Jim Edmonds played in the big Leagues for 17 years before he was forced into retirement due to some issues with his left Achilles tendon.  Edmonds collected eight Gold Gloves during his career patrolling center field and was pretty effective with the bat as well, accumulating 393 career home runs and 1,199 RBIs.

Since retiring, Edmonds has given some thought to getting into the media in some capacity, so with that in mind he joined Boomer & Craig today in the Allstate Studio to get his name out there and hopefully learn a thing or two.

Craig asked Edmonds about his retirement and also about the injury first baseman Ryan Howard suffered at the conclusion of Game 5 of the Phils’ NLDS series against the Cards – which is similar to the injury Edmonds suffered – and he wasn’t all that optimistic.

Speaking of the Cardinals, Edmonds manned center field in St. Louis from 2000-07, winning a World Series in 2006, and predictably he likes the Red Birds to win it all — although he wouldn’t be surprised if the Brewers found a way to play on, so I guess you could say he is non-committal at this point.

As the interview was winding down, Craig noticed the lack of hair on Edmonds’ arms, which opened the door for an in-depth conversation about male grooming.  I think I speak for the entire staff when I say I hope Jerry ‘Rello’ Recco was listening…

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