Video Shows Violent Confrontation Between 2 Customers, Cashier At Manhattan McDonald’s

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An argument  between a cashier and two irate customers at a Manhattan McDonald’s turned violent, leaving both customers injured and all three facing charges.

The entire incident, which was captured on video, happened Thursday morning at a McDonald’s on West Fourth Street in Greenwich Village, CBS 2’s Chris Wragge reports.

It appeared to have started when two female customers argued and yelled obscenities at the cashier when he questioned a $50 bill they gave him.

One of the female customers then slapped the cashier. A woman is then seen jumping over the counter while the other woman goes behind the register.

That’s when the cashier can be seen on the video disappearing into the back of the fast-food restaurant. He comes back with a metal rod and begins hitting the women.

Other customers watched in horror as McDonald’s workers tried unsuccessfully to stop the violence.

One female customer had a fractured skull that required surgery and a broken arm. The other has a deep laceration.

Rayon McIntosh, 31, was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

McIntosh served more than a decade in prison after shooting and killing a high school classmate in 2000. He was being held on $40,000 bail.

The female customers were charged with menacing, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

The owner of that McDonald’s said in a statement that she was “disturbed” by what happened and said the cashier is no longer employed there.

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  • ZakKeen

    Obama’s Liberal agenda has ordinary women attacking people at McDonald’s. Why isn’t Obama being impeached for this?

    • Nazi pelosi

      Its always Obamas children acting out like that. I knew eveen before I had seen the video that they were BLACK … thats a gimme . But I love how the cashier beat them down ..unfortunately the poor guy will go to jail . I hope more people stand up to these thug N*gg*rs who act like animals. It has only gotten worse since Obama has been elected.

      • ZZ

        “It has only gotten worse since Obama has been elected.”

        That is the absolute truth.

        • blue

          OH MY GOD I am so tired of hearing this excuse. go back into your hole. what does two idiots trying to pass a fake 50 and then attack an unarmed man (to start) have to do with Obama? lol get over it/

          • JM in San Diego CA

            It HAS gotten worse! His people heard the campaign rhetoric and were assured (in their own minds) that he would be magic. But reality bites! … and now the disappointment morphs into anger.

            Are you aware of some of the unrealistic expectations expressed by “some people”?

  • zach pasdo

    What a bunch of crap. One lady slaps him and then both think they have the right to go after him, probably thinking he is just another McDonald’s worker. I’m not defending the way in which he beat them, but the guy obviously had to defend himself against these two.

  • Typical White Person

    A well deserved beatdown for Loquisha and Ratumba. Maybe Barry will give ya some “Hope and Change” and pay your medical bills. With $$ from taxpayers of course.

  • jmster

    I’d like to hire that guy. I won’t have any of that nonsense in my McDonalds.

  • Ron Ryan

    lol..i found nothing disturbing about this…..bitches got what they deserved

  • Count Yob

    Initially, the cashier was in the right but he went on to beat them too much. He should have stopped when they went down and his co-workers said to stop. They all face charges but the cashier’s criminal past and over-reaction will weigh heavily against him.

  • Raleigh Guy

    These news anchors are like brain dead zombies.

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    Lock them in a cell with the transgender attacker and place your bets. They should add a dojo to the hamburger university campus.

  • Trisha Doherty

    I like seeing instant justice served. I bet they won’t try passing counterfeit money and hoping a counter to attack someone again anytime soon . Sad that one of the sheeboons only got a deep cut, though.

  • Justin Case

    Liberal CBS, defend the criminals. The cashier had a right to defend himself and the store. If I were his manager I would promote him and give him a nice bonus.

  • Wildbill

    As a former law enforcement officer, I saw nothing in this report to indicate that they were not still attacking even though on the floor out of sight of the camera. There is probably a lot more than this bias news report shows.

  • Sam Iam


  • Scott Stengel

    I hope he gets a jury trial. It should only take them a few minutes to find him innocent.

  • Debbie

    “Cashier With Violent Past Goes Ballistic With Metal Rod On 2 Female Customers”

  • Chris

    I’d hate to see this guy get jail time for this. These 2 thugs were total agressors, and got less than they deserved.

  • Schmi

    He should have asked “Do you want fries with this beat down?”

  • John

    Hmm, I think I know how he got charged. If you watch the real video, not the CBS edited version where they start with the part where he is giving them what they deserve, you can see the screaming woman.

    I bet she is the one that gave the account of what happened, and she was wrong. CBS should have investigated better, but they really don’t do that I guess.

    Our justice system is really going to suck for Rayon if the video is not shown in court.

  • They got there butt MCbeat

    Your 100% right.They jhit him and then jumped over the counter I would of put there heads in the deep fryer.Good job protecting yourself from these man -ladies.

  • dondon

    This poor guy probably won’t even get a trial. They’ll just violate him and send him back. Yeah you go CBS. Talk about upside down journalism. What happened, you found out he was a republican?

  • tired of lies

    ok what i saw the cashier was verbaly abused then physically abused then chased . at that point he finds something to defned himself with as he is running out of places to retreat too. but he is the bad guy in this ??? come on CBS . was believing your initals stood for Comunist Broadcast Service. maybe it is just Cant Believe Stories.

  • Ted

    Definitely shoddy reporting! CBS failed to cover the involvement of white people in this tragic event. Obviously, this behavior was the result of white racism! It was not their fault!

    /sarc off

  • Steve Xerakis

    These two got what was coming o them, a lot of these nappy headed ho’s are getting awfully brave, he should have bashed their heads in!! They assaulted him and THEN came over the counter! Let this be a warning to all the ghetto princesses out there. Kudos to this guy!!!

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    The employee was justified and the slapper/jumper was the dangerous one. As a side note that his how I get when my order comes back wrong

  • windriver

    SELF DEFENSE against TWO uncivilized animals attacking HIM!

  • Brutus

    Yeah, HE’s the animal, not you. Capital punishment for whacking two crazy broads who attacked you.

    Thanks for your input though, Judge Wapner.

    • E

      Like I said, he had all the right in the world to defend himself. But for him to keep beating them while on the ground, to the point of fracturing a skill definitely crosses the line. The law states you have the right of reasonable force in defending yourself. Now, had they pulled a knife on him and he did what he did, then I’d nod and say he did what was necessary.

      • Wonder Pony

        Very nice to sit an an easy chair after the fact and have the time to think about whether two hits or three would be appropriate. There is in NO way that he went too far. By the way, i couldn’t see what the women on the ground were doing because of an intervening counter. Were thy reaching inside their coats? were they holding his legs, or even hitting at him still? In mutual combat you do not stop until your opponents are no longer a threat.

        • E

          I’m going by the video evidence we have, not theoretical thoughts on what they could have been doing while on the ground. They could have been picking up crumbs off the floor and eating them for all you know, but if we want to really make up theoretical accounts of what they were doing, the most likely scenario is they were on their backs no longer posing any threat.

          • John_B

            You are passing judgement on maybe 15% of the evidence. That is showing no judgement on your part. Stop watching TV and thinking you are getting an education before its too late.

      • Real Man

        Your assertion that “But for him to keep beating them while on the ground, to the point of fracturing a skill (sic)” is absent fact. You have no idea when the “fracture” occurred. It could have been on the first hit. It’s a good thing you aren’t the judge or jury. In fact that’s why we keep people like you off juries.

      • Anonymous

        You assume the fractured skull happened after they were down. Maybe they were still fighting to get at him from the ground.

  • Greenmaker

    So, you can slap a cashier now, or anyone for that matter who questions you about what you payment method and be labeled a felon when attacked? If this isn’t upside down A@# backwards I do not know what!!!

  • George

    Wow, CBS, I’m glad you’re not judge and jury of that guy. Your bias is what’s really “disturbing”. Look up “yellow journalism”.

    Yeah, the cashier spent a decade in jail but he served his time. He was at work making an honest living and paying taxes. He was not out selling drugs or robbing houses. He was doing the right thing.

    Then he got attacked by two lunatics who slapped him around and then *really* went after him for questioning a $50 bill. He was keeping them at bay. The guy did time and now these idiots push him over the edge – and back to jail?

  • Marot

    Question: Whats the combined i.q. of the two ghetto chicks? Hint…its in the single digits.

  • John

    The Cashier can defend his self up until the point they fell down. After that the Cashier can no longer claim self defense, His past criminal record is irrelevant.

  • Daniel Anderson

    Send him down to the wall street protesters.

  • 2nd Amendment forever

    I’m a cop down by D.C., if this happened here, once I saw the video, I would have given the man a handshake and asked his manager to give him the rest of the night off.

    Stating the guy’s criminal past does nothing but slant this story against him. If I were rich, I would pay for this guy’s lawyer.

    • Rourk

      I couldn’t agree more. I really hope the charges are dropped against this guy or he’s found innocent in a jury trial. Unfortunately for him, chances are high he was still on parole and the NYS prison system will more than likely violate him over this and send him back to jail.

      I hope someone somewhere who has the means to help this guy does.

  • billeboy

    These trash girls got what they deserve. The man should be comended for an act of bravery.

  • Jossy

    If I were a professional new organization, I would have called like it was. Not spin it. CBS musta thought it was Bush. ;)

  • doinok

    The cashier was not a saint…..BUT he was prevoked as the two women went behind the counter to assualt him….and he responded with a metal rod. Ask yourself this…..would there have been an issue if these women had left..NO.
    This guy has paid his dues….had a job….and unfortunately was working when these women came in. They initiated this incident!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean

    And yet, CBS wonders why nobody watches their “news” programs and why they’ve lost all credibility with viewers. It’s with slanted commentary like this. Wish the cashier would have stomped them a couple of times just to make sure that they knew he meant business.

    Good for him to stand up for himself!

  • Brad Skidmore

    Yup he will get a plea bargain for misdemeanor at the most… case closed.

  • David

    Sounds and looks like the cashier was attacked. He looks to have gone overboard but the actions of the attackers (customers) are unseen.

  • Rick

    The unfortunate reality is these two thugs will probably receive a nice settlement in their upcoming civil suit, teaching them and everyone familiar with this situation that crime pays.

    • They got what they deserved

      No they wont get settlement due to video.It shows they were 100% wrong if he gets fired he should sue McDonalds and the 2 man- woman for loss of income.

      • Rick

        One can only hope…typically however corporations will simply write a check rather than pay enormous legal costs to defend themselves.

      • That Guy

        Haha. You sound as if you believe that. I’m a lawyer. I will guarantee you they get money out of this. Guarantee.

        • They will get MCnothing

          Doubt they will receive anything Mcdonalds has the bankroll to keep it going for years .They do not have enough money to see it thru.

        • Ralph Abernathey

          Just like a lawyer in a shark skin suit, looking for his cut and punishing the victim.
          I would vote not guilty and support a civil suit against the rampant animals,
          But then , they all live in the concret jungle back east …build a wall around it .

        • Steve

          LOL…..If a jury see this tape…you might have a problem…they attacked him and he defended himself. GUARANTEE a high price attorney will defend the guy pro-bono. Besides..if the attackers get any money it will go to hospital bills for the McBeating ‘Sorry I had to throw that int here..bad taste?’

        • ZZ

          Unfortunately, that is because of blood sucking, slimy lawyers.

  • Winston Smith

    OMG – what utterly disgusting reporting! If I slapped that brainless reporter then charged after him I’d, deservedly, get a nice orange jumpsuit – for a LONG time!
    I even wonder if McIntosh did go “overboard”! We can’t see what is going on BEHIND the counter! They could have been going after him from ‘cover’ – the video doesn’t show.
    As “In depth, honest reporting” goes this is almost on a par with Reader’s Digest praising Hitler in the late 30’s for his “Christian attitudes”!

  • Jerzey Boy

    I guess he forgot to put the “shooting and killing a high school classmate in 2000” thing on his job application. I can see that, it would have slipped my mind too.

  • Ghostsouls

    These women assaulted him first by hitting him in the face. Then, they came around the counter, to go after him again. He picked up something close by to defend himself. Yes, he went too far, BUT they provoked it. They ALL need to go to jail, and the manager be fired for hiring a felon.

    • Billy Collins

      Hey man Felons have to eat too, and Mcdonalds is one the few places that will hire them. at least the man had a job and was at work.

  • brenda

    the bee-yotch-as deserved it! The guy was just doing his job for chrissake. What a sensationalistic slant. won’t be watching or giving any credence to CBS News NY anymore. Idiots.

  • James Cagney

    BRAVO BRAVO, I am going to buy a Big Mac in this cashiers honor ! NICE !. I would hope more cashiers would beat the living crap out of people who jump over the counter at them. Looks like an Obama supporter.

  • Shaun

    see how racist the LIBERAL MEDIA is towards black men????


  • David Conard

    His record doesn’t matter. They attacked him then charged him. Why do they list the VICTIM’S name and not the 2 PERPS? I mean the girls were drunk, aggressive, belligerent, and committed a felony passing illegal tender. Come on! He shouldn’t be charged. If I was on grand jury it wouldn’t goto trial. If I was on the jury it would be hung jury or acquittal.

  • xdream

    exactly. Self defense.

  • Crikey

    Cashier was defending himself but it went too far. The women should be prosecuted.

  • JOe Dutra

    I believe he was a transgender. Case closed.

  • charles

    They deserved it. They went over the counter after him. He has a right to defend himself with violence when someone comes over the counter attacking him. CBS has this story bass ackwards

  • Juan

    McDonalds should support this fellow. He was looking out for their interests.

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