Possible Showdown Looms Between City, Protesters Ahead Of Zuccotti Park Cleaning

'Occupy Wall Street' To Fight 'Eviction Notice,' But Apparently Has Backup Plan

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Friday morning could be the beginning of the end of the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration.

On Thursday, Brookfield Office Management employees were passing out notices to protesters, who have been camped out for 26 days, saying that tarps, sleeping bags and tents are all prohibited in the park, as is lying on the ground and on benches when it becomes an interference for others.

CBS 2 learned late Thursday night the protestors are preparing in case they cannot base their operations out of Zuccotti Park anymore. They are now encouraging people to occupy Tompkins Square Park in the East Village.

“They might as well as just said ‘You’re done,'” one protester told CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano earlier Thursday.

“This is an eviction notice,” said another.

In relentless solidarity, members of Occupy Wall Street marched to City Hall delivering thousands of petitions to stop Mayor Michael Bloomberg from plowing through Zuccotti with the NYPD and a clean-up crew Friday morning.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With Ray Kelly: Protesters Won’t Get To Bring Their Gear Back Into The Park

In response to the new regulations, Occupy Wall Street called for supporters to come to Zuccotti Park at 6 a.m. on Friday to “defend the occupation from eviction.” In a statement on their website, the group also encouraged supporters to call 311 and demand that the mayor “support our right to assemble and to not interfere with #OWS.”

That statement also went on to say that if Mayor Bloomberg really cared about sanitation at the park, “he should support the installation of portopans and dumpsters.”

ows notice Possible Showdown Looms Between City, Protesters Ahead Of Zuccotti Park Cleaning

This is the flyer being distributed to protesters on Oct. 13, 2011. (credit: CBS 2)

The notification followed Wednesday night’s announcement by the mayor’s office that protesters need to leave the park on Friday so it can get cleaned up.

“The last three weeks have created unsanitary conditions and considerable wear and tear on the park,” said the mayor’s office.

Protestors have been diligently cleaning up the park with soapy brooms, and piling up trash on the curb. Nevertheless, Bloomberg outlined a 12-hour plan to scrub down the park starting at 7 a.m.

The cleaning operation is set to take place in three stages, each lasting about four hours. Protesters will have to move from portions of the park that are being cleaned. Although the protesters can return to the cleaned areas of the park, they have to abide by the rules. And those strict rules distributed Thursday seem to suggest a showdown with the NYPD may be imminent.

Legal experts said the city will be breaking the law if they bring in the cops to clear the park without a court order.

“They would be breaching the law.  They would be violating those folks who they would seek to remove and possibly arrest, their fundamental rights to utilize the park and to express their opinions and exercise their First Amendment rights,” Yetta Kurland, with the National Lawyers Guild, told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Thursday night, several city leaders also spoke out in support of the occupation.

“It’s up to the mayor and everybody at City Hall to change course. To sit down with the people of Occupy Wall Street and find a peaceful way forward,” said Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio.

“This is the beginning of a movement and you know what, you may not want to hear this, but this is how revolutions start,” said Councilman Charles Barron.

Bloomberg visited the park Wednesday night. He was greeted by a mix of cheers and jeers. His office says that after the park is sanitized, the protesters are welcome to return.

Some folks opposed to the Occupy Wall Street movement have taken to calling them the “Flea Party,” mocking their makeshift camp and ad-hoc cleanup crews.

WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs: The Occupiers Are Suspicious

Some protesters say they’ve gone to great lengths to keep the park clean.

“I think the mayor and some of his ‘clonies’ are trying to use tactics to get us to move out of the park,” one demonstrator told 1010 WINS’ John Montone.

“There’s a lot of stuff we wouldn’t have to clean up if the city provided basic human rights, like a Port-A-Potty,” said demonstrator Gene Wagner. “If you would’ve given us a Port-A-Potty 30 days ago, we would’ve maintained it ourselves.”

“Every day, all day, we clean up the park,” Max Hodes told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports some protesters don’t trust the mayor

“This is a protest; it’s not a camping area. People aren’t camping here, they’re protesting and we have the right to have sleeping bags.  Where are they gonna sleep? How are they gonna protest?  Without sleeping bags, they can’t protest,” one demonstrator told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks Hears From Protesters

owsboa Possible Showdown Looms Between City, Protesters Ahead Of Zuccotti Park Cleaning

(credit: John Montone/1010 WINS)

Some protesters who found themselves caught in rain squalls Thursday morning took shelter in a Bank of America ATM kiosk to stay dry.

WINS’ John Montone asked a protester if there was anything ironic about that.

“We’re using them like they use us,” was the reply he got.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond On The New Trip To The East Side

They also got a boost from musician Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine. Morello put on a performance at Zuccotti Park on Thursday.

While the mayor has said the park will be cleaned Friday, the protesters don’t seem to be making any plans on going anywhere. They’ve planned a “Family Sleep Over” in the park, set to start at 4 p.m. Friday.

What’s more, the weekend looks as though it may be a busy one for the demonstrators. According to their website, they’re planning a “Mass March on the Banks” followed by a plan to “Occupy Times Square” at 5 p.m. Saturday.

According to the site, the function in Times Square will be a party “in the festive sense of the word.” At 6:30 p.m. Saturday, there’s an event planned called “Occupy the Subway,” but no details on that have been made available.

All of those planned events meant little to some nearby businesses. Mike Keane, owner of nearby O’Hara’s Pub, told CBS 2’s Carlin demonstrators use his bathrooms and disrupt his business.

“I really hope this circus moves on. I’ve had my fill of these people,” Keane said.

He said the clean-up plan is not enough.

“Somebody’s going to wind up getting killed and maybe then someone will say let’s get them out of here. Hopefully it doesn’t take that,” Keane said.

Tell us your thoughts about the Occupy Wall Street movement in our comments section below.


One Comment

  1. RJMJR says:

    I’ve looked and looked but I can’t seem to find the “right” to a port-a-potty anywhere in the Constitution

    1. Gunny G says:

      Ya gotta get a libstain like Super Scholar Burackus Obomunist to find that clause for ya!

  2. maggie says:

    You’re wrong, these young people are smart. Just read their declaration. Seems like most of you are WOGs. Whiney Old Geezers.

  3. tammy10011 says:

    Wow. So many cruel and heartless people in here. The more I read here, the more I understand why some resort to trying to bomb our planes, buildings, and bridges. As horrific as it is, it seems to be the only way to make most of you feel ANYthing.

    What a shame. What ever happened to the human race? I guess it’s true – only the cruel and corrupt have survived.

    1. Barack Obama Sucks It says:

      Take a trip to Wrygystan and live there for a year you stupid libtard and THEN complain about the US and those of us who WORK and PRODUCE!

    2. Dr. Robotnik says:

      “the more I understand why some resort to trying to bomb our planes, buildings, and bridges. ”

      Is this your solution when you see speech you don’t like Tammy?

    3. Hal F says:

      Try living in the REAL WORLD libtard. It is HARD and you have to be a SURVIVOR and a DOER, not a whining liberal living on the sweat of OTHERS! You and the rest of the libfvcks have NO RIGHT to what I earn.

      SO SUCK IT!

    4. disenchanted says:

      tammy. I do believe you have to re read what you wrote. It appears that you are part of the cruel and corrupt because you are advocating extreme violence.

  4. Onslow says:

    interesting to watch history as it is being made. the history books 100 years from now cannot do it justice.

    far more “archie bunker” hippie-haters out there than i would have thought.

    i am not siding with their message or against it – but at this point, they have to be heard. to use petty tactics to get them out of the park to try & quash the movement is childish and dangerous.

    as for the whiners complaining about losing access to the park – STFU and stop being so selfish. what is going on here is far bigger than you – the use of the park as a safe base of operation for this group is the smallest of prices.

    the right to protest and speak out is the most precious right we have. without it, we will certainly have tyranny. it doesn’t matter if their message is flawed or outright wrong – they MUST have the right to be out there!

    1. Dr. Robotnik says:

      Unless they’re Tea Partiers. Amiright Onslow!

    2. Buckwheat says:

      Yeah, only the lazy leftist useful idiots being PAID to protest have that right correct? The REAL grassroots protest of the Tea Party are to be ignored, right?

    3. Mary says:

      I disagree with you on a few points. The park is private property and that means something under the rule of law which we ALL must live with. The park owners have every right to regulate who uses their property and how it is used. That they have been this tolerant is a miracle. Additonallly, the Constiitution does not guarantee a “safe base of operation” for ANY protests…liberal or conservative. You have a right to speak. You do not have a right to usurp private property, to litter, to the use of government placed bathrooms and dumpster with my tax dollars and I certainly have the right to speak out against the protest movement and everything they stand for.

  5. JungleCogs says:

    If you decide to shoot them, I would like to know where to apply for the proper hunting license. Oh, one other thing, would this be long-guns only or are we allowed to use our side-arms. Thank you.

  6. Howard Beale says:

    The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.
    …Lord Acton

  7. JC says:

    It’s time to fill Zuccotti Park with poison ivy. Whatever happened to loitering?

  8. Freddy Johnston says:

    These people protesting on Wall Street are just idiots. Go ahead. Walk down the street carrying a sign saying you lost money in the stock market. Maybe if you did your homework before putting money into the system you might still have some. If one person can wipe out your entire portfolio you have all your eggs in one basket… stupid. Big Bad Wall Street is not out to get you. Fortunes are there to be made in this country. Get up, dust yourself off, and DO SOMETHING about it besides whining.

  9. Japes Macfarland says:

    The Left needed a counter to the tea party, just like they did with Air America to radio, or the thought medium. So they came up with the new, the wonderful… “Flea Party!”

    (Thank you Anne Coulter)

  10. Foster Glenwood says:

    It’s the privately owned Federal Reserve that prints money out of nothing and then lends it back to us at interest kids.

    Nothing else counts until that is understood.

    911essentials is an introduction to the New World Order Central Banking Police State, its plans for one world government and their worship of the pseudoscience Eugenics.


  11. Timothy Martin says:

    I’m still looking for the part of the Constitution that says taxpayer funded Port-A-Potties are a fundamental human right.

  12. psCargile says:

    Give you a Port-a-Potty? What? George Soros doesn’t have the money to rent some out?

  13. Belgacem says:

    They should give it a name on FaceBook like (Friday of Freedom)

  14. Hopefully there will be a peaceful resolution.

  15. Gordon Campbell says:

    Mahogany shampoos for everyone!

  16. Al Gorythm says:

    This human debris is nothing more than Leftist Rent -a-Mobs.
    These people would not show up unless they were being paid. This is Soros and the Globalists trail run to see if they can rouse a sufficient size mob to show up where they are told. Figure they can work out the kinks and try it again for 2012 at election time.

    Good Luck. These people will be in rehab, or already dead and rotting in dumpsters or living in the streets and panhandling at stop lights by then.

    With the outlook grim for Average Folks who really work and try hard, things are looking considerable bleaker for low achieving slackers with gauged ears, tats and dreads. This would be an auspicious occasion for a dirty bomb – Pun intended.

  17. Barry Levy says:

    Their rights to protest dosn’t mean that they get to take property that doesn’t belong to them, and deny others the right for which they have paid to have the use of the park.

    They are just the useful idiots that the “lame stream” media loves. Picture the response of “lame stream” media to Tea Party. Disgustingly biased.

  18. Jay Dog says:

    These people are an embarrassment to us hard working people that just want to go to work, pay our bills and go have a beer. I don’t want or expect anything from the government. I don’t get all the outrage on rich people, I never received a paycheck from a poor man! Thanks god that the owner of my company has deep pockets and is able to allow me to take care of my family. If anything he deserves more tax breaks than me because he has takes all of the financial risk to keep me working!

  19. Dennis D says:

    They claim to be 99%ers. In reality they are the 47% that pays no federal income tax. How do they expect to get an employer to hire them with green hair and nose rings?

  20. DaveInDallas says:

    WAKE UP. The fight is no longer between rich and poor. The fight is between those who are self-sufficient and pay their own way, and those who do not.

    There are rich and poor people who support themselves and pay their own way. And there are rich and poor people who feed off the government dole and are always looking for a bailout.

    Whether you’re a Solyndra that is trying to get a guaranteed loan, or a zero who is hollering for a free porta potty, I hate you. We need to turn the spigot off for ALL leeches on society, rich and poor. When each and every one of us pays our own way and is self-reliant, America will be great again.

  21. George says:

    Wallowing in their own filth. Mommy and Daddy must be so proud.

  22. Adamson says:

    yada yada it is a conspiracy

    these people are among those who feel that there was a massive federal takerover after 911 and that wallstreet was at the front of it in the corporate world utilizing military judges and of course the russians

  23. Buck Ofama says:


  24. Steve says:

    How ironic… the “Anti-Bank” hippies take shelter… in a bank… during rain. haha

  25. Phil McKann says:

    A useless man is a shame.

  26. Dan says:

    Greedy little kids protesting!!

  27. RICK ROBISON says:


    1. RicardoCabeza says:

      without leaders you have a worthless MOB that amounts to nothing or as it is colloquially called OWS.

  28. Stan Chaz says:

    While our .00001 percenter Mayor Bloomberg gets ready to go to sleep tonight….on his sumptuous silk sheets, in his million dollar mansion…he is trying to kill off the Occupy Wall Street protests by denying them the use of sleeping bags…..while claiming that he is the number one defender of free speech. WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!! Instead of cleaning up the park, he should help clean up the economic and social mess created by his Wall Street brethren. His city is suffering. The Emperor has no clothes. The Emperor has NO SHAME!

    1. Buck Ofama says:

      STFU idiot. Get a job.

  29. agNau says:

    That would be “taxpayers” taking care of your basic human rights. A whole bunch of people that don’t have a choice in your care are taking care of you now. Don’t be so ignorant. You are complaining about what you don’t receive from government, that takes from working people and corporations their compensation for work and success for risk.
    Corporations are fleeing this country now due to excessive taxes and regulations that restrict their ability to compete, and revenue hungry politicians continue to pour on the taxes and regulations to pacify the takers.
    Educate yourselves. Learn the real source of our countries problems. Help eliminate the real problems. Help our country. Accept personal responsibility.
    Stop buying everything the corrupt media spews!
    You are not at the source of the problem!

  30. IraqVet says:

    I hear the military is still hiring for Obama’s war in Libya…not to mention the continued wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere…they might even be gearing up for Iran next.
    It’s never us, it’s not our guy, it’s always the other guy…

    1. Forrest Sergente says:

      Military pay and benefits are supposedly so good that I bet these unemployed ‘Protest Wall Street’ folks are just flooding the recruiting stations… I mean, its not like you’re signing up to work for an “evil” corporation or anything, as it’s a government job, and you work directly for the President, the Commander and Chief of the military.

      Well, after thinking about it, I suppose that the protesters wouldn’t be a good fit in the military, as their violent tendencies and lack of acceptable personal sanitation would obviously make them a discipline problem.

      1. Gunny G says:

        Not to mention we hate leftists, hippies, and pubic lice (but I digress) in the military!

  31. Renee1A says:

    Try an extra large for support..You obviously need it to support your ummmmm brazen insane request……..

  32. dump28usn says:

    I don’t understand how the demonstrators have a leg to stand on concerning taking over the park. It is private property, and they are therefore trespassing and the owners should have the right to kick them off their property. End of story!

    1. No tresspassing! says:

      The value of “responsibility” was never taught to them

  33. Gary says:

    How is it that somebody who got an art history degree from an ivy league university with a $100,000 student loan debt and now works as a barista at Starbucks my problem?

  34. MEC says:

    Gas the creeps! They are society’s roaches.

    1. I agree says:


  35. JimInMT says:

    “Tragedy of the Commons”, written by one of the LEFTS’ favorite spokespersons, spoke specifically to the trashing of public common areas such as we are now witnessing. At least the TEA groups cleanup up after themselves, and went home in a short while, HOPE-ing to CHANGE things peacefully, cleanly, and civilly. It is quite apparent that the useless fools being manipulated by the Left have no intention to be either clean or civil. May they infect themselves and their friends with the fecal matter in which they wallow. No better than pigs. It isn’t the conservative American the Muslims hate, but the piggish ones.

  36. mike says:

    A protest happens over a day or so and the point is made. You don’t have the right to live there as long as you want. New York’s Mayor Bloomberg needs to be a man and kick them out. Kick these lazy, self-indulgent children of every age out.
    Don’t ever attack the tea Party or conservatves again. At least when they really protest the grounds are as clean or cleaner when they leave than when they came. The filth of the Occupy Wall Street messengers overwhelms whatver message they have. And what is that message? Somewhere between I can’t tell to down with America.

  37. Jason says:

    First, the city need to drop de-licing medication by the buckets from a low flying helicopter. Then, take a giant vat of car wash and drench them. Finally, take fire hoses or zoo hoses and rinse thoroughly. Then we can focus on cleaning up the parks, streets, and the feces smeared cars. What a bunch of lowly pigs. Gimme gimme gimme! I DESERVE your STUFF – boo hoo hoo. Losers.

  38. ProudCapitalist says:

    OWS are “useful idiots” from the Marxist manifesto

  39. Me says:

    The argument about this park being private or public property make no difference in that if it’s private, Brookfield can demand that they abide by their rules. No Sleeping bag, no sleeping on the ground, no tarps, etc. If you argue that the park is public property, then see the following rule on camping out in a NYC park.

    No one is stopping the right to protest, just obey the rule that apply to all.

    New York City park rules: http://www.nycgovparks.org/sub_faqs/faq.html
    Can I camp in the park?
    No, overnight camping is prohibited in all parks. The Urban Park Rangers host supervised camping events throughout the summer. Please visit the Urban Park Rangers Events Calendar or subscribe to our Email Newsletters to find out when the next camping event will take place.

    I have a bad feeling about what is going to happen in the morning. I think some within this protest group are hoping for it to turn violent. They will then use the excuse that they were peaceful for 26 days and that it is the city, mayor, cops, etc. fault for the violence. They will never take responsibility for their actions (not obeying the park rule) as a cause of the violence. I thank God for the well trained NYC Police Department. Note to protestors, this isn’t Greece or London, our cops will straighten you out PDQ!

    By the way, what specifically are they demanding anyway????

    1. doubt it says:

      Thanks, you must live in NYC. They tried that in our city, and it quickly fizzled

    2. Jason says:

      Well yes, of course they are blaming the city, etc. for their woes. What would you expect from fleabaggers? Do you think they will ever take accountability for their deplorable behavior and actions orany personal responsibility for their lives?

      1. meesha4 says:

        Of course not. They are PRIVATE-SECTOR MONEY-SUCKERS, just like all PUBLIC-SECTOR employees. I am NOT saying that PUBLIC-SECTOR employees do NOT work for a living, but I am DAMNED sick and tired of them getting better wages, better benefits and better retirement than I have. The DEFINITION of a PUBLIC-SECTOR employee, INCLUDING THE KOBE-BEEF POTUS, is that he/she/it is EMPLOYED by the TAXPAYER.

    3. JimInMT says:

      So it turns violent? So what? It will have been brought on by those refusing to live a civil life in a “socially just” manner. Social justice is a two-way street. Those who do not want to be social, cannot expect to be judged by any other rule than the one they refuse to follow. Either “be” the socialist “BORG”, or stop trying to make me be one. The BORG cottons no disobedience to its rules!

    4. meesha4 says:

      THEY don’t know what the hell they are “demanding”, except they THINK they deserve SOMETHING FOR NOTHING and are PISSED that PRIVATE-SECTOR WORKIKNG people have what they don’t. These “protestors” for THREE WEEKS are NOT working, are funded by private-sector grants, live off their parents, have NO self-respect, have NO work ethic, and have NO clue what AMERICA is all about or the history of this country. Our public education is being funded by the PRIVATE sector to teach them that it’s more important to use a condom properly or how to access PRIVATE-SECTOR paid health care, child care, HUD housing, etc.

  40. Hooter says:

    Well, first off a “Port-A-Potty” is a Basic Human Right, a Port-A-Potty is for a basic human function…. Next tell that “POS” the flag of the United States isn’t blanket….

    1. No age says:

      Where in the Constitution does it say a PortaPotty is a basic human right? It doesn’t!

      1. Hooter says:

        Oooops, thanks there “No Age” LOL

        Well, first off a “Port-A-Potty” is “NOT”a Basic Human Right, a Port-A-Potty is for a basic human function…. Next tell that “POS” the flag of the United States isn’t blanket….

  41. karen says:

    Since when are-A-Pottys a “basic human right”?

  42. jim baker says:


  43. Juvenal says:

    It’s time for the FDNY to give these people a bath.

    1. Nope says:

      Good one! How bout the NYPD giving them a bath of tear gas

  44. agNau says:

    Leave the real work saving our country to the TEA PARTY MEN!
    You don’t even know what the real problem is.
    What a joke.

  45. Carl says:

    Do you think the American revolutionaries smelled of Right Guard?

    1. Vic says:

      Anachronism but they took care of themselves and didn’t defecate on streets!

  46. Mark says:

    OWS mvmt = TOOLS

  47. snapper says:

    I surely do not remember the Tea Party people making it hard for others to earn a living – except for a few politicians.

  48. Judy says:

    How does it feel to be George Soros’ tools? Stop protesting against the banks and protest against the progressive government that brought you this economic mess. Big Economy or Big Government: Choose. Put on your big boy pants and do something useful.

  49. Kathy Carlson says:

    “There’s a lot of stuff we wouldn’t have to clean up if the city provided basic human rights, like a Port-A-Potty,” said demonstrator Gene Wagner. Right. Every other New Yorker is responsible for you choosing to live in a park where you do not belong and is responsible for making sure you have a portable bathroom. Just like everything else in your life, I imagine, Mr. Wagner, your lack of adequate sanitation is the fault of someone else and could never be the result of your own poor judgment. No wonder you are protesting about how unfair life is. You haven’t figured out how to take of yourself yet.

  50. Common-Sense Kidd says:

    Go hose ur smelly a$$es down. Those people smell awful. Bloomberg is an idiot – they should march to his house, he make more money than some small cities.

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