Earlier today, Antonio Pierce had some critical comments during an interview about his former Giants teammate Justin Tuck.

“To me, if you don’t have an injury that needs surgery or is that severe, you need to be out there,” Pierce said. “And I don’t really know and I don’t want to question guys, but if you’re one of the leaders on the team – which Brandon Jacobs and Justin Tuck are – and you say, ‘You know what? The Seattle Seahawks, maybe we don’t need to play this game’ and you miss out, that’s what’s going to bite you in the tail.”

Tuck’s response? “We’ve taken care of it.”

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And while Tuck said the controversy is “water under the bridge,” he also said there’s “no question” he let Pierce know his words were out of line.

“In a way he’s completely right. In another way he’s completely wrong,” Tuck told Mike Francesa on WFAN. “I’m the captain. I need to be on the football field. (But) I can’t be on it to help this football team right now.

“Maybe he should check his facts about what my injury is.”

Tuck also shot back that “I definitely remember him missing some football games”. In fact, Pierce missed some games and eventually ended his career with a neck injury, too. Tuck has said all along that Pierce’s injury – a herniated disc – was more serious.

But the reason Tuck is still on the sidelines is because he doesn’t want to end up with the same thing.

“Does it require surgery? Right now it doesn’t,” Tuck said. “But if I go out before I’m ready to go it could go down that road. That’s what we’re trying to avoid.”

Tuck added that “I definitely could make it worse.” In fact, he said he made things worse last Thursday when he tried to practice. “That was a setback” he said, and as a result he had to sit out another game.

“When I’m able to play and help this football team again, I’m going to be on the football field,” Tuck said, “regardless of if we’re playing the Christian Blind School.”

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