Coutinho: A Rough Day For Yankee Fans – What A Shame!

By Rich Coutinho
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I know…I know…The last person a Yankee fan wants to hear from is Rich Coutinho…noted Yankee hater but a lot of my friends are Yankee fans and as a follower of the Mets, I feel their pain today. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m elated the Yanks lost but I did feel compelled to write something about the Evil Empire’s season coming to an abrupt end last night.

This is the thing about the high payroll teams in baseball — it generally gets you through the regular season grind, but the short series is the great equalizer and a five game series is the ultimate equalizer. For the New York Yankees whose payroll is off the charts, the ALDS has been a very painful experience since 2002. When you consider the Yankees have been in nine ALDS series since the 2001 season and have only gone 4-5 in those series and that all of those four series wins came against the Minnesota Twins, you really scratch your head because certainly the Yankees were better than most of those teams.

In fact, since Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS the Yankees are a very ordinary 22-23 in post-season and that includes an 11-4 post season record in their World Championship year of 2009. People will point to many factors when breaking down the latest Yankee playoff meltdown but I really believe it is a complex issue. On first glance, the hitters will get much of the blame but the bottom line here is a simple one.

The one year the Yankees won the World Series their pitchers performed at a high level and although the team got creditable performances from their bullpen and a shocking lights out night from AJ Burnett, the team was relying on a rookie pitcher to get them to the finish line in a deciding Game 5. Nova should have been a #3 starter behind CC Sabathia and a second banana in the rotation. That “second guy” was supposed to be Cliff Lee and the team got real lucky with Bartolo Colon and Freddie Garcia in the regular season but the inherent problem is guys like that are generally exposed in the post-season and on a team with a  payroll in the stratosphere they should not be starting any game in October.

I firmly believe this series was lost in Game 2 when the Yankees (because of a rain out) went with Freddie Garcia. Instead of dropping the hammer on the Tigers, that game opened the door for them. Verlander out-pitched CC in Game 3 and despite a gift from Burnett, it was too  much to overcome. CC was not exactly CC in this series but that had as much to do with circumstances rather than talent — he never pitched with the proper rest. That is even more the reason to have a #2 behind CC and in front of Nova. I still think that guy could be Phillip Hughes.

Ok that is enough Yankee talk for me on this day–I must know go back to my real job of covering the Mets.

What do you think Yankee fans? Leave a comment below.


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  1. Sam says:

    For a guy who’s a die hard fan of a team that hasn’t won a WS in 25 yrs, who in 1992 were dubbed the worst team money can buy (highest payroll in mlb that year).

    Two historical CHOKES in ’07 & ’08. Who’s team got spanked by the Yankees in the 2000 WS. Who’s team has had the highest payoll in the NL, 8 out of the last 10 yrs. Two of the most overrated players in baseball, Wright & Reyes.

    Who’s team has been in the post season just once in the last 11 yrs with a payroll this year of $140 mil and can’t even beat the Nats to finished 4th in the NL Easy League.

    He sure has a lot to say about the Yankees.What a shame.

  2. ABIndy says:

    I really admire Girardi- but he got schooled in this series. I’m not saying he was responsible for the lack of timely hitting- but in a close series every negative hurts. Of course Leyland is not subject to the maniacal “win or else” Yankee fans who would trade God for the devil because of a bad thunderstorm.

  3. HELENE says:

    Mr. Hal–You, Cashman, Giraridi all “SUCH”. As John Sterling and Susan Walman would say: “THE YANKESS SUCH, THE YANKEES SUCK”. Now get fire these two a–holes and maybe the YANKEES CAN WIN.”

  4. joeshitheragman says:

    This stuff is hilarious. This columnist got exactly what he wanted, a rise from the Yankees fans. I’m a Yankees fan and I expected lots of these types of columns, and lo and behold, here they are. I even saw a column where Red Sox fans were getting on the Yankees, imagine Red Sox fans getting on anyone’s case. I guess the bigger upset is the Phils losing in the first round, with their pitching staff and all. All that being said, I hope Detroit can pull it off, that city could use a big boost about now.

  5. dabooch says:

    162 game season ruined by a bad at bats by; a roid, swisher, martin, tex did good for him one double, and a rbi walk.

  6. ace11 says:

    Coutinho: of all your brain dead columns…this one maked me laugh the hardest

    You have a 75 win team the next 3 years..and you laugh at the Yankees?

    Shows how dumb you really are

  7. Ray K says:

    Cover the Mets…what does that take…about 20 minutes a week?

  8. Ellen says:

    I’m a Red Sox fan myself, but was sorry to hear about the Yankee’s loss last night. I was really hoping they could have pulled it off. Oh well, there’s always next year.

  9. jack says:

    Get bent, Coutinho. As a Mets fan you’re already a certified loser. The Mets have been covered by 6 ft of earth for many years. Join ’em.

    1. brad says:

      Yanks choked last night dude, CHOKED!!!!

  10. Ian says:

    what’s there to cover? the Mets SUCK!!!!

    1. joe says:

      and the yanks what the hell did they just do blew it they suck also

      1. Ian says:

        it’s not over for the Mets Josephine, wait until your loser Reyes leaves town for more money in the next few weeks. LOL, LOL

        Not that he The Mets will be any different, they SUCKED BIG TIME with him and will without him.

        I can see Coutinho article on Reyes leaving, under many tears. ‘We have Tejada to play SS, he has the potential to be great like Reyes?

        Reyes was just OK, not even close to great.

        This is Coutinho way of trying to make the Mets bad season look good, but we all know better. Baseball returns every year. 2012 will be a new season for the Yankees, but 2012 will be another losing season for the Mets.

        Some things never change, right Josephine?

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