Video Shows Violent Confrontation Between 2 Customers, Cashier At Manhattan McDonald’s

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An argument  between a cashier and two irate customers at a Manhattan McDonald’s turned violent, leaving both customers injured and all three facing charges.

The entire incident, which was captured on video, happened Thursday morning at a McDonald’s on West Fourth Street in Greenwich Village, CBS 2’s Chris Wragge reports.

It appeared to have started when two female customers argued and yelled obscenities at the cashier when he questioned a $50 bill they gave him.

One of the female customers then slapped the cashier. A woman is then seen jumping over the counter while the other woman goes behind the register.

That’s when the cashier can be seen on the video disappearing into the back of the fast-food restaurant. He comes back with a metal rod and begins hitting the women.

Other customers watched in horror as McDonald’s workers tried unsuccessfully to stop the violence.

One female customer had a fractured skull that required surgery and a broken arm. The other has a deep laceration.

Rayon McIntosh, 31, was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

McIntosh served more than a decade in prison after shooting and killing a high school classmate in 2000. He was being held on $40,000 bail.

The female customers were charged with menacing, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

The owner of that McDonald’s said in a statement that she was “disturbed” by what happened and said the cashier is no longer employed there.

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  1. Dave Pointer says:

    Wow, I hope the worker can sue CBS for liable. He is attacked by two customers in his work area and defended himself. Good for him. I’d shake his hand, and if McDonald’s fired him; give him a job. CBS should be ashamed of itself for slandering the victim like they did. If they’d kicked the tar out of him this wouldn’t have even made the news

  2. Bill says:

    Were I on the jury, Not Guilty. He was defending himself against attack. Plea of Self Defense. Ex-con, here was where he should have been, working!! He wasn’t a bum. 1. attacked first, 2. Went behind the counter. Done.

  3. The Metal Rod says:

    Why are they charging the person who was attacked with a felony or really anything at all? Ohhhhhh NYC, the City of Sissies. I get it now.

    Also I won a bet with myself about the customers who attacked him.

  4. D. W says:

    Terrible job of reporting the story! How can you watch a video of a man being assaulted and say he attacked? Ok so say one of the women pulls a knife and stabs the guy?? What are you supposed to think if 2…2…..2 PEOPLE! Come after you? What, they were coming over the counter to apologize? They ESCALATED THE SITUATION!!! CBS 2 you guys are either blind or incompetent. Who cares about the guys past, They gave him a chance to get his life back together by giving him a job, CBS 2 must want felons to not change so they can have something to report I guess.

  5. oflor says:

    Idiot customers, should be in jail for ever…..protect the employees, they have the right to kill this thug customers, actually they are not real customers, they are criminals….bush faul gain….

    1. Jdub says:

      Oflor, I think you should lay off the pipe before typing, or communicating in any way. True story.

  6. Milt says:

    one of them slaps him and goes over the counter after him….the other comes around the corner after him…. Its self defense. Cops have shot people to death for someone making an “aggressive move’ towards them. . Put me on the jury…NOT GUILTY.

  7. jbspry says:

    two surly drunken bitches try to palm off a suspicious $50 at McDonald’s, the cashier does his job by questioning it, the bitches attempt to intimidate him with foul, angry and abusive language, the cashier stands his ground, the bitches physically attack the cashier and he stands his ground, the bitches jump over the counter and the cashier defends himself and his employer from an attempt to take over the restaurant by force.
    This man is a monster! I say throw the book at him!

    1. BrianW says:

      You are incorrect, he didn’t stand his ground, he retreated. He retreated all the way to the back of the store where he grabbed something he could defend himself with when it became evident they were intent on continuing to attack him.

    2. blksqrrl007 says:

      I don’t think I will visit New York City soon with police that can’t seem to figure out who a real criminal is……….

  8. T. Jones says:

    So the guy was defending himself from two drunk women. Sounds like the police arrested the wrong person.

  9. MaximusFubaris says:

    Yep! Them ho’s wanted a Big Mac with fry’s, and they got it!

  10. John says:

    New Yorkers, How does it feel to have a NEWS organization that obviously has no idea what it is looking at? Brother’s only chance was if they drunk beiches had been white.

    I can’t even believe this guy was charged. I can’t believe these women weren’t charged with assault.

  11. John says:

    Ummm.. Dude was tried and convicted for murder. How in the world did he get a cashier job? Background check much?

  12. Nun'Yalzbidness says:

    reeking bitches ruin another man’s life and the media gloats about it

  13. Billy Collins says:

    So defending your self against 2 drunk retards is a felony??????? CBS should fire the person who wrote this story.

  14. RLABruce says:

    When are the two unruly customers going to be charged with passing counterfeit currency, assault, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct?

  15. Mike O says:

    shame on CBS for reporting this story the WRONG way!!!!!!

  16. PennyPettywick2 says:

    Animals. Gorillas in our midst.

  17. Alex says:

    Absolutely! I feel like I live in another world anymore…… The “story-writer” (no pun intended) wants us to feel sorry for the poor “unruly customers”….. Saddest part is that that TRASH that was at the McDonalds getting what they deserve will likely own that place….. and turn that into a sh1thole like everything else in their neighborhoods…… so sad………..

  18. Steven Moshlak says:

    Ah, the guy retreated and ended-up defending himself, against two crazy patrons, who trespassed into an employee-only area.

    Compounding this action with the fact that one of the patrons hit the cashier, it became “game-on” after they jumped the counter.

    The DA office should do a no-file.

  19. Jman says:

    CBS should be ashamed of this reportage. The McD’s employee was just defending himself. Those women got what they deserved.

  20. Brutha V says:

    There’s no way a jury of his peers will convict him. It was self-defense, and the women got what they deserved. Justice was served.

  21. PennyPettywick says:

    Gee, I wonder if they’re Black? Yep! All three. What a surprise there.

  22. just sayin says:

    really, you would off this guy? Go back on your medicine dude. Yeah, he went too far, but how about probation and community service. They really needed an ass kicking and they picked a guy with limited self control to go off on… you’d kill him for that? Jeez, you kinda scare me bro

    1. E says:

      He already murdered someone in his past. Your thinking that murderers should be allowed to roam the streets freely to strike again is both foolish and scary, bro. I’m sorry, but a fractured skull crosses a line.

      1. Rourk says:

        It really doesn’t. Saying someone should be executed for hitting someone with a metal bar (if it was even a metal bar) in self defense is what crosses the line.

        You’re a cashier. You’re doing your job. A customer gets so irate and unruly she slaps you (more than likely verbally threatened too). Then she hops over the counter to attack you. Her friend runs around the other end of the counter to attack you from another direction. You’ve got two people coming at you, assaulting you from different directions. You don’t know if they are armed. Picking up a weapon and making sure the two assaulting you are incapacitated is the smart thing to do. It is the natural thing to do. It could be your life otherwise.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Agreed. They got what they deserved. He needed to make sure they weren’t getting back up. Especially, when it’s 2 on 1.

          1. Zig Sulewski says:

            SELF DEFENSE !!!– I don’t care what his criminal past is—He paid for it by going to jail. Who the hell do these women think they are, attacking a cashier
            or, anybody else for that matter. They got what they deserved–maybe not enough.

      2. j says:

        You’re a DUMBASS.

      3. dee says:

        So he was suppose to wait to see what more they were going to do before he wipped there a–

  23. McGruff says:

    Well done !

    We need more of these punks beat down or shot.

  24. Pastorius says:

    The guy did not brutally “ATTACK” these monsters. He was fighting back.

    CBS gives the impression that Rayon’s response was worse than it was by repeating it over and over.

    I agree with the commenter who said, “CBS ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

  25. Joshua Groenke says:

    Those skanks got everything they deserved! I think it is funny as hell!!

  26. Tim T says:

    He had every right to defend himself, but he obviously went nuts and continued beating them when they were down. They should all get felony counts, but the attackers get misdemeanors… we’ll see what the Judge & Jury think.

  27. Robert Abouie says:

    Hey, if he is attacked, he has every right to defend himself.

    Watch, these two animals will sue McDonald’s, a jury will award them millions, and the NY Court of Appeals will uphold the verdict.

  28. Jacob Hughes says:

    As a male who has fought black women before… if you don’t attack her…aggressively… with everything you got…she will slice and dice you. This man was attacked by TWO women .. he had no choice, it was them or him and they started it.

  29. Richard, Caldwell, NJ says:

    They got what they deserved. They assaulted the cashier and then charged over and around the counter. He had a right to defend himself, even if he dis overdo it while in an emotional state. He should be let off with a warning. If more of these young thugs – male and female – had the crap beat out of them when they behaved badly, the US would be a safer place.

  30. Wayne says:

    What the hell are you a-holes reporting? the man was clearly being threatened and defended himself. So what he was a prior Felon, those wome deserved a beating and then some!

  31. Smitty says:

    “You want a splint with that?”

  32. judge and jury says:

    OK, simmer down. He shouldn’t have kept at it. He will pay, and because he has been in the joint he will pay big time.

    But mouthy a##holes who feel entitled to do whatever the f*** they want to other people pay close attention. You may well get back more than you bargained for. And you will deserve it.

    If I were the judge, I’d make the aggressors pay for the ex-con’s defense, and serve, oh, maybe 5 years. I would send him to anger management so he stops after one good whack and they are down the next time.

    I actually feel sorry for the guy cause he is in a world of sh** now. I would contribute to his defense if I could.

    The station is just your typical media types. And regarding the theory that McD’s has a financial interest in the media… ever see how much they spend on advertising each year? Case closed.

  33. IronKnuckle says:

    What I would like to see is the person charged with assault for jumping behind the counter. Life isn’t a game of Super Smash Bros. Melee. Jumping behind the counter is on the face an indicator of assault.

    1. Catman says:

      Absolutely. The cashier was perfectly just in defending himself against two attackers whose ultimate motives were obscure, but whose actions spoke volumes.

      So what if he had a criminal past? He served his time and as far as we know, he’s been clean since then.

      This is also a “teachable moment”. Never pick a fight with a stranger. You have absolutely NO idea of what they are capable of.

      1. Brad Donald Lannon says:

        he tried to get away and they chased him and he defended himself. He didnt just lash out randomly.

        1. jslab129 says:

          I agree absolutely. The cashier was slapped and then the customers came behind the counter. I used to tend bar if that happened to me I would have shot the two girls. What difference does his past make? He has a right to defend himself.

          1. rightsaidfred says:

            So I guess they are saying that if you have committed a crime in the past you shouldn’t have a job anywhere.

          2. Vina Sestonari says:

            They were drunk. You need to shoot two drunk girls? What kind of man are you?

            1. Casper says:

              Wouldn’t waste my expensive ammo on these lowlifes. Metal rod was appropriate self-defense tool.

          3. Tex says:

            I hadn’t thought of that – haha, you’re right. If it was at a bar or a convenience store for that matter, they would have been shot. Would that have been excessive force? Would he still have been arrested?

            1. Scott says:

              Excellent point. They could have ended up a whole lot worse, and no charges would have been filed against the worker.

        2. jslab129 says:

          If they are going to lie about what happened, they shouldn’t include a video.

  34. McFelony says:

    Meh. Liberals destroyed McDonalds a long time ago. This is just more of the same crap that now happens all the time at our socially conscious hamburger joints. But at least no one can purchase a tasty french fry anymore. We’re saved.

  35. JR Bob Dobbs says:

    They say the fittest shall survive, yet the unfit may live

  36. ProFromDover says:

    I’ll bet the two “victims” were trying to pass a bad $50 bill when they cursed the cashier out, assaulted him and then jumped the counter. Hope the cashier gets a good attorney to argue self-defense. Wonder if the cops recovered the $50 note in question. Would be really cool if these two low-class bimbos get charged with counterfeiting.

  37. jon moore says:

    extremely irresponsible reporting. shame on you CBS new york. those women were not attacked… the cashier was attacked and he defended himself.

  38. Brad Donald Lannon says:

    Its So frigging blatant how bad they slant is. Its the opposite of freaking reality. Was this staff on drugs when watching the tape?

  39. Bibleis says:

    This video clearly shows 2 people attacking attacking a cashier. They even jumped over a counter to attack him. He responded in self defense. CBS and all their bobble heads have failed massively in their analysis of this situation.
    After watching the video, the behavior I found most shocking came from the See BS bobble heads

  40. Matt Power says:

    And how did he know they didn’t have a gun? If, as a convicted felon obeying the conditions of his parole, he wasn’t armed. Self defense all the way. Stop the threat.

  41. Butch Blosc says:

    He’s got 2 brothers, Nylon and Dacron.

  42. Dave Cavena says:

    Solution? when a guy aces a classmate, execute him. None of this would have occurred.

    1. Bobby says:

      Sorry, it would have still have occurred, the report just would have been “McDonald’s Cashier attacked…” Because the cause of this event wasn’t the felon, it was the two pieces of trash.

  43. Rizz917 says:

    HOW INSANE IS THIS REPORT? “That’s when the two women were attacked” What are you on drugs? He attacked them? Wow, that got my blood boiling when he said that. He was defending himself and let them have it. I can’t stand the liberal media, they’re absolutely backwards.

  44. y0y says:

    You have to love sexism. So 2 women initiate violence. Then escalute the situation by going into an employee only area. Male takes them out, granted with excessive force, and is arrested. Why arent these women arrested? What I love is that if it was reversed and a women cashier nearly beat to death 2 males, she would be a hero. The only thing more shocking then this dual standard is when blacks attack whites based on skin color and that is not a hate crime but if anything happens with a white person doing somthing to a black one its instantly called racism and hate crimes charges arebeinng explored.

  45. John Abbott says:

    Wait, wait, wait:
    “One of the female customers then slapped the cashier. A woman is then seen jumping over the counter, while the other woman goes behind the register. They are then savagely attacked.”

    They are savagely attacked???
    The moment that the cashier was slapped, it was self defense. The fact that the woman THEN went over the counter?
    I -WISH- I was on the jury, here.
    I’d hire this guy to work for me in a moment, knowing that he would defend my business with his body.

    1. steve says:

      because crime pays

    2. Billy Collins says:

      He did his time blame the liberal judges in NY Juvenal court.

    3. Rourk says:

      That article doesn’t tell the whole story. Also, 10 years is a long time. Just how much of our tax dollars you want spent keeping people locked up? We have the largest prison population in the world…

      Regardless. That incident 10 years ago is entirely separate from the one in McDonald’s. He clearly was defending himself, and there was no way of knowing if those women were armed. He very likely felt threatened (as he indeed was) when the women attacked him. Most people would do the same thing in his shoes. Had he been white and had a clean record he likely wouldn’t even have been arrested. (And I myself am white saying this)

      Shame on CBS, bigtime. Unfortunately this is standard dribble from this news station.

  46. Cheryl Ladd says:

    I’ll have a beat down to go please.

  47. Art Agel says:

    It’s CBS, after all, so you know that they lie about their stories all the time. “Slanting” is the lesser of their sins. These guys forge papers and use the smear the memories of dead soldiers for political purposes.

    So if it’s CBS guys, just remember to check the evidence against more reputable sources before you take their word for it.

  48. Sean Davis says:

    Let me get this straight. Two women become verbally abusive with the cashier. One of them then proceeds to slap the cashier in the face. One woman then climbs over the counter while the other woman goes around the other way. And this makes them victims exactly how? The cashier went overboard, but the two women in question were hardly innocent victims. Everyone in this case needs to be charged.

    1. Katatak says:

      There’s a big difference between innocent victim and victim. They were most definitely victims. Slapping someone does not typically result in what could easily be argued as attempted murder. This guy is clearly unbalanced.

      Were the innocent? No. But were they victims? Absolutely

      1. cruz says:

        i am not saying that what this cashier did was right’ but i do notice that many of these african american females are very hot headed and abusive toward other people whenever they dont get their way or are in a no nonsence situation. i have seen to many times these rowdy behaviors at public places. why be nasty and argue over stupidity. i just have two words, ANGER MANAGEMENT.

        1. Anna says:

          Everything you said became invalid when you generalized “African American females.” This is not an issue of race nor gender.

          1. Nick says:

            Why did it become invalid? I’ve had to deal with many customers like this at the grocery store that I work at. Over the last year, I have made a list of all of the customers that we have had problems with (citing approximate age, race, sex, contents of purchase), and 90.4% of the problem customers were African American women of varying ages from about 17ish to 70. When you consider that the town that I live and work in has (according to the 2000 census) a population of 42,000 and less than 2% of that is African American, it is safe to assume that African American females are most likely to be problem customers. This doesn’t mean that all of them are abusive and childish when they don’t get what they want, just that they have a higher incidence of acting like savages.

            BTW, you just made it an issue of race and gender.

            1. The Questioner says:

              Nick—I don’t believe one word of what you just wrote. Yeah—black women are your biggest “problem” customers? It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the sexist and racist attitudes you’ve displayed here, could it? I

              The fact that these two women committed crimes is no excuse for stereotyping black women. If a white man walks into a business and assaults or murders the people inside (which is exactly what happened in California last week), does that mean that all white men are potentially violent? No, because white men are not stereotyped as subhuman the way black people are. Your comment about black women having a “higher incidence of acting like savages” reveals you as the bigot that you are.

              1. The Teacher says:

                You probably should learn how to read again.

              2. Independent observer says:

                First of all you should learn how quotations work, they’re not there to make up your own opinion on what someone meant then redistribute it like they said it. Secondly, By saying “Nick—I don’t believe one word of what you just wrote.” you’re openly being a bigot and close minded neanderthal. Then going on to blame Nick because of your own personal, emotional biased on a subject in which you have no prior knowledge too.

                1. jason says:

                  anyone who doubts what nick says either 1. doesnt read 2. doesnt believe what they see 3. doesnt go outside their house, EVER 4. are dead

              3. Gangbuster says:

                THeyre the dominating bigots. We see it in the professions too—several have even outright stated that while they expect to be treated like queens, they think they have to “speak their mind” which invariably means interupting and being loud and abusive.

                It’s a modern thing, brought on by leftist racism and pandering to the lowest elements of human nature instead of expecting them to rise up to the level of civility.

                1. Michael Holt says:

                  But you’re wrong. Its a socioeconomic problem…. Not a race problem. An example I have is the “mcnugget Rampage” Incident a few months ago (look it up)… That person was white. It’s a class thing, not a race thing. Please lets rise above stereotyping people. It’s offensive ignorant and separatist. Some people just weren’t raised right. The correlations between wealth and education are much more relevant than the color of skin. .

              4. Gra pe A pe says:

                STF U, lib tard. “Racists” are realists. White men don’t act subhuman, while sheb oons definitely do. Get your head out of your a$$.

                1. KING says:

                  then what do you call what you are saying right now/? you are sub human filth

            2. Kim says:

              I’m on your side, Nick. I too work in a fast paced customer service venue and I can back up your statements. I do not take them as racist but factual. Others will constantly play the race card instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. I think this attitude problem comes from the entitlement mentality that has been cultivated in this country for ages.

          2. Clutch Shannon says:

            If you weren’t living under a rock for the past 20 years, you’d know that African American females are widely known for such behavior.

            Besides, cruz did not generalize it to anyone. He simply stated his observation, then pointed out the real issue at hand – anger management.

            But please, go ahead and live in your politically correct fantasy, where everyone and everything is equal, you stupid cu*t.

        2. PR Diva says:

          Cruz… are you going to post that ONLY Black Women are hot headed and abusive?!. Where have you been?!……GET OUT OF HERE!!!!! I have seen women of ALL nationality get upset and hot-headed when things do not go their way. DO NOT….I repeat….DO NOT make this situation a “Black Women Thing.” GROW UP!!! and do not put your insecurities on Black Women!

          1. jason andrews says:

            I bet PR Diva is a angry black women. Point proven

          2. jason says:

            hehe continue keep your eyes tightly shut and cover your eyes pr

      2. Reg Cliff says:

        It seems this employee was really scared and his flight or fight response kicked in; an innate reaction & one that is not easily controlled.
        Two crazy people jumped the counter after one hit him and ran into the back of the kitchen. He doesn’t know why they were chasing him, but they certainly were acting fearless in going after him–Might they be carrying weapons.
        So is he truly unbalanced? He was differently scared, and his response was fight as hard as he could with what ever he could find.
        The guy was just trying to make a living and working at McDonald’s to survive. These 2 Unbalanced women came in and went after him.

        1. Kristen says:

          Humans don’t have “innate reactions”. FIght or flight is a myth; the name itself says so. An instinct has to appear in every member of a species with no or little variation, and require no thought. Deciding whether to “fight” or “flight” is a choice, therefore thinking.

          That said, the women were aggressive and threatening (and I consider slapping assault, so I’m surprised the woman who slapped him isn’t getting charged with that as well), but it definitely didn’t warrant striking them with a metal rod (and continuing to strike them after they had been down for a while definitely didn’t come off as a defensive maneuver).

          1. Ray says:

            Very well said, Kristen. I think we grow up with stories of 1 side being right and 1 side being wrong. In this case, the women were likely the instigators. They don’t have to be innocent for him to be guilty, though. He wasn’t defending himself at the time of his assault. He obviously had reasons to be ticked off, but for any of this to become a rally for this guy (or a pity party) is a sad statement about society. If you break it down, it’s not tough. The women deserve to be arrested for what they did. The guy wasn’t in danger, and wasn’t acting to defend himself………he’s not a victim the moment he assaulted them. If there’s any doubt about that, look when the other worker is there and it stops for a few seconds and then he beats them again.

            1. Jonn says:

              He may have gone over the line, but he was initially acting to defend himself. One of the woman had already physically assaulted him at the counter before leaping over. He backed away, they followed him personally, even ignoring another employee to do so. Two physically aggressive people violating boundaries vs. one person are always a threat, especially if they have already assaulted him.

              Ask yourself; would you be saying they weren’t a threat if two men had already hit a female cashier and jumped over the counter, all else being equal, including physical size?

          2. Preston says:

            Took a couple of courses in human behavior and comparative psychology and all of the sudden Kristen is the go to expert. Thanks Kristen for showing the world that they will let anyone into college these days. “Thinking” implies that the individual of the species is sitting around contemplating for long periods of time. Folks we are talking seconds here to react. I’m being threatened, I’ve experienced threatening situations, they are attacking me, I have no where to really run but into the fryer, they are coming at me in MY OWN territory, attack, attack attack. I would have fought back as well. Now as far as the repeated hits with the metal bar, especially when they were on the ground and no longer posing a threat that is very disturbing. However, at this point his body must be flooded with all sorts of chemicals like adrenalin and yes he may lack restraint. That being said they were the aggressors, they attacked first and his past should not indite him for every future experience he encounters. While I find it morally reprehensible his killing of a teen in his youth by this countries laws he has served his time.
            For all the people who have never worked in a industry such as food service or retail in which your dealing with the mass of humanity on a daily basis need to try it out for a year and see just how lovely these “innate reaction” lacking humans behave. Disgusting the lot! If you are so politically correct as to not acknowledge cultural/behavioral differences between ethnicity’s, sexes, and yes socioeconomic backgrounds then you are simply promoting ignorance and ignoring observable quantifiable data. If you find fault with those individuals that mention race as a influence then where do you get off demonizing those of lower monetary means? Poor people are not all savages and act in uncivilized ways. Anyone that even mentions that reveals the cards in their hands as a brain dead knee jerk middle class white dare I say liberal. For the record I am very much a liberal but I have no problem evaluating the details at hand and coming to my own conclusions. I just don’t simply regurgitate, “we are all the same” or “we are all equal”. For neither are true, despite it sounding so nice. The facts are there are some nasty, selfish, anti-social, and angry people out there and they can come from any classifiable group.

          3. Tweetie says:

            YEAH, IT DID!

        2. Katatak says:

          I’m a psychologist, and while the fight or flight response in very real and exists in every species, this is not really an example of that response. You typically choose one (fight OR flight). He made a conscious decision to fight, it was not a reflex. If he was acting on reflex he would have worked with readily available objects or his fists. To go and grab a tool indicates forethought, planning- in other words, acting beyond mere reflexes. When he stopped the woman was not fighting back and he continued to hit her. That is malicious. While those women were rude and acted inappropriately, he is by far more unbalanced than those women.

          I worked at a McDonald’s while I was in high school. I’ve seen people throw burgers, sodas, fries, and punches at myself (soda) and coworkers and not one of us responded in that way. Instead, we cleaned ourselves off, took a break (many smoked), and went back to our minimum wage existence. His response was atypical, and his history shows he is quick to anger- so yes, he is truly unbalanced.

          1. Nick says:

            Maybe he tried to flee, but when the pursued him behind the counter, he decided to defend himself. It’s very easy to accidentally release too much of the pent up rage from a situation like this and go overboard. I believe at first he was just defending himself, but after they were down, he was to infuriated to stop.

          2. Jeff says:

            Hey CBS News. Notice a prominent trend here in the comments? You should and start reporting the news and not your agenda. Screw you and the occupy Wall St crowd. You are all part of the same propaganda machine. If you think I’m extreme in my opinion I refer back to before mentioned suggestion to read the comments posted here.

          3. Gangbuster says:

            Your response is thoughtful and illuminating. I’m surprised in a way, I’ve encountered rude customers years ago, but never any who threw things. Those of you who endured such abuse calmly and went back to work demonstrated heroic qualities. I’m sure you are all doing well and have nice jobs and homes and families.

            1. Katatak says:

              Thank you. I can’t speak for my former coworkers, as I no longer keep in touch with them, but I believe I am doing well 🙂 I am a researcher now, and I work with the Dept. of Defense on substance abuse prevention in the military. I think it’s important for all people to work in the service industry at least once in their lives. It’s a truly humbling experience and I think if everyone knew what it was like to work there, we would have fewer examples of the abusive behaviors of those women. That being said, I cannot possibly condone what that man did. With his history of violence, he should have never been placed in such a position where he would have to interact with customers (they are so very rude!). He should have been placed in back of house positions like cooking and washing dishes. Frankly, I always preferred BOH jobs because they made you feel more human- everyone you interacted with treated you like a person, not just someone who was supposed to bow to their every whim and desire.

          4. Bryans says:

            @ Katatak,

            Thanks for your expert analysis… NOT! Have you ever been attacked? Have you ever been in that situation being boxed in by two aggressive people? If you have not then you cannot possibly fathom basic response instincts in those situations. Therefore go back do your day job and try not to give out any more bad advice.

            1. Katatak says:

              @ Bryans, you may have missed my earlier comment. I worked in the service industry for 11 years (age 14-25) while working my way through school. I have absolutely experienced situations like this. While I have never been slapped, I have had things thrown at me, had people spit at me, and witnessed many coworkers being abused in similar situations. I have seen punches thrown, employees chased, and this man’s reaction was not typical. In all my years in the service industry I’ve only had one coworker retaliate. And he was unstable and on a whole slew of anti-psychotic medications. My managers knew that and did the right thing- had him work in the back of the house, away from customers. He was smoking outside and a customer was angered that his kids were close by, so he threw a burger. My coworker ran inside and grabbed a piece of quarter meat and threw it at the customer. He retaliated in kind, he did not hurt the guy, but did the same that was done to him. The guy above did not retaliate in kind. Beating a woman with a metal rod is not the same as slapping someone- like, at all. Don’t think I’m so out of touch with the service industry just because I don’t work there anymore. I finished my degree this past december, and up until March of 2011 I was continually employed by the service industry. Over 11 years working in restaurants… I have certainly experienced many things.

        3. mini says:

          Either that or he is simply a cold blooded murderer. Personally I think he was still acting like he was on a prison yard where they fight like animals over honeybuns and cigarettes.

        4. JS says:


      3. JS says:


    2. RonnieReagan says:

      Lets be clear about this. Yes the women slapped/punched him. They then proceeded to jump the counter to where other uninvolved employees, money, and food were while the cashier retreated to the back. They gave chase heading towards the back to track him down. Surprise, they got whacked on the head. As stupid as they were at that point, they proceeded to try and get up in spite of being told to stay in place. At this time, they got whacked several more times.

      Regardless of his past criminal history which I absolutely do have a problem with, this employee was simply @work trying to do his job, and did the right thing. I’d be happy to contribute to his defense fund. Thank god there is video that vindicates what this guy did.

      1. Potential Juror says:

        Self defence, IMO

    3. Steve says:

      Those women got what they deserved.

      1. Derrick says:

        Exactly, nuff said!

    4. Thomas Stratford says:

      Where I live, you come over the counter , you can get shot, the two women got exactly what they deserved.

    5. Phil says:

      They got what they deserved. The man is at work trying to turn his life around. He is required to check for possible counterfeit money. These women accosted and assaulted this man for doing his job. They are licking their wounds knowing they started something they thought they could not handle. Hold that!!!

    6. john says:

      I dont think that the guy behind the counter did anything wrong. He is protecting himself and rightly so. Those, and i use this word loosely, women, were barbaric cave women that have clearly got a 3rd grade education, if any, Had no right to jump the counter and attack him. Had he not defended himself, i am sure they would have pummeled him to the ground.. I dont see a lot of help coming his way either. Great job Mc Donald, fire the poor guy for defending himself with your crap clients. He should be commended for teaching those skanks a lesson.

    7. liz says:

      I agree 100 % !

    8. D Colwell says:

      Talk about media bias! Give me a break! Where do I controbute the the defense for the poor McDonalds worker? He was defending himself, and his coworkers, against two vicious thuggs. Yes…”vicious.” Just because you have a Va…. doesn’t give you immunity. Kudo to this guy! He’s a hero. Go bavk to uour New York-liberal-biased “reporting” of anothrt poor victim. What are you? A “thug advocate?” btw Did YOU investigate the backgrounds of these two charming ladies?

  49. Not Today says:

    what the hell was he supposed to do? Give them free burgers?

    1. prideassassin says:

      Come behind my counter, I assume a robbery, and I WILL kill you. No customers behind the counter. Once you break that rule, i don’t know what you have or what you want. You are going down.

      1. Rod Anders says:

        I agree. Self defense.

        1. crystal daniels says:

          I think they deserve what they asked for they attacked him first. It was self defense the judge is going 2 rot n hell if he sends that man to jail he was doing his job untill those ignorint women slapped him i would have dont the same thing he did. It was two against one he was out numbered.

          1. Mike Notsaying says:

            ex crimmie they prob automatically violated him , this sis after all ussa

          2. elwood says:

            YES. And if we was white and had the resources to get a high-priced lawyer, he’d get off with community service. There wasn’t even a question in their mind about going over the counter. Now one has a cracked skull. Maybe going to another place with the $50 will at least occur to them, if not acted upon, as an option next time they are involved in a conflict, as opposed to going right into a violent rage.

            1. kim says:

              I wonder if those had been 2 white women (equally as large and angry) would everyone be condoning the employees actions. Just a thought.

              1. OklahomaBound says:


                Yes we would be saying the same thing if the women had been white because unlike you criminal coddling leftist we see only criminals and victims regardless of the race the parties involved are and we’re sick of seeing bleeding hearts like yourself and the judges you put on the bench favoring criminals over victims. Notice that the victim (that’s the male employee, not the attackers) is also black, if our concern was the color of the people involved we would be praising the beating of the women and also praising the charges against the black employee, but instead we are defending the employee because regardless of race we know HE is the victim and his actions were justafiable self defense. If you want to see a racist then look in the mirror lefty, all of your kind fall in that catagory.

      2. Barry Frank says:

        I AGREE 1000%
        AND A MEDAL

        1. Morgaine says:

          Yes, I have already called McDonald’s Corporate (1-800-244-6227) to share my view along with most everyone else here. I have never, ever heard of an employee protecting himself and those with him, to be charged in this way. He deserves counseling for the trauma, as it obviously had an impact on his psyche…with his reaction. He kept them subdued, not knowing if these more than likely, gang members…had intent to kill him. Nice try at a new life, being convicted, for protecting yourself from violent thugs.

          And the thugs being described as victims???? You slap an employee in the face, hop over the counter and your friend in with joins you….so he is expected to risk his life and let them assault him???

          This is why, today…WORLWIDE….protesters are gathered together with the “OCCUPY WALL STREET…OCCUPY BOSTON etc…theme, of making change to a corrupt system, where “Corporations, Politicians and our Police Departments, are for hire to protect for the ole mighty dollar. This will go to court and money will be made and pocketed for sure. When it is obvious, there is nothing to determine, who is a victim here. Rayon, if you are reading this, and McDonald’s does not come to your defense, please have someone hold a sign at the Occupy Wall Street protest…and find someone to take a pic. All passerby will see. Provide CBS link with “SHOCK VIDEO: stunning violence in Manhattan’s McDonald’s.” Reveal how you are the victim and how the news twisted this. The world is watching at this moment. The courts are business for profit, not about protecting the victims.

          The number is here

          1. Easton says:

            I agree this is sick new reporting on CBS 2 NEWS and the REPORTER should be fired!!!! WHO APPROVED this is to on the air with this SLANT!!!!!

          2. Mike Notsaying says:

            court costs are around 40 000 for a jury trial , the state doesn’t pocket anything till your incarcerated , but ya

        2. phil says:

          Wonderful to see this. Not disturbing at all. I am proud of the victim. He should be rewarded and praised for his leadership skills. Perhaps the perp with the cracked skull will think twice about mounting the counter of another restaurant. The truly sad part is watching how this reporter at CBS NY attempts to blame the victim for defending himself. CBS decided to slant this story to fit an agenda. Is it any wonder that people no longer trust the main stream media?

      3. cgwj says:

        Self defense! for sure. Two come at me I can defend myself.

      4. But Seriously says:

        plainly, PLAINLY self defense. Aquittal is justified. Of course in New York it is probably against the law to defend yourself.

        1. JOSE says:

          sniveling cowardly america hating liberals have turned self defense into a prison term LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER

      5. Jim Harrington Sr says:

        Yup. You are correct, sir!

        The record of black women being violent in Obama’s New World? Two violent drunks against one guy making minimum wage?

        What does his past have to do with anything. The guy served the sentence he was given. Why should he take a beating from two animals for minimum wage?!?!

        1. Perfect Ponytails Home Salon says:

          There race has nothing to do with it. I am a black women and I couldn’t imagine jumping over a counter and doing anything ridiculous like this. Some people are just low class.

      6. Welcome Black Carter says:

        Some McD owner needs to step up and hire this guy when the jury finds him innocent. I’d promote him to manager.

      7. bobby says:

        He did a great job .I would hire him in a minute.These skid drunk bitches provoked the whole incident and got what they deserved

      8. gagirl says:

        Agree 100%. I’m not wasting any time asking questions. Let somebody jump over the counter on me and I’m losing my job AND going to jail on the spot. Those two hoodrat bitches got what they asked for. In another video, you can hear one of them yelling “Do something”. Well bitch, he did. I bet that’ll be the last time they go popping off at the mouth to somebody again. Dumb hoes. They need to let this man go; it was clearly self-defense. It sucks because you even though he was a felon, he was making an honest living working at McDonald’s. Of course, they’ll probably convict him cause that’s how it goes…..

    2. Cece says:

      He went overboard with the rod, but they attacked him first. The news makes it seem like it was the guy’s fault. Stupid girls provoked the wrong dog.

      1. Barry Frank says:


      2. The5Efan says:

        “…spare the rod, spoil the child…”

        Works for me

      3. gerald says:

        he in no way went overboard. he didn’t know what those women had to be coming over the counter like that. I would have done worst to instill in her mind that because u a woman u don’t have the right to hit a man because he’s a man. and secdond to think twiice about leaping over a counter at a restaurant to attack orgo after somebody.

      4. DEEBEE says:

        ANd you were there to state with certitude that he went overboard?

    3. Ibadiyah says:

      your comment is ignorant you need to read something. i’m a black man, and we know why where being displayed. jay edger hoover said how you fdestroy the black race through the media..

      1. anonymous says:

        What, that’s pretty funny since this stuff never makes national news…

        If it was a white guy beating up two black women this would be on CNN

      2. bk says:

        Ibadiya-b.jones is the cultural retard . However, things have changed a lot since J.Edgar Hoover. We see plenty of violent whites in the news,too- the murderous home invaders in Ct. that have been in the news lately – serial killers ( mostly white) and plenty more .

        But I do agree with “prideassassin ” . Invade my personal space in a threatening manner and you are going down – no holds barred !

        1. clyatonbigsby says:

          Don’t forget the child molesters and sexual assaults.

          I think they have a church set up for just that sought of thing,

          1. Russ says:

            It’s not a church. It’s a group called NAMBLA and the ACLU supports them, as do the Democrats.

        2. The Bobster says:

          Another media lie. 28% of the serial killers are spoonies, even though they’re only 12.6% of the population.

      3. Steve says:

        Ibadiyah… The most racist people are the blacks. Whitey just laughs at your race card now, you’ve used it so much it dont work anymore! Blacks in the media..Hahaha… you put yourselves in the media. Always thinking this country or the white man owes you something, well your not owed anything! Take responsibity for yourself and your actions and you just might go somewhere in life, but first you have to get a JOB!!! and tell all the other black men that. Instead of dealing drugs, work a honest job!

      4. bjones says:

        Yes, and it is indeed a good deed to do so.

      5. Cynical says:

        The reason blacks are on display is because iit is the blacks who cannot control themselves, have a 68% rate of single families, score the lowest on academic tests, do not discipline themselves to be bothered to finish high school many times, and commit the most crimes. Note I didn’t say all blacks – just a large percentage of your race, which is a much higher ratio than most any other race. So as one never knows which blacks are going to go crazy, and commit a crime next, I tend to agree with the writer who says, ‘lock em all up.’ Our generation truly is paying the price for those generations ago who imported blacks as their slaves.

      6. Cynical says:

        Ibadiyah, – You wrote, “your comment is ignorant you need to read something. i’m a black man, and we know why where being displayed. jay edger hoover said how you fdestroy the black race through the media..”

        For the record, when one starts a sentence, the first letter should be capitalized. There should be a comma after the word ignorant. The contraction we’re is not spelled where. J.Edgar Hoover’s three names should all be capitalized as well.

    4. E. N. says:

      The only reason this story went big is because THE VICTIM FOUGHT BACK. There are tons of assaults, all of the time, against black AND white people. The only people that defend themselves are the violent ones… like the guy who went to prison for a handgun death. Peaceful, law-abiding citizens NEEEEVER fight back… and maybe we should. A ‘lil message to my Afro-American friends… stop turning a blind eye to the violent talk and action that is fostered in your community. You are victimized just as much as white people, if not more. CRIME SUCKS, FIGHT BACK!

      1. d-nez says:

        savages savages I love it. Savage on Savage crime and you’re an idiot if you think that has anything to do with race.

        1. Gman says:

          It has EVERYTHING to do with race, dipstick.

        2. Bilbo Baggins says:

          You fool, if think this is about so race so is the shooting in Seal Beach California the other day where the SAVAGE white dude KILLED 8 innocent victims!

          1. Perfect Ponytails Home Salon says:

            Amen, perhaps they would have benefited a black guy in Seal Beach when that angry white guy went in there and shot everyone up.

    5. Cal Wildman says:

      There have been multiple attacks on McD cashiers in the news over the past several months. This guy should be acquitted. The girls, particularly the one that slapped him should be charged with assault and battery, and if that $50 turns out to be fake, both girls should be going away for passing counterfeit currency.

      1. Terry6206 says:

        Agree completely.

    6. Christy says:


    7. Deeznuts says:

      Can of supersized whoopazz. they deserved it.

      1. Barry Frank says:

        YA THEY DID!

    8. Butters says:

      I KNEW it would be BLACKS, BEFORE I read the article. I just KNEW it.

    9. Mike H. says:

      If you strike an Employee today or threaten an employee over the Phone,to companies today,its open season on their people.Its all about the Cash,as soon as that happened a manager should have come to the counter.This guy was acting in self defense-no matter who he is.
      This was self defense and the Employee should not be punished-it was said these two were trashed when they went in.Like someone else said what was he supposed to do,give them Free Burgers,no he opened a can of Whoop Ass on them,they will think twice before smacking someone in Mcdonalds again.

    10. Diamond IntheRough says:


      1. The5Efan says:

        You know women do carry knives and guns in our very modern world?????

        The guy has no idea if they’re going to shoot/stab him….no idea. To say this guy did not fear for his life is rediculous. It went down too fast to figure that out and he dealt with the threat as needed.

        You play, you pay. Sorry

    11. Rob says:

      I can NOT believe I’m saying this but with all of the attacks lately, seemingly almost always black girls (at least the ones you see in these stories) I can guarantee I would’ve have jacked the woman who slapped me right in the jaw. Hard, fast and repetitious is how I fight and I would not take another inch of crap from an angry black female who acts entitled. I have concealed carry and if one of the angry mobs attacks me and mine, there will be at least 11 shot as that is what my clip holds. It’s getting out of hand and we have to defend ourselves. He went overboard with the rod as I can guarantee you he could have beat both of them down with his fists, but I bet both these sistas think twice before they do something like this now.

      1. Constance says:

        I understand completely what you are saying. Black women are the absolute worst. Very provoking, very angry. I’ve witnessed it many, many times. They look for a fight, then lose their minds when someone gives them one. I don’t condone this kind of violence, and I would have handled this situation differently, but I get it. Sometimes, people just push people too far. Perhaps in the future, these two princesses will rethink their own anger. Provoke the wrong person. Get the heck kicked out of you.

    12. savagesandiego says:

      Sometimes it takes crazy to manage crazy. These 2 women wanted to make the news and they did. Self defense. Welcome to McDonanlds maam… Sir I’d like a double asswhippin served up with a stick!!!

    13. Joe says:

      It was self defense…It’s a shame he has a record….this should occur much more often as it will correct in quick fashion rude and anti-social behavior….he over did it but who knows if he wasn’t scared for his life…

    14. Roy Gutfinski says:

      Looks like a robbery attempt to me. Perhaps the clerk overreacted with the metal rod. On the other hand, cops respond the same way with their nightsticks all the time.

      1. Bilbo Baggins says:

        Yes, if you simply change the uniforms and the employer, the same action becomes justified.

    15. ALLEN says:


    16. The5Efan says:


      You should ba ashamed about how you turned this whole story around and blamed the McDonald’s employee for protecting his own live.

      He had no idea if the women were armed and he protected himself, plain and simple

      SHAME ON CBS2!!!

      1. bk says:

        Totally TOTALLY biased reporting . The sland is in lock step with the current mentality that citizens have no right to defend themselves.
        The headline of this story reads “Cashier Goes Wild On 2 Female Customers With Metal Rod After Being Slapped “….

        It should read “Cashier Goes Wild On 2 menacing drunken Female ( gender is irrelevant) Customers With Metal Rod After Being gived counterfiet money , being threatened and cursed at and Slapped and agressivly persued .”

      2. JOSE says:


    17. Applejack says:

      I wish he’d kicked their teeth in. GOOD FOR HIM. They got what they asked for and more, and I hope their stupid classless asses are laughed out of court when they inevitably sue McDonald’s.

    18. Dexter says:

      I live in Toledo, where store managers openly wear weapons and they shoot to kill robbers. In Toledo, both these women would be shot dead and the cops would not charge the shooter. I mean it. They shoot to kill…too many clerks are getting jacked up. I support the defense of the clerk. I applaud him.

    19. Riley says:

      When the cashier was first assaulted he should have removed himself from the immediacy of the women. Then, he should have instructed co-workers to call police. He should have defended himself against the attacks but where he failed was using unnecessary force against the women. When they were down he should have stopped. When he continued to beat them after they were on the ground he committed an assault. The women are guilty of assault and the cashier is guilty of assault. Both deserve to be punished.

      1. Terry6206 says:

        But the women will sue McDonald’s for hiring a felon, although it is legal to do so.

        1. crystal daniels says:

          Him being a felon has nothing 2 do with him kicking there asses they f***ked with the wrong one (Dmack)

          1. Pauli Gela says:

            Times are a changing

    20. Jerry says:

      Too bad the McDonalds employee wasn’t armed.

      The only criminal actions here were the two women attacking the employees.

      And as for the CBS … let them hire these two law abiding poor “victims” as consumer reporters. They can visit other stores in NYC and attack store clerks to prove how much racism still exists in the city.

    21. Wild Bill says:

      This story really does demonstrate the liberal bias of the press. The guy is assaulted. The so called “women” come behind the counter to assault him some more. Chase after him. He grabs something to use as a weapon and uses it to defend himself. Only the press could call the victim the offender, lol. Oh wait, its ok for two women to beat a guy to death, but God help him if he defends himself and harms the women. What about the possible phony $50? I was in a store one time and the clerk refused to accept a ladies obviously photo copied $20 bills. When he refused to give them back she threatened to kick his @#$. I offered to call the police to let them sort things out and she was out the door and running down the street in a flash. Customers are getting away with this type of behavior every day. Its about time someone gave them what they desrve, a good beat down. They should give this guy a pay raise and a medal.

    22. KC says:

      Unfortunately, I see law suits being filed against McDonalds by both parties and the burger chain will lose out in the end by paying everybody off to stay out of court and out of the media.
      What’s the quickest way to get rich??? Go into any place of business and provoke the establishment in hopes that an employee will respond in a way that will make you look like the poor victim. Then, walk out of the court room a rich person and down to the car dealership to buy that expensive new Cadillac you always dreamed of owning, but were too much of a punk Liberal to actually work for and earn legitimately.

    23. JD says:

      The women deserved it. They received what they were looking for.

    24. Anton Liebzeit says:

      that guy did the right thing………..apparently they thought as customers no matter what they do, they are right !! the women should be jailed and banned from mcdonalds for life !!

    25. jt says:

      I’m with you on this. It doesn’t matter that he has a record. Those two customers slapped him, then went behind the counter, chased him into the kitchen, and he defended himself properly. He didn’t attack them; they attacked him–two against one–in a staff only restricted area! What the hell is wrong with you CBS?

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