Some Business Owners Ramp Up Distaste For ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters

On Day Celebrities Show Up To Support Movement, Locals Blast Demonstraters

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Monday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said “Occupy Wall Street” protesters can stay and have their say as long as they’re law-abiding.

But also expressing themselves were the business owners around Zuccotti Park, who are angered over the impact of the Wall Street protests, reports CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

In his strongest comments since protesters began occupying lower Manhattan four weeks ago, Mayor Bloomberg made it clear demonstrators can continue to occupy New York City indefinitely, as long as they don’t break the law.

Photos: Wall Street Protests Continue

“The bottom line is people want to express themselves and as long as they obey the laws we’ll allow them to,” Bloomberg said early Monday.

But for some business owners, there’s nothing but outrage. They say the city’s stance on the protest means there is no end in sight to what has rapidly become a living nightmare, reports Brown.

“They want to take showers, want to wash up and use the toilet paper to dry up. It becomes … you gotta have one person assigned just to clean the bathrooms,” said Steve Zamfotis, manager of “Charley’s” restaurant.

Zamfotis, who runs a pizza shop directly across the street from Zuccotti Park, said he has to stand guard at the door — just to keep protesters out.

“They expect everything, everything for free, nothing to pay,” Zamfotis said.

Meanwhile, the protesters are starting to notice folks taking advantage of the demonstration by grabbing some of the free food and clothes that have been made available in Zuccotti Park.

“The tourists take all the food, and the hipsters take all the clothes,” said one demonstrator.

But other businesses are opening their doors — in a show of solidarity.

“Oh no problem. We let them use the bathroom because all the fancy places close the bathrooms for them. Yeah, we leave it open. It’s too much, but what are you gonna do? Everybody has right to use the bathrooms,” said Alfonso Alfi, manager of “Pronto Pizza.”

The private firm that owns Zuccotti Park said it hasn’t been able to clean the park since Sept. 16 and sanitary conditions have become unacceptable.

In a statement the firm said it is working with the city to restore the park to its intended use, but on Monday — from the mayor to the NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly — city brass said they can’t — and won’t — force a stop to this anytime soon.

“As long as people obey the law we’re not stepping in at all,” Kelly said.

Also Monday, a few celebrities stopped by Zuccotti Park to lend their support.

The Rev. Al Sharpton was scheduled to broadcast his nationally syndicated radio show “Keepin’ It Real” from Zuccotti Park on Monday.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks In Zuccotti Park

Media mogul Russell Simmons and actress Susan Sarandon visited the park on Monday. Sarandon told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks, “This is what democracy looks like … it’s great that anybody cares enough. I’m surprised people weren’t in the street a year ago. I think it’s fabulous.”

Also, a video on YouTube has surfaced showing Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” McMillan playing guitar and singing a song for the protesters.

In other protest news, a YouTube video, purportedly by the hacker collective known as “Anonymous,” threatened to wipe out the New York Stock Exchange website Monday. However, a message on a YouTube video suggests that the entirety of the the hacker collective does not support the attempt to disable the website. It says some factions of it are going to press forward with the effort.

A company that monitors website response times says The NYSE’s website was hobbled twice Monday, possibly the result of computer attacks.

A San Mateo-based company called Keynote Systems Inc. said the NYSE website experienced a one-minute outage around 3:30 p.m. Eastern, then a half-hour outage about two hours later.

NYSE spokesman Ray Pellecchia said an investigation by the stock exchange showed no disruptions to its website.

What do you make of the Occupy Wall Street protest? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. NoBama says:

    I understand that there are ads for these paid props/protesters on Craigslist.

    1. wcp says:

      Commies !

  2. Rico says:

    “Protesters don’t want to pay for anything?” That’s their message, isn’t it?

    Free everything, plenty of weed, sleep in late.

  3. keith says:

    Its one thing to protest peacefully, but its another thing when people want stuff for free or go as far as trying to storm a building, such as in DC. People thing that they have all these rights to do as they wish at a protest…..they fail to realize you get further when you don’t take advantage of the laws and private property

  4. Megamimi says:

    Ms. Sarandon came to see the cute little demonstrators….how nice. Did she also invite them to her snazzy digs in New York? Offer them food? Invite them home to share her wealth? Probably not….she came to be seen, I bet.

  5. Jim Harrington Sr says:

    Take the rent-a-hispanic-slaves out of the picture and it looks whiter than teh MSNBC Primetime line-up!

  6. no_won_yuno says:

    I would protest except I have 3 jobs to go to, one full time and 2 part time. There are jobs out there if you want them, they are not CEO jobs, but they will put some money in your pocket. These folks at OWS want a 6 figure pay for painting, writing poetry, drum circle solos, and following Phish around, You know equal pay for doing stuff that is good for the world.

  7. derfel cadarn says:

    I applaude Americans using their rights,but it is “Wall Street`s”connections with our political “leaders” that is the true cause of the problem. Your government has sold you out for their own greed. Why isn`t the government taking any heat in this? It will be nearly impossible to continue the existence of America without business financiers but it would be easily possible to do it without government. The whiners at OWS do not want FREEDOM and LIBERTY they want a dictatorship to give them a free ride. The ONLY thing governments are good at is DEATH and they inflate the cost of it then pass it on to you. The expressed goals of these misbegotten fools are unrealistic and will only lead to tragedy and death.

    1. MikeC711 says:

      Agree 100%. Freedom and Liberty give one access to the fruits of their own labor and the results of one’s own risks. There is no room for “I am owed this” in freedom and Liberty … and that is the OWS message. Corporatism is also a dangerous item where gov’t chooses winners and losers instead of the free market. These folks want nothing to do with a free market because they don’t want to be paid what they’re worth.

  8. Fedup with Whiners says:

    I have to agree with Herman Cain when he told the protesters that they are the reason they are not rich or employed. A year and a half ago I was laid off without the hope of being rehired. Since I have paid into unemployment insurance system since I was 14 I had no problem using the benefits. After trying to land a job for months, I noticed an opportunity for a small business which I started.

    Today I am working six days a week and making well into the six figure range by doing what most people don’t want to do, can’t do or feel is beneath them. So go ahead and whine to the world how bad you think your life is you bunch of spoiled useful idiots and God help us if you get your way.

    1. MikeC711 says:

      The difference between you and them is that you feel you get what you earn, and they feel that they deserve the best w/out working for it. You believe a person benefits from the fruit of their labors and they feel that they are owed the best. If you train in a field that has no jobs, you will reTrain, if they train in a field that has no jobs, they will expect jobs to be created by Emperor Obama. I know every generation thinks the one after it is the end of the world … but this one really looks like they qualify.

  9. Sigmonde says:

    Now these mobs are encircling and intimidating the private residences of “wealthy” homeowners.. No sign of them showing up at Susan Sarandon’s home (or other “wealthy” liberal’s homes), however. When will they show up at wealthy ASl Gore’s residence?

  10. mongo5 says:

    Thankfully I’m still employed and go to work every day. When I look at the videos of the protesters, clearly most are under 30 and out of work–the rest just out of work and angry (there are very few jobs out there).

    To the younger people I say this: Our educational system failed you. The time when a smart person with a liberal arts degree could be hired in a starting position at a major company passed in the mid-90’s. Today, you need specialized skills–specifically computer skills–to get your foot in the door. In fact, you now need a specialized major (physical therapy, etc.) if you want to have any employment prospects when you graduate. But nobody told you this, so you don’t know and most of you refuse to believe it.

    To the older people who lost their jobs due to downsizing I say this: blame Congress. They’ve passed one stupid, impractical law after another over the past 20 years. They’re fiscally irresponsible with the bulk of the tax revenue they receive. Over the past decade we’ve created hundreds of thousands of new government jobs that are funded exclusively by tax dollars supplied by the private sector (e.g. new regulatory agencies, etc.). It’s an evil cycle. The regulator must prove his/her worth by inventing new regulations, which further hampers the businesses/people in the private sector that must generate taxes to feed the regulators.

    You can try to balme Wall Street, but it’s no different today than it’s ever been. It’s a marketplace for financial trades/deals. If you own stock in company X, you want the stock to go up or pay a dividend (so your money grows over time). So do major investors. That’s why companies feel the heat for quarterly earnings improvements and will shed employees in their quest to keep their stockholders. Of course, this is unsustainable as well.

    We need new leadership, less government and an educational system that teaches what to expect in the real world.

  11. Jerry Stroud says:

    Wow, I’m really surprised by the “Gimmee,Gimme”atitude of the protesters. (NOT!) This is the March of the Moochers!! Socialists in hippy clothing.

  12. Robert Courtney says:

    All I have to say is this.
    This kind of mob comes into my community, they will never see their mommie’s basements, again.
    Too many places to bury “stuff” around here.
    Terrorize MY family with your insanity, and I will be part of that retribution.
    I guarantee it.

  13. John USA says:

    The Socialist Puppet Masters pulling the strings of the usefull idiots!!!!

  14. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    It’s the Federal Reserve stupid. It’s a private banking cartel that creates money out of nothing and then lends it back to US at interest. Does anyone with 2 braincells left, on both sides, not know this?

    The Fed is the problem. Printing trillions to fund wars, the fascist police state and funding the worthless degenerate programs that enslave the masses.

    1. wcp says:

      We were on the gold standard, it’s thanks to the libs and opec that this exists since Nixon had no choice but to float the dollar. With the lib anti war protests..

  15. Geo the Plumber says:

    Hmmmm….what do we have here in Z. Park? Anarchists for Big Government?

  16. lee says:

    Just a bunch of the “me” children. Parents have given them all they want and when grown and out of the house they expect the government to be monmy and daddy. Get a job.

  17. abbey says:

    You voted for Commies, New Yorkers…Now you are finding out what Communism is all about.

  18. abbey says:

    OK New Yorkers, who did you vote for in the last elections???? You got what you deserve!! Maybe you will be a little smarter casting your vote next time. When you have crooks like Charlie Rangle, et al you’ve gotta expect what you are getting. They are Communists.

  19. Ernaldo T says:

    This mob is making a statement alright, but surely demonstrates the need for resuming the practice of eugenics. Spay or neuter them all……

  20. Clubuhlib says:

    Go home and let some people do some work. Some of us have taxes to pay.

  21. Zak Sai says:

    There might be grievances worth looking into, but allowing Bosheviks to sleep over should be illegal. The Mayor is wrong to encourage these hoodlums to occupy Wall Street and hurt the tourism industry. Many will hurt as a result of this including the city, as fewer and fewer tourists will come to New York. Let these folks head to DC and sleep on the door steps of Capitol Hill and White house where policies are made.

  22. wcp says:

    Don’t these babies have a home or somewhere else to be? Are they homeless? Go home and take a cold shower. Let some people do some work, there are taxes to be paid. Get out of our way and [move]. Talk about your anchors. Go home and read a book or something.

  23. gb says:

    I just can’t wait until one of the left liberal democrats socialist loony sporting this bs will break out and start reading out loud Karl Marx Communist Manifesto. Losers. You are poor and unemployed because of your own stupidity. Liberal arts education worth NOTHING in the real world. There are thousand, no millions with this kind of bs degrees. The smarter once switch to something useful fast. The rest wallow in their liberal sorrows and look for scape goats among the productive, risk taking, forward thinking and hard working citizens. And sure they have a great example in their esteemed lieder Barrak Hussein Obama who have not managed a thing in his life but thanks to the stupidity and ignorance of the very same protesters is screwing our country. Now that they got screwed they are crying fool but still, idiots, barking at the tree of capitalism that steel feeds them and allows them to pollute the streets of our cities and lives of working people. Not at the poisonous flowers of hope and change that destroy them. Go home. Wash your dirty behinds. Put on a clean pair of pants and try to earn a honest living rather then demand goods, comforts and services that you did not earn and therefor do not deserve to be given to you.
    Who knows perhaps one of you can be the next Steve Jobs if you channel your energy in the right direction.

  24. Jim says:

    The biz owners should not allow those characters to use their restroom facilities. Those shops are privately owned, and THEY’RE the bosses. If those people need to wash up or take a dump—then go back to your own homes and use what’s there. Can’t have it both ways. Sheesh…..

  25. Craven Poll says:

    Bunch of lazy white trash, they should try this at the white crib and see how obama likes it then. What a bunch of morons.

  26. Freon Mcgiggles says:

    Start charging 50 cents for the bathroom use. It’s that way in Europe and noone complains about it. At least they’d make a little extra for the effort of cleaning up so frequently.

  27. Gordon Campbell says:

    It’s mahogany shampoo time.

  28. Kevin Bloomenthal says:

    Time to bring this country down.

    1. Gordon Campbell says:

      Said a thong wearing wanker in his mommies basement.

    2. abbey says:

      Nothing worse than a New York Jew. You have no scruples and no allegiance to your own people. No wonder Muslims hate you. And the ONLY reason you are even in existence is because of Christians.

      1. wcp says:

        Does Jewish Jesus and Mary know this to be a fact? Just curious.

  29. Larry Mason says:

    Babbling airheads are very amusing…until they become merely tiresome. I have been listening to and reading comments on tv and online for the entirety of this silliness and there has not been two coherent sentences offered by one of these fools.

  30. Working Class Poor says:

    How come Bloomberg doesn’t give them a couple of billion or so. He doesn’t seem to mind them as long as there not in front of his castle? Give them some of your big bucks O king O mine ! I never voted for you and I still don’t understand who did ? You are the worst mayor we have ever had. Turned Manhattan into a looney park.

  31. calhoun211 says:

    What I see here and read here are libatards on parade.

  32. Rodney says:

    Club them like seals

    1. wcp says:

      LOL ! I personally would never club a seal unless I had too. But a lib mmmmaybe 🙂

  33. Working Class Poor says:

    I have to go to work for a living tomorrow in the Wall Street area. If one gets in my way, I’m going to pepper spray em. <<<<<< It will make the news at 6 or live at 5 or whatever the liberals call their brain wash. Out of my way liberals <<<<<<<< spray spray <<<<<<<<

    1. Jim says:

      I don’t blame ya. I’d do the same if someone prevented me from making a living.

  34. johngd says:

    What irony. The protesters are noticing folks taking food and clothing from the park. Are they not protesting because they feel entitled to the “rich” providing for them?

  35. foreman says:

    Probably wherever
    they came from
    is better off
    without them.
    Let them
    It’s a free country.


    1. wcp says:

      O.K. we’ll set them up in front of [your] house.

  36. Rolco says:

    They’re out of work because look at them, I wouldn’t hire them either. Not now, not ever.

  37. Karen Gee says:

    Iphone in one hand, Starbucks coffee in the other, all while they shout for the demise of capitalism. LOL Idiots.

  38. Patrick O'Shaunessy says:

    It’s hilarious that Pelosi thinks these are real demonstrations and the Tea Party is Astro-Turf. That woman is delusional and these clowns are here constituants. These spoiled gimme pigs are the future of this country, I weep for America.

  39. Christopher Winkler says:

    What’s really disgusting is they are running ads on Craigs list for grass root organizers to protest. Most of these people are paid to do this. Time to wash the filthy flea baggers off the streets.

    1. calhoun211 says:

      They are offering $600.00 a week. Any one who takes the offer is a dirty capitalist.

  40. Smashicus says:

    If you’re going to have a protest, it would be most useful to know exactly what it is you’re protesting. Personally I think whoever it was that gave out all those stupid bad loans and whoever it was that overrated all those crappy fiduciary instruments to sell should have their rear end in a sling. If there were any politicians pressuring banks to give out bad loans then they should be punished too.

  41. irishsmile says:

    So Susan Sarandon believes this’is what a democracy looks like’. Sarandon’s democracy is apparently a vision of garbage, drugs, condoms and filth. To each his/her own. Personally, I like America clean.

  42. Old Man WW2 Vet ! says:

    Don’t these people have a home or somewhere to be? Are they homeless? Or just commie? Shouldn’t these babies be studying and learning? So they can try to pay back loans they took, that they couldn’t afford to begin with. There was a time when it was considered criminal to take a loan and not pay it back. You were put in jail for it. Why are they trying to teach and preach and haven’t yet finished their studies? Go home or back to your stables. You need a good bath and a bed to sleep in, so you can pay back what you’ve robbed.

  43. Mjamby says:

    “Trash Bagger Party”!

  44. Alex says:

    “Anonymous,” threatened to wipe out the New York Stock Exchange website Monday.

    National security alert.

    That could interfere with the World Serious.

  45. Alex says:

    They’re squatting on Wall Street laughing at you.

    Are you going to let them get away with that? They’re making the country look bad. The world is laughing at US.

    Show some pride. Get your baseball bat and get down there.

  46. Alex says:

    Billionaire Bloomberg is kissing their butt.

  47. Bluec says:

    Bloomberg is brilliant. Who else thought to build a shantytown on Wall St. And with the Hobos so close Wall St folks can be forced to take one to work with them. No rent housing AND a jobs program all wrapped into one, It’s almost Limbaugh genius.

    All joking aside i have a question. Does Bloomberg have an exit strategy or has he ceded downtown to the mob?

  48. pilgrimswalk says:

    Fast forward to minute 5:11 of this video to see into the mind of the typical progressive Flea Party member:

    Paint a little mustache on this Flea Party leader and…voila…the American son of Adolph, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, PolPot, supporter of Obama, who supports him and his cause, Entitlement and Student Loan Justice!

  49. Bob says:

    Dirty hippies doing what dirty hippies do.

  50. blank says:

    Love it, let these liberal cities destroy themselves. Then the civil and productive parts of society can live in peace.

    Go smelly hippies go!


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