Joe Klecko surprised Boomer & Craig with an early morning phone call, as the former Jets standout had a few things he wanted to get off his chest, beginning with his thoughts on the recent inflammatory comments made by Jets wide-receiver Santonio Holmes.

Holmes, who wears the Captain ‘C’ on his chest, spouted-off about the production of the Jets offensive line in relation to Mark Sanchez’s struggles thus far – which like Boomer – Klecko has a big problem with.

Klecko is a believer in keeping problems in-house and dealing with them internally – not pointing fingers and using the media to air his dirty laundry.

Klecko’s anger didn’t stop with Holmes though, as he called out Rex Ryan for his outspoken – what could be perceived as enabling – manner and how his antics effect the team negatively, especially during trying times like this.

As far as whether or not Klecko thinks the Jets can turn things around, he believes it all starts with Mark Sanchez and it also helps that the hapless Miami Dolphins are coming to town Monday night…

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