Some Business Owners Ramp Up Distaste For ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters

On Day Celebrities Show Up To Support Movement, Locals Blast Demonstraters

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Monday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said “Occupy Wall Street” protesters can stay and have their say as long as they’re law-abiding.

But also expressing themselves were the business owners around Zuccotti Park, who are angered over the impact of the Wall Street protests, reports CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

In his strongest comments since protesters began occupying lower Manhattan four weeks ago, Mayor Bloomberg made it clear demonstrators can continue to occupy New York City indefinitely, as long as they don’t break the law.

Photos: Wall Street Protests Continue

“The bottom line is people want to express themselves and as long as they obey the laws we’ll allow them to,” Bloomberg said early Monday.

But for some business owners, there’s nothing but outrage. They say the city’s stance on the protest means there is no end in sight to what has rapidly become a living nightmare, reports Brown.

“They want to take showers, want to wash up and use the toilet paper to dry up. It becomes … you gotta have one person assigned just to clean the bathrooms,” said Steve Zamfotis, manager of “Charley’s” restaurant.

Zamfotis, who runs a pizza shop directly across the street from Zuccotti Park, said he has to stand guard at the door — just to keep protesters out.

“They expect everything, everything for free, nothing to pay,” Zamfotis said.

Meanwhile, the protesters are starting to notice folks taking advantage of the demonstration by grabbing some of the free food and clothes that have been made available in Zuccotti Park.

“The tourists take all the food, and the hipsters take all the clothes,” said one demonstrator.

But other businesses are opening their doors — in a show of solidarity.

“Oh no problem. We let them use the bathroom because all the fancy places close the bathrooms for them. Yeah, we leave it open. It’s too much, but what are you gonna do? Everybody has right to use the bathrooms,” said Alfonso Alfi, manager of “Pronto Pizza.”

The private firm that owns Zuccotti Park said it hasn’t been able to clean the park since Sept. 16 and sanitary conditions have become unacceptable.

In a statement the firm said it is working with the city to restore the park to its intended use, but on Monday — from the mayor to the NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly — city brass said they can’t — and won’t — force a stop to this anytime soon.

“As long as people obey the law we’re not stepping in at all,” Kelly said.

Also Monday, a few celebrities stopped by Zuccotti Park to lend their support.

The Rev. Al Sharpton was scheduled to broadcast his nationally syndicated radio show “Keepin’ It Real” from Zuccotti Park on Monday.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks In Zuccotti Park

Media mogul Russell Simmons and actress Susan Sarandon visited the park on Monday. Sarandon told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks, “This is what democracy looks like … it’s great that anybody cares enough. I’m surprised people weren’t in the street a year ago. I think it’s fabulous.”

Also, a video on YouTube has surfaced showing Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” McMillan playing guitar and singing a song for the protesters.

In other protest news, a YouTube video, purportedly by the hacker collective known as “Anonymous,” threatened to wipe out the New York Stock Exchange website Monday. However, a message on a YouTube video suggests that the entirety of the the hacker collective does not support the attempt to disable the website. It says some factions of it are going to press forward with the effort.

A company that monitors website response times says The NYSE’s website was hobbled twice Monday, possibly the result of computer attacks.

A San Mateo-based company called Keynote Systems Inc. said the NYSE website experienced a one-minute outage around 3:30 p.m. Eastern, then a half-hour outage about two hours later.

NYSE spokesman Ray Pellecchia said an investigation by the stock exchange showed no disruptions to its website.

What do you make of the Occupy Wall Street protest? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. littlekittie says:

    These protesters think they are standing for something? Yes they are. Themselves and themselves only. They want it all handed to them. Oh boo hoo. They have student loans. They can’t find a job that pays 6 figures after college. And then there’s those people who lost their long time jobs, and can’t seem to understand they have to reinvent themselves to compete in TODAY’S world, not yesterday’s world.

    These have nots are jealous of those who have. This isn’t a new phenomenon, that’s for sure. Children fight over new toys. Pets fight over new toys. And these protesters are doing exactly the same thing. What is new is that these fake have nots show up at the protest carting along their iPads, iPhones, iPods, video cameras, digital cameras, the best laptops money can buy, while sporting designer clothing, expensive sunglasses…all the best stuff created by the great capitalists of our time, and all provided on daddy’s dime.

    Well, let the first big snowstorm hit the area, and all these losers will scurry back to the suburbs, living in their mommy and daddys’ basements where they will resume life spending countless hours firing up some killer weed, and playing games on their xboxes.

  2. Liberal Meatheads ! says:

    You want prosperity Liberals ? Then drill baby drill ! Let this country do what will be prosperous for all of us. Stop your crying for the enemies and breaking our balls. Let us win the war without using spears to do it. It would be cost effective. Let America breath. You liberals have cost America 15 trillion in debt ! You have put us in this position we’re in with your nonsense and your occupations since the 60’s. You’re all in your situations because of yourselves !

  3. Dan Mac says:

    Go to Europe you socialists. Our founding fathers would be appalled by how far our country has slid into an entitlement based society. Pathetic. Half of this “movement” are hippies and opportunistic drug dealers, a left fringe hollywood actors. “Oh it’s not our fault we’re poor and unemployed” – such a lame thing to think/say when you live the the greatest country in the world, and when the poor, every day, make a shining example of getting ahead and prospering when the government can just get the hell out of the way. To me, every person that goes to this #occupywallstreet event is an anti-american. No other way to explain it. Go to Europe. I hear Greece is nice this time of year.

  4. Darius says:

    these people call themselves “the 99”, but they are really the 10% of society that will ALWAYS want something for nothing

    1. Slim says:

      So what are you going to do about it? Nothing. Get off your lazy butt.

  5. gregbash says:

    Let them run their course. They will display, for all to see, what depraved, half-bright anarchists they are. This Country does not countenance such stupidity for very long. The backlash will be harsh and final.

  6. says:

    I wrote this song last year but with the “occupy urban parks” parties going on, I think it a little more relevant now. Enjoy.

  7. FrankoAmerican says:

    Arrest all the protesters and send them to FEMA Camps for a long stay. Feed them watered potato soup, then exterminate them.

  8. MHRobson says:

    I’m surprised that it took almost 4 weeks for there to be a story about how the flea baggers want something for free. I thought that was evident the first day they were out.

  9. deserttrek says:

    another reason I could give a rats behind about nyc. the mayor is a pompus jerk and could care less about civli behavior or the law. the people of nyc need to run the garbage out of their town.

  10. Liberal Meatheads ! says:

    What is it that these freaks want ???????? I haven’t understood yet. I still think they should be all drafted and examined and questioned as to where their loyalties lie ??? Maybe they need to retake their citizen pledge. I always thought America was Red White and Blue not just RED. To me [and I’m a poor man] they seem communist in nature. I’m 5th generation American and we never envied those you were better off and had more than us. So, Again I ask,[ What is it] they are asking for????? A free ride ?????? Take a long walk off a short pier. I will always stand be with the red, white and blue !

  11. sonny says:

    Welcome to western Europe. It is coming and it is not pretty. Mobs rule. The sense of entitlement is shocking. Public sector unions march with mobs.

    When private sector employees stand, they are the tea party. The tea party is right and just. The tea party creates and pays taxes. These moron marching or occupying cities create and pay nothing. Tell me, who would you rather have as your neighbor? Someone who earns and pays or someone who thinks they are entitled to something for nothing?

  12. Bluec says:

    I love it, the mob itself showcases the failings of liberalism and it’s quick spiral to chaos. Some work, most mooch. Some clean, but most litter. All shout, but no one listens.

    Why would anyone seek for or expect to find leadership in such a self serving bunch. This is nothing more then an amoeba, on top of a slime riding an ooze, under a parasitic film. Each feeding off of and exploiting its neighbor which ironically is what the mob claims big business is doing. Hypocrisy, how i do love thy reek.

  13. daisycutter222 says:

    At one time it was to gain a leg up by encouraging business to maintain a large and enthusiastic workforce by generously sharing the excess profit of labor. We then moved into organized demands, because there was nothing standing between those who created wealth and the actual “wealth”, or that which was coveted. Organized labor and business began to weaken each other. Then decades of weakening and antagonism followed. What the protesters are about is anybody’s guess, because right now, as with their non-existent work-ethic they have no solutions-only a pointless howl for that which they’ve never earned. If they manage to co-opt a few legitimate unemployed (as in former employed – not “never” employed citizens) it won’t be because they possessed a coherent message, but because so many have lost themselves in delusional class-warfare agitations – and really at the expense of their worth.

  14. rodmiller says:

    Would ANY Human Resources manager put his/her job on the line by recommending the hiring of any of the slobs and human pieces of garbage that I have seen on TV?

    These malcontents are their own worst enemy. Soros, the unions, the democrats, the communists and Obama are behind this … remember how the marching orders were given by Obama, Jimmy ‘Deadbeat” Hoffa and Michael “Uglyfatso’ Moore?

  15. Clayton Harper says:

    If the government was “off the businesses backs” like NYC off the protesters backs, capitalists would be OK. Want to save federal money and get things going close the EPA, OSHA, DoE, and DoAg to began with. Then a gov. hiring freeze.

  16. Curt Frantz says:

    Can we call this movement the “Starbucks Party”? How about the Bowel Movement?

  17. kelly's heroes says:

    bloomberg news reported the banker bailout amounted to $27 trillion. these people have the right idea,but wrong location-go to washington d.c.-they are the one’s that made wall st. the biggest welfare queens in history. there has been zero accountability for the financial crises. so play your left vs. right games,and yes the cold weather will disperse this crowd. but don’t falll for the ole’ divide and conquer. the left has to stop pretending they are che guevara-the right has to address and lead the clean up of the financial industry and get the fed under control.

  18. Daun says:

    It is best if all the businesses shut down and go home. Put up the security gates on the doors and windows. Call the police for protection, hire a lawyer to sue the city and the park owners for damages.

  19. Common Sense says:

    Tea Party rallys leave the area cleaner than they found it. The Libs leave it a pig sty (apologies to pigs).

  20. George says:

    I’ll bet anything that when these children finally get their stuff together enough to make a list of demands “A PONY” will show up on the list somewhere.

  21. Walt Mitchell says:

    –“As long as people obey the law we’re not stepping in at all,” Kelly said.–

    What about loitering? What about littering? Public nuisance? Vandalism? Air (smell) pollution? I could think of a thousand laws the listless hippies are violating.

    1. Slim says:

      Wake up, slave. Cops are doing nothing. Slobs making big money eating donuts.

  22. matt says:

    Susan Sarandon, no this is not what democracy looks like, you stupid cow. Democracy looks like people mobilizing the vote. IOW’s the Tea Party Movement. That is a movement that has produced change at the ballot box ie Democracy. the stuff we are seeing now is simply bums and losers taking a crap in public and people not showering. Not democracy, a pretend prelude to anarchy. Which is fine if that is how the left wants to play it, because righties believe in the 2nd amendment and we have the guns. So the protestors should be careful about what they wish for, in a society that breaks down it won’t be the righties looking for someone to save them from the maruading bands of thieves, it will be the gun hating lefties.

  23. Scarab says:

    Time to bring out the “Laughing Brigade”.

    everyone in the area of one of these infestations take a little time each day to go by and simply point and laugh…..idiots like this do NOT like ridicule!


  24. Kevin says:

    Occupy Wall Street, Thug Unions, Anarchists, general lazy welfare grubbers all uniting…. I love it. It is all refining for the “undecided” Americans, which side to stand on. Liberals have gotten away for so many years by hiding and disgusiing their real constituency… Unfortunately, now they are forming one big ball of toxic material and the Libbie minders and elites cannot stop the world from seeing just how disgusting the left really is… The left actually thinks that a majority of Americans will side with these losers?? Proves they don’t (and never did) have a clue… Thanks for being overly arrogant and overreaching one final time libs… 2012 clean sweep.

  25. Saltine says:

    Two word solution: Kent State.

    Just Kidding! ;0)

  26. jon doe says:

    if these protesters are honest they will admit that atleast half the problems are from the democrats…if you look at campaign donations from Wall street half or more is given to democrats. Actually probably more considering wall street is in new york.

    1. Kevin says:

      If they are honest, they would admit that ALL their problems are from themselves… That’s the whole “problem” with America right now. No personal responsibility (within oneself) and no societal consequences (get rid of safety nets) for those that chose to not accept self-responsibility. Our society has only gotten this disgusting way over the last 60 or so years… Give people something for nothing, handicap those that try to succeed, and make illogical backward policies like giving illegal immigrants more than citizens, and you see where we are….

  27. Chris TX says:

    DS in NY:

    The wealthiest 1% carries 38% of the federal income tax burden. THIRTY-EIGHT PERCENT. More than one third.

    1. Kevin says:

      But, Chris, doesn’t that mean they still have 62% more to give??? (yes, libs, sarcasm intended)….

  28. malcom says:

    aren’t these the ‘flea baggers’? LOL

  29. GracieZG says:

    Isn’t littering illegal?

  30. malcom says:

    how many of these hippie socialist nobama supporters are on welfare?

    1. Blank says:

      All of them

    2. Slim says:

      Half the country is drawing government benefits.

      Don’t forget to get your EBT card charged.

  31. Ghost of Ronald Reagan says:

    In other news, Al Sharpton and Congressman John Lewis AXED the protesters to change the name of the movement to “Okka-Pie Wall Street” so they would be better able to pronounce it. No word yet if the protest organizers will comply.

    1. patti says:

      I LOVE IT!!!!

      Wonder if anyone’s celebrating a BIRFDAY out there?

  32. Mitch says:

    Obama and the DNC is clearly behind this. Just distract the people from the fact that King Obama, the JV man-child “president” is doing a real $.hitty job.
    They are going to try to drag this out and then really ratchet things up closer to the next election so Obama the King of Fools can suspend elections and just declare himself King of the USA. What an absolute prick he is. I despise that man like nobody else.

  33. Blonde Ambition says:

    Susan Sarandon: the worst hypocrite imagineable. Hiding behind tax lawyers and on private jets while egging on marxists. What a joke.

    1. Slim says:

      So that’s what Mitt Romney does. And every other piece of political crap.

  34. Jim from Boston says:

    “Mayor Bloomberg made it clear demonstrators can continue to occupy New York City indefinitely, as long as they don’t break the law.”

    Bloomberg is an idiot. If the protesters are obeying the law it’s not up to him whether they stay or go. If they are not obeying the law he should have moved against them on day 3.

    What makes him think he is the one who decides who stays and who goes? What was his stand vs the Tea Party protests? Did he make them get permits? Did he make the Occupy Wall Street nitwits get permits?

  35. eat_yo_peas says:

    If the protestors let Sharpton profit from them by broadcasting from the park they are freaking idiots.

    Tell Sharpton to kiss your asses.

  36. Mtb Walt says:

    It’s kind of ironic that protesters are demanding money that they do not intend to work for, but at the same time decry others as greedy.

    I guess the people who were smart enough to recognize that bad economic conditions and burgeoning debt are predominantly due to government expansion and associated crony capitalism joined the Tea Party. Those who sense something is wrong but have no idea what or why just hang out in the park and demand money.

    Herman Cain may not like these complainers, but his 9-9-9 plan is an antidote to the crony capitalism and tax loopholes that these “protesters” supposedly dislike.

  37. Justin Puker says:

    I guess Obama’s chickens have come home to roost. Better there than here, NY deserves them.

  38. Blonde Ambition says:

    These “protesters” are nothing more than lazy punks, and marxists.

  39. Mitchell Zup says:

    Maybe the mayor knows that it will soon get too cold at night for them to continue. So? Let them freeze and leave.

  40. Scott says:


    1. Mitchell Zup says:

      That’s perfect!!! LOL!

  41. blacknblue2 says:

    How much money did Susan and Russell give the protestors? These protestors may see that there is a problem but their anger is mis-directed. It should be directed toward the elite politicians that have been in Washington but that would mean looking at the true problem. It is easier to just use emotion and not facts.

    They are wide eyed pawns being used by anti-capitalist. The odd thing is a lot of the protestors are carrying expensive communication devices that capitalism gave them the ability to own. Poor tribes in Africa that govern with Socialism don’t own such devices.

    So yep, they are the useful idiots.

  42. Lars LaRue says:

    What is the difference between the “Occupy Wall St.” crowd and a fresh pile of steaming, stinky, stomach-turning dog turds? Nothing, except one’s origin was really organic.

  43. Mitchell Zup says:

    They are all unemployed. How does that make them the 99%? Only 1% is employed? Their reasoning ability is indicative as to why they can not find work.

  44. astralweeks says:

    Well, I hope you business owners remember that your nanny, I mean mayor, invited them to stay indefinitely when he’s up for election again. Vote that idiot out.

  45. RickyRich says:

    Ha! The hypocricy! When the Tea Party was “protesting’ in D.C., Republicans loved it…supported it…cheered it! What you fools who are attacking these protesters don’t realize is that you’ve been taken! You’re not rich. You’re nothing. You think Republicans or the Rich care about you? NO! They mock you! How do I know? Because I am a rich Republican and we laugh at how you working class fools defend us. Idiots! LMAO!!!

    1. astralweeks says:

      Shhhh, your Mommy is about to tell you to be quiet down there in the basement.

    2. Blonde Ambition says:

      You are morally bankrupt, we know that for sure. Now hush up in the basement before your Mommy gets mad.

    3. Jim from Boston says:

      At least the Tea Party takes out permits, cleans up after themselves, and then goes home. These pukes come in without permits, overstay their welcome, and just wait to see the mess they make (and leave) before they mercifully go back to their parents homes.

  46. dave says:

    This is the new face of the democratic party, I know Nancy and Harry are so proud of their offspring. They hate capitalism but what do they want to replace it with…. socialism?? I guess everybody will then be equal…..equally miserable.

  47. Hiheels says:

    Hey I heard that little cobra escaped from the zoo again. LMAO in a city known for its filth, the rats must be like yeah stay awhile longer. He wants you all to stay because you are attracting all the bed bugs out of the buildings to fiest on your sleeping butt in the street.. oh yeah lmao. is it worth it, the public is seeing the same group of slobs that showed up in Wisconsin. You wont win until the republican recovery begins 1/20/13. 1/20/13 the end of an error.

  48. DS in NY says:

    So aside from a few honest, hard-working family types, no one with an anti-protest view has anything intelligent to say? Fine.
    So how do you suggest they close the deficit? if you’re making $50K a year and you pay 10% tax (obviously I’m pulling numbers out of the air) it’s okay for someone making $1 million to pay only 5%?

    1. Don says:

      I suggest you’re pulling numbers from somewhere other than the air, dolt.

  49. George Buckner says:

    Is this a great country or what? All citizens (and illegals) have the absolute right to make complete fools of themselves. I’ve said if for years and these demonstrations prove my point.

  50. Dee LeBlond says:

    Are there no laws in NY against indecent exposure and loitering? If these were a large group of conservatives everyone of them would be arrested by now and Bloomberg would be calling a bunch of racist inciting violence.

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