Tony’s Table: Costoletta Alla Milanese


Costoletta Alla Milanese

1 Costoletta Alla Milanese

1 Rack of Veal

1 Cup bread sticks (crushed)

1 egg (beaten)

Little flour

¼ Cup oil extra virgin

Red wine vinegar

Tea spoon butter


Cherry tomato

1 Teaspoon Butter


Pound each rack of veal, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle lightly the flour.

Place veal in beaten egg. Place the veal in the bread stick and press on both side.

In a fry pan place the oil, make hot, place the veal, make gold on each side.

Place on towel to absorb excess grease. Season with salt and pepper and a teaspoon of oil and red wine vinegar.

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One Comment

  1. Tess Faulker says:

    Veal should be outlawed. It’s the most barbaric, disturbing practice yet here it is posing as a recipe. CBS should do a segment on how this came to be veal…that would be educational for everyone and then they could take this stupid recipe down.

  2. Patty Shenker says:

    Veal isn’t a meal; he’s a baby animal! How sad that you are so backward and unenlightened to still be pushing veal! Julia Childs finally visited a veal farm, at the urging of author John Robbins. She looked around at all the confined baby calves, looked back at John & asked- “Are they all like this?” to which he replied yes. She never cooked or ate veal again. How about seeing a veal farm for yourself? You just may come away as disgusted as Ms. Chef herself! At least, you should!

  3. Kristina Bowman says:

    One would think that with so much information & proof that such horrific cruelty is involved with veal, that people would actually evolve and refuse to serve and/or eat it at all. I am disgusted that your show would downright promote such torture!

  4. kathleen gahles says:

    I haven’t eaten veal in probably 40 years or so and won’t do it now!

  5. Georgette Madak says:

    If CBS believes in comprehensive news coverage, perhaps you will provide a segment on the torturous existence of veal calves – imprisoned in tiny pens that don’t even allow them to turn around or lie down.

  6. Gail Madak says:

    Eating veal is barbaric. The baby animals are horribly abused. Like foie gras and fur, veal should be banned. Featuring veal on Tony’s Table is unconscionable.

  7. Gerie Madak says:

    I cannot believe you are promoting a veal recipe. I turned the channel immediately and may stop watching entirely. Surely you must know that the production of veal involves the torture of innocent animals. I am so very disappointed.

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