Police: Brazen Teenage Gang Robbing Straphangers During Rush Hour

Armed With Box Cutters And At Least 1 Gun, 17-20-Year-Olds Causing Havoc

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are searching for teenage thugs targeting subway riders.

There have been at least three armed attacks recently. CBS 2’s Dave Carlin has seen pictures of the suspects and knows what they’re after.

A team of baby-faced bandits, young enough to still be in high school, is making life quite stressful in Gotham’s underworld.

Police circulating surveillance camera stills of four teenagers, including one female, allegedly working subway stations together, sometimes with a fifth suspect who has not yet been caught on camera.

“They look pretty young and it’s sad because they have such a great life ahead of them and there’s so much more they can be doing,” said Gwen Everett of Bed-Stuy.

The armed robberies are up to at least three since August, with a total of 10 victims.

Police told Carlin the suspects rob other groups of young people of their iPods, jewelry and cash, each time during crowded evening rush hours.

“By the time you know what happened they’re gone,” said Dan Parilis of Bushwick.

“It would seem there would be at least one officer or undercover on platform if it’s this large,” Midwood, Brooklyn resident Lawrence Colodney said when asked if he was surprised the gang was able to strike so easily during rush hour.

The first incident happened Aug. 15 at around 5 p.m. Police said the suspects, armed with box cutters, robbed four victims inside the Broadway/LaFayette station. Then on Sept. 24 at the same station they struck around 7 p.m., robbing three people at gunpoint as they came down the stairs. Police said that on Oct. 1 at around 7 p.m., the same four, joined by the fifth suspect, robbed three straphangers on a station platform. The victims said they believed the suspects had knives.

So far no one injured in these robberies, but police and straphangers said they are worried as the crime spree rolls on because suspects can get greedier and rougher.

“I’d certainly want it to be nipped in the bud sooner rather than later,” Bushwick resident Marcus Lowenhaupt said.

“A reminder that this kind of thing can still happen and does still happen,” Parilis added.

All four men are about 5-foot-10 and the female is 5-4. Police said she has the tattoos “Loved” and “Hated” on her arm. Some straphangers said those tattoos are half right.

The NYPD said so far this year crime in the subways is up nearly 17 percent compared to last year.

Complete descriptions of the suspects as provided by the police are as follows:

  1. Black male 17-20, 5-7 to 5-10, 190 pounds, tattoo on right arm.
  2. Black male, 17-20, 5-9, 180 pounds, earrings in both ears
  3. Hispanic male, 17-20, 5-10 to 6-feet with braided hair. He has an Eye of Horus tattoo on his neck and spider web tattoo on his left arm.
  4. Black female, 18-20 years old, 5-4, 120 pounds. She has the word “Hated” with a picture of a rose and the word “Loved” tattooed on her arm.
  5. Hispanic male, 17-20, 55-10 to 6-1, 190 pounds, with a piercing in his right eyebrow.

Police ask anyone with any information to contact Crime Stoppers. You can:

  • Call 1-800-577-8477 (TIPS). All calls are confidential.
  • Log on to the Crime Stoppers website
  • Text your tip to 274637 (CRIMES) and enter TIP577

If caught and convicted, what do you think the appropriate punishment is in this case? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. roze says:

    Targeting Whitey I’m sure….but of course the article won’t mention that….

  2. Hank Warren says:

    Diversity and crime, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  3. Dabald says:

    Nobody can seem to find him, I think one of them might be Gaddafi from Libya… LOL

  4. Butch Blosc says:

    What a shame NewYorkers can’t defend themselves with firearms. They just have to lay down and be robbed, beaten, raped, murdered, whatever. Sad.

  5. Bill McIntosh says:

    Remember Bernard Goetz? Rmember to use 8 shot revolvers (.22 to .25 caliber)
    -they are supposedly so reliable and wont jam when you are firing-these will convert these “teens” into bowls of polite jello or at least will provide jobs at local emergency rooms

  6. Wizard says:

    New Yorkers like getting robbed or they would have a concealed carry law that permitted law abiding citizens to own and carry weapons.

  7. T'kesha says:

    I was expecting to see images of Swedish and Japanese teens, but to see African Americans!! SHOCKING…Where’s Rev Al?

  8. Ellie Enlightened says:

    This is all that Hope and Change and fundumentally transforming Americal. You voted an organizer in you got what you deserve.

  9. paul ford says:

    just shoot the violent criminals

  10. David says:

    This does NOT happen where I live. We are ALL legally armed with handguns. If this were to happen here then these wonderful boys would NEVER be able to do it again. AND one of the exra perks is NO CHANCE OF THEIR SEED to be spread around like un neutered DOGS. NEVER have to worry about 100 juniors that they would have created with the same issues. 🙂 New York! Get RID of your liberal leaders!!! Right now you are ALL suckers!


    AHHHHHH Reminds me of an incident my Father was involved in….

    My Dad was a member of NYPD one day after working a 4 to 12 shift alone in a subway car he saw a group of 6 black thugs working their way towards him. They sat on either side of him as he sat with a newspaper on his lap, and stood in front of him. One of them said “What you got for us whitey?” My Dad then pulled out his gun which he had in hand under the newspaper grabbed one by the back of his head and pushed the barrel of the gun into his mouth. And replied “I got a mouth full of black metal for you, hows that?”

    He then marched them up the platform had the station attendent (when there actually were live persons working the in the stations) called for uniformed and arrested every one of them…………

    His story had a happy ending, had he not been armed he like anyone assaulted by these animals could wind up dead. They need to be removed permantely from society……….

    1. Renfield says:

      But those poor youngsters needed hugs! They had hard lives! If only racist America had given them a chance in life! Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

  12. jnsesq says:

    It’s the Dinkins years with salt regulation.

  13. not a victim says:

    Dear working, law abiding people of NY, you are victims by choice, arm yourselves, and quit being a whining victim. You are defenseless by choice. If your weapon is concealed, exactly who will know you have it????? other than those you use it on……there are literally dozens of small, powerful handguns that are easily concealed. I have a 9 round Glock 27.40 that can’t even be seen in my pants pocket. Derringers are nice 2 shot, easily concealed weapons, S&W 5 shot airweight revolver, the list is endless. Look at the criminal culture in Britain, they are sissies, and deserve to be victims, for giving up their guns, same with Australia.

    1. Renfield says:

      Don’t forget the many palm-sized .380 cal. semiautos (eg, Ruger LCP). There are now also some fine 9-mm semis not much larger. These are great for self-defense at close quarters, and they are easy to conceal. Just be sure to use a pocket holster so (a) you can draw it quickly, and (2) it won’t “print.”

      1. GABlueStarMom says:

        Glock 26 😉

  14. Ratt says:

    Are they robbing just white people ?

  15. chillin dawg says:

    The correct penalty is the DEATH PENALTY. End of the line for these parasites. Ship them to Texas.

  16. Ex Machina says:

    Hey, wow–they’re black and Hispanic. Amazing.

  17. Tony Wise says:

    Where are the parents of these thugs? What a wonderful household they brought up in.Wait until their father gets home!

  18. raindog says:

    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

  19. Jason says:

    The war against Whites er, I mean the “rich”, rages on.

    Wake UP people. Fight back!

  20. Tommy Boy says:

    Anyone suprised by the race of these animals.

    1. David says:

      I’m not.

  21. gwb/nyc says:

    ““They look pretty young and it’s sad because they have such a great life ahead of them and there’s so much more they can be doing,””

    yeah, they’re probably just beginning to “turn their lives around”.

    Self defense is a crime in NYC.

  22. ibadiyah says:

    funny how all you white folks comment on blacks. and you can’t even look at your own selfs and judge your own crooked nation. I pray everyday for the fall of the white race across the world and. alot of the brown skin people prayer are coming through GOD is with us. and was so funny if ya’ll don’t want obama no more will jus elected hermain cain yes kause he is our brother Black man lol

    1. gwb/nyc says:

      Any linguists in the audience? Can anyone here translate “idiot” for us?

  23. Mark says:

    planet of the apes

  24. ANIMALAURA says:

    Anyone notice? ONLY minorities are pulling the stunts!! ONLY blacks & hispanics are disregarding civil behavior, terrorizing people. WHY IS THAT???

  25. Evet smith says:

    Govt probably paid these kids in order to produce a story. Pretty soon we will see searches done. All done to dumb us down a little bit at a time and get us use to govt being in charge.

    1. jnsesq says:

      I have no doubt the government — i.e., taxpayers — paid these punks. (I know we subsidized all the necessary conditions for their breeding.) And teachers unions, mainstream media and pop culture have all conspired to dumb us down to where my once great America is now, but I’m not buying the premise. 😉

  26. Jay Palm says:

    Gee, all Holder’s people, how shocking

  27. Revolution Ireland 1916 says:

    Which one of these avid sports fans is the female of the species?

  28. Piff says:

    Sin has consequences, America did use the black race as slaves, this was wrong. It was sin. We, as a country, are paying for those sins.

    The Lord…visits the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children’s children, to the third and the fourth generation. (Exodus 34:6-7 = Deuteronomy 5:8-10)

    I don’t like it anymore than anyone else here but it is universal law. I live in a state where one can get a CC permit and I have one and have had one for probably 30 years. I would never live in a high black or hispanic area but some do so without wanting to and would move if they could.

    I don’t know the solution, wish I did. Someday soon Jesus Christ will return and usher in his Kingdom on Earth and evil will be a thing of the past…along with evil doers. Seek the Lord while he may be found. We can not fix life but God can…and will !! BTW, People from all races have found true life through Christ. I am in no way saying that non-whites are evil and whites are good. “For all hive sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”

    1. schmed says:

      Yeah, whatever.

  29. James says:

    Surprise, surprise, they are black. Naturally. People get mace and demand concealed carry.

  30. Kevin Jack says:

    5 kids vs a whole city! I think the city can handle this!

  31. Merritt J Swift says:

    The thugs need a bullet in their spine.

  32. Noahfingwhey says:

    An appropriate punishment for the misguided youth would be to subject them to the non-stop hurling of racial epithets for 30 days. This seems to be the only thing that is abhorrent to them. The threat of jail doesn’t seem to be a deterrent. Just sayin….

  33. klyde says:

    get the mafia to take care of this, let these bums sleep with the fishes.

    what no hnor anymore, atleast break some legs.

    semper fi

  34. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    Soldiers of Obama practicing guerilla warfare using tunnels and trenches.

    Obama isn’t the first to try to bring America down. America fought against the others, though.

  35. Joe says:

    Just a few of obozo’s posse all waiting for entrance to medical school and earning a few bucks on the side.

  36. ducesblackshirt says:

    Diversity is our strength! Find them, castrate them, liquidate them.

  37. Shmuelly B says:

    Which of these kids were hispanic? If I was Mexican I’d be really upset by this reporting. Maybe, quite possibly one of these kids were half puerto rican… I guess it’s not politically correct to call it as it was.

  38. klyde says:

    sound like a racialy motivated crime spree to me. that is why i carry a gun and can.

    1. James says:

      CONCEALED CARRY! Blacks are racist! They are targeting whites and whites need to carry guns and shut these aholes down.

  39. seenitcoming says:

    Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should address the nation about the growing number of young black men attacking people. Is this the “social justice” they keep talking about?Obama, who has been “inspired” by the likes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, invites a rapper who praises cop killers to the White House for an evening of poetry and you’re surprised by growing violence among African Americans? Really?

  40. Meyer Weinsteinowitz says:

    Robbed a jew, forget that, all they would have to do is offend a jew, Bloomberg would call out the national guard.

  41. Rudolf Schmidt says:

    Cut their hands off and let them beg for food in the subway. I blame this on a lack of readily accessible handguns in NYC. An armed society is a polite society.

  42. Mark says:

    They’re all black and hispanic? What a shock. Send them all back to Mexico and Africa. Our nation would be FAR better off. Crime would drop by 90%. So would poverty, drug abuse, and all other pathologies. Our nation’s test scores would SOAR.

  43. Noahfingwhey says:

    I think the appropriate punishment for these community organizers would be to listen to 90 hours of Obama speeches. The next batch should be ready by 2pm Tuesday.

  44. wildbill6996 says:

    Where’s Bernhard Goetz when he’s needed !!!!!!!!!!

  45. Noahfingwhey says:

    Thankfully the victims didn’t have any guns otherwise someone might have been hurt.

    1. David says:

      What are you talking about???? Box cutters are a dangerous weapon!

  46. Ellie Light says:

    The evidence is crystal clear. Box cutters are a weapon of mass destruction and should be regulated by the ATF. When will one of our elected officials propose this legislation?

  47. H. Simpson says:

    Where is Berine Goetz or a “Dirty Harry ” when we need them!
    But this is nanny state NY…
    So if I were to defend myself… I would be the bad guy!

    1. Paul says:

      Oh you young whipper-snappers and your wanna be Paul Kerseys. If you don’t know who that is you’re to young to have it explained to you 🙂

  48. Steve Roberts says:

    Those police descriptions are raaaacist. If they are going to mention race the police should try to find some white suspects to balance it out and improve the self-esteem of the thugs.

  49. Daniel says:

    You have to put down vicious animals before they do more har. Kill them and the life of crime ends. Save a innocent life, kill a criminal thug today.

  50. Marvin says:

    The black cannot amalgamate into a civil society,they can only destroy it ! Ten years minium for this crime !!

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