David Ortiz Open To Signing With Yankees? Slugger Tired Of Red Sox ‘Drama’

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Big Papi in the Big Apple?

Sick of the “drama” unfolding in Boston, soon-to-be free agent David Ortiz admitted on Wednesday that he’d consider jumping ship from the Red Sox to the Yankees.

“That’s something I gotta think about,” Ortiz said in a televised interview. “I’ve been here on the Red Sox a long time, and I’ve seen how everything goes down between these two ballclubs.”

“It’s great (in New York) from what I hear,” he added. “It’s a good situation to be involved in. Who doesn’t want to be involved in a great situation where everything goes the right way?”

WFAN’s Craig Carton is already on board.

This season’s bat flip flap? Forget about it. That’s water under the bridge.

Imagine the damage the big left-handed slugger could do with the the short porch in right field at Yankee Stadium.

“When I heard David Ortiz’s comments, a light bulb went off in my head,” Carton said Thursday morning. “And the lightbulb said, ‘Go get David Ortiz!'”

With Ortiz, the Yankees would also get a proven postseason bat to stick in the middle of the lineup alongside October under-performers Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez.

“(The Yankees) lost just like we did, they just went to the first round of the playoffs,” said Ortiz. “I ain’t heard nobody coming out killing everybody just because they lost.”

For now, Ortiz will have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

“There’s too much drama, man,” he said. “I have been thinking about a lot of things. I don’t know if I want to be part of this drama for next year.”

Should the Yankees make a push for Ortiz? Be heard in the comments below…


One Comment

  1. flea says:

    To do what ???

    1. Alan says:

      To make a CRAP ballteam worse HAHAHA

      1. KPMc says:

        No… they are saying he would join the YANKEES, not the Mets.

  2. Yanksfan says:

    You want him so bad talk to your boy Wilpon, let him suck for the mets.

  3. dabooch says:

    We don’t need another 300 pound behemoth on the food chain. Big Poppy is still thinking big, big dollars $ 15,ooo,ooo he would clog up the dh and the toilet’s in the Bronx. Let him stay in bean town to be tar and feathered along with the other Torres`

  4. robert says:

    We already have an over-the-hill doper on the team. We don’t need another one.

    1. flea says:

      i like that…very funny.

  5. Pat McGroin says:

    Get Pujols. Put him at 3rd base and make A-Rod the permanent DH replacing Posada. Montero can be used as backup catcher as well as trade bait for a decent pitcher.

    1. DOTTIE says:


      1. KPMc says:

        I’m not saying he would be good but Pujols has played 103 games (93 starts) at third base in his MLB career and his only full Minor League season was spent mostly at third.

        If you are going to insult someone childishly and call into question their baseball knowledge you should try checking your facts first, Dottie.

      2. KPMc says:

        I’m not saying he would be good but Pujols has played 103 games (93 starts) at third base in his MLB career…

        1. KPMc says:

          …and his only full Minor League season was spent mostly at third.

          If you are going to insult someone childishly and call into question their baseball knowledge you should try checking your facts first, Dottie.

  6. Ellen says:

    Isn’t the guy a little to old for” I would rather play for the Yankees then Red Sox ” card. He was no leader that’s for sure because if he was the Red Sox would be in a much better position then what it is now.

  7. John Ryan says:

    I don’t think so. 35 yrs old. 3 of his last 4 years include BA’s of 238, 264, 270, 1 year over 100 RBI, 1 year over 30 HR

    1. KPMc says:

      I don’t think he is a good fit either but he hit .309 and had 29 homers/96 RBIs THIS season. Those are pretty good numbers. I was surprised he had such a good year but then again contract years tend to do that for some players.

  8. Will says:

    Yankees don’t need another late 30’s player on the down side of his career. Cashman is turning his roster over to younger guys who are hungry. We don’t need more bloated athletes and contracts. Let Montero prove himself. If we want a big DH, go get Fielder. Papi is too one-dimensional.

  9. pat says:

    Ortiz, the new Johnny Damon???

  10. hoggle says:

    Doesn’t seem to me that the Yankees would really want Ortiz. There isn’t any less drama in NY than there is in Boston. If Ortiz were a LEADER, he would have stepped in and taken action with his teammates in Boston, so other than hitting a few homes runs, what else would he bring? Or then again, maybe that would work well in NY. At this point, take him, neither team can’t seem to get their acts together, but at least the Yankees didn’t fall apart.

  11. jonny boy says:

    HELL NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. duardicase8 says:

    Oh and to all these Red Sox fans comments. You are in no position to say anything about the Yankees or how they treat their fan base. Haha. Incredible. You understand that the 2011 Red Sox are one of the most pathetic sports teams in recent memory? Oh and @PONCE DE LEON 9/11 jokes? Seriously man c’mon. No one likes 9/11 jokes. No originality.

  13. duardicase8 says:

    I am a huge Yankee fan. Listening to David Ortiz willingly discuss switching from Boston to New York made me cringe. I can’t decide weather it would be better to snag him and throw him in the middle of the roster to hurt a few Red Sox fans feelings…or to let him rot on some non contending team for the last few pointless years of his steroid packed, lying, obnoxious career.

  14. @ Robert Smith Would you want to finish your career with an organization that has bad contracts and no heart? I’m a sox fan too, and you can’t blame anyone for not wanting to sign a deal with a club that has betrayed their fan base and committed players.

  15. PONCE DE LEON says:


    1. This Red Sox Fan Loser Is A Joke says:

      Ponce De Leon crying sounds more like he’s Pocahontas.

  16. Robert Smith says:

    As a die-hard Red Sox Fan, I lost complete respect for Ortiz this Season when he infamously broke into Terry Francona’s post-game Press Conference swearing his head off about having one of his hits ruled an error. Like the rest of the Team, he did NOTHING to help lead the Sox down the stretch. For a guy who has had such a storied career in Boston, you would think he would command more respect amongst his fellow players. He DOESN’T! He’s just another selfish, immature, spoiled multi-millionaire who has no allegiance or respect for his fan base in Boston. HAPPY TRAILS!

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