Benigno’s Best: Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers 5-0 (1)

They spotted the Falcons 14 points on the road and came back to score the next 25. Will this team ever lose a game?

Next: vs. Rams

2. Detroit Lions 5-0 (2)

Nine straight wins. For the first time since 1956, Detroit opens the season 5-0. Bobby Layne was the quarterback then. Hot times in Motown with the Lions roaring and the Tigers in the ALCS.

Next: vs. 49ers

3. New Orleans Saints 4-1 (3)

Drew Brees to Pierre Thomas with 50 seconds left as the Saints get by the Panthers. There are some concerns defensively, but this team can score. A showdown with the Bucs is looming.

Next: @ Bucs

4. Baltimore Ravens 3-1 (4)

The Ravens enjoyed the bye week after their butt kicking of the Jets. A banged up Texans team is next on menu for football’s fiercest defense.

Next: vs. Texans

5. New England Patriots 4-1 (5)

The Patriots gained revenge for last year’s playoff debacle in their beating of the archrival Jets in Foxboro. The defense is still shaky, but it looks like the Pats have discovered the running game in wins over the Raiders and Jets.

Next: vs. Cowboys

6. Buffalo Bills 4-1 (10)

Buffalo’s offense gets the headlines but their defense has been stellar. They lead the NFL in interceptions with 12, including four off of Michael Vick in beating of Philly Dream Team.

Next: @ Giants

7. Washington Redskins 3-1 (7)

No one thought these guys would be leading the NFC East at this point. They got to sit back on their bye week watching division rivals Giants and Eagles lose. They can all but bury Philly with a win this week.

Next: vs. Eagles

8. San Francisco 49ers 4-1 (unranked)

Have all but clinched the NFC west after Week 5. Has Alex Smith finally found himself under first year coach Jim Harbaugh? It will be a huge test this week at Detroit versus undefeated Lions. The Niners are one OT loss against the Cowboys away from being undefeated themselves.

Next: @ Lions

9. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-2 (unranked)

Keep hearing how old and banged up they are. Sure looked frisky in beat down of the Titans in Pittsburgh. A hurting Big Ben tied the franchise record with 5 TD passes. Never go to sleep on this team.

Next: vs Jaguars

10. San Diego Chargers 4-1 (unranked)

Can’t get too excited by these guys as their four wins have been against the Vikings, Chiefs, Dolphins and Broncos with a combined record of 4-15. Still they’re winning. Give them their do.

Next: BYE

Closing in: Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals

What’s your Top 10 look like? Fire away in the comments below…


One Comment

  1. jim griffin says:

    where the JETS????? they’re only 17 plays away from being 5-0. the refs are screwing them case in point the fumble in new england should have Jets ball but NO!!!!!!!!!! tom terrific gets another questionable call go his way. wait till they come to ny jets 35 ne 13 let’s go jets jets jets

    1. G$ says:

      Sorry buddy but the call was right, he was down, then touched, then the ball came out. I called it during the replays and knew it was going to go NE’s way. And I am no way a Patriot fan. Jets looked horrible against the Dolphins this week and were just lucky that Miami is that bad, even my friends that are die hard jet fans addmitted that.
      Giants beat the #6 Bills and should be on there now.
      Skins? ehh, they’ve looked ok so far but towards the end of the season they’ll be fighting not to be in the cellar.

  2. Darryl M. De Marzio says:

    Though I wouldn’t say he is the best QB in the division by any means, Grossman is certainly playing as well as any of them (which still isn’t saying much). The Redskins are in a good position–they have a unified team with veteran leadership everywhere–which really can’t be said for the other teams; they have a proven coach who’s message has not become stale (re: Andy Reid); and they have a fanbase that has a calm, wait and see approach with their team–in other words, very little pressure yet on these guys. And, the schedule breaks easiest for Washington, unlike the Giants. Joe is right. The Skins are primed to win this wide open division.

    1. Robert says:

      agree with everything you said except for the fanbase. I lived in DC/VA for 12 years and they are still living in the glory days of Joe Gibbs and the 80s/90s. This fanbase is as passionate and impatient as any fanbase. As soon as the skins string together a few wins in a row, the playoff and Super Bowl talk starts. It has literally taken over a decade of consistent losing for Skins fans to simmer down with their expectations, and even then they are still irrational.

      1. Darryl M. De Marzio says:

        In the end, I agree with what you say. It just seemed to me that the expectations for this year were tempered relative to past years. Perhaps that was due to rebuilding through the draft, and modest FA signings, rather than the huge off-season splash. I guess now with the 3-1 start and the realization that the division is actually there for the taking, we will see the heat pick up. Grossman will be the main target. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Beck at same point, even if the Redskins are still in the hunt

  3. Michael Morris says:

    saints should be #2…1 loss to the packers in their building

  4. will rush says:

    i agree with everything but the redskins joe. rex is still their quarterback and sooner or later the shoe will drop

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