Where’s Jack? Nearly Two Months Later, Cat Still Missing At Kennedy Airport

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s been nearly two months since a cat named Jack missed his flight to California after American Airlines baggage handlers lost him in Kennedy Airport.

Friends of Jack are not giving up on the feline who is still missing.

A Facebook page, “Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK,” has gained over 15,000 followers since Jack first disappeared back in August.

Animal lovers continue to show their support by posting well wishes on the page and putting out lost notices to other websites.

“Wishing Jack a warm place to hide. I have good feeling about Jack this week…and a DREAM last night that you announce that he was found…PRAYING that Jack is having the time of his life as he makes his way back to you,” Christine Naccarato wrote Monday.

Supporters are also taking a more proactive approach by organizing rescue efforts at the airport.

Over the weekend, volunteers gathered for a search party at JFK for the first Jack Awareness Day. They will be meeting again this Saturday at 4 p.m.

Jack’s owner, Karen Pascoe, is reportedly considering legal action.

Jack and his brother Barry were kenneled and passed over to baggage handlers on Flight 177 on Aug. 25 when he went missing.

The two cats were traveling in separate kennels. Baggage handlers had apparently stacked them on top of each other when Jack’s kennel fell allowing him to escape, according to a post on the “Jack” Facebook page.

Pascoe boarded a different flight with Barry after an hour-long search for Jack came up empty.

American Airlines apologized for the incident and took several efforts to find Jack.

Posters of Jack were distributed throughout the airport, food and water was placed throughout the terminal, the Mayor’s Alliance Society for NYC was contacted to set up humane traps and a pet AMBER alert had been issued.

What do you think happened to Jack? What more can be done to find him? Sound off below…

  • Julia

    New Yorkers, show the love for one of your own! Jack’s owner lived in NYC for 20+ years before moving. She put her trust and her babies in American Airlines, who totally blew it. Let’s make this right and FIND JACK!

  • Andrea

    Just an update – one of our loyal FoJ over on Jack’s fan page is kicking the twitter blitz into high gear! And I’m desperately trying to figure out how to join in (being twitter-challenged) – but am tweeting just the same! Join us over there to help with “guerilla marketing” of Jack’s story, cause, effort! :) Go TEAM JACK!!

  • Shawn Forsythe

    Jack’s people are looking for assistance for their ground search tomorrow. If you can spare a few minutes to pass out fliers, look around or even buy the searchers a cup of coffee – it would be much appreciated. Please show your support – needless to say, there will be no representation from American Airlines there. http://www.idealist.org/view/event/gcbs2t7HzJjd/

  • Andrea

    Join TEAM JACK today! Visit Jack’s fan page to share his story and become an FoJ (friend of Jack)! :)


  • Andrea

    For any of those that doubt what exactly all these people are DOING over on Jack’s page – c’mon over and visit us. It has been an amazing story of people coming together from all over the world – and you can be a part of Jack’s fan club!! :) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jack-The-Cat-is-Lost-in-AA-Baggage-at-JFK/143108332445793?sk=wall&filter=1

  • B=Dog

    How about…. HIRE A PET SITTER!!!

    Unless you are moving out of the country there is NO GOOD REASON why your pet should go with you. Hire a friend/neighbor/pro to go in and feed/walk/take care of your pet and things like this won’t happen.

    • Jack's friend

      It might help if you know (or pay attention to) the facts. Karen was moving from New York to a new job in California with the two cats. It was A GOOD REASON, unless you’re one of those folks who leave animals behind every time they become “inconvenient”.

  • Stephanie Ritch

    I see others have commented similar to what I want to say. I am so angry over this! Jack is a beloved baby who did nothing to anyone! I am sure there are security cameras that were recording in the area Jack was supposedly in when his kennel “fell”. I find it hard to believe he wasn’t the victim of foul play or a sicko. As we see from the news, animal cruelty to the extreme is on the rise. AA should’ve made these tapes available immediately. What are they hiding? I hope Jack’s owners find their baby soon….he is so handsome! I will never trust my baby to any airline after this!

  • Lisa Fornaciari

    This reminds me of the whippet dog that was lost at the airport a few years ago. I felt so bad I went down there from Massachusetts to help look for him.
    It was in February after the dog was in the Westminster Dog Show. There was a $5,000 reward for that dog and I don’t think he was ever found. It was so sad.
    I hope that someone is leaving food all around the airport and the grounds outside every day and also setting have a heart traps.
    I agree that AA should be doing more to help find Jack. They should also announce a reward for his safe return and the employees should be trying to
    locate him and be leaving food out as well as setting and checking the traps.

  • k. smith

    I have shipped many cats through the years and I always duct taped over the side screws and duct taped the door and also used zip ties. Always told the owners at the other end to come prepared with scissors. Never had a cat get out.

  • Gwen

    This is so sad. I will never fly AA again.

  • Barbara Chaney

    Thank you CBS for writing this article we are grateful to you for doing so. You asked what more can be done to find him so I think the following may help:
    Ask the nearby hotels for a Jack awareness day discount. I am about 4 hours away but the cost of a hotel in New York is expensive. A discount for the searchers may bring more people in. Also if AA has any empty seats on their planes they could offer them to searchers that have to fly in. Again more people may be able to come to search. AA is also refusing to let people into the secured areas. There are approx. 4000 acres that could be searched. They should let searchers register and show 2 forms of ID. They could check each person for weapons or anything dangerous and keep a list that searchers would sign and make sure those same people are out of the secured areas when the search ends. That way they could open secured areas to help out. No one likes to say it but since one cat (Ce Ce) was also lost there is Sept, and found dead in one of the unsecured areas, Jack may have been injured in the fall or have comsumed mouse poison from somewhere on the site and made his way to a weeded area that is secure and be unable to respond to people calling for him from the other side of the fence. Open the grounds AA, your lack of action is causing pain and suffering.



  • DEbbie MCClendon

    I live in Ft Worth where AA corporate headquarters is located and have attached Jacks lost cat flyers around the area and even on the corporate sign outside the building. AA has not answered any emails I sent them about Jack. He needs to be found and AA should pay for searchers and any other means to find Jack. He was an indoor only cat and must be scared, hungry and aone. Please help search if you are in the JFK area this weekend.

  • Christine Brohme

    It would be helpful if AA would release the videotaped surveillance of the area when Jack’s crate fell, but they will not. Why is that?

    • Daniece Cicchelli

      I’m sure their original answer of “there is nothing worthwhile” on the tapes was something they thought would assuage the rising anger….until they said a week or so later that ‘there were no cameras in that area’. Now the official incident report had to be filed and the Friends of Jack have it…..the truth — the idiot baggage handler stacked the crates and Jack’s crate fell off and opened. AA is SO guilty and SO uncaring. Karma is coming AA!

    • Julia

      They “say” that there’s nothing of value on the tapes.

      • FRE

        Is it exclusively the right of AA to determine whether there is anything of value on the tapes? Why should they object to releasing them unless it would make the AA look bad?

      • Karen

        if there is nothing on the AA tapes then prove it by showing the tapes

    • Stephanie Ritch

      I think AA hasn’t responded as they should be you know how people are….”oh just another cat” or “there are plenty more”. Cats really take the brunt from people sometimes. They don’t see them as personalities full of life and love. Let’s hope Jack doesn’t become “just another cat”.

  • Laurie

    I Myself as cat Owner all my life am heartbroken for KAREN the owner And Barry her other cat. American airlines was Shameful !! Take Your Cats Onboard PLANE if not DRIVE!! I am Still hoping a Miracle will HAPPEn for JACK!!

  • Mhmoney

    Please come out the JFK vetport on Saturday 10/22/2011 at 4 pm The more prople there are to help the more prople will be aware that Jack is still missing and the more people who will keep their eyes open for him. He needs to be found and reunited with his Mommy Karen and his brother Barry.

  • Darleen Gillyard

    My heart has gone out to Jack and Karen from day one. I pray everyday that he is found and safely returned to Karen. I would be frantic if it were my cat.

    @Marilynn, bless you for taking in the kitten/cat. I’m going through a similar situation with a kitten that came from an irresponsible owner. I’m trying to get $$ together so that I could have her checked by a vet.

  • Nicole DiBona

    I am one of the searchers and I will continue to search for Jack until he is found. You would be surprised at how many quiet places there are in JFK and how many places a kitty can go to hide. Distributing flyers and making the employees aware is very important. The more people that know about Jack the better. Please come join us Saturday, October 22nd to hand out fliers. More information can be found at

  • Marilynne

    I was a Jack searcher 3 weeks after AA lost him through their negligence. Any pet owner would be heartbroken over this. We found a little cat duct taped in a cardboard box outside the JFK grounds. She is now with me, traumatized by the sight of hands. Jack has helped to save her life, let’s try to save his. Please, people, help us out!

    • Angela Vitucci

      Marilynne… I always ask about her.. give her time.. she will warm up. She is lucky you have her! Thank you for taking her. Angela

  • Angela Vitucci

    Please.. if you have any spare time this Saturday 10/22/11.. We are meeting again at 4pm at the vetport in the airport. We would love for you to join us in passing out flyers and getting the word out to the 37,000 employee’s of JFK..
    All the information is on Jacks facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Jack-The-Cat-is-Lost-in-AA-Baggage-at-JFK/143108332445793

  • Julia

    Both cats’ crates were secured according to airport regulations when they were turned over to the baggage handler.

    • Daniece Cicchelli

      If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to become a fan on Jack’s Facebook Page. The page owner is the sister of Jack’s owner and they just got hold of the official incident report — something AA NEVER told the owner is just how Jack’s crate got opened…..the baggage handler stacked the crates and the top crate (Jack’s) fell off and opened. AA lies and is very uncaring. They would like you to think they did everything in their power to help find him. What they did is everything in their power to shut up the Friends of Jack. They would delete any and all posts on their page IMMEDIATELY and then they would block the person who was posting.

    • Sue Todd

      Well apparently they need to revise their regulations, the current ones appear to be inadequete or Jack’s cage would not have opened when dropped

      • Julia

        Very true, Sue!

  • Angela Vitucci

    We dont think they put the ties on sorry to say.

  • p8nt

    Guess there’s nothing notable to report today, hence this article.

    • Cat Lover

      Cat news is very important, and almost as important as human being news.

  • Mark

    Logically, the cat is probable not still hanging around the airport. The sound of the jets probable scared it off weeks ago. Those people should be searching the surrounding area

    • Neelix

      Oh great, not another Vulcan.

    • Karen

      “Those” people. How about, American Airlines’s people – people hired by American Airlines to find him.

      • Karen

        Oh wait, American Airlines didn’t hire anyone to search for Jack…

    • Stephanie Ritch

      I think you may be right. The only place Jack might be hanging around at the airport is the food court areas or the dumpsters. His instinct for food will guide him. They need to look at restaurants closest to the airport.

    • Marilynne

      Of course, we did that too.

    • Angela Vitucci

      Being one of the searchers that has been at the airport almost every day, I found it very quiet there. I was totally suprised since I live where the planes fly right over the houses. We are searching the airport and the surrounding area’s.

  • Kathleen

    Personally, all kennels are “supposed” to be tie-wrapped shut… 4 plastic ties around each corner of the kennel… if this procedure was followed, I find it difficult to believe that a “tumbled” kennel, allowed all 4 tie-wraps to become loose…

    • Marie Beck

      Exactly! It’s hard to trust an incident report written by the people who messed up.

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