Barbara Sheehan To Remain Behind Bars After Surrendering On Gun Charge

Son, Daughter Tell CBS 2 Their Mother Is A Hero For What She Did

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Queens woman who was acquitted of murdering her husband is behind bars after surrendering Wednesday morning, six days after a jury convicted her of a weapons charge.

AUDIO EXTRA: 911 Call In Sheehan Case

Barbara Sheehan, 50, will stay in jail for now after the judge reserved a decision on her release request. He will give the prosecution a chance to respond by Monday, 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reported.

Sheehan’s lawyers wanted an Appellate Court judge in Brooklyn to let her out on bail until her formal sentencing — which is scheduled for Nov. 10.  However, the judges deferred the decision to next Friday.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports Sheehan was sent to Rikers Island

Sheehan was teary-eyed as she arrived at court Wednesday with her daughter, Jennifer Joyce.  She tried talking to one or two reporters, but when a swarm of cameras moved in, it was too much and her family and friends formed a protective barrier around her.

“I have absolutely nothing to say right now,” Sheehan told reporters.

Joyce cried out in court as her mother was led away in handcuffs. On Wednesday night a more composed Joyce told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez, “I just told her I loved her, and with all hope she’ll be out later tonight. It’s just very confusing, the verdict, because she was defending herself and she shouldn’t have to be in jail.”

Her brother, Ray Sheehan, was even more adamant. As far as he’s concerned, his mother should be honored, not incarcerated.

“I’m very scared for her. I’m scared for what she has to go through and I’m worried about her … that she’s in there right now,” Ray Sheehan told Sanchez.

“She saved my life and she saved her own. Because my father was a monster and what she did … I believe he would have killed her and he probably would have killed us, me and my sister as well.  I seen everything that she went through.  I know what she went through and I know she’s my hero for what she did.”

Vincent Sheehan, twin brother of Raymond Sheehan, the husband Barbara Sheehan killed, was also in the courtroom.

“I believe that the original verdict was not supported by the evidence and that she got away with murder,” he told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Sheehan testified she acted in self-defense when she shot her husband 11 times using two guns — a revolver and Glock — in their Howard Beach home in 2008.

A jury found the shooting was justified because Sheehan’s husband, a retired police sergeant, was abusive and had threatened to kill her.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell: She Was Popping Pills As She Surrendered

The jury convicted Sheehan on one charge of criminal possession of a weapon for picking up and using the Glock; apparently agreeing with Sheehan’s claim she fired the first gun in self-defense.

She faces up to 15 years in prison.

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One Comment

  1. Michael Schoen says:


  2. money says:

    set her sexy ass free

  3. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

    Her fat ass is getting off easier than what she should have had coming to her for cold blooded murder! Women always crying how bad they have it! So dummy…why the hell would u stay in an abusive relationship for 20 years? It would have been easier to call the cops, having him arrested for spousal battery and get out of that house and file for divorce. And we can’t assume the husband was just a hardcore abuser with no motivation. Women these days think they are tough as men. So I can already hear and see her stepping up to her husband nagging like a fat b!tch!!!!


    She should be sentenced to 20 years. Why is she crying?

  5. iggy says:

    plaxico burress did 2 years and he only shot himself. she should do as much.

  6. paul says:

    Oh God! this is so stupid!

    How could anyone be convicted of a crime for picking up a gun and defending them-sel?.

    1. Dan Te says:

      Who would imagine the most dangerous criminal this retired police officer would ever face is his wife…

    2. BeenThereDoneThat says:

      she used a second gun when he was already shot 5 times. It was excessive in the jury eyes. defense is one thing, but going “Dirty harry ” is another or how much is considered “self Defense”

    3. Nancy says:

      If she was as afraid of the refrigerator, as she was of the shaving cream, she wouldn’t be the murdering slob she is today. She had options, and many many options. She choose option #1, put 11 bullets into my husbands back as he shaves. If you don’t think there is something wrong with that then you have a strange outlook about what society should be.

  7. Mrs. I. Understand says:

    My husband is a high official, if HE EVEN THOUGHT OF ABUSING ME PHYSICALLY and I picked up the telephone ONCE and called 911, EVERY MEDIA TRUCK WOULD BE PITCHED OUTSIDE. She tried to protect him, he was the bread winner, she loved her home, her family, but shielded the truth from the outsiders to cover his abusive tail. At the end of the day we can all come and past judgement and voice our opinions but we will never know what she and her children went through for 20 years in that house. Unless your neighbor is a flat-out drunk who paraded up and down the street, you would not know. Unless Sally had men coming in- and- out, you would not know she was a hooker.If Jeffs’ wife Linda was a dominatrix, we would not know unless she paraded outdoors in her leather and chains…..WE WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

    1. Paul says:

      Your husband being a high official is irrelevant. Any women can call 911 and claim actual or false violence and the man is taken away by the police. Never to return in most cases, once the lawyers and court system are done destroying what might be left of a family. It doesn’t matter what goes on behind closed doors. What matters is, she murdered him. And that is what this is about.

      1. Heather says:

        @ Paul, no as a matter of fact it is not about murder, she was cleared of that charge. It’s about a woman suffering abuse at the hands of her Police Officer husband for more than 20 years. She had no leg to stand on up against the dept and their blue wall of silence. She knew whole-heartedly that if she attempted to make one call-cry of abuse it would open Pandora’s box. She protected him, his job, his “reputation”, his family and the fact of splitting up.

        1. Paul says:

          @ Heather. I don’t buy it heather, I’m sorry. While I see your point and those are very strong reasons, there is no pardon for killing a person. Her mistake was also protecting him (which selfishly was protecting herself from income, pension, benefits and reputation that was really false). She made a lot of mistakes leading up to the murder. I don;t care if she was acquitted becuase a jury bought into her story. She had no right to play judge, jury and executioner with a persons life becuase of her own weakness and poor life decisions.

  8. nypj says:

    booo-fu-c-king-hoo… you KILLED some one, sorry for the inconvenience but now you have to face your responsibilities and take what ever sentence is handed down to you…

    you took someones life… and you are all sad that you have to get locked up over it… what exactly did your fat ass think was going to happen?

    1. Scott says:

      This is the best comment I have ever read and I have read many. I would be doing an injustice, if I said another word. PERFECTION

  9. Lynne L.L says:

    all of the jury and the judge was retarded . it is not self defense when she put 11 bullets on him while he was shaving. she is a ” cold- blooded murder ” . I hope she will be burn in H.E.L.L.

  10. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    You are a loser Barbara who lived off the man you killed for years.You have done nothing with the life god gave you and are just another lazy fat American woman

    1. Vik says:

      Hey Wussy P.O.S. — why don’t you list your log in name?! He got what he deserved, another P.O.S. like you. Only an animal raises his hand to a woman. Mother of his children. Oh, but wait — Roar, Bow Wow, Oink Oink — you’re an animal just like he is.

      1. joed88 says:

        Vik, I must ask- how do you know that he raised his hand to a woman- because she stated so? Or because a coworker from 5 years ago cited seeing bruises on her? Of course her children are going to support her claim because who would want to see their only surviving parent in jail? There were no medical records or 911 calls in the 20+ years of marriage (especially in a nosy neighborhood such as Howard Beach- no neighbor called the police anonymously). This woman got away with murder and therefore must serve the time for the gun charge.

      2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

        Hey VIKGINA
        She had several options like family or the court system that would go out of its way to screw a member of the NYPD. I bet you are fat like she is clinging to a man for food and a roof over yu head.Get a life

  11. pete says:

    Give her a suspended sentence on this technicality. In an other State this would have not even come up after the Not Guilty verdict. This poor woman has suffered enough and let it be the end of it!

    1. PLEASEEEEEeee says:

      Hey Pete, are you kidding. She killed the guy while he was shaving. Maybe she didn’t like the next vacation he had planned. Lock this murderer up.

      1. ajs says:

        Maybe he didnt plan his next wacatio with her, but somone else 😉

    2. Amused but not misled says:

      There’s a difference between self defense and pay back. Even if you drink the coolaid, the second gun was over-kill. Pun intended.

  12. Your pal reverend al says:

    A few years in jail will wipe the smile off the face of this ugly fat murdering troll

    1. Vik says:

      Keep the faith, Barbara. You can’t be hurt any more.

      1. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

        @ joed88…..exactly

  13. Main St. Protester says:

    This is a great example of oxymoron [emphasizing moron] justice is hypocritical and ironic as well as making no logical sense. She was acquited of the more serious murder charge but found guilty of the lesser gun charge? How can you have one without the other. If you were acquitted of the more serious charge, the lesser charges should just be dismissed. This is a great example of stupid judges who do nothing but whine over their wages, who are probably getting bribed, this defendant probably didn’t have the resources to bridge a judge, and the judges come across looking like idiots.

    1. Dumb protester says:

      Hey dopy a judge didn’t hand down the verdict, a jury did.
      You my friend are a looooosssseeerrrrr

  14. mnk says:

    Don’t do the crime if you can do the time…don’t do it…she should’ve left! And, one shot was enough to get away.

  15. val says:

    What’s the point of a “not guilty” murder charge if you’re still planning to send the poor woman to jail? She is not a threat to society. Let her live in peace.

    1. Liberals Are Evil says:

      I agree. It makes no sense because the gun belonged to the bum who was threating to use it on her. Something is really wrong here.

      1. 11 bullets 2 guns says:

        Well NYC has gun law .Whether you use it or not you go to jail.Plus this wacko used 2 guns and 11 bullets to kill husband 1 would of did trick 2 at most.

        1. DCLaw-1 says:

          Just as a matter of fact: once self-defense is legally justified (as decided in this case), it doesn’t matter whether you shoot once, or one-hundred times. The focus on how many rounds were fired is misdirected. The fact that she fired so many rounds could , in fact, help her claim that she truly feared for her life, as a person in fear for their life is acting on adrenaline. The argument could be made that the calm and calculating killers are the ones that fire only once or twice. If you put twenty rounds into a dead body, the only one that is legally significant is the one that caused death. The rest: legal freebies

          1. joed88 says:

            Sorry DCLaw-1, I have to disagree with your assessment. If she shot him 1 or 2 times to remove the threat, that is self-defense. However, she shot him 11 times in the back with two 2 guns. It is analogous to assault and battery- if I feel threatened and punch you to remove the threat, it is self-defense. If I hit you, you hit the ground and I continuously pummel you- it is no longer self-defense- it is assault and battery !

            1. Mrs. I. Understand says:

              @ joed & DCLaw, you can both sum up what your assumptions may be regarding how many times she shot..where she shot and the perhaps actuallity of what happened. WE DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, this woman has children in their 20″s that spoke of abuse since they were minors. They know she endured years of abuse and so did the jury. The nicest person has abreaking point, if you were abused by your spouse whether physically or emotionally it would come a time (we hope) when you would say I’m better off being alone and un-happy then to be with you after all these years and you continue to beat the crap out of me. It’s un-healthy, unhealthy for the children. They will treat their partners the same because their minds have been molded to believe this is the way to behave.It was not a complete stranger that she shot,apparently it was a very volatile, angry, life-fearing situation for it to turn out this way. Would it be justified if she were murdered ?

            2. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

              @joed88… u should be the one with the word “Law” behind your name because DC is a dayum joke!

            3. DCLaw-1 says:

              My post speaks to generalities. I was not in the courtroom and did not see the evidence. However, the jury concluded that this women had a reasonable fear of bodily harm that required the use if deadly force. You are right in that if your attacker goes down from one punch, and you continue to pummel them until they are dead, you are guilty of murder (or more likely manslaughter). Once the person goes down, the threat is gone. If your attacker does not stop punching you, maybe escalates with a weapon, and the only way to reasonably stop him is to hit back in self defense until the attacker is dead, it does not matter if you keep punching the corpse.

          2. Amused but not misled says:

            Don’t quit your day job. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

            Look up the CJA and see what Justification is in dead force.

            1. just asking says:

              @ amused, who’s the comment for ?

  16. Suzan says:

    Self defense ended after the 1st bullet and to go get another gun…Shes not God and she shouldve packed her stuff and left.

    1. paul says:

      Not in NYC, just look at how many time the NYPD shoot their victims.

  17. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

    1. EVP says:

      get a new script!
      you post this same message of hate evrywhere

  18. A Friend says:

    My prayers are with you Barbara. You don’t deserve this. Much love- somehow this will all work out.

  19. Dan Te says:

    Who would imagine the most dangerous criminal this retired police officer would ever face is his wife…Rest in Peace.

  20. befair says:

    plaxico burress did time and he only shot himself

  21. Amused but not misled says:

    Hopefully the Judge is not as gullible as those 12 morons.

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

      To be picked in the jury system in this country you must be a partial retarded liberal who stands for nothing..


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