guys, `I’m the man. I don’t care what anybody says. I’m the man in this building. We’re going to win this game,’ that’s how I have to be. That’s what I have to exude. That’s the confidence I need to have, and that’s the way I felt this week.”

And, it has shown to his teammates, who insist their faith has not wavered in Sanchez.

“He didn’t come in here with his head down,” center Nick Mangold said. “He didn’t come in here moping around. He came in ready to work.”

At least Sanchez is healthy, something that has been far from guaranteed this season while working behind an offensive line that has been subpar so far and contributed to him being sacked 11 times in four games. Sanchez was tested for a concussion after the season opener against Dallas, bruised his throwing arm the following week against Jacksonville and then suffered a broken nose at Oakland two weeks ago.

Sanchez acknowledged that he takes some of the blame for the injuries, trying too hard to make things happen. But, it was clear against the Ravens that if he continues to take such hard hits, he’s not going to last the entire season.

“Under that kind of pressure,” coach Rex Ryan said, “Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, whoever would’ve had a rough day.”

Tight end Dustin Keller, one of Sanchez’s best friends on the team, said he and his teammates reassure their quarterback, but it’s not necessarily needed.

“He kind of lets all the outside stuff go in one ear and out the other,” Keller said. “He knows what he has to do and I think that’s part of the reason they brought him in. He had to deal with similar things at USC, you know, a big market, especially for college. He’s done a great job of letting those things pass. He knows we have all the confidence in the world in him, and that’s all that matters.”

Seattle’s Pete Carroll, Sanchez’s coach in college, has seen him make progress from afar since his rookie season, and likes how the quarterback has toughed things out during times like this.

“The other night was a ridiculously challenging defense that they went up against,” Carroll said. “I thought he was battling like crazy and I know he wants to be cleaner in the numbers and they start to add up a bit, but just like he has in the past, he will bounce back and be the guy everybody is counting on.”

Jets fans, do you still believe in Sanchez? Let us know in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. big money griff says:

    Santinio is absolutely right! The jets have to hussel and start games like they have a mission iin life. As much as I admire the jets suffering with them since 69, they allways look different from other teams. I don’t know what it is , the color of the uniform or just a mind set, but they look different. They have plaxico and holms. People don’t remember how the giants entire offense shut down when plaxico went down, they never mention that because you fans are haters. We could have a monster team that is unstoppable if eneryone would get serious and play to their potential.

  2. Bob Fowler says:

    Considering how many will suddenly be on the “I knew it all along bandwagon” if the Jets beat the Pats, many of these comments are laughable. Sanchez is not playing as well as we thought, no doubt, and the O-line is not either. An IQ of 180 isn’t needed to see that. Having been a Jets fan since they signed Namath out of Alabama, I have a bit of perspective that leads me to believe:
    1) Greene is a bust, LT is old, and the running game lacks imagination or power
    2) Sanchez and Schottenheimer are not on the same page, and maybe we need a new O coordinator
    3) The D is looking a bit old, and Cromartie doesn’t seem to be money well spent…neither does Kyle Wilson
    4) Every time Joe Namath opens his mouth, he sounds more and more like Chuck Bednarick (an old has been who wants to be remembered for being the last to win a title). I know that controversy sells, but is Namath’s opinion really relevant?
    5) EVERY time the Jets are expected to win, they have a season like this, and when they are supposed to lose, they over achieve.

    Strap in boys and girls, it’s going to be a long season. Look for major shake-ups at the end of the season.

  3. chris says:

    dude your dilusional the guy is a bottom of the barrel qb i’d rank him like 25 to 27

  4. stein says:

    Santonio Holmes needs to shut his mouth, and go practice catching the football. It seems he dropped every other pass that hits him right in the hands.

    Since week # 1, The Jets are not running the ball as much, simply because they have no run game. Their RB’s have performed horribly.
    The Jets Offensive line is horrible. They can’t run-block or Pass Block, so it is quite amazing what Sanchez has been able to accomplish considering his WR’s can’t get open, and can’t catch (they must lead the NFL is dropped passes).
    Against Baltimore, not only could they not run the ball, but the offensive line was so bad that Sanchez hardly ever had more than a second to release the ball before getting blind-sided by an untouched Pass Rusher! (Vick would have had 10 sob-story media conferences by now if he had to play with the Jet’s O-LIne).
    It’s funny to see how the media ignores the facts, when it comes to Mark Sanchez.

  5. stein says:

    Sanchez is a better QB than most in the league, including Fat Ben, and Cry-Baby Vick. I can’t believe how well he’s done considering he has NO O-Line, No time to get rid of the football, No competent Running Back, and Receivers that drop every other ball that hits them in the hands.
    Not to mention the lousy Defense he has to play with. Cromartie should shut his mouth and work at trying to improve the Jets lousy defense. He alone is the whole reason the Jets lost to the Raiders this year! He had 4 penalties, but his Moronic fumble led directly to Oakland’s winning score!! If it weren’t for his embarrassing poor performance on the football field this year, the Jets would be 3-1. It’s time the sports media wrote about something relevant.

  6. Vic Hess says:

    Brown…… ???? Really ????? Get rid of the football, pretty tough to do in less than 3 seconds with any kind of accuracy. This is partly his fault but i put in more on the O line and play calling. If you watched any of the Jets games this year you would know this….any QB in this league would have a tough time playing well with less than 3 sec to make a play every down, the only time he has more than a few seconds to survey the field is when they roll him out of the pocket..i mean even if he is in shotgun he is getting hit, its rediculous. The O line needs to play better so we can run the ball so defenses will think twice about going all out for Sanchez, this will also open up the passing game. O LINE get your butts in gear and play like you have in the past few years !!!!!!!!!

    1. Alan Lupiani says:

      Did Big Ben ever have a great O line? Sanchez ain’t no Big Ben…never will be.

  7. JoeyMaz says:

    Problem is that Rex is a defensive coach and not well-versed on offense – thus his “ground and pound” love affair with offense. Left only to Shottenheimer, who is average at offensive coordinating at best, Sanchez will never grow, because Schotty follows Rex’s limited pass system. Sanchez needs an offensive coordinator that can teach him how to read what’s coming and make decisions on the fly, as well as a team offensive system that can adjust on the fly. Sanchez was a rookie, but no veteran quality quarterback will want to play in Rex and Schotty’s run game system. Ryan needs to rehire a defensie coordinator and go back to just being a COACH and manager, not a defensive coordinator first and coach second. He is losing his team from the O side on down.

    1. Alan Lupiani says:

      I agree with you Joey. The only thing is, the Jets are not asking Sanchez to play like Tom Brady…they are asking him to play like Jim McMahon. He just has to go out there and NOT LOSE THE GAME for the team.

  8. brown says:

    So what he takes lot of hits.. He get paid millions to take hit and it’s part of the game. It’s called FOOTBALL not tag ball. What he need to do is get rid of the dam ball. Also know when the rush is coming. He can’t read defenses that well. The reason why brady don’t take lot of hits because he get rid of the dam ball b4 the rush come. Also you must know how to read defenses. Brady is a master at that. Sanchez is NOT THAT GOOD OF Quarter back..Jets fan face it….

  9. Alan Lupiani says:

    Granted, Sanchez is a talented quarterback who has been knocked around pretty good in the last few weeks. However, he must stop trying to carry the team. We have seen this before. A change in attitude is in order. I partly blame Ryan for putting Sanchez up on a pedestal. There is a difference between building the confidence in your quarterback by rah-rahing him constantly and just plain not making him accountable. We see this in Dallas with Romo. Same thing…the golden boy syndrome. Besides, the rest of the team starts to resent it as well. Play within the team concept Sanchez, and realize that sometimes it’s what you DON’T do that helps the team out more.

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