Police: Man Shoots Daughter, Kills Self In Attempted Murder-Suicide In New Rochelle

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — It was a gruesome attack in broad daylight.

A daughter is fighting for her life after being shot by her own father, just steps from a Metro-North train station, reports CBS 2’s Lou Young.

“It looked like he was doing most of the talking and she was doing most of the ‘I don’t want to talk to you’ thing like backing as he was talking to her,” witness Renauto Sausottia said.

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He was describing the last moments before gunshots ripped through the morning air near the New Rochelle train station on Wednesday morning.

Miosotis Monegro, 34, was face-to-face with her angry 61-year-old father.

Sausottia watched the horror unfold through the windshield of the taxicab he drives.

“He just stopped talking, pulled out a gun and just shot her point-blank and then kneeled down in front of her, put the gun in his mouth and then blew himself away,” Sausottia said.

As police rushed to the scene they found the shooter dead and his daughter clinging to life.

The father, Alfredo Monegro, lived in Washington Heights, where police searched for answers later Wednesday.

New Rochelle police said the daughter was unmarried and lived with her father until a few months ago when she moved in with her two brothers in one of the city’s new high-rise apartment buildings. Police would not characterize their relationship except to say the father was possessive.

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“She appeared to have been leaving for work. We don’t know if he followed her or just confronted her,” New Rochelle Police Capt. Joe Shaller told Young.

The motive remains a mystery.

“The fact that it was his own daughter, you know, just processing that … I hope she survives. I hope I get to see her again one day walking around,” Sausottia said.

The witness said his first thought after leaving police was to get home and hug his children.

Miosotis Monegro is listed in critical condition at Westchester County Medical Center.

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One Comment

  1. Kij-afa says:


  2. lesley longo says:

    i cant believe this man shot his own daughter he must of been a sick man to do that my prayers are with her i hope she makes throgh this horriable act of violance.

  3. Andrew D Perrone says:

    I hope everthing tern out ok for the woman &the little gile .We live on the 3d floor bythe grorge

  4. Andrew D Perrone says:

    MY hopes and prairs for the woman and the little gile

  5. andrew perrone says:

    All my prairs for the woman &the girl .If anything I can to plase let me know.

  6. tt says:

    What else is new?
    Why didn’t he just kill himself if he is so miserable.

  7. Queens Man says:

    Staten Island Citizen, you’re a few donuts short of a dozen. First of all, they don’t live together. The old man lives in Manhattan and the daughter lives in New Rochelle. Now, you wish the death penalty could be applied here??? THE OLD MAN IS DEAD… How do you suppose we kill him again??

    1. Queens Man says:

      THIS WAS MEANT FOR CarefulObserver.. Staten Island Citizen… You’re still living in a box, stay there.

  8. Staten Island Citizen says:

    Were they people of color? I doubt they were white.

    1. Queens Man says:

      Really??? This short of thing doesn’t happen to White People Huh??
      You’ve been inhaling too much of our Garbage in Staten Island.

    2. NY Man says:

      what type of bull are you talking about S.I. Citizen? “I doubt they were white” look man, you are a racist and by far one of the most ridiculous people on the internet. Do you not know what race has the most serial killers? CAUCASIANS, ignorant donkey. keep your bias comments to yourself. GET YOUR HEAD OUT YOUR A$$. you have no idea what the man had going on in his head.

    3. abd says:

      theyre hispanic

  9. CarefulObserver says:

    Things are starting to fall apart. Look at the rest of the news items for just today. Then look back over the last few weeks. The horrible economy is making people much more violent than in the past. Whether they lost their job directly, are having other money troubles, or are just affected by the prevailing negative attitude that seems to be everywhere, the root cause of these types of stories is the economy. Why else would someone live with their 60 year old father? The people that aren’t violent, are just plain hostile. Everywhere you go it seems someone is angry about something.

    This is such a shame. To do this to your own daughter, IN FRONT of your granddaughter, makes me wish the death penalty could be applied here. Because we do not need someone capable of this walking the streets.

    1. What granddaughter? says:

      RIP. There are only 2 people in this scenario: The father and his daughter. Where does it mention anything about a granddaughter? Am I missing something here? Let’s pray that she pulls through.

      1. it is true says:

        There was a little girl who ran from scene saying her mom was shot as reported on other news stations.

  10. O Star says:

    My apartment is right above this, heard the shots and saw the body. What a way to start a morning.

  11. WHY? says:


    This old man already lived apart from his daughter, why did he have to do it?

    1. Queens Man says:

      Let me know when you figure it out!!

    2. Daddy's little girl gone too far says:

      Maybe she took care of him for years and he couldn’t deal with her leaving him in his old age to care for himself; or perhaps he felt like his kids betrayed him by taking daddy’s little girl away from him. They should’ve found him a companion, or home health aide if he was sick. Who knows? Sick phuc, good thing he’s dead by his own hands. But he should’ve left her alone, she has her whole life ahead of her, smh.

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